Xbox Live sign-in problems on Feb 18 for GTA 5, COD

We have had Xbox Live status reports within the last couple of hours pointing to sign-in problems on Feb 17 in USA, or Feb 18 in the UK. It seems that the Xbox One and 360 dashboard is working fine, but the profiles for games like Minecraft and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare cannot be accessed.

There’s been spikes in complaints for EA titles like FIFA 15, also GTA 5, games in the Call of Duty franchise, and even other services like Netflix. These problems are all directed towards the Xbox Live online services and both the current Xbox One, and last generation Xbox 360.

The Xbox Live status page has been updated today as well, which details problems “Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing” on Xbox One. The 360 is reported to have issues with “Signing into Xbox Live”, so it seems the latter console is the only one reported by Microsoft to have sign-in problems. If you disagree with the official status update, then share details about your issues on our reports page for Xbox.

Xbox Live sign-in problems on Feb 18 status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

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