Yahoo Mail problems

Accessing Yahoo Mail is very easy indeed; you can do this via desktop, laptop or by application via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Here on Is Down Right Now UK we will show you the current Yahoo Mail status, either by us or other users.

Yahoo Mail problems can be left below, if you are having any issues at all such as signing into Yahoo Mail, emails not loading, sending, complete outage or anything else. Other common issues include connection errors, if you do leave your information below please be sure include your location, as this shows where majority of the problems lie. By leaving a location with your information also helps the Yahoo Mail outage map.

There are many different official online services where they list the news, but Is Down Right Now UK will list them on a daily basis as they happen. Are you having any kind of Yahoo Mail problems?

Yahoo Mail status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Yahoo Mail is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Yahoo Mail? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nicole

    What an absolute nightmare, needing to send some emails off today and I keep getting error messages pop up and having trouble even opening mail. They need to sort it out quickly!

  • Vince

    Having trouble trying to login to my Yahoo Mail. I haven’t been able to receive or even send emails since early last night?!

  • Chase

    I can open my Yahoo Mail directly, but cannot open anything in Outlook.

  • Karen

    I have tried to delete my emails I know longer need and its not letting me from my Yahoo inbox.

  • Linda

    I changed my Yahoo Mail password like i was advised to and now not able to access my account on my iPad but can on android phone and laptop

  • Billy

    Yahoo mail is down for me on my laptop and phone, is there anything major happening at the moment please anyone.

  • Tomasz DoubleU

    can’t log in to the mail…whatever is pressed on it replies “Network connection timed out. Please try again”….any button on the website leads to the same result …any idea ???

  • Marry jonathan

    I got help from Yahoo Customer care -44(8O8)143-3686 (U.K) (Ireland). Thank you.
    Report your issues to them.

  • Lewis

    Yahoo is messing up yet again, I am using POP and I cannot get any emails. I cannot send messages out even though i can open the UK Yahoo webmail site.

  • Gloria

    I am with BT and my Internet is fine yet I still cannot get online with my Yahoo Mail. people are saying it s BT issue but I can be certain its not as other websites and email logins are working.

  • kj

    Me again.Just dropped my phone into my poo filled toilet.Therefore cannot access Yahoo Mail.

  • kj

    I’m trying to login in while doing a nice big jobby.

  • Macey

    My Yahoo Mail login is not working, how can it be down yet again without any warning?

  • Clive

    Is Yahoo Mail down right now? Not able to get it working myself in Bristol.

  • Janey

    I live in Romford and do not have any Yahoo mail.

  • Mary

    Is Yahoo mail down because I have no connection at all?

  • Jane

    Yahoo Mail is down for me, i cannot access anything today.

  • Vivian

    I am about to change my mind about Yahoo Mail seeing as its down again, might as well go over to Outlook to see if that’s better.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Report Now (44)8000903248(U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    Mail issues
    Login Problems
    Get Live support
    Instant resolution 24*7

  • Craig

    What is Temporary error:14? This is what is showing, yahoo mail is down for me.

  • Rick

    My Yahoo Mail is not working, servers must be down seeing as I am getting error 14 pop up.

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Yahoo Customer Care
    Contact (44)800-086-9021
    Toll Free 24*7 Helpline

  • jeri taylor

    i have been unable to access yahoo completely over the past week via my mac book. I can get it via my android phone i am getting to the point where i am going to start having to use

  • Markus

    For over 14 hours I have not been able to receive any emails. Is Yahoo Mail down?

  • Caitlin

    None of my Yahoo email account are syncing with my mobile phone or tablet.

  • Tom Barkas

    “Will be right back…Thank you for your patience.Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.” Same message as yesterday!

  • LIz

    I cant access any information through Yahoo on the ipad any ideas please?

  • RH156

    Still unable to load address lists

  • RH156

    Unable to load address list this morning

  • Essmat Zaki

    Unable to sign in yahoo mail uk from this morning in Cairo Egypt

  • RH156

    unable to load address lists this morning.

  • Joan Marshall

    Joan from Glasgow again. I have email sitting in my outbox. There is noting wrong with my internet or wifi connection.

  • Joan

    Does anyone actually monitor this site? I don’t see any replies. I’m in Glasgow UK and continue to have issues receiving. Emails arriving 3 hours later and email groups I’ve subscribed to not arriving at all. What’s going on???

  • Lisa Reynolds

    I haven’t received any emails since Sunday. Also when I try to change password, it doesn’t accept my choice & wants me to enter New Password. Very frustrating.

  • Joan

    I’m experiencing same issue as Phil. Although some emails are arriving. However 2 emails sent from my business account to my yahoo account have not arrived. Sent 3+ hours ago. I’ve checked work server and it’s sending out ok so issue is with yahoo.

  • Will

    me too

  • Phil

    I’m signed in OK, but not receiving emails, and sends not reaching their destination.

  • Bobby

    I am using m HUDL tablet and can access my Yahoo Mail via IE browser, but when trying to open emails i get a message saying long running script.

  • Shailesh Patel

    Same with me

  • Shailesh Patel

    I have the same problem like you.

  • Helen

    I am in Hampshire and cannot login to my Yahoo Mail.

  • Jeffers

    My Yahoo Mail inbox is not showing any emails, and the ones o flagged have all gone.

  • Linda

    Is the Yahoo Mail servers down or something? I cannot login to my account.

  • Jim

    Yahoo Mail is down again October 28, 2015. Not happy I can tell you.

  • Larry

    Yahoo Mail is down Sept 24, not happy at all as its near the end of the day and emails need reading.

  • Kattylyn

    I cannot access my Yahoo Mail, I have tried so many times. Do Yahoo know when services will be up and running again.

  • Lee

    Yahoo Mail is down and engineers are trying to sort out the issues, apparently there are delays where customers may experience services slowing down or not being able to login.

  • Tim

    Every time I try to send an email through Yahoo Mail it don’t seem to work, well at least today anyways. Going to restart router and see if it’s my end and not their servers.

  • Epic

    Anyone know if you can simply ‘move’ an account, I have had a Yahoo account for years, I also have an iCloud account…anyway…I am done with Yahoo’s constant nonsense…I don’t want to lose my emails on Yahoo…is there a simple way to simply transfer the data over?

  • Billy

    I have not been getting emails on my iPhone and iPad, does this mean Yahoo Mail is not working again?

  • Asia

    Just the same! Temporary Error 1; I have to access it now as I have to send something before 1pm
    I have been dealing with it sine 7am!

  • renata

    outlook. I’m moving to it.

  • Renata

    I’m leaving yahoo for good, it has proven useless when I most need it. I’ve important travel info on the account for tomorrow and cannot access it. There are other options.

  • Grace

    Yahoo Mail apparently cannot load up because of a temporary error. What is this Temporary error 1?

  • Clive

    Yahoo Mail is my only stress today, i am still having really bad issues trying to login. This really isn’t funny anymore because i have very time-sensitive emails to send.

  • M Buchanan

    Forgot my password

  • Felix

    YM login problems yet again. This is a right pain in my butt now, seems to be problem after problem with no letting up at all.

  • Ia

    If both Yahoo Mail and Gmail are useless what is the next best email service alternative?

  • Sandy

    I am so angry right now with Yahoo Mail. I have emails i need to send and they are embargoed emails i HAVE to send out by a certain time. But if my clients get their emails after the embargoed time then i have lost a lot of money.

  • Juliet

    Yahoo Mail has gone form being the best, to just ok and now to the worst. Never sends emails fro crying out loud.

  • Maxxy

    What does this mean because this is what i see when trying to get online with Yahoo Mail, “This webpage is not available ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED”

  • Veronica

    I cannot even get past the Yahoo Mail login page, let alone moan about not getting any emails. So I decide to set up a new password and now haven’t received the verification code.

  • Hunter

    Not able to access my Yahoo mail on any Apple OS devices. iPhone, iPad, Mac Air or iMac desktop.

  • Kat

    I really need to get Yahoo to restore my emails. The funny thing is when you ask for help they just say have you tried this, did you do that, they have to understand the issues lies with them. Basically their service and security is weak. No emails for 1 week and not being able to send in two is pathetic.

  • Daryl

    Not been able to login to my Yahoo Mail for like 5 hours now. I did get in once but was getting error messages and was running very slow so i logged back out and now cannot get back in. Typical piece of uselessness.

  • Rosa

    Yahoo Mail surely has to be shut down or its servers seriously thought over, not being able to send emails for like 4 days now is not good for business. RIP YM.

  • tess

    I now have 30 emails I cannot access . This is ridiculous

  • Mike

    Yahoo email issues still being persistent isn’t it? Not able to sign in, when i do its still buggy because not able to send emails out.

  • Goshi

    Emails are coming in, but they are not going into the correct folder, most are going into spam, even when i send messages people are not getting them either. YM stinks.

  • Andrew

    Gamil account opening son under my name, Yahoo Mail just just be deleted. I will just call all my friends and then give them my new email address.

  • Rufina

    Yes… we got some serious issue with yahoo in our company. It is glad to know that not only us cannot access yahoo mail. Thanks for the information.

  • Mark

    Not able to get into my Yahoo Mail to check my emails, what is wrong this time. You know what, do not bother answering i am going over to gmail and work out how i can import from yahoo to gmail.

  • Todd

    What is error 14? This is what I am getting when trying to login to my yahoo Mail. Clearing history, cookies or cache is not working still got the error code.

  • Deeps

    I need to know if it is me in Indonesia if there is an outage issue where emails are not coming in or able to be sent, or is this a global issue?

  • Gray

    Is anyone thinking about leaving Yahoo Mail because of poor service? If the answer is yes i am on your side for lack of service. I am asking because have you thought about what other email provider you are thinking of going to, need help to choose my next steps.

  • Kris

    Trying to access my emails on Yahoo Mail seems to be a little difficult, is it really that hard for Yahoo to understand we need our flipping emails. They are important and can potentially lose our jobs for not getting work done.

  • Mary

    I can log in to Yahoo Mail but when I click on my inbox i am unable to see my emails. I know i get around 40 to 60 emails a day which are NOT spam and are genuine emails i need to read. But i have not received any this morning, which is strange.

  • Debs

    I need to send some urgent emails and cannot through Yahoo Mail, I had them sitting in drafts ready to send at a vital time but not able to as time as passed. Sick of this now.

  • Precious

    Crying out loud, Yahoo Mail offline again, not able to send any emails when i really need to. So angry you would not believe. OK you might believe if it is happening to you as well.

  • Hank

    Every time i try to login to yahoo mail all i get is “cannot process request at this time.” Is anybody else getting this error message?

  • Rhianna

    I cannot access my Yahoo Mail agai, this is twice in one week. This is getting seriously stupid now, frustration is an understatement.

  • Kate

    Is anyone else having Yahoo Mail problems, keep getting an error code 14.

  • Robbie

    Yaho Mail is down with Temporary error: 14, emails are not loading for me.

  • Lorraine

    I got this as well, I just checked Yahoo Mail on Twitter and they said they are aware users are experiencing issues.

  • Louise

    I keep getting temporary error 14, what is all this about then?

  • Billy

    Yahoo Mail is having some serious issues today.

  • Hudson

    I have the iPhone and I cannot access my Yahoo Mail inbox. The trash and sent folders work well but the inbox in not working.

  • Markie

    I have been locked out of Yahoo Mail for two days now, do I really need to go over to Gmail.

  • Duey

    Yahoo Mail is just not working the way I want it to. I should be able to send emails when I please not be sent when Yahoo feels like it.

  • raz

    error 14
    have check different solutions but none has worked its charms

  • Danny

    Not able to send or receive emails, plus attachments not working.

  • Pen

    keep getting error “connection to server has failed”, I just can’t get yahoo email through the Mail app on iPad or iPhone.

  • Cindy

    Loads of tech issued and unable load email today.

  • Bill

    Not getting any emails coming to my iPhone, is there a new update or something i do not know about?

  • Sheriffe

    I am having issues getting Yahoo mail on my iPhone and iPad. Desktop is fine.

  • Jezzabelle

    I am unable to get email on my phone today.

  • Clay

    Yahoo is now returning a Error 2 message. Yahoo Help directs you to “Fix the error on your computer” by “clearing your Web browser’s cache and cookies.” What a crock. They may as well claim you can fix their error by swinging a dead cat over your head 3 times while chanting “Its not Yahoo’s fault, its my browser’s fault.”

  • Ankur Sethi

    Cannot get in. Completely useless service, no official notice from the company either.

  • Lizzy

    i cannot get on Yahoo Mail at the moment.

  • Rochelle

    I didnt get any emails at all last night because I couldnt login let alone check them. And yes i also got the message Garry.

  • Garry

    Yesterday and most of last night was crazy trying to access yahoo mail. All I kept getting was “Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a
    temporary error.’ Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Shaun

    Yahoo Mail always seems to have an issue every day, if it isnt a total outage its not being able to receive emails, when i can get then i cannot send the. taking the right Michael now.

  • Phil

    Cannot connect to yahoo mail today, yesterday was all good. Typical though, seem to get an outage problem with emails when i need it.

  • Mark

    On my 4th day where i cannot open my emails, i have important emails coming in and i cannot open them.

  • Rowland

    Searching contacts is non-existent at the moment. I cannot search them, sending emails is also an issue for me today. What is wrong with all these massive companies that have enough money to pay someone who knows what they ar doing to fix the problem. The person in charge of Yahoo Mail should be demoted and socially shamed.

  • Ronan

    I can get into my Yahoo Mail but cannot send any emails, it has been brilliant up until today. Hopefully I’m not on the statistics lists over never working.