Vodafone problems

When there is a Vodafone outage customers are left with no network signal, as well as other services. Even Vodefone’s website goes down now and then, which means you cannot purchase or search for anything. But if you or know anyone else having an issue with Vodafone please use this community page to share what you know.

If you are having problems with Vodafone being it, website, Internet, signal, SMS, voicemail or anything else then please list them below with you location. Vodafone UK now has over 20 million subscribers and comes third on the list as the largest network provider in the UK, they come after EE and O2.

We all have a problem now and then with our phones, tablets etc, and if you are then we and of course the community would like the read them. Do not forget to add your issues and your location.

Vodafone status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Vodafone is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Vodafone? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Ian john horwood

    No mobile phone Internet in leeds 5

  • John Hancock

    Is bad in oxford

  • Steven Kidd

    Had no broadband now since 0900hrs on 23/8/2019.

  • Lisa

    This is just crazy now, 3 days and still no signal on my phone, I have no home internet either, if this keeps up then I’m off to BT.

  • Pat

    What a joke of a service, I have been a personal and business customer for years and I am starting to lose faith in the company as a provider. I have not been able to use my phone for 3 days and internet, well that’s just even worse and 4 days.

  • Jason

    My Vodafone app is down, each time i click on the app it opens and then just goes back to my phones homescreen.

  • Jason

    I’ve just lost my phone signal in South Wales.

  • Clive

    In Stratford in London and got no Vodafone Internet, i have tried many things like reset the router and still nothing.

  • Wioletta Pawlowska

    No connection for calls London E17

  • Cristina Fiscan

    No connection in Snodland Kent

  • Sybille Johnson

    No connection for days now here in Storrington West Sussex

  • Charlene Cooke

    No signal for days

  • Alexandra Armstrong

    No service

  • Alethea

    No connection in Carnforth, Lancashire today at all. Any ideas?

  • Emma Wilkinson

    no connection at all unless with wifi. cannot use any apps at all. high Wycombe/uxbridge area

  • Bevn

    No broadband in Harwich for 3 days Vodafone promised an engineer would call today but nothing . Husband has now been hanging on for over hour waiting for their customer service. Awful going to move service elsewhere .

  • Susan Chadwick

    No service on phone in Thetford Norfolk for 2 days

  • Dot Pearcy

    I have still got no home broadband….day 3…could not get through on the phone..so did a Web chat for 3 hours !!!! And they could not fix it….ring the number to arrange call back and they don’t think happen !!! So no help at all…what next I do not know..Dot pearly. Biddulph..Stoke on trent

  • SuzyQ897

    Does anybody know the email/address to make a formal complaint about vodafone billing issues I’m having?

  • Andrew Hendry

    No service at all three days now.

  • Steve Brooks

    broadband is out again today in saltdean brighton benn off and on for3 days now

  • Chris Nicholls

    Mine no signal started on Monday the 3rd. I noticed it at 4:30pm but think it was down before that. I thought my phone was playing up even know is only 5 months old.

  • Di

    No network access Bristol

  • Manlok Ng

    No services in Birmingham 07/06/17

  • Steven Kidd

    No service in Reforne Portland since 6/6/17.

  • Kay Stiles

    Can top up on phone as it goes through says welcome to Vodafone then goes silent so rang customer services same happens !! Nothing now for 2 days !!

  • Alan Hodds

    Absolutely crap service over the last 14 days in my area NR294BH no calls possible either in or out on all my business phones. Promised to be fixed today but still U/S, will give Vodafone till lunchtime and then that’s it for my company as I’ll be going elsewhere!!!!

  • kmc coker

    Both mine and my son can not make or receive calls and keeps coming no Service

  • Diane

    Not only is my 3G rubbish but my Vodafone broadband speed is shocking too. It is rather pointless trying to upload anything as the net gets stuck doing so.

  • Mark

    I live in Bristol UK and my Vodafone coverage is shocking, never had this issue when i was with EE.

  • Jilly

    Wow, when I call the Vodafone customer care number i was put on hold for a rather long time, then was transferred to another person then another and then in the end still never got the deal i wanted for my contract to continue. O2 here I come.

  • RHS

    Barmouth Gwynedd No signal yet again, its been days now what is going on Ive emailed the MD lets see what happens.

  • Abbie

    My signal has been down since yesterday morning! I find this very worrying as being a parent with an unwell child I need this to be able to make phone calls to check my child is alright! This is very frustrating! Has never happened before to me!

  • Allan

    Time to change network as Vodafone are getting worse by the day

  • E

    No service today in West Dunbartonshire area

  • Kirst

    no signal in willand since Tues!

  • Marjorie Williams

    No service on phone since this afternoon

  • Crinan Alexander

    Signal very patchy and unreliable in the Southern Hebrides (HS9 5YD) for the last four or five days – on for a few hours and then off for a few hours.

  • marsha

    No service and JUST switched to pay monthly!!!!……..

  • Trevor Holman

    Down again…no info again…sort it out ..please…again

  • Simon Rowlinson

    Had “No Service” on my Vodafone handset with no network for 9 days now (8 Oct 16 to 17 Oct 16). Keep getting fobbed off in store – “it’s OK there is no problem” or “don’t worry it’ll be fine tonight” etc. On Live Chat similar nonsense such as “there is a minor issue with the 4G frequency but your calls will be OK”. When I contact “Customer Service” by telephone all I get is “you have to be reasonable and let us fix it”. All designed to delay and delay Vodafone having to sort it out while they hope I will either get bored or they will restore the network. Had enough. Will have to go elsewhere but in the meantime everyone in my position should email [email protected] as he is the Chief Executive Officer and the buck stops with him. If everyone emails him he cannot ignore dozens of his customers maybe even hundreds. Give it a go we have nothing to lose. Certainly not a mobile telephone network!

  • deegabriele123

    No Vodafone signal starting almost 5 months now, Selby, York etc area. Can’t give up contract without paying a fee. They take my money every month. I use a prepay from other company starting April.

  • Rachel ginger

    Is there anyone who doesn’t have trouble with vodafone more to the point..I’m sick of phoning them back everytime I put credit on WiFi device cos it hasn’t gone on..and then when u ring back after they have ensured me it’s gone on this time..it still hasn’t! !! I do this every few days!!! Vodafone u are definitely not on my Christmas card list this year!!!!

  • Richard Follett

    Midhurst West Sussex – no service

  • Emma Wright

    Me too off all night and still off now !!! What’s going on vodaphone

  • Ann

    No network coverage Skelton in Cleveland. Vodafone say no problems!!!

  • Karen Skelham

    Been getting texts through to phones on my account saying they’re eligible for early upgrades. Apparently it’s a system error although it let my daughter upgrade her phone 6 months early, knew the date of her contract and even sent a confirmation of upgrade email.

  • NICK

    No network no data no nothing. Tiverton devon.

    This is a complete joke vodafone.

  • Pattie

    I have just had terrible trouble with Vodafone as my phone stopped existing and had no service for a whole week. After 10 or 11 phone calls via BT (which I dread to think of the cost of) the phone is now up and running but I have had no more than two bars of signal at any time and mostly only one bar. There customer care is rubbish!!!!! as I asked to speak to a manager on Sunday and was left hanging for twenty minutes before I rang off.

  • Olly

    My phone not working, no network, only emergency services

  • marina

    my number doesnt even exist…that was the previous weekend and today today as well.whats going on?Enough!

  • Dan McElholm

    Milton Keynes. No phone or text in or out for 24 hours…what’s going on??

  • David Richards

    Can’t send texts for over 3 hrs in Chester. It is a real pain. Come on Vodafone sort it out.

  • Sophie

    Currently in Dumfries, South Scotland and I have signal (I can phone people and have Internet) but I cannot send SMS messages but I can however receive them. Anyone else having this problem and/or can help me out?

  • Karen Akehurst

    Northfleet Kent….no calls connecting…
    No texts going through but showing signal and getting missed call text notification?!?

  • Sam

    Topped pay as you up yesterday 17th may took money from bank account but not registered on phone when ring vodafone balance enquiries it just says thanks for calling goodbye,,,

  • David Pennington

    raunds northamptonshire no signal for two dayts now so fustrating having to travel 4 miles+ to use my phone

  • Nessie74

    Tried calling vodafone to pay bill. Automated service on a constant repetitive loop when trying to go through keeps taking me back to the “welcome to vodafone” at the start….very frustrating!!!

  • Bricknell

    No vodaphone service (phone, voice, text, email) since Monday in Buckinghamshire. Tried 4 times on phone and on line to get answers today. Hopeless. 3 minute phone call resulted in recorded message saying could not speak to me because of ‘ urgent issue’ . Website down.

  • Ron Kennedy

    Customer support not contactable on any platform @ 15:00 on 11th/May 2016

  • Natalie Lister

    can’t make calls or send texts

  • Ann moore

    Can’t send texts since lunchtime Pocklington york

  • Dale Summers

    Not working since dinner time

  • albiontyke

    Those with Voda down right now are lucky. I live just 7 miles from Lincoln city centre and it’s down 75% to 80% of the time every day! Useless!!

  • shadyshady

    my network has been down for an hour now

  • Amir Ansari

    I am from Bonn, GERMANY. I am also victim of vodafone’s network. This is unacceptable, then they claim they provide best service. Shame on you Vodafone.

  • Lewis

    Iv been with Vodafone for a month and I have this and they expect me to pay for the time iv not been able to use my iPad there having a laugh il be contacting my bank cancelling the direct debt and sending the tablet back

  • Ryan Willcox

    I live in Cambridge and i’ve been affected too, i’ve been told that I have to wait for a week for the signal to come back this was last Friday so could be any day now

  • Steve Reece

    Problems receiving calls and texts. Texts arriving hours after being sent, calls crashing. Any assistance or information gratefully welcomed

  • David Hourihan

    No signal while using 4g but when setting changed by using 3g signal returned to full. S6 users try
    “Dear Customer,

    Press the Apps icon located on the bottom right corner of the screen
    Touch Setting
    Touch Connections on the Top of the screen
    Touch More Networks
    Scroll down and touch Mobile networks
    Touch Network mode
    Touch wcdma only Only.

    Thank You for Calling Vodafone

  • Mikel

    I have no service in Manchester, my frond in Birmingham said they have lost network as well.

  • Jillian

    Is Vodafone down because i have no service at all?

  • Saph Isabelle Mowbray

    I can’t receive any calls at all or texts

  • Stephen T

    just had sms from Vodafone:Good news. We’ve finished up-grading. The result appears to be my Nokia Lumia 1020 now is totally frozen. Screen frozen and can’t turn power off. No calls coming through. Anyone else having any problems?

  • Samantha Meehan

    No service. Had a few emails from Vodafone saying I had unlocked premium calls. I also had an email saying they cancelled my insurance with no explanation. Went to login to website and it wouldn’t let me log in. Then said they are doing a few tweeks. Can’t call 191 as I have no service!!!! From the portsmouth area.

  • Regimantas

    No service
    Yesterday come from o2

  • David Cutler

    Problems with PIN registration – seems no other option is available. Keep being referred for registration to people who have no idea what call is all about ? ? ?

  • Sue Slater

    My daughter and her husband have had exactly the same problem. This month they had a debt collecting firm contact them for non payment of the dd that vodafone had set up incorrectly. They are a disgrace.

  • Sue Slater

    Stoford, I think we have lift off!!!!

  • Patrick carroll

    I have had no signal when at home in Oxford UK for the past 5 days

  • Ron Smith

    No Vodafone signal Bawdeswell and Fakenham for days. Coverage status not working, will not recognise post codes. Needed emergency ambulance in the night, had to wake a neighbour to use landline. It is also a business phone and customers frustrated. Vodafone is going down the tubes

  • Omar

    New Vodafone customer. Sim only taken out October 2015.

    Since November 2015…. 4g works fine. When it switches to 3G the frustration & anger begins.

    Phone just simple freezes whether I was streaming or browsing Net checking email.

    I’ve had sim replaced. I refuse to believe it’s issue with my brand new iPhone 6s.

    I’ve tried the sim in 3 different handsets… Still same damn problem!!!!

    Voda phone customer service useless!!!!!

    We are in Jan 2016.

    Birmingham uk

  • Chris Taylor

    I live in a rural area just outside Fakenham post code NR21 0HU vodafphone signal is nonexistent can any one help

  • susan

    No network for 2 days in dy6 area back up today 27th

  • Boblynam

    Been with Vodafone over 16 yrs. now they keep restricting my wife’s and my service saying the bill wasn’t paid, we pay by direct debit so contacted bank who said Vodafone hadn’t taken it. After 2 hrs on phone they said it was their fault so I paid by card and set up a new dd. still kept getting restricted all through November 2015, then exactly the same thing happened in December. We also received an extortionate bill £200 more than usual for no apparent reason. Tried complaining but kept getting cut off by customer service and they never call back. So disgusted we have canceled one contract and will cancel the other Asaph. Read Sunday Mail today it seems this is a common problem. Customer service is non

  • Mike Wright

    No signal, Ropsley in Lincs.

  • Pat

    No reception for last few hours near Brechfa, Carmarthen despite resetting normally reliable sure signal box?

  • Johns

    Check your agreement terms&conditions failure of network they will offer a refund also you may be entitled to terminate your contract with them (clause 10& 11) whilst they list outage days required prior to giving a refund in today’s tech world their terms could be argued to be unreasonable anyone interested in taking a group action to enable us to terminate our contracts

  • Ace

    So so annoying. Can’t call or anything. Living with no service. Moving soon

  • Kelly Wilson

    Have been without mobile data for nearly a week, phoned customer services, settings resent- no joy, new sim sent out, supposely for free and then get charged for P&P, no joy, into local store another new sim, still no joy…..ring voda today and get told yes there is a network issue and its being resolved check phone in 24hrs and be sorted…so hope it is

  • catrina

    I spent about 6 hours yesterday on chatline to various Vodafone advisers, trying to set up Sure Signal, and in spite of being given several different user names and passwords couldn’t get anywhere. Today there is no response from any of their websites. What is going on?

  • Maggie

    The Vodefone store is already slow enough, but i can see the nearer to Nov 27 we get i feel the site will crash.

  • Ron Kennedy

    Vodaphone mast ref” 11674 on the A260 at Selsted , Kent . no 2G or £G signal since 18th November

  • john knight

    It has been like this for a week

  • john knight

    I can’t pay my bill over the phone

  • Betty Bown

    Just been on their site this afternoon and they said they couldn’t find my account. I said they must have it as they email me my bill every month. Had to set up new account? Why didn’t they just say it was down. Twits.

  • Karen Abrams

    Major problems in London with two lines for the past 9 days and not getting anywhere with Vodaphone – they are one of the least impressive organisations I’ve ever come across. If you are thinking of opening a Vodaphone account think again.

  • K

    North scotland not been able to log into mobile wifi account for over 24 hours. Please sort it out ASAP !!!

  • A Chamberlain

    Can not get into my account online for last 48hours

  • Kim Hope

    did you ever find a solution for this as i have a new sim card and the same problem will make calls but when u call it it says im sorry the number u called does not exist?? getting stressed and vodafone have no answers for me they just say it is all connected on their end.

  • Aidan

    No phone signal in ruabon area all day today, 3 phones here and same on all. Not the first time this has occured recently

  • Gwynne Evans

    Both myself and my wife have contracts with Vodafone and have had sporadic at best signals for over two weeks now and cannot get an answer from them to what is happening.We need these phones for our business.Service is terrible.Any way for us to get out of these contracts.Not good enough at all.

  • Amy Johnson

    I am in Cheddar Somerset & was waiting for an important call back, in the end they sent email. So I called them back & they told me my phone was not connecting. I have just called my mobile from a landline & it is saying ” SORRY THE NUMBER YOU DIALED DOES NOT EXIST? ” yet i can call out??? Seriously I can NOT have this as I rely on my phone ( have just entered into a contract with Vodafone) Luckily I have 14 days to cancel, so will be looking else where for a service that can provide a service that’s expected! bloody shocking!

  • John Spooner

    Bromley Kent area down down down

  • John Spooner

    No calls,
    Intermittent single
    No answer phone
    Losing business Thanks Vodafone

  • Matt Neely

    No calls for 6 hours in or out in Bromley SE London .if this is the case tomorrow I shall be cancelling my contract !!
    Contracts are TWO WAY !!!
    If they don’t provide a service they have broken the contract !!

  • Lee

    No service,having problems receiving calls or making calls had it since this morning at 10 am

  • Polly

    No service in Maidenhead at 9am this morning & still no signal now at 7pm

  • Gerry O’Rourke

    I have been unable to operate via 4G since 15/10…the nice folks in the Vodafone shop on Wimbledon tell me there is a network issue that effects certain phones, they advise me to use GSM and “check regularly” such poor service doubt I’ll re sign when my contract comes up for renewal.

  • Amy

    Had signal this morning and come 1pm I have no signal. Turned me phone on and off but still nothing. Just wandering why?

  • BBMumzie

    My daughter has just signed her first contract with Vodafone seven days ago. Tonight network is down in the London area. She works late nights into the early hours of the morning and travels home on public transport. Yesterday , she came close to being mugged on a bus. If today’s problem had occurred yesterday I would be more than fumming. Have advice her to change network. Fear for her safety if this happens again. BBMumzie

  • Julie goldsmith

    Have been unable to receive or make calls since 9.30 this morning. Called Vodafone tonight on hubbys phone as hos not affected waited 40mins for someone to answer only to be told that they are switching systems and cannot access account.

  • Wayne davies

    I have been spending the last 5 mths trying to sort out a bill and package problem, I have spent 23 hrs in phone time and spoken to 26 advisors, I have been all round the world, this is an absolute disgrace, you would not believe this could happen, customer service is CHAOS.
    Is there a number in Newbury to speak to management?
    I am at the end of my tether, I have been with Vodafone for 12yrs, HELP.

  • Tatty

    I suggest you leave a message for the Ombudsman on line. These are business transactions with Vodaphone, they are accountable and responsible for their network issues!

  • Tatty

    Network down 6 days in a row with new 6s on Vodaphone!!!!!!

  • tom

    network been down for 5 days in a row

  • paul

    Is the network down

  • paul

    My partner is having trouble with his phone he can’t get on anything is the network down

  • Hot Coco

    I’m having problem with Vodafone delivering the iPhone 6s Plus I preordered. I’ve been calling them since Friday 25th Sept 2015. On one occasion I was on hold for almost 2 hrs. I was so disgusted I took screenshots. I’m thinking of switching network. I’ve had Vodafone for 8-9 years now and every upgrade I face issues with my preorder. Vodafone 4G rarely works in doors.

  • Lawson Vaughan

    I live in Bridgend South Wales and have been having network outage problems for days. According to Vodafone there are no problems

  • James Dixon

    I have been having problems with no 2G, 3G or 4G signal with my Vodafone Galoaxy Note 3 since Friday 25th Sept 2015.
    Ok, out here in rural North Lincs 2G is only normally reliable service, but this current service is horrendous!

  • Shaun

    Im from Aylesbury, I cant conect to the internet or send picture messages. I recently brought the s6 with vodafone. Please sort this out

  • Amanda

    I have been with Vodafone for years I always up grade my phone after 24 months and give my old phone to my sister I thought nothing of it until I now need to upgrade but the are telling me I have only had my phone one year I cannot fine my original contract with them my sister took out a contract with them on my old phone that was November 2013 she now has a pay as you go but they are insisting I’ve only had my phone for a year can anyone tell me is there is any other way I can prove I’ve had this phone two without my paperwork !!

  • John

    Constant periods today in the junction 25 junction 26 of the M1 area with no ioncoming calls, inability to send text messages and complete signal failure. Normally I have no issues around here at all.

  • Paul

    Hi I,m from Leigh-on-Sea Essex.
    I have been with Vodafone for some years and have had constant problems with my signal in my home, outside and even close to a Vodafone store in Southend High Street. I’m not technically minded and have just persevered from day to day. Customer service have suggested it is my old phone. I respond by asking how come my daughter has the same problems with her new iphone. I have been palmed off with Vodafone are replacing masts and updating masts to improve their signal. That was 5 years ago and I have seen no improvement. I am looking for a new provider who can supply me with a good value smart phone and a good signal. Anyone out there who could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. But not in Vodafone’s direction.

  • Craig Stevens

    Shefford area out now for two days, managed to travel from Cambridge to Birmingham and only got a signal once at Kettering and that lasted 20 seconds can’t believe it…….

  • megan

    Im in wales, cross hands and My messages will not send and I can’t ring out only people can ring me this has been happening for 2days now please solve it?

  • Chris

    I am in the Southend, Essex area and have been having trouble for about 2 weeks now with no internet or phone coverage. Was in Surrey on Saturday and again, no internet. My contract with Vodafone is up in December. Will be looking for a new provider.

  • Benn

    I am in Brighton and have 4 bars out of 5 on my iPhone 6, but yet i cannot call or text anyone. How is this so?

  • Liam

    Vodafone is not a bad network, I lose signal now and then but nothing to complain about. I am happy with Vodafone.

  • Christine

    I live in the Hartley Whitney area and all I can say is EE is definitely not EVERYWHERE, signal is very poor.

  • Greg

    Got to admit Vodafone have great customer service, but what is the point of that when you have very poor signal and data service. When I do finally manage to get through on a phone call they cannot hear me but i can hear them leaving me saying HELLO HELLO.

  • Morgan

    I am not far from Staithes in Yorkshire and my signal has totally gone. I know for a fact that EE / Orange and Vodafone are the only network that works here. So if my Vodafone doesnt want to work here anymore then i do not have a phone because i will never pick EE.

  • Tracy

    Getting no calls in Northants today. What I mean is i cannot make any calls.

  • Wayne

    lack of signal in Cambridgeshire.

  • Paul

    Bromley in Kent has no signal at all, seems like Vodafone coverage is a little bad today.

  • Callam

    I am having the same problem with Vodafone in Leicester.

  • Martyn

    In Oxford and got no signal at all.

  • Orson

    In Southsea near Portsmouth and signal is the worst it has ever been. I make a phone call and it just cuts out saying no signal, but then when i am not on the phone i have two bars.

  • Amanda

    In Romford, Essex and got no Vodafone signal, this is the first time I have ever had issues with this network and I have been with them for years.

  • heatherfowle

    Showing no sim card and no signal intermittently started an hour ago anyone else having issues …exeter

  • Jackui

    Not receiving text messages or any delivery reports on Vodafone.

  • Mary

    I am in Bristol and cannot get any Vodafone signal at all, as for 3G well.

  • Jess

    Vodafone signal is down in Southsea area.

  • Mattina

    I am not getting any outgoing all is in Stockport, this is going into day two now.

  • Janette

    I am on a contract and yet still not receiving or able to send text messages. I get unlimited text and cannot even send any. Why is this people?

  • Carter

    Boston UK signal is very weak indeed.

  • Martyn

    Apparently after talking to Vodafone customer service there is no issue in my area, but clearly there is because i have no signal in Southampton.