Xbox Live problems

The Xbox Live service supports both Xbox 360 and the latest Xbox One console, but this service will go down on occasions and also runs into server problems. Common issues include not being able to sign into Xbox Live, the friends list not working, purchasing and downloading content and also a complete outage with all Microsoft servers down.

Xbox Live was compared to PSN a lot during the last generation for being a paid for service, while PSN was free, but this all changed when Xbox One and PS4 released. Now, you have to pay for both online gaming services and this means you won’t be choosing either console based on getting free online gaming.

The Xbox One and 360 come with free monthly games included in the paid package, which is titled Xbox Games with Gold. These free games started with mainly indie titles after Xbox One released, although AAA games on the latest generation is sure to please as the system gets older.

If you have any problems with Xbox One and the live service, then share this below and see user status updates for insight into your own issues. You can also reach Xbox customer service using the contact details provided on this page.

Xbox Live status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Xbox Live is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Xbox Live? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Indiana

    I pay for Xbox Live Gold and have been getting this yearly for years now. Each year I renew, which I did a couple of weeks ago, but yet it is asking me to to sign up for gold. This only happens when I try to search a multiplayer game.

  • Brad

    I am using Xbox One and getting an error code saying 0x903f9008, what does this mean because I have no idea.

  • David

    I am paying Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Xbox One and have been trying to send invites to friends on my list to play zombies with me, but for some reason not able to send invites or messages.

  • John

    I went to play GTA 5 and could not get online, so I decided to play Battlefield 1 and still nothing so then thought hey what the heck lets play Call of Duty and still no online gaming. So i guess Xbox servers are down.

  • Christin

    Signing into Live is getting more difficult to do each month, my internet is fine before anyone asks.

  • John

    I am getting real tired of the amount of downtime the servers get at the moment, been going on a while and its just not funny anymore.

  • Marty

    Is Xbox Live down right now, i got booted from my game then tried to log back into my account and nothing is happening.

  • Peter

    I think I am going to sell my Xbox One S because since buying that playing online is basically poor, I am going back to Sony and even though I did have problems with login, servers going down etc it is NO where near as bad.

  • Marlene

    My Lego Dimensions on the Xbox One has stopped working, what happens when the little toys break can you get them fixed?

  • Carlos

    FIFA 17 on the Xbox One is just pure rubbish, I am not too sure if you PS4 guys are having the same issues but when I am playing in a final the game just decides to shut down on me. I so hope I do not lose my saves.


    I got xbox server status on my account also how get rid if it & u sort it out 4 me

  • John

    What is your xbox live server status, mine is out, offline, down.

  • Martin

    Is Xbox Live down for everyone or just me?

  • Lisa

    This is UK site but thanks for sharing as this lets us know its more widespread than we first thought. Thanks James.

  • James

    Xbox Live is down in Boston.

  • Callum

    I’m switching back to ps4 that’s what you get Xbox

  • Callum

    I’m so annoyed just playing with my friends and it logged me out logged back in and friends list dosnt work

  • Micky

    Agree with everyone been down for 4 day also very annoyed what are we paying for getting pretty regular as well thinking about going back to ps4 at least they reply to you comments and inform you instead of just cutting you off and expecting you to pay for it disappointing

  • Samuel

    I am in the PAL UK region and Xbox Live is down for me. 4 days on and no change.

  • Jane

    My Xbox Live Gold account is not worth the money I pay, most of the time I play games the servers go offline for whatever reason. Time to change or lose a customer.

  • Anonymous

    No servers will log me off after playing the crew for about 5 mins and I have to restart console (15th July 2016)

  • Tonyandkaz Aughton

    Can not log in Thursday or Friday says can not connect to server

  • Terry

    Cannot connect to xbox live servers today, becoming a normal thing to be offline now.

  • Andrew

    At last, i had so many problems when trying to buy stuff through xbox live, in game purchases are working fine again. Of course they would fix this area quick they want the money.

  • Daniel

    I cannot sign into my Xbox Live profile at all, i really want to play CoD zombies today as its my day off. Only time i get to use the Xbox One.

  • Pedro

    I can login to Xbox LIve but cannot play any games.

  • Why Oh Why!

    when i turn on my Xbox it says connect to internet but when i check the internet it says its fine! any help?

  • Brian

    Is xbox live down? Not able to play anything online because i cannot sign in.

  • Kerry

    I just checked the Xbox Live service status page and it says everything is normal, yet i cannot access Xbox Live.

  • Jennifer

    I cannot get Netflix working on my Xbox, it keeps saying I need to be connected to Xbox Live all the time.

  • Annoyed

    The server status page says these areas are limited: TV, Music and Video, Xbox Live Core Services as well as Purchase and Content Usage.

  • Peter

    Get charged so much a year and actually have hardly anytime online so whats the point?

  • Morgan

    I can see Xbox Live going down over Christmas for a number of reasons. Number on the Microsoft Xbox Live countdown has begun where deals on Halo 5 Guardians, Need for Speed and Destiny The Taken King will go on sale. Plus many gamers will smash online traffic due to new games given as presents and purchased on Christmas Day, then boxing day sales will me many more gamers getting cheap games and more gameplay.

  • Timothy

    Phantom Squad are jokers, always make threats then tweet they are letting people off. I would be much more worried about Lizard Squad seeing as they took down PSN last Christmas.

  • Victoria

    Do you think hackers will take Xbox Live down, I keep hearing about Phantom Squad and Lizard Squad. Are they both serious or am i seeing things on Twitter?

  • Vikki

    Is anyone having problems purchasing Xbox Live content?

  • Miles

    According to Xbox Live Status website there are problems with downloadable content already purchased. This is happening to me, but I am also having an issue with game invites.

  • Thomas

    All I keep getting is an error message saying having trouble connecting to Xbox. Is anyone else getting the same on screen message?

  • Gillie

    No games not even able to watch anything through Xbox, whats going on?

  • Kieron

    Xbox Live is having issues when trying to get content for Halo 5, seems to be issues when launching as well certain things.

  • Darcy

    I have been able to login but cannot do nothing else, surely there is a maintenance going on somewhere. Checked the status page and all seems to be online. Strange.

  • Kriss

    See this is weird now, I can login to Xbox but cannot access any content, not letting me do anything once logged in.

  • Mark

    I am having issues getting to play online games, i am logging in like i normally do but nothing is happening.

  • Tom

    I cant sign in WTF Microsoft cant you pay for your servers or not? this started yesterday for me though

  • Tom

    i the same buddy

  • Dan

    Cant get signed in at all for last 10 minutes, was checking if servers are down but can’t see anything. Will try router next.

  • lol

  • Crazycallam83

    They need to fix the problem now. We all pay for a service and the servers are down can’t connect and seems to be ever other week,Mr Gates yr a tight fecker… Sort it out

  • MajorBulk

    Anyone been able to connect yet?…this is very poor Microsoft!!

  • Jack

    I think the problem is that Fifa 16 demo came out.

  • Jack

    I connect to Xbox live but when I sigh in it disconnects me. You need to sort it out Microsoft.

  • Zhorxx

    Mine is singing in slow and disconnecting

  • Leon Grey

    Yeah I signed in to download the demo, also when i test connection its fine but i can’t sign in to xbox live with any account

  • Kerry

    Is anyone having issues with their NFL app right now? Apparently Microsoft know of the problem and they are sorting it right now.

  • Mikey

    Seems a little funny how Xbox Live is down during the FIFA 16 demo launch. Is anyone else having issues trying to login.

  • Juan

    Friends list is messed up, then i decided to do a reset and now i cannot login. Xbox live sucks.

  • becky

    Can’t get on xbox live 2day .. anyone else having same problem ?

  • Kelly

    Does the Xbox One prefer campaign or something? Do I have to download new maps to join a game or lobby’s etc?

  • Hartley

    What is the Xbox Live customer support phone number please?

  • Patty

    Not able to play any games online at the mo, so i am guessing there is a glitch with xbox servers.

  • Mike

    Always the same issue with my end, friends list. Each time i try to invite to a game it will not ket them join yet i can join random ones. CoD AW

  • Shotta

    Smite was down today on my Xbox One, and still is even though i am sure the Smite Xbox hot-fix maintenance has been completed.

  • Sacha Tessely

    same here

  • Ally Kennedy

    Its still down and you cant sign in

  • Morris

    I cannot sign in right now, about two hours ago i could sign in but couldn’t access Netflix.

  • Dougie

    There are servers problems because I cannot sign in, it keeps saying there are network configuration or server issues.

  • Bobbie

    Is there anyway I can renew my Xbox Live for free, then that way I do not feel i have wasted my money when the servers go down leaving me without online gaming.

  • DAVE

    Xbox Live is down for our son every 30 minutes keeps getting booted out of games, blames our internet connection he is doing our head in!!!!!!!!!.googled this and schemes like it is quite common .get it sorted xbox !!!!then we can have a quiet life please.

  • lori

    When is the next Xbox maintenance?

  • Jenna

    Working fine for me today, has been for about two days now. But last week was another nightmare of a story trying to get online.

  • Eric

    I am getting signed off Xbox Live all the time, to often if you ask me. Is this only me or is it you as well?

  • Ennis

    Xbocx Live was saying experiencing issues: Social and Gaming is all back online because i still cannot play Destiny.

  • kerry

    I play Minecraft I get kicked, guess what happens when i lay Destiny? Yep i get kicked from this game as well. XBOX NOTSOLIVE

  • Jake

    Xbox Live is down for me, probs every 30 minutes i am getting booted out of games, especially Destiny.

  • Thomas

    How do you renew Xbox Live when it will not accept your email and password? Frustrated and need help please.

  • Gerry

    Xbox Live is probs on the same par as PSN now when it comes to play games online – ok i mean NOT able to play games online.

  • Drew

    Microsoft Xbox Live is getting worse and worse by the week, they used to be the best to be with and yes I used to be the one saying to PlayStation gamers they have the worst console and the worst connection. But I have to eat my hat because i actually think Xbox is now the worst for connection.

  • Tiny

    Zombies is great but when i was in the cargo room on Call of Duty AW playing zombies i got booted.

  • Sam

    I think this is a time for me to move to playstation , not a single week without any latency or disconnection from titan fall, worse customer . Tech support ever .

    i made the choice of buying ms instead of playstation , now its time to move on …

  • Jamie

    Why do I need to keep adding my email and password all the time, i didn’t even logout of Xbox Live. So i decide to logout and then log back in and i enter my details CORRECTLY and yet it still asks for an email and password because the one i am apparently putting in is incorrect.

  • Macie

    The new CoD AW Zombies map pack goes live today, i bet the system crashes or the DLC will take hours to download if not at all due to the volume. Are you ready for the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy map pack?

  • Aaron

    I have issues with xbox live login, why is it that i give the correct password and email yet they keep saying incorrect try again.

  • Harriott

    HBOGO is down on my Xbox 360, not been able to access it for like 5 hours now. Isthis down to Xbox Live, i am not sure?

  • Zael

    Trying to login seems to be harder these days, but when i finally get on i have noticed my gamer photo and achievements are not loading. Why should i have to choose another avatar when i already had one.

  • Chrissy

    Connecting to Xbox Live is difficult lately, there is no point asking @XboxSupport because they probs get the same question all the time, which is: Why is Xbox Live down more than it is up?

  • Vince

    I have bought the Xbox One, changed my ISP to Virgin Media as now getting 80 meg, which is super fast. Yet when i try to play destiny it says i have no connections, how blooming daft is that.

  • Mark

    Games on Xbox One are not signing in, so I am guessing Xbox Live is playing up. Not able to load up Evolve or GTA which are the games i play the most, well not this week.

  • Texas

    % times in one week i have been disconnected form Xbox Live, not able to play a game online or go on the store to purchase items etc.

  • Kelly

    Cant get past the loading screen, this is happening on all Xbox games not just one. So what is the server status Microsoft, c’mon?

  • Kent

    Lizard Squad sucks, why don’t you go hack someone worth hacking. Why are you doing this to gamers that spend lots of money on games and mean no harm to the world. Go hack someone of interest, geeks.

  • Amanda

    I cannot get Xbox Live to go live even though I am connected to the Internet at home, cant play games online, cant watch netflix either.

  • Souleiman 盧克 Gaspard

    Is Xbox live down at Bristol? Or am I the only one getting this?

  • Lol

    Is Xbox Live down for anyone in SW London area?

  • Michael

    Not able to rent a movie or play any games online at the mo. Let the hack ruin my day even more.

  • Simon

    Very well said, I am an Xbox gamer and yes I am a little worried with Lizard Squad being back. But hey life is fun. Crack on.

  • Austin

    For all you Xbox haters keep saying we are going to be taken down. Trus me when I say this when you do not need to hate because Xbox Live as been down just as much as PSN. Both offer a crap service and that is the truth. You can keep bantering as much as you like, botttom line is we ALL love playing games.

  • Brian

    Lizard Squad are coming for us, they already done PSN so it is a matter of time and I am guessing sometime this weekend we will all be dead int water.

  • Francis

    In the middle of gameplay it is freezing on me, i have to reboot the Xbox One to start again. Is this a problem with the console or CoD AW?

  • Ethan

    Offline in Camarillo, CA

  • Karen

    Not been able to login to Xbox Live for two hours now in Oregon.

  • Tobe

    Looks like the whole of the West Coast is down.

  • Dave

    Xbox Live outage in Oregon, not able to sign-in.

  • Mabons

    Xbox 360 and One won’t connect to Xbox Live through profiles but will connect when I test the connection. Odd…

  • Nath

    When will xbox live come back up, not been able to sign in on 360 for about 30 minutes today?

  • Dan

    Signing into Xbox Live is down on one right now, 4/13.

  • Billy

    down for me also, UK.

  • Sasha

    xbox live is down in boston, wanted an early game and I can see the problems have been confirmed by MS status page.

  • Mikey

    xbox live down on april 13 with th official status page saying services are limited on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

  • Mickey

    Xbox Live is down in Oregon.

  • Jerry

    I just got kicked off my Xbox online game, is Xbox Live down or something?

  • Martie

    Is anyone else still having Xbox Live problems, I am still having issues connecting.

  • Kerrie

    Yesterday and for me today as well for getting connected to Xbox Live is so bad I actually thinks it tops the Christmas outage when the got hacked.

  • Ricky

    Xbox Live access was non-existent yesterday, the service status page was red across the board.

  • Patsy

    No online gaming as connection down again in Ohio.

  • Batty

    Xbox Live down in South Carolina

  • Said

    Party chat isn’t working for be neither. Pay for a service and get nothing. madness

  • Kim

    If I cannot see my friends how the hell can i play with them. sort it out now.

  • Zachary

    Having issues with Xbox Live login.

  • Lena

    Paety Chat is not working for me, is this the same for you guys / girls.

  • Kane

    Trying to play call of duty and cannot, why.

  • Salla

    Having issues playing a few games at the moment, are the servers down today?

  • Sanjay

    Cannot sign into Xbox Live in Kentucky

  • Narnia

    I cannot get Vimeo to work on my Xbox again, so cannot get onto this, have trouble playing games what next.

  • Narnia

    Did Anonymous really hack Xbox Live again? I’m not near my console so cannot check.

  • Owen

    Updates not downloading which means i cannot play GTA 5, so friggin annoying. Just got this game as well and cannot play it.

  • Simone

    FIFA 15 Points Score on the Xbox One is not working for me, so I am guessing LIVE is having problems. YET AGAIN.

  • Mark

    Same as everyone else in London, Signs into dashboard but have problems getting into my profile in Call of Duty advanced warfare.

  • Ben

    I have no problems getting into the Xbox dashboard, but there’s no way to sign into my profile for Minecraft.

  • Nathan

    I’m in the US and only just purchased an Xbox One today, nice way to start with not being able to access Xbox Live.

  • Pete

    Cant get connected to Xbox Live today, I can see loads of complaints on twitter about others having problems as well early on Feb 18.

  • Jess

    Microsoft confirmed problems on their status page for live, it details a number of problems with managing our accounts to getting your friends list to load on both one and 360.

  • Ron

    I can’t sign in to Xbox Live, NYC.

  • Tony

    My friends list is not working today, anyone else?

  • Dan

    The friends list is down on Xbox 360, London.

  • Bob

    I can’t get my friends list to load on Xbox One, or shall I say all my friends have gone. I know I didn’t have many friends, but I’m sure it was more than 0.