Xbox Live status reports friends list problems

There are problems with managing friends lists as well as tracking what friends are doing, and gamers are not to pleased in not being able to access Xbox Live. The official status page listed the problem at 07:09:58 GMT Feb 16, 2015.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and do report it on the Xbox Live Status page, gamers may having issues viewing Xbox online state as well as activity of your friends. They are looking into fixing the problem as soon as possible. Other areas being affected include creating new Xbox Live accounts; some are even having a hard time recovering an account on a different device.

Are you having problems signing into Xbox Live? Please do share any issues you are having over on our brand page here.

Xbox members having issues with managing or creating an account need not worry, they insist if you are having a hard time trying to sign into the Xbox 360 the team are aware and doing their best to resolve the problem.