WhatsApp Service Status and Connection Problems

When WhatsApp Messenger has a problem its most known issue is when it goes down due to connection problems etc, app will not open up, login issues or people not able to send or receive photos or messages. The cross-platform messaging service is used by millions of people around the world on devices such as Windows, iPhone, Android and many others.

Are you having WhatsApp problems today? If you are then please do share them below, not matter what the issue share with all here with your problem, platform and city/country, thank you. Even though problems may occur on all platforms at once, this is very rare.

Issues normally happen on one particular platform, so if WhatsApp is down for you today, or you have any other problems please do report them below.

WhatsApp status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if WhatsApp is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with WhatsApp? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tammy

    I went onto WhatsApp on my iPhone 10 because it showed my friend was online, but when I tried to call her it just did not go through. I even phone via normal mobile calling and even FaceTime and not working. I phone the house and she said she was not getting any calls.

  • Andrew

    I have this feeling that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been hit with a DDoS attack. Posts have not been showing up in FB newsfeed and now my messages cannot be sent to anyone.

  • Mark

    I can send chat messages, but not able to send Photos.

  • Ashley

    When trying to send messages they do not seem to be going to certain contacts on my list. Seems to be getting stuck on one tick.

  • Steve

    No messages are being sent by Whatsapp, the only person getting them is the person I chat to the most, which is stupid, what about all my other friends?

  • Shaun

    I would love to know why my WhatsApp is not working at all on my iPhone.

  • Kerry

    whatsapp keeps saying connecting and that’s it, i have tried to shutdown the app and restart but still not working.

  • Julie

    WhatsApp messages are not sending at all.

  • Mark

    My whatsapp service status is down, its not working at all for me in London.

  • Jose

    WhatsApp is down and not connecting, no matter what I try its all offline and not opening for me.

  • Jules Cripps

    why is whatsapp not working today 🙁 ….. help from the UK

  • Debra Sellick

    I have no sounds whatsoever

  • Alan

    I am getting the WhatsApp blank screen as well. Not happy at all.

  • Emily

    If i call friends or family i get cut off after a while, and when i want to chat all i get is a blank screen.

  • Irwin

    I have been having issues with whatsapp on my phone for a while now, about a week roughly. I then checked my app store updates and then installed the new update that was there. Once this was down i turned phone off and then back on again, then once restarted the phone i double tapped the menu / home button to swipe of whatsapp running i the background (if it shows for you), then went into settings then whatsapp to switch everything off but mobile data and notifications. then opened whatsapp and all was working again. Now go back into settings and turn everything back on again.

  • Jasen

    It is not working on the 5S either Azzath, nightmare isn’t it?

  • Azzath

    I have the iPhone 6 S and WhatsApp is not working for me yet again. Just will not open for me.

  • James

    How come WhatsApp Twitter account has been inactive for 2 years?

  • Yvonne

    Since updating to the new and latest whatsapp software update on my iPhone 6 i have had nothing but issues, The app just keeps crashing.

  • Kiran

    I am getting whatsapp message flash up on my iPhone 6s but even though it flashes on screen there is nothing there for me to open. Like the notification disappears.

  • Joseph Micallef

    Not working in Malta neither.

  • Sarah

    My whatapp not work I’m in herne bay Kent

  • Smithy

    Has anyone had issues getting WhatsApp to work with Mobilink Internet?

  • Harry

    Is it a global thing or location based only with WhatsApp not working?

  • Peggy

    Is WhatsApp down for everyone?

  • Mandy

    WhatsApp is down in New York.

  • Trevor

    What is wrong today, whatsapp is down for me.

  • Johnny

    I keep getting notifications on my phone that someone has messaged me, but when i click on the notification to see there is nothing there. This has never happened to me before until now.

  • Achun

    My whatsapp text are not coming through, even though i already had a chat open and started.

  • Suzie

    My friend called me and said why am i ignoring her on WhatsApp, I said I am not what you going on a bout. She sent me a number of messages using WhatsApp and i have not been receiving them.

  • Issa

    WhatsApp is not workign in Switzerland, photos not sending and my messages are not being sent either.

  • Lavita

    Whatsapp is working ok, a little slow sometimes but that’s all.

  • Craig

    For some reason I am unable to send any photos through whatsapp.

  • Janine

    Whatsapp seems to be all over the placeat the moment, when people are replying to my message it just hangs and sits there for ages. I have wifi so whats the issue, I also have 4G.

  • Donna

    For some reason my whats app is not sending messages. I can receive them.

  • Greg

    My WhatsApps is saying my version is out of date and i now have to update. But i cannot find the update anywhere, how do i do this.

  • Devine

    I have the iPhone 4 and whats app will not work on it for some reason. It was working and now it doesn’t. Does my phone software not support whatsapp anymore or something?

  • Marheshi

    WhatsaApp is being a little sketchy, one minute all works ok and the next no mesages can be sent or received.