Virgin Media cable TV and Internet

When it comes to Virgin Media problems the two major areas include cable TV and Internet, and when Virgin Media is down customers are not too pleased to say the least. It is very rare to see VM go down but it will happen from time-to-time.

Virgin Media Cable TV faults include no screen showing, total outage and issues changing channels. This occurs when there are server issues, or maintenance updates are underway. Even mobile connections with Virgin Media has its ups and down, apps crashing or not opening etc.

This is your Virgin Media cable TV and Internet server status page, where you can list or read any problems that occur with this service.

Virgin Media status reports for Friday 23rd of October 2020

To find out if Virgin Media is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Virgin Media? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • ardbeg1977

    Area 06 (DA12) fix date pushed back to 22/12. That’s 14 days offline. Time to call up for a credit note. Seems like VM are happy to take £100+ per month but not to invest in timely network upgrades. Got a good deal on VIP package a couple of weeks ago – not such a good deal if one of the three services is out of action.

  • Gloria Jackson

    manchester for last 2 weeks internet on and of are we getting a refund ?

  • Tahir Rashid

    What did VM customer services say ?

  • Tahir Rashid

    Problems started a week ago with the TV channels pixelating or pixel-eating , Engineer left without waiting for the Tivo box to completely re-setup . Then started having problems with the internet – was getting 0.5 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection , this morning that’s completely gone too.

    I’m having to use my mobile hotspot to use my PC ( thankfully it not virgin mobile ) with limited data.

    Is anyone else experiencing issues in the Barking area with their Virgin Media connection ?

  • Simon Tolson

    In Twickenham again since Friday 16 Dec 2016 v poor connctivity 5 MbPs and 0.65, and I pay for buisiness broadband.

  • Haze Mac

    London, Greenwich, and Virgin internet is down yet again. It’s gone down this month alone 4 times. Since yesterday I’ve had no internet. If you’re lucky enough to eventually get through to Virgin, they lie and nothing gets fixed. Do they only employ stupid people? Watchdog needs to investigate this shoddy firm.

  • Haze Mac

    And Virgin internet is down yet again. It’s gone down this month alone 4 times. Since yesterday I’ve had no internet. If you’re lucky enough to eventually get through to Virgin, they lie and nothing gets fixed. Do they only employ stupid people? Watchdog needs to investigate this shoddy firm.

  • Pissed off

    Internet down in swindon all weekend, fix time keeps changing every 4hrs and getting further and further away, an 18yr old autistic kid can hack the fbi, why can’t your over paid nerds fix a broken server?!?

  • ardbeg1977

    Area 06 (DA12) has been down since Friday 09/12 – 9 days. Service status mentions Windows 10 problems but the modem is offline (flashing blue tick). Supposed to be fixed 19/12 @ 16:00. I’m not holding my breath…

  • Linda

    No internet in Bearsden Scotland

  • Edmund Cargill Thompson

    No Internet in Northolt. Tried stuff on Virgin’s website about Windows 10 problems, but it made no difference and I don’t understand why that would effect wifi as well as my computer

  • Marion

    Internet down in Solihull since yesterday Wed 14 Dec. Anyone know what problem is and when a fix is likely.

  • Tracy Jones

    All services down in cardiff this morning. No Tv and wifi. Error code c130 showing.

  • Mangan

    No internet or tv in watford

  • Daktau

    No internet in Bristol, BS3 for the weekend. This all started Wednesday 07/12/16
    Call centre dude said that an engineer was on the case and that I would receive a text once it is fixed, this was Saturday 10/12/16. No text received as yet. Rang again 11/12/16 and was told that I had been flagged to receive a text to let me know they have fixed their broadband service.

    The big question is: A fixable fault or an over subscribed service?

    The latter seems very likely as I receive a huge amount of junk mail from Virgin and I’m already signed up to them. If the fault is fixable why has it taken them 3-4 days and a problem still remains?

  • Tony Goodhew

    Internet has been terrible in Birstall, Leicester since 27th Nov. Can’t load SpeedTest from ThinkBroadband, Streamed videos from Prime are impossible. Customer Supports say it will not get better until 28thDecember!. This is a whole now take on to “Up to 100 Mbps”. Virgin Mail takes a minute to load. Are you suffering as well?

  • Tim Tim

    Internet has been down all day in bristol. Really poor show by virgin, surely they have a backup plan if things break? If not can they compensate the customer for paying for things they can’t use? Letter to watchdog seem in order?

  • adolph clickbait

    bugger all broadband (all day) in CM1 area.

  • Wayne billingham

    Nothing in wd17 at the moment. Tv and broadband seem dead.

  • Angry

    No internet for two days now in N11, 30 mins on helpline lastnight then they hung up on me…

  • BrawlX

    Internets bad in CM17, can’t load 720p videos anymore

  • Peter

    Very slow internet with intermittent total loss in RH1 (Salfords) area.
    Has been really bad since the speed “upgrade”.
    Spoke to VM yesterday to be told it is a known issue with over subscription in the area (basically their network can’t cope with the demand) and they said that their plans to improve it have a provisional completion date of April 2017 !!! They agreed to compensate me for the service not being what I pay for and said to call them back in April if it hasn’t been resolved by then. Meanwhile, the “Service Status” still claims there is no problems………….

  • Sam

    No internet or broadband in sw19 since yesterday. Customer service advising wait till Tuesday!! Who will pay for loss of business and costs??

  • Lizzie

    What about South Wales ? We can’t seem to get any definite sense as to which service provider is encountering a problem, as the whole of the Neath Valley
    and parts of the Upper Swansea Valley is affected.

  • em

    No internet in since yesterday, virgin says the whole area is affected (I live in sw18, London Putney). Virgin says it will be fixed by this afternoon 4pm.

  • Arran Maxwell

    No internet or tv in reading rg1… Poor poor virgin.. Go sky

  • Oli

    No internet in Basingstoke RG21 since Saturday. They just keep changing the fix date and time saying “an engineer is on the way”…

  • Elston Bell

    B/band in Birmingham B31 very, very slow and has been for a few days now. Just installed a new wireless router and upgraded the firmware but still very slow. Test My Speed is reporting just over 1Mbs download speed – I’m paying for 70Mbs! Go figure.

  • Diana

    On and mostly off broadband. Pages not opening for hours now in london N22. Been like this- erratic service for months. I think I’ve got to drop Virgin if it goes on like this.

  • GB

    No internet. Basingstoke. AGAIN.

  • Dan

    No Internet. NR3. Closest day for technician……..friday 9th

  • HUGGYB Delaney

    Im in plumstead aswell mate, apparently we be back up and running by 7:40 like you said they need to let us all know.. But now they are saying 12:00 :-/

  • Gary

    No internet in Plumstead SE18 1AF. Pisstake cos they do repairs in the area but don’t tell anyone.

  • Anony Mouse

    Lol..if you can connect via pc but not wifi either wifi on router faulty but more likely you need to reset wifi and reconnect using correct password..try reset router and use default wifi password at base of router

  • Anony Mouse

    Down again Swansea.. intermittent and slow despite Price’s going up for super fast broadband..tempted to go with ee. Slower cheaper but only need for streaming Netflix etc..time to move to a BT line hopefully more consistent connection..

  • Bob Hopkinson

    Bob in Chesham.
    No tv or broadband AGAIN. Lost this morning. Can’t even get through to Virgin. Been having problems for years. Think it may be time to change to sky!

  • josh

    down in so51 been like it the past week is been in and off but today it’s been off since 7am piss [email protected]

  • Mohammed

    B8 no internet what a piss take no notification if any repairs are been carried out. Service down since 7am .#sortitout

  • Mrs S Mansoor

    B8 2 no servicevirgin did send a letter stating tat 30th nov work wil be carried on and service will be affected

  • Iona

    Internet down Bs6

  • Toy

    Looks as though all of BS7 is out. Would be interested to know whether other areas of Bristol are affected.

  • Bex

    Same here, bs7

  • Bols

    No signal in bs7

  • Kev

    Is virgin down in Bristol

  • greybeard

    As at 6 to 6:30 am the download speed was about 0.89 Mbs in the Southampton/Fareham/Eastleigh area. Up-load speed is 3x as fast. This follows an outage that lasted from early Sunday evening through to sometime on the Monday afternoon. Never got the promised text message to tell me when it was back online. If I speak to them, they’ll just say it’s a wifi congestion problem. Always do. At 6am?

  • Petra

    Internet Down all month Swansea. Crap service.

  • luise

    Not working in Edin again. Really crabby service. How can VM live with their reputation? -thinking of changing the provider.

  • jayne

    Terrible reception on TV in SE18 lots of rippling lines through picture. Be nice to have one week without the broadband or TV having an issue which hasn’t happened in 18 months. Crap service

  • Jay

    Virgin down bristol TV stuck on start up page and WiFi not working

  • Danni

    Problems in Exeter, Devon

  • josh

    Virginia media not
    finding dns server names been playing up the last couple of days

  • Gail Carter

    we have the new new box all ok except no pictures on news app or movie previews

  • Cameron

    I am in Liverpool, bottle L20

  • Cameron

    Hi, I have just had my 3 boxes fitted broadband and the best internet from virgin I can’t remember what it’s called, anyway, we only live in a small terrace house and it is stuggling to reach the kids bedroom. I don’t know what to do? Phone them and tell them or just see how it goes but i do know one thing we need the internet to be reaching a couple meters more, we have about 6 phones connected and 2 ps4s and 4 TVs can anyone help?

  • Ben

    Hi I’m in central London , Islington.
    My internet says I’m connected but when you load up a page on your phone wifi or computer wifi it says your not connected, this is been happening the whole of yest, I gather it’s not working even though it says on my service there’s no problems in the area. So annoying as i work from home.

  • Andy

    Broadband is down in the northwest uk now

  • Dave

    Catch up and On Demand Down – tried calling but is a mine field to speak to anyone, wonder what refund I’ll get for a faulty product for the last 3 days?

  • Woody

    Wf10 broadband down again website says no issues

  • steve

    TV and broadband down – Whitfield Kent – website says no issue’s

  • RogerRabbit

    Home Phone down now in south Hants (20/11/16). Internet OK. Phoned the help ‘automaton’ which gets so far and then stops dead —— silence ——— nothing!

  • Elysiumfire

    Very slow internet. Youtube hardly moving, trying to watch a documentary. Turned off WiFi, did a test on VM site, messaged with “trying to fix it for you”. Thinking of moving to BT, even though I have been a customer of VM for 16 years. Think our relationship has come to an end.
    According to their website, no problems with Broadband detected in East Lancashire, which is the only service I have with them. Obviously they don’t want to publicize how crap their service has become. They can’t even tell the truth!

  • Amber

    No internet in RH, Crawley. Happens pretty much every fortnight. Mother pays too much for Vm. Using my O2 Wifi box now, slower wifi (used my fast 6 gigs up) but reliable

  • Dermott Hussey

    Broadband down since yesterday NG31

  • adi

    Broadband dead at my end OL16

  • Neel

    Nw9 vigin broadband and TV is down . It’s not working since 13:00

  • Edgar

    Hi. I live at N19 , noo signal since yesterday!! Any help??

  • Micky Finn

    Just came back to Virgin media after leaving 3 years ago due to over overutilisation and a very unstable connection. Lucky for me I still have my infinity connection running at 75meg down and has done so without a hitch for 3 years, I moved back to Virgin for the faster speed and the promise that past issues were in the past. It seems that Virgin`s customer services lies are not in the past, The connection has been excellent over the last two days and I was impressed but then a four hour outage!. I`m getting off this sinking ship! As i`m still within my 14 days I`m now going to tell them to stick it. BT Infinity all the way from now on. WV11. No fault shown on service status site.

  • luise

    Intermittent in EH3 again.

  • Shireen

    No Internet in E12. Anyone knows any update?

  • Vicki Ford

    No internet in N7. Been down for 24 hours. Any idea when it’ll get back up again?

  • Haze Mac

    Greenwich, SE London. My Virgin media broadband has been almost nonexistent for 2 weeks now. I’m lucky if a page loads at all. Also, my Virgin TV box is useless; it reboots itself around 6-7 times a day, freezes all the time. I’m sick and tired of calling Virgin, they give me no answers.

  • Antony Hall

    Trouble with virgin media broadband in central london , South Kensington. Intermittent service for last fortnight and they say it will persist until 24th November . No real explanation , they offered a £4 reduction in my subscription for this month , poor service but polite call centre! Their service status website says there are no problems , very confusing!!

  • luise

    Trouble again in Edinburgh – not bad this time but still no constant service. Wonder how many times i will have to complain in the future. Glad i found this site.

  • David Taverna

    Yeah Im having trouble in West Hampstead also.

  • Dan

    Intermittent broadband connection in West Hampstead area..

  • ale bro

    on demand hasn’t worked in nottingham since at least friday 11 november

  • Waqqas Awan

    I had the same issue for the last week or maybe less. As of this morning I am now getting 55Mbps. Service is back to normal for me. I did not have to do anything i.e. reboot my router. The problem is at their end.

  • Waqqas Awan

    As of this morning I am now getting 55Mbps. Service is back to normal for me.

  • Anthony Pickering

    Intermittent for about 5 hours now in stockton on tees area,tried rebooting but no difference.

  • Josh

    Getting 4 Mbps right now when I pay for 200


    virgin media bradford 1mb on 50mb connection been like this for 4 weeks no change 🙁

  • Waqqas Awan

    I tried rebooting the router several times. Still getting around 9Mbps even though I have a 50+Mbps connection. I’m in West London.

  • Mr Right

    I have the same issue .My internet is down today all of a sudden (a little while ago)

  • Dodgy Geezer

    Virgin internet down for Watford on 14 Nov around 10:00 am. DNS Server not accessible. Came back an hour or two later but with VERY slow service – around 1.5Mb. It’s like this now – 13:15. No data on Virgin site…

  • REMW

    Our internet in Cardiff went down Saturday 12th and still not working Monday morning 14th Nov. Called up to complain yesterday and they couldn’t tell me when it would be fixed and said the earliest technican availability was Friday 18th. It’s a joke right?

  • Jaz

    It’s working here in Walsall

  • Stuart

    No Internet at all for me tonight. Birmingham.

  • John

    Intermittent internet all day today, 13/11/16 Hightown, Merseyside!

  • luise

    What exactly are we paying for? Bad service again. Can barely connect to the wifi. Super annoying!

  • Dave

    No internet from our Virgin Business Broadband line since about 3pm yesterday, in Bromley.
    Reported as a fault on the phone to Virgin, e-mail received from them today saying it’s been resolved, which it certainly hasn’t! Interestingly their service status web page is offline…. sounds a but like they are covering up a major outage….

  • luise

    Internet is poor since Wednesday in Bruntsfield – Edinburgh. Not working at all today. Very unhappy!

  • Dave

    The “Limited” sign you refer to means that basically your pc is telling you there is no connection to the internet… you certainly won’t get a warning!

  • Dave

    This is because your phone is using its own cellular data connection – not virgin – so there is clearly a problem with their broadband in your area but mail is working…

  • Dave

    i love you long time!!

  • Nilesh

    Down in Harrow since today. No Internet and TV. Support on hold for long time

  • Jack

    Internet connection and TV is down, have reset both boxes but no signal on either

  • Terry Glasgow

    Also I can not even check the current status fo my area 🙁

    Just get this:

    We’re making some essential changes

    We’re doing some work on My Virgin Media at the moment as part of an upgrade to provide you with an even better service.

    We’re sorry this part of the site isn’t available at the moment. Everything will be back to normal again soon, so please come back and try again shortly.

    Email isn’t affected, so you can send and receive messages as normal.

    If your email address ends in click here
    If your email address ends in click here
    If your email address ends in click here
    If your email address ends in click here

  • Linda Catchpole

    virginmedia email and vm homepage down but gmail accounts work ok on my computer. I’m in South Somerset. They have been down since at least Friday morning as I received my last email Thursday…

  • Ken Passey

    my broadband is very slow down from 50 mbs to 1mbs, I hear it wont be fixed till monday 14th, im in Liverpool. not a happy bunny.

  • Osric De La Croix

    I don’t get this either… no connection via pc but my phone receives the odd email.. Thought it must be me…obviously not!

  • Andy

    Email is down right now in west London. And you can’t even get on the the myvirgin media sign in page to see the faults

  • Gill

    Great how long is it down?

  • Alan Griffin

    Email has been down since yesterday in Oxford (even with a router reboot)

  • david and barbara

    Finally did the obvious and rebooted my router (first time for months). All now well.

  • David and Barbara

    We have the same symptoms in Surrey

  • Mandy Sutter

    Broadband here working okay, but email has been down since yesterday. (I’m in West Yorkshire)

  • Aimee

    Internet is completely down, tried service status but website is “doing critical updates” phone line is dead also belfast UK

  • Martin Moore

    There was a routing problem earlier which was fixed about 11am.

  • Claire

    Is there a Virgin Media outage right now, I have checked Twitter and nothing being reported.

  • Larry

    Some web addresses are not working for e using Virgin Media but yet they are fine when using 3G and 4G etc.

  • Mark

    This is constant, what is wrong with Virgin Media WiFi and my Apple iMac. I keep getting disconnected, everything with Virgin is fine with mobile phones its just the iMac and MacBook Air where i get disconnected and have to turn off and then back on my WiFi for the Macs.

  • Jonathan Young

    ng18 Mansfield internet down since 6.30am

  • groove_hoob

    Terrible intermittent service for the last year or so. Most of the time works fine, but randomly, and without warning will switch to “Limited” for no reason. It did this about a half hour ago today. Preston, Ashton-on-Ribble

  • Maciej Galucki

    Slow internet connection in bd4 area BRADFORD since few weeks

  • Shane Hinckley

    LE10 Broadband off on off on all day yet site states no issues. Poor as usual…..

  • cla

    My router/internet has been of/on/of/on every 30second to 3 mins since 7.40pm last night and they cant send anyone out tll friday WTF

  • Belinda Darragh

    Despise service update saying the problems were fixed at 10.45pm last night we still have no TV or broadband working even after resetting it 4 times. Whats happening and why do virgin media staff not reply on here.

  • Paul Hazell

    St Albans AL1 broadband speed down to 8 MB/s, I’m told fault won’t be fixed until 14/11. High utilisation issue won’t be addressed until February.

  • Tracy_Cuckoo

    You might want to see a doctor about that.

  • Tina-Tiny-Turtle

    Don’t wait up.

  • Twonk

    Someone with a sense of humour, at last. You’re a man after my own heart, only I’m hetero. We have a problem. No, I am the one has a problem.

  • Trim_Tim

    Ha, a Dangerous Dogs Of Syria attack? I don’t think so mate! It’s just a simple sugar spike in the internet providings, that’s all.

  • trampshoes

    ‘I live in Sheffield’ – it sounds like you’re at the end of your tether!

  • Knibby

    You must be exhausted.

  • Roger

    Oh dear. My deepest condolences.

  • Tinker

    I’m suffering, yeah. Big time. I’m an emaciated African child, only eleven years old and not likely to see my thirteenth birthday. I’ve been lucky to live this long. Sorry you couldn’t record anything. I hope it’s sorted for you soon.

  • Tinker

    Move country, mate. Trust us, we don’t want you.

  • Tinker

    Yeah, they need to sort it out! You’re going to be happy as larry aren’t you, once it’s back in action! All snug in your house with your fibre optic internet connection, whizzing around the net to your heart’s content. Bless ya.

  • Tinker

    In spite of Royal payment our connection is down. Ha, ha. Kindly get a grip. Mistakes happen no matter how much you pay. I expect you think if you owned and ran the internet service it’d work like a dreamboat 24/7. If you really think so, do it – you’d make a lot of people happy, I can assure you. By the way, while you’re at it (waiting for ol’ Virgin to be back up and running), send a premium payment to some poverty-stricken people in another country via a charity of your choice. They’ll be grateful.

  • Tijuana16

    Newport Gwent. Internet down since 8pm November 4th 2016, it’s now 41 hours later. BAD SERVICE which is being PAID FOR. Will be asking for rebate.

  • Natterjacks

    No internet ig8 since Fri am

  • MC

    No ondemand for a few days now plus slow channel change YO30 area

  • Ben

    No internet in Hounslow! Anyone else down?

  • Forbes Massie

    Are you in Peckham?

  • Forbes Massie

    We haven’t had internet in Peckham for 2 weeks. Anyone else having issues?

  • katie mcdonald

    My internet has been down for 3 days now and apparently wont be back till at least su day because of the connection issues they sent us about in a letter. Ffs

  • Stephen

    Edinburgh broadband down

  • A guy

    Internet seems to be having issues here in Ireland.

  • sr72

    This is a network error on their part – we have had this for the past week – no internet or ondemand services on the Tivo box either.

  • sr72

    Blackpool FY3 – no Broadband for a week now, problem with the network apparently, after 2 days off work waiting for engineers and 4 hours on the phone to the fault line, who are completely useless, still no further forward in finding out a date when broadband will be back working – also affecting Tivo box – no ondemand or catch up services, idiots at fault line have told us that it will be 2-3 months before this will be repaired.

  • dONALD42

    Yeah, the recent few days were better. Before that, sometimes we didn’t get IP from the network. Well the router didn’t get one.
    Some days it happened three times a day.

  • Destiny Buchanan

    What message is it providing you with? Have you got it back working

  • Destiny Buchanan

    Anyone’s internet down in the London area? Tv box is working fine however the double sided arrows on the internet router are flashing green. Tv says network avability c130

  • Disgrantled Customer

    Broadband down in Brighton. Its been slow all day and i’very got work that needs to be finished for tomorrow. Sort it out!!

  • Sudev Kunnath

    We don’t have wifi connection since 48 hrs.. Ridiculous Inspite of premium payment

  • Tobias O’Brien

    NR2 2BB area in Norwich dead since 2am. Not even wifi working yet blue traffic light is on and the other lights stay green. Please fix!

  • Atkin

    Virgin media net is down , can’t even run test. Paying a premium and still bad network !
    Need to look for a change of providers

  • Michael Stockton

    NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME ST5, dodgy broadband for 3 weeks so far, two engineers, one said it was my pc the other said not , just about to purchase new motherboard when helpline told me of problems with fibre degrading and needs replacing, expected time 28th December !!!!!!!!!!!! , looks like sky here I come

  • Catherine Burrows

    My virgin has been off 4 times this week and it is past a joke now they need to sort it out

  • Craig

    Cardiff CF3 both TV and internet complete outage.

  • dONALD42

    Se9 we have problems since a week. The net is stuttering. There is no internet right now, thank you three 4g!
    UK internet is utter dogshit!

  • Steven James

    Wakefield WF2. Internet went off yesterday and returned around 11am today.

  • Jo Lethbridge

    I’m in WF10. Internet was intermittently working from around 9pm last night. This morning it will connect to router but won’t load anything. not checked tv yet. VM service checker sat it won’t be fixed until midnight tomorrow!

  • Rob

    Having problems watching netflix on my virgin tivo box. Keeps saying there’s no Internet connection (there is!) Any ideas?

  • Jan Ingram

    Second weekend on the trot we have no BB1 HD. Also lost C4 HD a few days ago – anyone else suffering with this problem? So annoying as I have recordings set and nothing has recorded.

  • Glenn

    Virgin Broadband QoS in DY102DA is the worst I’ve ever experienced For the past 3 days there has been a fault with currently Broadband keep dropping out. This is the 4th issue I’ve had in the past month and to say this is a joke is an understatement. Where do I go to get the contract cancelled due to poor QoS and response??

  • dave

    fy4 area 100mb broadband getting speeds of 0.61 download speed been like this for a few days now vm say work is ongoing in blackpool to replace cable in main server and is only affecting 4 houses on my street and is going to take until nov 2nd to fix some how don’t believe them

  • T Evans

    In NW5. Email connection has been very poor for days and today it’s been impossible to pick up emails since mid-morning. It’s now after 11 pm. I’m totally fed up with the Virgin service. I hope you’re thinking of what refunds you can offer or I’ll be looking out for a better deal elsewhere.

  • Koji Oswin

    How is your connection now? Im in CV34 and have had issues loading web pages for weeks, yet streaming or downloads speeds are good.

  • Pansy Potter

    My signal has been very low for days now. This afternoon I cannot access my email

  • Forrix

    No tv or broadband in ky2 area for the last 2 hours. Engineer on its way but not to be fixed till 4am. These problems occuring too much lately.

  • Danny

    Virgin media broadband and TV not working me16, no point in having up to 300mbps as I have never even got over 100mbps. I’m thinking of cancelling as they just put the price up £4 as well per month

  • Matt

    Some websites (eBay Co. UK and. Com for example) “unauthorised” on virginmedia 200, nn14 area. Virgin server related?

  • Kieron

    AL2 Slow unstable service on the Vivid Gamer 200 package. Seems totally useless as this happens all the time.

  • Scott Cummings

    1/4 of dial up speed here in Wigan WN5.

  • Dan

    Got up this morning my internet isn’t working restarted my router still nothing. I live in Walsall area so I’m taking as the system is down? Ws3

  • Churchill Park Hounslow

    The area affected TW4

  • Churchill Park Hounslow

    intermittent Dropout throughout the day on broadband. Phone virgin media keep getting conflicting information 1 says there is a fault the other says there is no fault in the area. From past experience with virgin media there is no communication between departments and it appears they work from crib sheets to make think something is being done

  • Tracy Puddicombe

    two days in and out

  • David Starkey

    Mine is down to very slow from highest speed on Virgin Media. Is this a DDOS attack?

  • Jaz

    My broadband went down yesterday afternoon and it’s still not working. I live in Sheffield

  • HP

    Leigh outage for 2 hours TV and internet

  • Monty

    I’m having the same exact problem started yesterday evening, I called them couple of times, They tried Troubleshoot it but nothing has changed.. I was given this fault number F004609619, any idea when is this going to be fixed? London North West

  • Harry Padfield

    48 hours speed gone from 55mb to just under 1mb and no sign of why, really poor from Virgin . po6 3rr Portsmouth

  • Horatio Smith

    I have problems with my virgin broadband speed since yesterday. The maximum speed I can get is 0.99mb from my 100mb I am paying already. I have called them twice today and they’re still not able to resolve the issue, they say to allow a couple of hours to get it fix, as it may be a problem in the area. anyone with the same issue?

  • Not fit for purpose

    Download speeds of 0.2mb in Stockport and has been since Sept. Told will be rectified by end Nov but no apology. Offered £10 compensation but demanded full three months broadband back £46.00 and got it. Not the point really as need broadband. Service not fit for purpose and breach of contract between service user and service provider was my argument under goods and services act. Hope this helps.

  • paul Farquhar

    at the moment its like being charged for a formula 1 car that can only drive like a milk float and they KEEP TAKING OUR MONEY LOL My PING at time is over 300 lol ))))))))))))

  • paul Farquhar

    yes its going on for a full year without letting us know lol not only if your net very slow try checking your PIN as mine at time now is in the 300s lol

  • paul Farquhar

    they have told me the problem that started in January wont be fixed until January 2017 lol yet expect to charge us for an internet service we are not getting lol. I have canceled with them and moving to BT as it more reliable and they cab take me to court if the like as they have been charging me for a servive they havent been providing which im sure is fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a single letter and only lies over lies when you call them

  • BB

    Still no Internet tonight in boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. It’s been ten days now. The automatic SMS update that virgin gives daily keeps postponing the work time : Service update. Broadband and TV fault F004731200. The latest update we have is: Our engineer is on site and they’re working to fix the problem. The estimated repair time is now: 21/10/2016 16:00:00. The Virgin Media Team.

  • David Jones

    Wolverhampton. Extremely slow broadband connection for last 2 days

  • Justin

    For Days now there seems to have been a variable National problem with the Virgin’s internet and in some places TV which can’t be rectified. This seems as if Virgin has been seriously hacked, perhaps by Russian hackers but is too afraid to admit it. There’s obviously a mega problem. I think this will result in the end of our relationship with Virgin, I’m having terrestrial TV re installed tommorow as a fallback for starters.

  • S webster

    Rotherham s652uy,, been playing up all week, what am I paying for!!

  • James Greer

    redditch , disgraceful service apparently having work done on the broadband line until 11th of January ( my usual service will be up and running then) well then I’m paying for a 100mb line and only getting 24 mbs and to top it off it drops off all the time and since half 12 it’s been off from 19/20-10-2016 awful I’m not watching TV through my mobile provider hotspot seriously sort your stuff out virgin media .

  • lawrie

    Luton, No internet today and internet keeps dropping out randomly throughout day and night.

  • Alex

    Wisbech, Cambbridgeshire area no Internet since 06Oct. Call center and visited support engineer promised to fix it till 16 October. Overspend my Vodafone smartphone 10GB twice. Dont think so that VM pay for it

  • Justin

    Trickle internet, so slow you cant get on facebook or any complex site for 6 Days in Boxmoor Hemel Hempstead. Virgin are not concerned and the daily lie is it will be fixed by 4pm tomorrow. Again they will not reveal what the problem is. DEMAND COMPENSATION. We got £20 so far and believe me will want more tomorrow.

  • usignuolo

    No internet since last week in central Twickenham

  • Andy

    No tv and internet for 13 hours just a the football was about to start

  • Rachael

    intermittent and virtually unusable Leicester for approx. 1 week Rachael

  • Alistair Johnson

    No internet in southport, despite getting a letter to say bill has gone up by 3.49 and We are getting 200mb, I think not Richard!

  • ahon

    No broadband since 15 october. joke. just got an email from virgin saying your new internet it’s like never been before. area 18. crawley

  • Sharon O’Regan

    You are being strung along same here for over a week

  • Sharon O’Regan

    My Internet and tivo down now for over a week since they did maintenance in the area 3rd October they say they will credit the bill for down time but they have not
    I think everyone should complain about this disgraceful service to cisas

  • Tony

    Virgin Broadband virtually unusable (0.3 – 0.8 Mb download) in HP1 1 (Hemel Hemstead), been like this for days. Automated service update always says it should be fixed by 4pm. Signed up for service text updates – Nothing recieved. Feel like i’m being strung along. So much for Superfast 150Mb broadband !! Anyone else suffering in Hemel?

  • Col

    Broadband down – Northampton 00:20 16/10/2016

  • alan

    Incredibly slow network in g32 again. Happens at least once a week since they sent a letter saying they are putting up the bill to pay for the superfast broadband I’m not currently getting. I’m trying to check the service status page right now and its still not loaded. 1 page doesn’t take over 10min to load. Jeez the old copper phone line modems were faster than this.

  • Amy

    Constantly disconnecting in Surrey

  • Josh

    No WiFi in Northamptonshire… Since about 5pm tonight

  • Julie

    No internet/TV in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire since 5pm, also happened last Thursday in the morning. Anyone experiencing this prolem?

  • Andy cookland

    Bradford west yorkshire..we have no internet or tv…whats going on ???

  • Sean Charles

    Plymstock, been sh*t for the last week an I need it to work from home. VM are crap, tried replacing DNS servers with Google and OpenDNS but no change. Cannot wait to cancel but who do you go to???

  • Alan gasson

    Mine slow and Vivo box are no good

  • Chris Clarke-Williams

    Is anyone else in North Hampshire or Basingstoke suffering from painfully slow speeds today? our 10 Mb/s leased line is just about managing 1 Mb/s

  • Bob

    KT4 internet & tv down for at least 12 hours so far!

  • GKahnesq

    CV32 I have had a painfully slow coonection for a week although my broadband test says 160 mb download speed. An engineer I spoke to says that this is a random problem throughout Warwickshire. Have spoken to Virgin (in India, mainly) and was told that there was no problem in this area despite the engineer that came out to me saying there was. When I pointed this out i was transferred to customer services who eventually confirmed that there was a problem. They transferred me to engineers, again in India, the first of whom was unintelligible so transferred to a manager. He says that they are replacing cable and it will be done by Saturday.
    Up ’til now Virgin have been good but 4 days to get an engineer out and another week to fix Broadband (if they manage to) together with being blatantly lied to and the inability to speak to anyone in the UK leads me to believe that Virgin’s management in the `UK is falling to bits.

  • Charlie Ewart

    Plymouth area down anyone else having problems Lipson Rd are

  • Chris

    Eh12 broadband down. Been told repair time is 17th October! Very poor as my son needs internet for his uni studies! – I will be expecting a refund as I am not getting what I paid for.

  • Geoff

    SS14 no internet for 11 days, every time I phone same answer, it will be working tomorrow. No information as to what fault takes almost 2 weeks to fix.

  • Sharon oregan

    Broadband down again for 24 hours now again no idea when back up Birmingham area

  • Janek Freo

    EH11 for last couple of weeks very slow download

  • Luke Hughes

    SM5 down all weekdays from 12 – 3 since the 1st Oct (no download, very poor upload). I’m assuming it’s for maintenance but no warning or explanation provided. Was told back in summer that the lines would be upgraded to 4G before september but that hasn’t happened, so it could be that as well

  • David Whittington

    Brighton BN1 internet down again. Third night in a row always about this time.

  • Riccardo G. Tolli

    Its down for me in NW10 London, I am using the 4G on my phone 🙁
    Never buying again Virgin Media

  • Paul Staker

    I live in the E4 area and apparently the engineers have all the parts ready they say the estimated time is 10 p.m. but I am not confident on what they say

  • TwistedAdonis


  • NR

    E4 here too and been exactly like that for us too.

  • R Moffat

    No TV or Broadband since Thursday morning in E4 London, 6 different estimated repair times given, all missed!

  • Emma Stephenson

    Is Internet not working in YO31 area

  • Ade Martin

    7th Oct 2016 Cv12 area very intermittent service. Dropping in and out constantly. Customer service only interested in my wireless even though I’ve explained it’s happening when connected via a cable. My router is in modem only mode.

  • Sue Charalambous

    VM down since yesterday Thurs 6th @ 11am still not back – called VM and they dont have a clue why!!! or when it will be back up!!! Great

  • Nat

    It did say it was down both on my hd plus and TiVo as well as diagnostics web page and I had a text (as I set up) when it was repaired

  • Nat

    BD4 area and want refunding for the iPPV I paid for and couldn’t watch!!

  • Nat

    VM broadband 5.0 wifi dropping and 2.4 internet dropping, run tests and won’t say what problem is, just say fixed in 10 mins each time and it isn’t, been this way 24 hours! All they recognise is tv problems of which there aren’t any!!!

  • VM is down for me in W10 London

  • Rob

    Same here in Raynes Park (London SW20). Was told in April/May that they were doing engineering works in the area which would mean very slow evening running until September. Well, it’s October now and it is still painfully slow, so I rang them. They apologised and explained that the works are now not scheduled to finish until January and offered a rebate equivalent to less than one month’s fee. Given that we have a GCSE student in the house and the internet is as good as unusable in the evenings we have no choice but to switch provider. Very poor show.

  • Ron Barrett

    In Reading we have extremely slow Internet. Can take 10 mins to load a page. They say they are replacing cables and will be Reading by 5th Oct. Cannot pay bills or carry out basic work for last two weeks. When I phoned they are offering a repayment on non internet. If the service is not available by 6th Oct I shall be switching to BT for all current Virgin Media Services. Pity but left with no alternative.

  • CA

    So the Virgin Broadband checker says everything is peachy, but I’m getting 1.54mbps download speeds. Its so bad, the national broadband checker can’t finish the test! (East Anglia…day2)

  • bill

    This is getting fixed 10 th october… in midlands area. Virgin is quick to take your money.

  • Terrible Speeds.


    paying for 150mb and getting 9.

  • David Grant

    EH7 postcode – Internet slow for a full week or more. Was sold a high-speed package but the speeds have never lived up to the hype – we get about a third of the 100mb/s advertised.

    Is there an issue with the Broadband Service? From the comments, it looks like it’s all of the UK.
    The service here in Edinburgh is so bad, I can’t even perform a speed test.

  • random user

    did i say customer service are rude and they dont care about ur problem they just keep talkin by the book and hoping u will hang up soon

  • random user

    costumer service sucks even more than the internet they provide…. there is just no one to turn to for an answer or solution.

  • John P.

    Internet service randomly working on SW19. It is almost impossible playing an online game or even surfing the internet.
    This is ridiculous, and customers should have a kind of discount on their bills or at least something for not having us so angry.

  • lykastar

    Absolutely ridiculous! No internet South London (SM2) since Friday night. Get your act together Virgin and offer a decent explanation as to why it is taking so long to fix!

  • maybetomorrow

    Massive Virginmedia services fault SE London

  • Karl Patterson

    Sw11 wifi is showing on phone but no connection to Internet and no TV

  • CT

    Se London internet down

  • SandraW

    I haven’t had the Internet for approx a week in area 14, Hounslow,engineer booked for Monday earliest appointment. Has anyone had a similar problem?

  • Sim

    Sawston Cambridge seems to be down on the internet today

  • Pamela Smith

    On demand and catch up down all day here, and no one in to answer their phones right now been hanging on for sometime … you think they’ll give a refund …….no didn’t think so

  • Andy

    My ntl email not working Hertfordshire en10

  • Rich

    Portsmouth, broadband keeps dropping out

  • Jodie Hannett

    Hampshire, Internet seems to be down

  • Andre

    I’m in Se2 0.. The broadband service is down, getting no more then 5mbps on Vivid 100

  • Dk

    Up and running 😉

  • Marcin Szarowski

    And why, why 16.25 😀

  • Marcin Szarowski

    South Yorkshire, Doncaster, 014 area. The broadband got down. The HUB3 green light flashing only. Contact to two different departaments: “we don’t stopped your service” as a 1st answer & “yep, its our fault and it’s not just you.., tech-team is working hard so it shoul be fixed soon and if so, no later then tommorow until 16.25”
    I had open software work for morning exam !!!!! I can easy say:
    LIARS !!!!!!! FIRSTLY= as they /post-sellings service/ have only one good knowledge: how to make us stupid; SECONDLY= I can see my “net-line” and how it’s working AND…!!!…it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but one-way only. Sad but true. It’s like hang-over absency excuses: cables were cut or box broken or lightning etc!!!!!
    I can see wireless & cable signal strength & speed when civil devices can only displaying NO INTERNET CONECTION – CONTACT YOUR SERVICE ETC.

  • Ian

    No TV or broadband in 04 area

  • Lou

    Mine has been playing up the past few weeks in Liverpool no 2 g only 5g can’t even play Xbox games with all the lagging all the time, don’t know what is going on with it, wether it’s every provider or just virgin ??

  • Kevin P

    It’s OK…. the virgin business broadband router has a known fault and wipes itself! Just brilliant!

  • Kevin P

    Virgin Down in Rushden…… Anyone else?

  • paul phillips

    I live in west midlands B17 and broadband went down at about 11pm tonight the 21st september 16, have to give virgin credit though as this is a rareaty and generally fixed pretty quick so will contact in morning to see. Fingers crossed.

  • Lyn Newman

    I’m in Dudley, West Midlands. No broadband.

  • Ingrid Thorpe

    I’m in SE15 Peckham in London and my broadband went down at 11am this morning and hasn’t been back since. Virgin site says all is well. Um no.

  • petersts

    Still down in Clapham area south London since last night 20 Sept. Should get a refund on monthly charges for every hour it’s off. Especially difficult if running a business.

  • gqtobaccos

    Down in hucknall (Nottinghamshire) as of 7.20am 21st Sept 20!6

  • Steven Sudbury

    I live in the Finsbury park area of London and the internet and tv has been rubbish for roughly a month now resulting in the internet stopping completely Saturday morning. Have been told it would be fixed today but still no improvement so sky have just gained another customer.

    Did you all know that you are allowed to leave your virgin contract if they raise prices? Think you have to give notice by the end of September…

  • Yiing Yeow

    I live in Northern Ireland, and the TVs is down from Saturday morning till now! What is going on? Can virgin media issue an official report on their website as to what is going on?

  • Andrea Frempong

    i live in SE15 and havent had access to the internet all day,!!! wont be fixed until tomorrow

  • David Berens

    Service has been down in NW11 since 15 and I’ve just been told that it will not be fixed until 22!!

  • Annea

    Hi Lee i was wondering in what area do you live becuase i am experiencing the same problem

  • Annea

    I live in w11 2qe central london i have had no internet since 12 aug. A prive contruction site cut the cables by accident but virgin dont seem bothered to fix it even though i have called them every 4 days to the point where they lied and told me it was fixed to just shut me up

  • Lee

    I heard that a major trunk cable had been torn in half by a construction firm doing work in London and hundreds of meters of new cable has to be replaced.

  • Amrutha

    Anyone else down in West Byfleet? The Broadband went down suddenly, the next engineer available is Tuesday 20th September. They dont have a solution before then! Utterly ridiculous

  • S Pandher

    What a joke. Had Virign broadbad for over a year now, the last week has been horrendous. Spent over two hours to virgin customer service yesterday who tried various things as mobile devices where constantly buffering and not connecting either. I live in West Bromwich B71 to be told issue in the area and then that two many devisce where connected at one time is just not good enough when previously I had no issues what so ever. Issues of slow or non exsistant service is an under statement. Hurry up and FIX UP or I will be going elsewhere like a lot of other customers.

  • Emma

    The wifi signal in the EX4 Exeter area has been appalling over the weekend. I understand this to be due to the influx of students arriving back into the University that apparently have a ‘deal’ between Virgin and the University to give students priority broadband over regular residential customers? Does anyone know if this is true? Also Virgin had the nerve to write to me over the weekend telling me they are upping my bill by £4+ a month so considering the terrible service we are now receiving in our area (this includes friends of mine nearby experiencing the exact same wifi problems as us) then I think it’s time to cancel my account with Virgin. We couldn’t even get through a set of adverts on the TV without it cutting out several times and constant restarting of programmes and also unable to watch videos via our phones/youtube/Facebook etc… Had to switch to my mobile data to get anything working so what is the point of having Virgin Wifi if it’s as useless as the dial up days? I dare not call their customer service hotline in India because it cost me over £30 for the phonecall last time I did that!!!!

  • MacDonald

    No virgin media broadband in Edinburgh area 11. Has been intermittent since Friday (9/9/16). No sign of engineer in area 11.

  • Pete

    Internet and wifi keep dropping out on every device in my home. 3rd time tonight – really annoying when trying to watch netflix. In Nottingham also. This happens every couple of weeks, ridiculous.

  • Andrew Duke

    No TV or internet connection since yesterday also, I’m in Nottingham and this is the second time in just over a week. Was told it would be back by 11.30 yesterday evening, came back twice during the evening for about ten minutes and then disappeared again. Woke up this morning to the same problem. Now it’s 4.30. You can bet you won’t see any compensation for a service we pay for. Unable to do anything. Can’t watch a streaming service , can’t listen to music as again I stream this around the house to wireless speakers.

  • Ian M Beveridge

    My internet keeps reconnecting an disconnecting from every 15 -30 mins an i keep getting disconnecting half way during gaming which is annoying… facebook and other websites cuts out the same. It’s been like this since last sunday ¬_¬ Fife/Glenrothes area. tv service is fine still 🙂

  • Very upset

    I have had virgin boardband for about 4 years and fromday 1 it has been very hit and miss. I feel that the time has now come for us to part company. I have just done a dowload test and got 2, I pay for 200. So I am parting company I suggest that if you have Virgin you do the same. If you don’t don’t take it up.

  • Miss Quakers

    Internet constantly reconnecting and disconnecting all day every day for the past week or so, very unstable and very frustrating!
    (Teesside/Middlesborough Area)

  • Sam Lane

    I’m also in Harlow Essex in the Sumners Area and have had terrible bandwidth during peak hours since the end of April 2016. I pay for up to 50mb and during 18.00 – 23.00 I get barely 2. I even checked yesterday and I got a download speed of 0.45mbps. I’ve rang Virgin many times and they have told me it’s a ‘utilisation’ fault meaning they are upgrading the cables to DOCSIS 3 tech meaning in the meantime internet traffic is going to be very slow. One of the many people I spoke to on the phone even compared it to a motorway at rush hour. Every month when I rang them up they gave me a new end date. The last one they gave me was October 19th. But here’s a secret they probably don’t want anyone to know, the issue has been going since January 2015, so that’s nearly 2 years! The problem is if I shop around, they only have fibre cables with Virgin in the area so I can’t even change companies. Believe me i’d love to tell them to go f*** themselves.

    Are you having the same issue?

  • Nigel Lillywhite

    No e-mail since 3rd. VM status report is wrong. Repeated checks result in statement problem with e-mail server. Suggest people write to Complaints office in Swansea, CEO in London, and even to holding company

  • Zeb Hasan

    No internet connection (broadband) since 7th of September midnight in Hertford Road, Enfield. Don’t know how long it takes to fix!!

  • Jane

    No tv service in East Dulwich since yesterday, is anyone else having problems in this area?

  • Gordon

    My internet is up and down everynight i moved in here on the 18th of july and the problem started after the call handlers telling me to restart my router every night i was finaly told there was a problem in my area and was told it wuold be fixed by the 10th of august but still not been fixed and get 2mbs eveynight and were now in september and im told it will defo be fixed by the 25th lets see way happens hey im sure there just making things up to keep customers.
    Not very happy
    Golborne ,warrington

  • Paul Burrows

    intermittent broadband in Blackpool two days now. Frustrating!

  • Nigel Lillywhite

    No e-mail since Saturday 3rd. Not acceptable. Excuse given – nationwide problem with server.

  • Graham Barker

    No broadband or tivo service in Edinburgh EH4, been like this since yesterday morning……..still down today as of 0855am

  • J.

    Frequent disconnects and intermittent service all week in north east Lincolnshire

  • J.

    Same here – constant disconnects and reconnects for hours every day.

  • Cc

    Up and down in york for last few days.

  • Suzanne Swain Brint

    We are in Oxford ox1 3sz and no Internet. Anyone else?

  • Mel Last

    No TV or Broadband in PO16 7HG. Rang Virgin been informed a cable has been damaged should be up & running again by 1330 today. Not holding my breath….

  • Lyz Mcclurey

    OK thank you

  • Ian Baker

    Ar Ok I Will try to get to depot to see if I can find out any more.

  • Lyz Mcclurey

    I have spoke to them about half hour ago and they have said it will be sorted for 2.30pm today.

  • Ian Baker

    Yes i dont have any in Scunny too

  • Lyz Mcclurey

    We have no tv channels at all in Scunthorpe

  • Janine

    Intermittent broadband all week, in Grimsby. Frustrated teenager moaning about his gaming and I couldn’t Google the virgin number as internet down!

  • Maurice Beach

    No Internet here in Bedfordshire over same with TV fault since earlier on this afternoon and on top of that I had no phone line for the last three and a half weeks since I moved into my new property this is just ridiculous they come fix one thing then another fxxxing thing goes wrong

  • Onofrio

    Kenley Surrey. Intermittent Bb for 5 days!! I’ve had to pay for extra 4G Data. I’ve cancelled my direct debit. It’s the only way I can get their attention. I’m not paying for a service I can’t get!

  • Bob High Wycombe

    Virginmedia Broadband is down in High Wycombe now, and has been for most of the day. It has come back for a few minutes now and again, But they can’t get engineers out until next week. Shameful.

  • Conner Peden

    No Internet Woking up and down last 2 days joke

  • Chris Bartlett

    So annoyed. Been having problems with all my services since April. VM says they are working on it. Paying for 200mb broadband, averaging 8 mb. TV so slow it’s painful. Phone line goes up and down like a yo-yo. Seriously considering going to Sky. Edinburgh area.

  • graham newton

    I have had extreme difficulty connecting to internet in past 48 hours, usually getting a message saying connectivity problems. Now 12.15 on 29/8/16 all seems OK again. Has anyone else in my area – DA5 3JS – had similar problems, please. Graham

  • Tash

    Virgin Media sucks. It’s no good apologising, I want the service I have PAID FOR to work. Their customer service team has no idea what the internet problem is due to. Been experiencing intermittent service since June. I am sincerely disappointed, this is no way to run a business. They will definitely suffer in the long term. I would never recommend this company to anyone…wish I wasn’t stuck with them, NTL were great.

  • dribblinq

    For people saying about internet being bad, they were and still are migrating their servers

  • slob

    Internet speed at 2.35 mb when paying for 70 mb in Rugby area, s…..l…..o…..w…………… not happy. Seems to be getting quite a regular occurence.

  • Matt

    VM broadband down in Brighton (BN1)

  • Jake – stockwell

    Internet went down suddenly last night for 30 minutes.

    Been down all morning – “no internet”
    “No connectivity, contact network operator”

  • Mark Whenman

    switched from Sky to Virgin came fitted everything. walked away….NOTHING working. Second time my partner has attempted a switch. She’s not happy one bit. Guildford

  • dave

    no internet phone or tv, customer service say out till tom evening in berkshire, its the f**ckin weekend, and i just switched from sky to virgin today, half a day of for the engineer and come home to no service… going back to sky

  • alex

    Internet and tv are down in Willesden Green London

  • Itzik Fekete

    No Internet, tv in Manchester

  • JadeTheGamer

    Kirklees, no TV Service or Internet.

  • Paige emily

    Bedford, nothing’s loading cannot watch anything without it buffering!! Really annoyed, when is everything back on?

  • Douglas Shaw

    Also no broadband for 8 days in letchworth

  • Jasun L Green

    Internet dropping down to 6mb instead of usual 75mb. Leicester Le3 area. Internet browsing incredibly slow.

  • Brian J Monahan

    Telephone landline not working, Belfast. Yes , who do you bill for lost business.

  • Brian J Monahan

    The Divil. Margarette thatcher.

  • Eric the red

    No broadband in Liverpool for 2 days .who do you bill for lost business

  • Pigs_Might_Fly

    Virgin Media website fails to load – timeout error on Chrome & Firefox. Not a good augury for their Broadband service! How do you buy if their own sales website is not accessible?

  • alun Turner

    had a new cable lade and cable to my house was cut so they could pull the new one through an they did no tell me i had no internet or phone

  • Michelle Liddell

    Dundee DD3 9QF everything down

  • Paul Martin

    PO4 8 area TV and broadband both been down since 22:40. Reported the fault, local distribution box problem. Was told 4 to 6 hour wait to fix. Thanks 4G and tethering!

  • Louise

    My broadband and tv has been down since this morning, told there is a fault in the area, I’ve phoned up 3 times today and been told the fault has been fixed but it’s still not working, it’s a bloody joke not impressed, got to phone in the morning .

  • Glenda O’Dell

    I was about to use and I am very cross as needed it this evening, rubbish service once again from virgin, looking into sky now and I’ll be requesting refund, frustrating

  • Micki

    Internet and TV is down. Has been since yesterday evening. Website stated it will be sorted at 4pm today but now says tomorrow at 12pm. Absolutely frustrating. You don’t realise how much you rely on your WiFi til stuff like this happens. I miss the Internet!!

  • Paul Cottingham

    I live in East Dulwich London and have had no broadband since the 20th June (its now 2nd August). Apparently there is a fault in the area which they have guaranteed to fix (today at 15:00 for the eighth time!!!!). I have now cancelled my contract (as their promises have never been met) an am looking to another service provider.

  • Joe

    I dont live in a rural area and the internet has always been up and down and never fast. Its a disgrace. I pay for what they call the “fastest internet around” but most of the time its down

  • Dosedmonkey

    Explain to then how many days it is, ask for credit off your bill.

  • jam201984 .

    im at 5 days with no net, and its the same excuse when i phone virgin.. there working on it it should be fixed soon :/

  • Robert Parham

    Any luck yet? My Internet is down too but service status says ok in my area of Maidstone.
    Happened a week or so ago but just came back on later in day.

  • Hazel Hunter

    No internet yesterday after getting new router and paying for fast wifi this is really disappointing, if things continue we will need to change provider

  • Dosedmonkey

    Check your my virgin media login section of their website.

  • Dosedmonkey

    Have you informed them there is a problem?

  • Dosedmonkey

    Do a line test on your virgin media login section of virgin media website.

  • Dosedmonkey

    What package? Phone virgin.

  • Dosedmonkey

    If your modem doesn’t auto update it could become uncompatible with the network. The same system applies with all broadband companies.

  • Dosedmonkey

    10 days. What. Phone virgin immediately.

  • Dosedmonkey

    Phone virgin, this is a third party website. I’m sure their engineers are working on it.

  • Dosedmonkey

    24th was a Sunday……
    What internet package do you have? Iphone apps being slow might be the apple servers. My virgin 50 updates everything very fast on mt PC. 9mb/s whilst also streaming TV and gaming simultaneously.

  • Lauren

    London Colney, Hertfordshire

    Appallingly slow internet connect, fails to upload webpages correctly, updating iPhone apps takes forever.

    Was told virgin media were resolving the issue on Friday 24 July but still the same!

  • Fz Wagaba

    Please I need the service sorted today as I pay promptly without delay. It’s not fair not to have service for 10 days

  • Fz Wagaba

    We have not had Internet broadband for over 10 days now. I thought there was a technical fault with my router but after reading through forums, it appears the problem is with the general service. How can I get my service back?

  • Cheryl Taylor

    Yes I have an older modem, but I want to be able to CHOOSE when to update it or at least be notified that my modem will be taken out of service and that I need a new one, then I certainly would have got it sorted without having no broadband for three days. Engineer coming out to fit one tomorrow. Not bad really given the scale of this issue, but VM could have sent a letter out with our bill saying that our modem will be being disconnected on such & such a date so we have chance to upgrade before that date. I advise booking an engineer NOT getting fragile equipment sent by post. Not going to knock VM in general though, we’ve had fewer issues with them than any other billing company we are with. My only criticism is customer services could be improved and customers notified if their equipment is to be discontinued.

  • Lauren

    ….then it didn’t work no matter what I tried so I contacted Apple and there said that we think there is a problem with your internet.

    For the past six hours I have tried to set up a new phone and every time it fails. There is BARELY any connection at all.

  • Lauren

    From London Colney, Hertfordshire.

    For a few months now the Internet has been excrutiatingly slow with almost no connection at all.

    I tried to update my phone software and

  • Jonathan Symes

    I’m from gowerton in swansea and our Internet has been going really wierd saying it’s connected on our devics like laptops mobiles gaming consoles etc but it hasn’t been working

  • Andy miller

    We lost our broadband Friday afternoon ….were still waiting …..this really is appealing service …..surely the prep for this should have been done before rolling it out to the customers …..this is just so disappointing .

  • The Reincarnated Sausage

    What the hell is going on with broadband? I’ve just been told my broadband modem is incompatible with the Virgin broadband server and that are saying it has to be replaced. I’ve got no broadband service at all

  • Michael Garlick

    No e mail

  • Sean

    Broadband is completely gubbed

  • elizabeth muscat

    No catch up or search, its all down

  • Anthony Jason Masih

    Complete shutdown no tv no broadband nothing since 7th July and no service visit till Monday, appalling service!

  • Dave Hill

    Download speed very very slow, only 0.5mb/s. Upload ok, should be 60+ mb/s

  • john

    internet keeps disappearing every couples of minutes its been whole week like this

  • Terry

    TV Service down in E4 but per VM website no issues !! Try to run test but that part of dite id broken !

  • Nell

    E17 here and nothing for 7 days…

  • Nell

    Phone, tv and Internet completely out for _7_ DAYS!!!!! We are definitely cancelling. Not a word of warning, apology or anything!

  • Patricia201

    No internet connection on my iPhone away from home. Just says server stopped responding

  • Dawid

    My internet is on but the connection does not work in the Midlands (Tamworth,U.K.)

  • disqus_937eWkrLcm

    Virgin still down in Croydon I think we should let Richard know and collectively bombard his twitter account…been down since Saturday and my dd of £40 came out for this level of service. Anyone else feeling as furious as I am??

  • Maggie

    Arghhhh broadband is completely s**te again! For days now the weakest signal possible dropping down to nothing! Though this happens OFTEN it’s not normally over so many days. It won’t even stay on long enough for me to print one ten line document!! One of their staff reset it a few times tonight – still no joy- but now I’ve lost my TV too!
    My landline was cut off once – not because I didn’t pay the bill, not because my bank refused the DDR that was in place which actually meant they could take anything they like from my bank account!! The reason they cut me off was because my usage had gone up!! & they had to secure themselves from a potential bad debt! It had gone up because my mother was ill 350 miles away!! They phoned me to talk to me about it ONCE during the day – when I was at work & because I didn’t answer & didn’t call them back straight away – they cut me off – that day!! They wouldn’t put me back on till I paid them everything by card to date even though the DDR was due 5 days later! AND even then they couldn’t reinstate my service for 3 days! By then my mother was dying & I was 350 miles away from my phone!!
    I am also having issues with my mobile with them as well!!!!!!!
    Richard Branson it is reported today has had private meetings with MPs abt the future of the country! FGS man – sort out your own company first!! & stop taking money from us – your customers – for a service you couldn’t care less whether we received or not!

  • Shanna Bentley

    My mobile gone down and i have work soon how am i meant to get hold of my mum when im done.

  • Chelsea YaMum Watson

    My phone line is still down for the 2nd day and I have really important phone calls to make

  • Aice

    Internet spiking and dropping for the past 3 days!

  • nw

    Internet has been coming on and off for about a week now ( It will stop working for about 30 minutes but then come back on and 30 minutes later it will do the same). It is always playing up, but all virgin do is send out a new box.

  • Sean Smith

    Virgin Media confirmed down until 16:20 in the North West area

  • Danny Foley

    My TV and Internet are both down even though it says there are no faults in My area

  • Chelsea YaMum Watson

    My phone line is down


    is it still down???

  • HG

    Kt1 – fine for 2 years now 2 days in a row without internet (except for the 1st hour after virgin reset the line)

  • Drol

    Intermittent broadband issues for a week now. Slow speeds, unable to connect. Phoned them 3 times last night but kept getting cut off. Managed to speak to somebody today and now getting download speed of about 5mbs. Not bad when we are paying for 50.

  • angelmouse

    The AA wouldn’t leave me for three days before sending someone out if my car broke down so why is it acceptable for Virgin to say I have to wait three days before an engineer will come and investigate? This is why people are leaving once their contract expires and so will I.

  • I am living in E18 as well.. they are not answering calls neither

  • Down from yesterday Jul 1st in E18

  • Charlene Davison

    Any news when Internet will be bk on in ne33?

  • ianthetechman

    In my opinion this is simply something they are told to say because pretty much every time phone with problems they simply say work is being carried out in the local area.

  • Angelmouse

    Down in SO16 no Internet until at least Tuesday. Can’t wait to change contract come august.

  • Sam Redknap

    No Virgin broadband or TV in E18 for well over 24 hours. Keep checking the ‘service status’ and the estimated fix time has gone from 1.30pm to 3.20pm to 9.20pm to 11.45pm! Ridiculous. I work from home and rely on my internet connection. Been having to stream my phone’s 4G which I imagine will be costly after the amount I’ve had to use it.

    If I was a Wales fan I’d also be spitting at not being able to watch the game tonight on HD!

  • Saki

    Intermittent slow speeds in BD14. Customer Services explained long term work were going on and would no be complete until Sep 7th.
    REFUNDED charges for broadband from date of complaint up to that period.
    On a second call for modem locking-up from time-to-time the tech team have sent me the NEW Superhub 2ac. Great as I have just bought a laptop with ac-Wifi card

  • Andy

    Slow in BS31. Told due to cable replacements. Happening every evening around 4pm to 11pm. So peak times. Crawling to just over 1Mb. Not good for a supposedly 50Mb service. Gonna call customer services in the morning.

  • Ben McNeill

    Intermittent broadband connection for 16 days now in loughborough Can’t count how many repair deadlines they’ve missed and they are still no nearer to a reliable solution. Apparently a major cable bundle was severed by British gas. Keep calling them and they will reimburse any outage days. Not much consolation but better than nothing .

  • Martin Moore

    Getting frequent ‘unusable’ slow periods. BS21

  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    for ever playing up internet isn’t working properly very slow today

  • Ian

    Slow speeds in north Staffs, strange since I’m just started to pay more for a faster broadband

  • Sarah Collier

    Leeds too. Been ok all day, lost connection 5 mins ago. Service status = fixed by 12:05pm tomorrow

  • Leeds. Off since 9am today, now intermittent. Service says back on by midday tomorrow. Coincidence that I’m not able to connect on UK referendum day?

  • Lindy Armiger

    Ng18 5g issue. Lost 5g connection.. 5g light is on the hub but no connection… anyone else having a problem in Mansfield?

  • Jayne

    VM broadband been crashing for 2 days se18. This happens every month to 6 weeks since I joined just over year ago worse thing I ever did. To is ok it’s the net

  • Nicky

    Can watch live TV but not Netflix or On Demand services. C130 Error message displayed. I rang up 3 days ago (Tues) they said there’s a technical fault in my area (Bedford) and that engineers are currently working to solve the issue and that it would be back on by 5pm tomorrow (Weds) It’s still not working (Fri). Broadband working fine?

  • Tico

    Petts Wood Virgin broadband is down, going to a second day without net. Thinking about to change also because they never reach a decent average speed including upload, to slow.

  • Louby

    Leicestershire virgin cable awful! Fibre optic half speed!

  • Louby

    Our cable fibre optic is slow with buffering and our smart TV won’t connect to the Internet! iPad buffering! Absolute nuisance trying to watch anything or do anything using our internet service! Was bad yesterday and now it’s got even worse. Not very impressed as a new virgin customer!.,

  • Londrino

    Sw4 three days without internet.
    Is this reason to terminate the contract?
    Anybody know?

  • Roger PhotoSkillz Skillin

    I’m getting time outs too, internet is terrible this morning

  • JollyShot

    A small selection of 505 pings sent to google from Castleford, West Yorkshire:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=696ms TTL=59
    Reply from bytes=32 time=376ms TTL=59
    Request timed out.
    Reply from bytes=32 time=380ms TTL=59
    Reply from bytes=32 time=483ms TTL=59
    Reply from bytes=32 time=508ms TTL=59
    Reply from bytes=32 time=530ms TTL=59

    Anyone else having very poor connection?

  • Luci

    Outside North Bristol. Can’t even complete a speed test. Happened 22 days ago now, picked up after about two hours last time.

  • Gary

    For over a week now my internet has been cutting out once every hour of the day and its not looking like its getting fixed. I’m in the fife area and VM seems to be the only internet source having this issue

  • Sarah Robinson

    SW11. I have had no Internet for 2 days, which has potentially just lost me a week’s work. That’s £1,750. I wonder if virgin will reimburse burst me!?

  • steve

    Sw8 2 dsys no intetnet snd tv no explation

  • udhaya

    hiall ,Is any one from fairly hill luton internet down for 2 days

  • T Taylor

    appalling service with internet interrupted frequently this year , worse than previously .
    Almost daily interruptions now even after technician has been ou , why can’t they identify the problem ?
    We live in Uddingston , South Lanarkshire , am considering switching to BT internet instead

  • bob

    Food. I know that you live near one.

  • Felix

    What for ?

  • Felix

    All day no internet in Birmingham !