YouTube problems

Maybe you are having YouTube problems on iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV etc. Maybe you are having issues opening YouTube in certain web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari etc. Whatever or wherever your problem is please join in below by sharing them

Is YouTube down right now for you where no videos will load, or are you experiencing any other difficulty with the online video service? If so please list the issues as well as your location as this will help others in the community know where the problematic areas are.

Main problems when it comes to the YouTube service status include videos crash or freezing, not being able to upload videos, log-in issues and a total website outage.

YouTube status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if YouTube is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with YouTube? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Steve

    I can sign in or watch on a family Samsung android tablet. But I cannot access the site at all on my own IPad. Just what’s going on with YouTube?

  • Mark

    I watch a channel I am subscribed to called Yiannimize and I cannot comment on any of their videos even thought comments sections are showing up.

  • Ashley

    YouTube Premium is not working, it shows all the ads on the video and that’s it nothing else. This is when I am using my Android device, you cannot use the play in background feature for some reason.

  • Larry

    I have been watching this channel on YouTube and I cannot subscribe to it.

  • Vihg

    I can scroll the page and like 1/4 of the way down things are normal, but at the top all I see is a black white space on YouTube mobile.

  • Darby

    When I try to access YouTube I keep seeing a message on screen saying, Offline.

  • Ryan

    How do you unblock YouTube, been wanting to know this for a while now.

  • David

    I tried to watch Horrid Henry on YouTube but nothing is playing for me.

  • Gregg

    I cannot seem to open Streamplanet Twitter, i have tried so what am i doing wrong?

  • Macy

    I am having issues trying to play any videos, some do decide to work whereas others will not. This is on my iPad Air 2.

  • Jenny

    YouTube is working on laptop / desktop but not iOS.

  • Ryan

    My laptop did a new YouTube update and since doing so it has not been able to open any videos. What is wrong YouTube?

  • Emily

    I cannot get YouTube working on my iPad, it works on laptop which is no use to me when i am on the bus.

  • Mary

    The YouTube app seems to be down and broken, are the servers playing up or has the app been hacked.

  • Larry

    Is youtube down for anyone else? I can open it on the website but not via app.

  • Melodyte Music

    youtube is back up now so dont worry!!

  • Glen

    YouTube is down for me. Nightmare

  • Mike

    I had you tube up and running until today Thursday 2nd June 2016 when it just stopped and will now not load any sites at all. I am using windows ten and Internet Explorer. I live in Leicester in the UK

  • Oscar Woodcock

    i go onto you tube and it wont load on a new chrome with no extentsions yes i have checked it worked before

  • lightphoenix01

    Unable to export twitch recordings to youtube

  • Daniel

    Looks like YouTube live streams are down, i only know this because i wanted to watch gaming live streams and nothing are working through YouTube.

  • Macy

    Is YouTube down for anyone because I am having issues right now. I have tried to access the app and it just keeps crashing on me, so i decided to look at the web version and nothing is working.

  • Dawn

    When is YouTube gonna be up and running again

  • Dawn

    YouTube is still not working on blackberry

  • Orson

    Down for me in London, no YouTube videos work.

  • Mark

    YouTube is down right now in Bristol, no video will play at all. Are the servers down?

  • Taylor

    I cannot seem to watch any YouTube videos on my iPhone 6 Plus, each time I press play it freezes after a few seconds like its buffering but its not.

  • Shirley

    I am getting a blank screen, it just sits on a black screen and does nothing when i click on the play button to watch a video.

  • Larry

    Hey Dr Dre you release a new album and then kill YouTube. Your tough man.

  • Mervin

    YouTube is down, I get ads to play but not normal videos.

  • Lacie

    YouTube is not wirking correctly, videos not playing at all for me. Then they do and then again they dont. Nightmare. Might as well use vimeo.

  • Selvin

    I just literally got 500 internal server error when trying to play a video. I thought this normally happens when you open a website.

  • Melvin

    Videos are not loading for me, i got erro 500 earlier today. Then it worked and then it didnt. Most of the time i cannot open videos to play.

  • Jones

    Loading videos on the iPad seems t be painstakingly slow, on laptop its fine.

  • Afad

    I have tried on all my devices to try and watch YouTube videos, but all i get is buffering all of the time. Only seems to be the YouTube app only and that’s it.

  • Peter

    YouTube is not loading for me on my iPad, works on laptop and iMac but not tablet, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Mickey

    It’s a cross browser issue, works fine on ie11

  • Amanda

    Videos today seem to be rather slow loading up, in some cases a few videos have not opened at all. Is YouTube not working for you on mobile phone.

  • Harold

    YouTube videos not loading, just sitting there buffering. All i get is the spinney circle thing.

  • Darren

    My sound is not working when i play YouTube videos, yet they work for everything else.

  • Maccy

    I cannot upload my video to YouTube.

  • Jones

    Hey Google, are you going to fix the issues of videos not loading. Each time i try to watch something nothing is happening other than sitting here for ages waiting.

  • Marcia

    I know this is a UK site but thought i would let you all know videos are not loading in Delaware.

  • Jess

    YouTube videos are not loading. This is so annoying you wouldn’t believe.