Virgin Media cable TV and Internet

When it comes to Virgin Media problems the two major areas include cable TV and Internet, and when Virgin Media is down customers are not too pleased to say the least. It is very rare to see VM go down but it will happen from time-to-time.

Virgin Media Cable TV faults include no screen showing, total outage and issues changing channels. This occurs when there are server issues, or maintenance updates are underway. Even mobile connections with Virgin Media has its ups and down, apps crashing or not opening etc.

This is your Virgin Media cable TV and Internet server status page, where you can list or read any problems that occur with this service.

Virgin Media status reports for Friday 22nd of March 2019

To find out if Virgin Media is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Virgin Media? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • bob

    Go to your nearest Subway.

  • Felix


  • leejasper

    SW9 No broadband. No explanation.

  • weasel

    South West London. Fifth day – broadband down. No one cares…

  • Davidvgoliath DvG

    Broadband down in east Kilbride no engineer for two days never signed up for this kind of crap service 50mb fibre that buffers ??

  • Kaitlyn

    When will it be back on

  • John Rickatson

    Broadband very slow in Bradford, West Yorkshire right now 09:00 Sunday 12/6. Started yesterday.

  • John Rickatson

    Broadband very slow in Bradford, West Yorkshire

  • Anybody else affected by the virgin network outage around Sheffield which started 5:30 last night? Serversure is down along with other hosting at their site, but reports are now it covers a much bigger area and more ISP’s?

  • Evans242

    Called virgin, said major fault, engineers working on it. may not even be fixed until tomorrow 4pm he said!

  • Sara Phillips

    CF5 Cardiff no Broadband and TiVo box stuck in startup mode

  • Ryan Harper

    As of around 22:50, CF5 (Cardiff), signal at full strength but can’t connect and nothing will load. So much for having a Netflix night after my 12 hour shift :-/

  • iamweasel

    SW17, broadband seems down

  • Download speed: zero, upload speed: zero, TV channels available: zero. EVERYTHING is down right now in my area – south London – apparently until 11:35 this evening. Okay, the landline is still working, so it feels like the late 20th century rather than the late 19th. >:(

  • Jon D

    download speed 28Mb/s, upload 2.31Mb/s, ping time 8155ms…. rubbish.

  • Andrew

    Is Area 31 Broadband down. Did the online status check thing and it said my router must be switched off. Which it clearly is not. So logged onto the router and there is no internet link. Using my phone hotspot at the moment instead.

  • Mr G Doyle

    Yeaaaaa it’s all working again Richard Branson must of fixed it

  • Mark Tiller

    Not at home it would seem

  • Mark Tiller

    Dionne, stopping at “Starting up” is a different error.

    To fix,

    1. Disconnect HDMI cable from Virgin Box (it runs to the TV).

    2. Pull power cable out of the Virgin box.

    3. Wait 10 secs and plug power cable back in.
    4. Hit power button on Virgin box
    5. Wait 10 minutes and plug the HDMI cable back into the VM box.

    This process worked for me last week. Hope it helps.


  • Mike Warren Lewis

    Dear Richard. Love your areoplanes, but if they have the same system onboard the aircraft, as they do in our homes, I will not be flying with you !

  • Dionne

    Box has been “starting up” for over an hour now.
    Have given up and will check if it’s up and running at 21:00 like the recorded customer service message said when I phoned.

  • joe muggins

    as of now, no tv available. just a blank screen and virginmedia phone lines all busy. we’ve been left high and dry…

  • Mr G Doyle

    I’ve been with virgin for 3 years and never had a problem till recently now the whole sky box is down hope they get it sorted and back to the high standard I’ve had until recently

  • William Bayne

    From mdday yesterday I’ve been unable to obtain an internet connnection or receive e-mails at my home in Edinburgh! In this cafe I can update my e-mails. Do I have internet access?

  • Tess

    I’ve been having a ‘now you have it, now you don’t’ service for about a month now in the W Yorkshire area. Rang them the other day & was told it was a matter of ‘congestion’ of the line. Now this eve I have no on demand or catch up. VM should AUTOMATICALLY redund it’s customers under such circs. Or else lose us next time.

  • Ayaz

    Anyone now the issue ?

  • Ayaz

    No VM internet right now , totally black out and the same problem was a few days back

  • srgc2731

    2 days of not being able to acess virgin / capcha doesnt work / on either firefox or ie cleared history / cookies / internet settings all as should be

  • Lookers Lever

    Still down in dy 11. Status page still shows “no known faults”. We are a classified as a P3 fault which I guess means that we are not that important…not important enough for Virgin to get their f&*^&*g fingers out and actually fix the problem. Sorry for the rant but 12 days without resolution is taking the wotsit.

  • Lookers Lever

    Broadband been down for 9 days in Dy11 .service status page ..”no known issue”. And yet the fact that “some users” may not be able to watch Britain’s got Talent on catchup warrants a mention. As Laura Cummins says , “Total joke”.

  • Laura Cummins

    Total joke. It’s been off all-day. W4

  • Mr and Mrs Dorset

    We’ve been having problems with Virgin TV and Broadband, since the end of March 2016. We’ve had technicians booked over and over again, and 7/8 times (we lost count) they didn’t bother to turn up nor did they send a notification that the appointment had been cancelled. We’ve had technical chaps visit our home and they either can’t work out what the problem is, or they say it’s a problem further down the line which they need Technical to work out, or one said he thought it was a problem with a laser light, in the main junction box. Vigin Media is a joke – they can’t even work out what their own problems are! I totally lost patience (finally) with them last week and wrote a stiff letter to them, and giving them 14 days to give us a decent service. If they don’t, we’ll be ending the contract with them because they haven’t kept to their side of the contract, and we’ll be going to someone else because we’re sick to the back teeth of their excuses and being told to “turn the equipment off, and then back on again” and “check the cable at the back of the modem is plugged in properly”. 8-9 weeks of pixellating TV and the internet being non useable for days on end, has gone way beyond tiresome, especially when we can’t access our banking or credit card internet accounts.
    Poole Dorset

  • Ryan Harper

    No WiFi since yesterday evening. Shows full signal strength and can be connected to but can’t be used by anything including mobile, PS4 and laptop.

    Cardiff, South Wales CF5

  • Iain Erskine Miller

    Lost wi-Fi /internet about 1 am when I needed it the most luckily my mobile phone bailed me out virgin media is NOT what you brag it to be Mr Branson ….. NE3 not happy

  • Scott

    Told by Virgin yesterday Bd1 possibly down until 6 June

  • JunoW

    Assuming you’re still without it like I am (BD1), Virgin are saying that there’s major issues with something down the line and the fix is expected to be complete by the 6th June – not exactly fast! Don’t expect internet this weekend – call them up and hopefully they’ll refund for the service we’re losing (I’ve already been given credit on the account).

  • JP

    Barnsley error code C130

  • Kazzah

    Hx1 broadband issues. On a 200mb line currently receiving 2mb at most right now. Lol.

  • Scottmcuk

    Bd1 (Bradford) been down all day. Anyone else having issues?

  • Lookers Lever

    Virgin broadband has been on vastly reduced speeds (200Mbps down to 0.75 Mbps.) in the dy11 area since Sunday. Many promised fixed dates have come and gone. 31st May is the latest. And yet funnily enough the Virgin status page still states “no known issues”

  • soon to be ex-vrgin customer

    viirginmedia has been down in BR4 area since yesterday morning. “engineer on way” since yesterday 10am, then 3pm, then 10pm, then 12pm today, now 16.05… f-ing joke. Working from home tethered to my mobile.. which is working thankfully.

  • Mark Storey

    having problems streaming on my ps4 right now…virgin media download 6.9mbps and upload speed 25.1kbps and im 150mb broadband!! help!!

  • Mark Tiller

    No broadband Harlow essex as of 12pm 26th-05

  • Matt Mayatt

    Broadband down in maidstone Kent , anyone else having problems?

  • Deb

    No emails since yesterday -Barnsley saying my email address & password are incorrect on phone & iPad – repeatedly having to go through the stupid robot routine then being thrown out when checking account on PC really inconvenient as waiting for holiday information

  • Luci

    Just outside North Bristol. 0.2M currently at 5:20pm. Does this occasionally, other times it drops out entirely.

  • Domino

    Northampton – 0.1mb download… fkin joke.

  • Infuriated

    South Wales. No internet service at all. All day!

  • Frustrated

    Virgin down in Swansea SA5 currently

  • Disappointed

    No broadband South Birmingham. Engineers not available for 3 days. Great service!!

  • dissapointed VM customer

    my VM broadband has been in flux every 10 mins for the last 5 days – it keeps telling me “your network configuration has changed”. How does that happen? I’m sky bound tomorrow too. VM are terrible!

  • Fed up virgin customer

    Virgin media TV problems in Heckmondwike (Kirklees) area. Stuttering on BBC1 and lots of the discovery channels. Been like this for about 3 weeks now. Support says there is a known ‘serious’ issue – how come the status page doesnb’t show this then Virgin? Oh I forgot you are a set of useless lying idiots that don’t care. Going to SKY.

  • Charlotte

    Internets slow shropshire area 🙁

  • mcapm

    Email on virginmedia’s site is not responding for me and hasn’t been all day. Brighton area

  • Kofi

    VIRGIN broad band down in E11 london is anyone else having problems

  • Rhys

    as far as i’m concerned virgin can shove their services up their ****.

  • Rhys

    sam i agree move to sky i have never had problems with them

  • Wayne Woodcock

    Broadband not workin great Barr Birmingham

  • Siva

    Broadband not working in Stockport

  • Sam

    No TV service all weekend in W5. No-one to speak to, just a recorded message saying their engineers are working on it. This is totally unacceptable. I pay over £100 a month and am seriously thinking of changing to Sky.

  • Becky

    CB4 Have been having increasing problems with wifi service disconnecting for some time but especially over past couple of months. Then this week and especially past two days it seems to be constant. Last night I was trying to watch a program on All4 and it was freezing or dropping every few minutes. Extremely frustrating! Just going on Facebook, YouTube or anything with videos has constant buffering or completely disconnecting. Router was not moved since we got it until problems started to persist, but since then moving it to “more suitable locations” has made no difference whatsoever. Now, again, trying to watch anything via internet on the TV is impossible. This is not the service we pay for!

  • Donna

    No internet in EN8 for 2hrs tried to find out from virgin the problem but nobody could tell me and the website says nothing??

  • Anna

    No Internet connection in West London second night already. All day (Friday, Saturday ok) nights goes down, off.

  • Jay

    Ub7 area no service common for service to go down, apparently whole area is down according to them. They only credit acoount the days of lost service. And thats only if you call and complain. The problem is they dont have a mobile friendly number so it costs you more to call, then they credit. Also in nov 2015 in my area they upgraded the lines so you can get up to 50 meg, but they convinced me to change from their 10meg service to the 50 meg years ago. They continued to charge me for a service they could not provide untill recently. I asked who i talk to about the miss selling and was told by Danielle at customer care that she will forward my complaint. But i can not recive anything to confirm this. According to vm the issue is resolved because my area now has a 50 m service. They ingnore the fact i was made to pay more for a better service they could not provide for years. Am i crazy or is what they have done wrong. After talking to them it seems they feel its ok to do this and yesterday danielle even said i was one of the top 10%of users in the uk and should upgrade to the 100 m service wtf!!!!! Btw service should have been restored by 8.30 last night still none

  • F Fuente

    No Virgin cable internet….again…in Leyton area in London.

  • hs

    My son cant even do his homework because network is down ….. this is a discrace Virgin Media sort it out fast get more men on job work the Sunday if you have to to get it done ….. Jezzzz

  • hardep

    So annoyed TW4 still no service ….. broken promises told it would be by Saturday 4.30 pm .. I cannot believe its taking them this long …. I was told we will not get charged for days we have not received service but defo should get nore then that. Had to go to internet cafe to print e ticket out as family member was flying out sooooo annoying… Im really shocked its taking this long its totally unaceptable….. gives them really bad reputation. I will put it on fb and all media sites of their service iv received as in my opinion its shocking …. Totally unaceptable Virgin Media …. we need compensation for the Mess …. !!!

  • Professor Fink

    Took 3 attempts to contact someone in Virgin service centre to inform me a fibre cut somewhere and nothing more. Also mentioned I will not be charged for the services I use when offline due to fault. Virgin this will simply not do, you should compensate more to your customers especially for now 3 days of non services!
    This is a shameful service for a company who more than happy to take customers monies but return very little instead when it comes to complaints!

  • saurav ojha

    Bye bye virgin…Tw4 service for 3 days..even Mr Bean would fix it in two days..bullshit service..

  • Ash

    This is terrible, no service in TW4 area, since 3 days, customer services are unhelpful and since Friday keep promising it will be fixed by following morning 10.35am…. really!!!!…. Now they say it will be on Monday 10.35am….I just want to speak to virgin customer services based in uk. They offer no compensation for the inconvenience they have caused….as in today’s world everything rotates around Internet… They’ve got to b kidding coz all they will offer u is loss of connection which is a poxy amount, and no sympathy or a kind gesture for inconveniencing loyal customers. Definately will end my contract in August and move to sky or another provider as I don’t have patience for pathetic customer services… Richard Branson needs to look into this…. as virgin media has upset and inconvenienced me many times. If only they had been honest on Friday and told me there was no hope till atleast Monday for services to return then I would’v had the choice to go away for the weekend with my kids rather then sit around with upset and bored children. My sons GCSE and had lots of revision to do which he was unable to do due to no internet.

  • J

    Service is still down in in tw4 area and new update on service home page. Today’s day 3!. I hope we all get some kind of recompense

  • Mick Oldsilver Kane

    What really angers me is when I go to the service checker for my area it says “no known issues”…..Really?

  • Mick Oldsilver Kane

    Had a slow Internet problem for the last two weeks in the Kettering NN16 area,supposed to be fixed last Friday….wasn’t,supposed now to be fixed by tomorrow…..Not holding my breath to be honest…..Terrible company,the customer service people answer any queries from a script,which basically goes all around the houses to tell you NOTHING!

  • Mona

    My broadband not working now

  • Cthulhu

    Constantly disconnecting from league, me my girlfriend and friend all on VM have been disconnected and reconnected at the same time

  • Stephen Scott

    Me too, it’s been happening on and off with me over the last few days. I’m in the USA at present,should this make any difference ?

  • Lana Sherman

    I finally resolved the issue but had to change my password and type answer to my security question in capital letters for some reason

  • Orlando

    Yes I’ve had problems even since installing new mac OS

  • Orlando

    I cannot get email using mac mail – any help appreciated – thank you

  • Keith

    Cannot send or get emails on pc using Windows mail, anybody else got this problem. Keith Lancashire

  • saq

    no fibre service in chancery lane today

  • Neil

    No TV or Broadband yesterday in Middleton Manchester area when is the fault going to be sorted your quick enough to take my money out at the end of the month get it sorted Virgin Media

  • Sue H

    No internet or TV this morning – SM2 area. Have been told it should be back on by 16:00 this afternoon.

  • mike


  • Dave Hill

    No internet most of today so far TN24 area

  • Martin Moore

    Broadband not working BS21 area

  • Joel

    I have ha no TV since yesterday appauling – shoreham

  • Sabrina

    I’m in perivale area.. we didn’t have internet while weekend and todsy as well.

  • Madi

    Down for the whole day westcli

  • Julie

    Internet down for over an hour so far SSO

  • Pere

    I am in Islington/London. My internet has been down the whole weekend. I have been told that an engineer will be able to investigate further in 3 days. Making it a total of 5 days with no internet. Pretty shoddy!

  • Lana Sherman

    Is anybody having issues logging into Virgin email? I’ve been having problems for 2 weeks now.

  • Mark McDowell

    Currently Internet services and Virgin subscribed channels down in East Hampshire until 4pm

  • Cheryl Jones

    I used to have 100mbps service and had no problems really.
    I upgraded to 150mbps in Feb and had a new Superhub. Since then I’ve had no end of disconnection issues! Have called VM 4 times, had an engineer out twice including today, when I was given another new Superhub, and now still having disconnection problems – when I called back this evening (my 5th call to them, which last over 50 minutes!) and demanded an engineer come back out tomorrow I was told there isn’t one available! Apparently it “might” be a problem in the area (NP20) but I’ve been having problems for 2 months so if that’s the case why haven’t they sorted it by now?!
    This “service” is shockingly bad and I’m sick of it!

  • mike

    Your joking! Right?

  • mike

    Give SKY a miss! it’s just as bad as VM.

  • mike

    Yes we are in a third world country! We are being fooled by a very clever establishment! People like Richard Branson saturating our minds with BS propaganda! Telling us we are a rich first class country when it’s all just a illusion created by the powers that be. We live on a BS Island.

  • Arvin

    Just noticed slow speeds at home. Speed test showed download speed 2 Mbps (JOKE) rang up Virgin and been told the work will continue till end of August. I was also told this is not considered as a HIGH PRIORITY…. This should have been proactively communicated to all customers. I was given a £10 credit.

  • Marylyn Ward

    I want a REFUND you jokers….or do your work in the early hours .. bad service 🙁

  • john

    Joined Virgin in October last year had nothing but poor service on broadband 70M bit service quite often around 2m with latency of over 1000secs promised by virgin would be resolved by 21st march ( came and went). Service no better with resolution in site.

  • Francesco Cimmaruta

    Virgin broadband always dropping, it’s unusable despite paying £40 pm ridiculous are we in a third world country or London??

  • wayne

    Hi all having the same problems myself droping packets I believe this is affecting the inside of the uk only but when connecting to out side the uk with online gaming for me is very laggy and is unplayable this has been going on for far to long and Virgin need to get a grip of the issue.

  • Mark Kinnon

    CR8 Has been a mess all weekend, dial-up speeds at best.

  • Riche79

    Intermittent problems since the 9th of March. As of yesterday at 8pm no Internet at all.

  • Markcoke74

    Virgin throttling my speed to less than 25MB all day despite them stating they dont do it any more. I pay for 200MB. #shysters!!!

  • Nige

    No virgin media internet in Halifax HX3 – was up and down yesterday, nothing today yet

  • Andrew

    Down in b44, was an area issue last night but magically just me this morning

  • Lucy

    birmingham,cable tv nor internet working,tv is also froze on starting up

  • Mo

    Croydon CR0 internet down. Only recently had the engineers out after a previous failure. Attempts to display network status on VMs own website return an error message that the page is not currently available. Pretty poor stuff.

  • Mac

    I’ve now been given a date of April 4th. for a fix…

  • Mac

    I’ve phoned VM for an update on the ongoing broadband issue in the Cardiff CF3 area and have been informed it will be resolved by 12:05 tomorrow, that’s an oddly precise time and forgive me but one I’m not entirely confident with; I hope my lack of confidence is misplaced.

  • Geoff Fairman

    No bb or TV in bh121jt for last 2/3 days.intermittent and unreliable for last 2weeks

  • Alexander Challis

    You could not design a perfect shambles like Virgin it is the work of bad complacent management somebody at the top needs to get a grip and start sacking the incompetent.

  • Nemat

    I’m in that area as well. They keep promising that it will be fixed very soon but nothing so far. Tomorrow I will start looking for another broadband provider. Enough is enough

  • Mac

    It seems your sharing the same boat as me, lets hope we’re not at sea for much longer or I might just have to jump ship!

  • Mac

    I’ve had no usable internet now for 8 days. I’m told there is a SNR issue that is due to be resolved on Friday April 1st. yet I’m seeing no outstanding issues on VM’s server status page. I’m in the Cardiff CF3 area.

  • Graham Roberts

    Phoned VM on 28th March. Was told that there is a major fault in the CF3 area of Cardiff. Repair scheduled to be completed by 1st April. Pretty useless when I can’t go into sites such as mail etc.

  • Tony

    We have had no Virgin Media TV or Broadband for 5 days now in the Telford Area. This I can accept as an unavoidable incident. What I cannot accept is the total incompetence and caring of the company and its staff. First we are told it is an area fault, then it’s fixed they say, so when it isn’t the engineer tests the connection and books an engineer for 08.00 on 29th Mar 2016. Next day an automated call tells me it’s fixed and engineer cancelled. Fault still there so another on line test confirms and engineer rebooked. 29th arrives and engineer calls at 10.50 and says he will be there shortly. 13.30 still no engineer so call 150 and told there is a fault in the area and will be fixed at 21.30. Call 150 again and have to use I wish to cancel servíce to get a human voice. Might as well not have bothered Another non caring individual who tells me what I already know and that Virgin don’t do compensation and if I want a refund for the 5 days I had NO SERVICE I have to call them and ask for it, TOSSERS!!!!!

  • nirmal

    Mine’s been down since 23rd. Also in the HA2 area.

  • Alexander Challis

    Today, problems with TV, Telephone and since 9 March emails. Engineer still on way, a Mars flight would get the engineer here faster.

  • Paul

    Internet access was interupted for approximately fourteen hours on bank holiday monday in southampton area. Could not gain access using my I-pad. Dont you think that the constant updating and tweaking of your service is actually causing virginmedia internet to become unstable over time and affecting customers usage of this service. Why is it that vm feels the need to continuosly do this? They seem to have forgotten a valuable rule: if its working ok dont fix it, but of course man is imperfect and man makes machines and like man machines are full of imperfections too. Constantly Tweaking the system only adds to its demise. Surely we should be reimbursed financially every time the system fucks up and we cant use it as per contract.

  • Akaash

    Our broadband has been down since March 24th, when i rang up to see what was going on they kept telling me an engineer is working to fix the problem and it’ll be fixed the next day. It is now 29th March and still not working at all. VM is a joke and i DO NOT recommened to anybody ! Im writing this from HA2 area

  • PC

    Broadband has been down for 7 days in Cardiff CF3 area getting speeds of 0.3mbs on a 150mb service. Been told it won’t be fixed until 1st April. 11 days to fix a problem. Wtf. Sorry to say but it’s bye bye VM. Anyone recommend a reliable fast broadband provider

  • nirmal

    Day 6. Estimate fix is 16:00 on 29th March!!

  • Jo

    The Internet has been down or been very slow in Bristol during the past few days, not great when you have to do some uni work! Since I switched to Virgin there have been some problems,I think it’s time to go back to Sky as Internet may not be so quick sometimes, but at least it’s never down and it’s reliable!!

  • Andrew

    Still no Virgin Media internet in Grimsby area and it has been like that since Friday(25th of Martch)..

  • Elaine

    Can’t access it through pc or mobile phone!

  • Elaine

    Have had no wifi since 24th March in my home. Can access it through PC or phone. virginmedia – please get this sorted. I’ve had months and months of Internet access problems.

  • tao

    Virgin Media problem during holidays, status say an Engineer is on the way and fix estimate is the 29th which is 2 days from now, what a joke. Never recommend anyone using virgin!

  • nirmal

    Day 5 of Virgin Media being down in Harrow (nearer to South Ruislip). The Service Status keeps changing everyday suggesting the fix will be at a later point. Currently shows the fix will be before 12:00 today (27th March 2016) but I don’t have any confidence whatsoever that it will actually be resolved.

  • Andrew

    VM internet has been down for the past 24h in Grimsby area,loss of conection multiple times for the past 6 months.. Not good,not good at all Virgin Media..!!!

  • Steve

    VM internet issues for last 2 days in Fleet area. Seems to be widespread. Still not resolved

  • Joanna Ag

    Reading, service down two weeks ago, loose cable reconnected last Sat. today service is down again and another week of waiting for someone to fix it. any ideas for a reliable provider?

  • Alexander Challis

    Just received a letter dated 17 March suggesting I might have clicked on a compromised link and this has resulted in no access to my email until I change the password which of course as the captcha nonsense wont allow access is yet another mess that is not working . Have we all clicked on a ‘compromised’ site or are they lying again? Will phone but I fully intend to send a copy of the letter to the ombudsman and my MP.

  • Robin

    cannot send emails, test message comes back “connection to the server interrupted”

  • sue

    cannot send email this afternoon, was OK this morning.

  • CJ O’mahoney

    Internet down in Norwich, not great when you need it for uni work….

  • Colin Murphy

    Broadband down in NW10 area. Service Status page says “No know problems”, but status was confirmed immediately when I got through to customer services, major fault in the area. CS also went on to say outage may continue for, upto, NINE days! Promptly said we would get a credit to the end of the month. No advise offered as to how I am supposed to cope without this essential service until then.

  • Alexander Challis

    Going to email my MP about this service.

  • Dave Bennett

    Broadband problems since 13 March, service by VM awful, constantly lying about restart dates and times, seriously thinking about changing provider, Preston Area.

  • Alexander Challis

    That damned Captcha thing on sign in is not working again, security? Well I suppose if you cannot access your account it is secure!

  • Rob Lines

    Im in York. My vorgon box is in a constant loop of. Starting up and reseting itself. Anyone else have this problem?

  • vix

    anyone having any issues in the north east? im having super slow connection

  • Alexander Challis

    Claims that the problem is fixed! Still not true, they should not charge anyone during this downtime period. Future legislation will hopefully make them pay.

  • Alexander Challis

    Southampton problems on and off for 5 days, fix times and dates keep moving forward. Not what we should expect freom what is an overpriced service. Time to look elsewhere?

  • DB

    virginmedia website not accessible this morning, ditto for periods both yesterday and the day before. Can’t get my email – this is so frustrating. When will the problem be fixed – does anyone know? Does virginmedia know? And what is causing this?

  • Rab

    Is virgin media down

  • Elliot quinn

    Zero access in swindon sn1 at the moment can’t even load speed test. Seems like signal is very intermittent.

  • pud leeds

    at work trying to send quotes and emails piss poor service 2nd night down.

  • Ska’d for life

    cm1 problems as well!

  • Hazel B

    anyone having issues in Kent ME2 area??

  • Steven Hogg

    can’t get email – edinburgh

  • DB

    Cannot get onto any virginmedia web pages, cannot therefore get email. This happened last night (15th) as well. They say they are working to fix it (autopmated medssage when I called on on phone) but not by when. This is beyond irritating!

  • Bill Wonders

    Leicester, can’t even get to the Virgin media home page. Time I either switched or demanded a refund this is happening far too often. For a media company its not very good is it!

  • Vb

    …meant to say ‘is not helping’

  • Vb

    All virgin services down in w13. Even virgin media service status page or 150 is helping.

  • Mihaly Hegedus

    I cant listen radio or watch stream movies.It keep stop for a sec everytime.its for 2 weeks now they always send me message now the problem is fixed but the next day new problems until the next day in Newbury area.I pay almost 40pound for this crap and I dont get what I pay for.I can sell internet like this for peoples than they get nothing……

  • Jake

    lots of lagg, very high and low ping rates during online gaming. i can’t even get on the sign in page to check my account info.

  • Andrew Clarkson

    No tv, Internet or phones in Epsom right now

  • David Bucknell

    Same Bishops Stortford, update broadband just come back on running slow

  • Stephen Edwards

    Whole of Harlow Town has no TV, Internet, or Use of phones sicne this morning, currently says will be fixed by 21:00

  • Seeta Patel

    Been a cable customer for 15 years. Over the last 2 years customer service does not seem a priority with vm. Longer outages than usual with little urgency to fix. No acknowledgement for loyal customers ended up paying lot more than the full price of the largest bundle without having all the bundle services. Broadband outage since yesterday was suppose to be fixed 1.35am and it’s not. Thank God I am switching to sky next week.

  • Rachael Valentine

    Virgin down in Timperley area. 2 days of it going on and off. Left sky to join these a week ago. Not happy

  • Lucy Daniels

    Virgin broadband gone down as usual Leicestershire area

  • Alan

    Virgin broadband has been out in AL4 for over two hours now!

  • des

    tv and broadband down in the Sm2 area since friday, Virgin don’t when its going to be fixed, not good

  • Geraldine Anthony

    Have had Virgin Media Broadband problems on and off for the last 3 days now. Will be calling VM.

  • Mm

    Lost Virgin media in se1 2dw since about 7:45 pm.


  • Sergiogiorgio

    No VM in Belfast BT6 for last hour. Crap!

  • Newky broon

    Mo broadband, tv or phone in Newcastle. Not happy.

  • Howard Freeman

    KT15 no phone, broadband or TV. 4:15 is the estimated fix time.
    When you call you get an Indian call centre which is new and all they do is follow a stupid script where I was asked if the batteries in my remote control were new! Really?
    Does any other provider offer 802.11AC wireless yet?

  • Tin

    I live in tw13 and since yesterday no Internet and TV. . Sht service. .. all their engineer is fully book atm
    And the earliest appointment is Tuesday. Great!!! Not!

  • Don que


  • Don que

    Binary training is not advised using VM whilst connected to a live Webinar and dealing in live commodities, serious investments are lost and as a result prosecution should be enforced!

  • Don que

    London TW13 constantly disconnecting! Seriously unhappy with VM when contacting them and the tech department constantly informing me that the is no trouble stating that there is connection with their end of the line!?

  • Mr.Unhappy

    No T.V for 3 days, Internet in and out in EX1 and you dont even get compensated for it!!!

  • Sue

    Broad band is down in ws7

  • Bill M

    Broadband connection down in KT8

  • Ke

    Very slow and keeps discounting any reason why???

  • kariequii

    It took them 5 months to come and install pie router but they finally did it this morning but its not even working I spent so much time on the phone but no solution! The said there was a problem in the north of London anyone who lives around the area and has wifi now? Plz reply i want to know if they are lying!!!!!

  • Stewart

    Yes our Superfast Broadband is Super slow, Keeps disconnecting every few minutes

  • Phil

    Internet is slow and disconnecting randomly and then reconnecting again

  • Will

    Hasn’t been working properly for over the last 24 hours, now nothing works properly, everything takes a ridiculous amount of time to load. Pathetic.

  • Marty

    down knowsley, after area wide power outage in kirkby

  • KindredUK

    Mine went down earlier today and a full router reboot fixed it but its gone down again now L15 area of Liverpool

  • Nett

    WIFI Internet slow or not at all in Plympton, Plymouth. Having to use data to access online services. This is the 2nd day.

  • Bala

    Virgin media down for the last 3 days in Harrow
    No solution in sight !

  • Dan

    Problem is no devices working on internet???

  • Paul

    Still having issues getting onto HSBC online banking pull your fingers out and fix it or I will change my supplier

  • Mike

    No broadband in Leeds 9 area

  • James

    No broadband in Normanton

  • Joe

    Broadband Not working Wakefield. West Yorkshire

  • Name

    internet connected but not receiving any response in leeds only on certain devices atm yesterday 1 today seven in our household and counting

  • Libby Bassam

    Internet been down since Saturday lunchtime! Package price increases / service levels decrease!!! Sort it out virgin

  • Sam

    Phoned today to complain only to be told the date for resolution is May 18th 2016…. are they f*****g serious

  • Natasha Orumbie

    Anyone having trouble in Catford, London? Can’t seem to get connection at all. Nothing since yesterday

  • rudolph

    It’s back up atm

  • Laughing boy

    Fibre and TV down Hayling Island apparently until pm today

  • Paul Rouch

    Phone down in Crawley, been down at least 2 hours, and now advised will be 6 hours to fix

  • Clare

    Internet down in liverpool for the last hour.

  • Tom Bradley

    And Manchester

  • Bob

    virgin media email down since last night…coincidence that BT is down all across the country………who relies on who…….think you can guess hope rebate is happening for service that is less than reliable…

  • carolstuart @blueyoder. Co. uk

    Virginia email also down all day in Newcastle so frustrating

  • William

    Virgin media email been down again for most of the day in Cambridge – but prices keep going up! It has seldom been right since they changed the system last June, I think.

  • Mr Muggins

    No Virginmedia in P/Bar Hertfordshire….what a co-incidence there is no B.T. broadband/phones in Hertfordshire either today….Conspiracy theories on postcards please….the only way we’ll be getting any mail this week by the look of it….Really not good enough Mr Branson…your customers (who pay far too much for your services) deserve better than this.

  • paw

    No email access in Chesire

  • Markw

    Anyone in WARRINGTON, Cheshire having problems with VIRGIN media broadband internet access last night and this morning 1st Feb 2016

  • Abbie

    No internet in Dundee, my Netflix went off 30mins ago and still nothing

  • Burhan Sayed

    Broadband not working in le1 2gx from last 3 day phoned them will take a week to fix it this is a second time happened customer service don’t know what’s happening no serious ans from them just fed up now

  • John Atkins

    I have been with virgin media for 10 years now and have never had any real bad service, only thing I do not like about it is having to talk to someone of foreign origin who are not very good at speaking English and difficult to understand.

  • Nath

    I’ve just cancelled my contract. Worst customer service I’ve ever had. Everything was fine yesterday now I’m getting authentication rejected on devices, called to enquire, put through to someone called Lisa with a serious attitude problem telling me I MUST be putting in the wrong password

  • Sean Rajah

    No on demand services through Tivo boxes since 6pm Sun 24th Jan. No TV or broadband signal since 12pm Mon 25th. Called VM at 5pm to be told fault in area and will be resolved in 4-6 hours. Nearly 7am on 26th now and still no broadband or TV signal. Like being in the dark ages! I work from home but have not been able to – when I asked for compensation they offered me £2!!! Absolutely disgusted. KT12 area of Surrey.

  • Maria Matthewman Simon

    no still the same, there sending me a new hub out, not happy that they cancelled my technician and now I am having to set up a new hub myself , cant wait !

  • Nick Cox

    Same in AL5

  • Nick Cox

    Shockingly shite! 152M down to speeds only Bletchley park has seen recently -20kbps downloads! Virgin changes more and performs less these days.

  • Ebrahim

    Has your problem been resolved as i have same issue? Thanks

  • Ebrahim

    I have same problem as Maria below

  • A

    Internet super slow in West London (less than 3mbs..) and on demand TV not working anymore – both for days now. At least you bagged £3.99 for a movie that I now cant watch anymore. The only answer I get from your support staff: “To me everything looks fine, so I can’t help you”. Well done Virgin. Great business model!!

  • Maria

    No broadband for 7 days. Says connected but no wifi. Run test . Reset hub. Changed channel approx 15 times on different calls .Did manage to book a technician but then they cancelled it. Been on phone to virgin resetting etc about 10 times in past 7 days. Online chat also several times. Slowly losing the will to live .

  • Cathy

    Virgin payments have gone up and internet service has gone down. It seems to have been taken over by BT. BS6 area in Bristol

  • Nigel

    My internet is down from 117 MPs to less than 12mbs. I live in Stockport

  • Richard

    I’ve had no Internet for 3 days and the only day they can come is Monday night 4 times this has happened now in 18 months and thats just the router. The vivo box is the slowest thing in the world and i pay £50 a month good job its up next month moving to BT. i will say the speed of the Internet is excellent in my opinion they need new boxes and routers…

  • Clarky

    No broadband connection since 20:40 yesterday. No registered faults online for postcode.

  • Goody

    Download speed has gone from ~90mbps to <15mbps since Friday night 15th Jan. Also my ping has gone from a steady 30ms to now around 270ms. And every now and again the internet connection gets lost.. it's so frustrating. Can't download anything, can't watch anything, playing spotify songs don't even work and playing games online is just impossible. I live in Stoke-on-Trent, ST4. Please fix this or i'm moving to BT.

  • Susan SuperYidette Mills

    All services down in Ig11 .have been so since early hours.of Monday morn.

  • Ewa Lee

    Internet down in Bromley BR1 too !

  • Jan

    Internet connection down again in BR7 Chislehurst Kent, nothing new has it’s happened loads of times over the past year or so and prices gone up again, shame on them. May go with BT!

  • IH

    no broadband service in Farnham, Hampshire

  • sir henry rawlinson

    ME2 Rochester broadband down from 120Mbs to 0.2Mbs for last six hours , as of 22:26 Jan 19

  • Me

    Unable to conect to e-mail for last 5 hours.

  • Verity

    Unable to connect to email account for the past 2 hours in Bedford. Rubbish service given that charges have just increased.

  • Matt

    No internet in cumbernauld I called and complained I told them I was withdrawing from the contract due to them faulting on providing a service so they credited my account £35

  • ramikin

    Virgin Media iNet extremely slow in Essex IG9

  • James Bond

    No internet at all for the last 3 days in Plymouth PL2.

  • rob

    speed problems in swinton Manchester told it will be fixed by 28th jan
    not happy at all 🙁

  • stephan

    nope cheltenham near london do u know when they are fixing it m8

  • Aj

    Virgi broadband not working in Leeds LS11 postcode,customer servises said problem in green cabinet box and that nearest thech appoitment available 06.01.16 ….its complete awfull

  • MadRussian

    It means no choice (

  • Lapo

    I tried to check the relish availability in my area N22 but they are not currently present so far. So I am in a loop, nobody can bring fibre on my postcode except virgin. The choice is keeping virgin or taking a normal ADSL broadband at 6-11mb.

  • MadRussian

    I am in your area and I haven’t got connection at all.So you are lucky.I gave them 30 days notice.As you know they gonna charge us 3.99 more from February so nothing can stop me now. I also ordered service from Relish unlimited download up to 40mb on G4 for 15 quid. It will be delivered on 30th of December. Anyway we always can take a new contract with Virgin and have a better offer.They don’t treat thier loyal customers in the right way

  • Lapo

    Download speed less than 30mb and upload speed 0.04mbs since 21 December. not even possibile send an email from a mobile. Called the support and the still saying there is a problem in the area 15 (N22). Today after I rang the support for 6 times they told me that the issue will be resolved by February the 10th?!?! Are you f***# kiddin me?!?!
    Same problem with my mate in the neighbourhood.
    Are you experiencing the same problem? Do you have any suggest?

  • MadRussian

    If you are from London check Relish. I haven’t got service from 24/12/15 and tomorrow I’ll give to Virgin 30 days notice.

  • aponampa

    No internet since yesterday. Stuck at home with the kids for the holidays. In Ealing. Regretting leaving sky now.

  • Jonathan Robert Symes

    I’m trying to download a game on my ps4 as I m typing this and the download speed is not very good at all

  • MadRussian

    Are you from London?

  • MadRussian

    3 days without broadband and no known issues on their website.London, EC1 area

  • stephan

    do u know if virgin up and running yet m8

  • stephan

    virgin is takin piss

  • stephan

    how long any 1 know

  • mattm1970

    Just told by lady in Indian call Centre : HER “it’ll be up shortly ” ME “What’s shortly ? ” HER ” 4-5 hrs ” ME ” Really ? ” HER ” Er……… actually on the 31st of December ………………… 9pm ” !!!!!!!!

  • Nabs Ahmed

    Are you in TW3? I’ve been told the same thing. I thought they were having me on!!!

  • kay ali

    Virgin media bb in hounslow down and have been told won’t be back until 30th december! Not impressed!

  • Jason Webster

    Down in Leigh area for Manchester

  • djleekee

    Unable to log into webmail for some reason. Cant even get to the log in page. DNS issues?

  • Tom Tariq Farooqi

    Internet/ TV / phone line all suddenly went down. Network avaibilty C130 shown. Called virgin no engineer free till monday 🙁

  • Herbert

    No internet in tw17 area – down since friday – eta for fix Wednesday evening!

  • Danielle

    I’m in BD10 of Bradford and my TVs has been down for 2 days. Says its ‘starting up’ then just goes to the no service to screen.

  • Nachi

    UB4 area Internet and TV services are down from last night.
    Recoded message saying will be fixed by 4PM today????

  • Edward George Crow

    Internet in blackheath has been down since Tuesday. The fix times have consistently been put back. New estimate is 4pm today. Not holding my breath…

  • Madara Uchiha

    My internet has been patchy for the past week and even though it’s taking them ages to fix this they won’t waste time to grab that money out my account for their amazing services lol worst service ever.

  • DTY

    Broadband out for 4 days and now tv has gone in kt12

  • Michael O’Connell

    No broadband since Monday evening in London SE10 – resolution date changes every few hours. Offered a £3 credit on my bill for 3 days of no internet. . With Virgin less than a month

  • Lu

    No TV since Monday evening !!! What is the problem? Are you hiding something from your customers? Perhaps you are hiding the money we pay you every month. Very, very poor service. Shame on Virgin Media.
    Soon I will be back to horse and cart, mail pigeons and smoke messages if this goes on…

  • Karl

    In the Reading area. Internet availability has been patchy for last 3 days. Anyone else experiencing this? Karl

  • Sarah p

    No broadband since last Wednesday and no reliable info. Postcode affected apparently. Terrible service at same time as informed about big price increase!

  • Andy Martin

    SO30 area – No Internet or TV since Saturday lunchtime (Not the first time) – Sunday morning called 150 and afterwards received a text “We’ve found a network problem in your area. We’ll confirm once this is resolved”. Called again in the evening and was told it would be Tuesday before it will be fixed.
    Oh dear. Thats one less customer they’ll have by the new year.

  • Lee Burdon

    No service in BD12 area of Bradford now for the last day. It also went down Friday the 4th for most of the day. Has anyone else had problems in my area or on these dates?

  • Chris

    No internet now for 4 days this is beyond a joke

  • Sue

    So slow since the so called upgrade, what is going on? I suppose I’ll have to ring them, but I get so fed up with talking to them, hanging on the phone etc etc

  • David Grant

    Currently experiencing download speeds of 0.62 mbps (upload at 2.89 mbps) for the past 48 hours. Paying for their service which advertised 100 mbps. No official word on service interruption.

  • ash.ukripper K

    Still down in west London? Wots happening virgin media?

  • Pazuzu Hanbi

    Virginia Internet is down already 5 hours or so, this is absurd. For what are we paying for? At least they could inform every customer about such issue, but no what for! lol

  • Alan John Jefferies

    152 service down now since early this morning.

  • Ian Blatchford

    No internet in BS6 since FRIDAY

  • Dionne Deane

    Unable to connect in north London

  • Will

    Slow speeds in Derbyshire

  • Gert

    Something is going on in Derby area, getting disconnects all the time.

  • Paul Forsythe

    Some of North Bristol currently getting reduced bandwidth and have had high 100+ms ping for weeks (not good for online gaming) Looks like there is fault warning on the website hope sorted soon.

  • Terry Buchan

    My email service has been off and on for at least the past two weeks – more off than on. And when I can access emails I sometimes can’t send any. Call centre tells me it might take another 48 hours to resolve problems ‘from the upgrade’!

  • Joey Martin

    My broadband has been sketchy for weeks now. Keeps popping on and off. Something is definitely going on but no one is saying what.

  • Dom

    Has anyone havering problem connecting to the re-mail?

  • t millett

    my download speed is 1.5mb and upload is 1.7mb

  • t millett

    my signal is 50 right now on my ps4 when go online 20

  • ben

    still not fixed. I can get a connection for around 3-4 minutes before it drops out. In Bristol 14.11.15. It’s been really slow/temperamental this past week but today it’s been un usable

  • K Seabrook

    14 November, can’t download video needed for work today.
    I need this put right now please.

  • p hOWELLS

    Bee n on phone over half an hour today 11.11.15 after losing my E Mail facility. Disgusted as I was told it would not be back u ntil 30th November. A soon as possible I will find an alternative providert as since Virgin altered their E MaIL SERVICE IT HAS BEEN ONE FAULT AFTER THE OTHER

  • Babs

    Been with virgin media for 20 years and never experienced such poor service as this, not been able to access my emails for 11 days, when I rang them they didn’t seem concerned they told me they provide email as an extra at no cost. Think I will be looking around for a more reliable provider

  • Stephen Draper

    Hi broadband been up and down most of the day in liverpool 11 cant access status page on virgin media it says cant establish a secure connection have they been hit by a cyber attack there not telling everyone about maybe we should all start a class action against virgin media

  • heidi

    Cannot access virgins website, it states secure connection not possible.

  • Denny Joy

    cant access my e mails for over a week

  • bornsurvivor

    Broadband speed is piss poor…what going on???

  • jspage

    I haven’t had web email for best part of a week now – this abysmal service

  • Barney

    Been down here in Gosport PO13 area since 16.00 easy 🙁
    Since it’s supposedly been upgraded in speed (yet to be seen) it’s done nothing but crash…….sheesh!!


    Is there any solar flare? Why all of a sudden, including the rise of the temperature last night, i was outside in a t-shirt and not feeling any trace of could at about 11pm.
    for 2 days in dewsbury area home or at work the internet in down


    all the internet providers are talking crap…….it is happening something at the big scale,something that they are not teling us……why all the internet is down……virgin,sky,bt, etc…..Why in the all UK
    WHAT IS GOING ON??????????

  • Suzanne Wood

    Broadband still off completely for the 4th day running. Virgin reluctant to give explanation or further details. SE18 area.

  • Aaron

    down in nw

  • Lee Garrett

    Down In UB5, been told it’s going on until December by the tech team some kinda maintenance on the cable as they are upgrading and everyone should get an additional 20mbps from early November. Getting 0.35mbps what a joke!

  • Batman

    Down in Leicester

  • Stefan Dunn

    Down in SW19 at the moment, has been most of the day.

  • Suzanne Wood

    London SE18 – we have had an intermittent service since the end of September which is really not good enough. Customer services fob you off. Service down again today. We have been told that it is an area fault but one tech let it slip that they are oversubscribed at the moment & in the process of connecting new customers hence the disruption. Customer services denied this today, who is lying? They also suggested that as I work from home, I should get business broadband, then they are obliged to repair within the hour. I don’t think I want to pay twice the amount for a rubbish service!!! The maintenance I booked for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the mysterious ‘area’ fault. Totally unacceptable. Apparently the new customers are being given a 71% off deal , whereas loyal customers like myself (7 years) are just given a crap service & lied to by customer services. Time to move on I think!

  • Darren Wilson

    Absolutely tosh internet connection for past week in LE3 area did they really put their charges up for such a lousy service

  • Amanda Price

    Problems with virgin internet for the past 6 months.customer service is a joke called them at least once a week and they still refuse to send an engineer out .

  • Brian Coyle

    No e-mail for 2 days in Middlesbrough wont be fixed until Oct 23rd.

  • Sacha

    I have been with virgin media for close to a year. My broadband has gone down (completely down) every other night. I must have called them (tech and customer service) about 20 times (probably more often than that) only to hear them fluff me. I REALLY don’t like VM.

  • Freddie

    Internet speed below 200Kb 4 days ago around LE2 , seriously considering moving to Sky, I hate landlines though.

  • Nebula Chi

    No internet from around 9 or 10 pm last night and it is still down right now. Has there been any internet problems for virgin media in the Gloucestershire area in the past few days? Currently using a friends tablet and WiFi. Can’t seem to view the status page for reported faults on virgin website.

  • Stay13

    Virgin broadband been running at awful speeds since Friday, 0.18mb. Customer support helpful but no resolution.After hours on phone and patronised lots un plug router etc et ,finally admit the cable in my area is over utilised. WV7 area

  • b

    no tv and no broadband area fault! wow the new virgin speed ads must be feeling silly about now !

  • G

    No internet since 3 days in Erdington area Birmingham…some one has similar problem there?

  • MT_

    Sky for us is worse moved over 2 years ago. Consider g going back to Virgin despite the faults.

  • Jack Back

    Restart your equipment.

    Try switching off the power to your wireless router at the mains, then shut down your computers and wait for about 30 seconds.

    turn on your wireless router and wait for 60 seconds, until all its
    lights turn solid. As long as those lights are solid, your internet
    connection is working.

    If there’s a problem at this stage, this
    means the problem is with your internet connection and not your wireless
    connection, so you’ll need to check why your broadband’s not working.Finally, start your main computer to see if your wireless connection is working again.

  • Virgin is crap

    Birmingham – 50mb superfast internet has been running at around 1.5mb for the past few weeks. Virgin support polite but not very helpful.

  • Andrew

    Internet speed down to 200kb Stevenage up and down all the time at the moment

  • Carl Dearing

    No access to E Mail in Portsmouth

  • Barney

    Down in Gosport – 5/10/2015

  • Per i Exil

    Broadband dead since midnight. Bromley

  • BadgerFool

    Broadband been down since midnight in Bedford

  • Dominique Zsa Zsa Cesar

    No wifi in Dover Kent!

  • Jamesy Kelley

    Virgin tv, phone, broadband has been down since around 8pm on 28th September. Manchester – Irlam area M44 postcode

  • Anthony Whiteley Stevens

    no broadband in the gu11 area

  • Ben dover

    Broadband down Clifton nottinghan

  • Deja Vu

    TV not working for me North London since 11 am today..

  • Dave

    Down since this afternoon.

  • andy

    Broadband not working in nottingham

  • Kate

    3 days since TV/broadband service went down in Exeter. TV is fine, but broadband is snail’s pace. Web pages not loading, can’t get into emails or even Virgin’s own status page.

  • Lee

    NO Broadband in WA10 area

  • okoo

    Not working in Sidcup

  • Kerrie

    Finally got through they are not sure themselves why it’s down but the whole South West is but they said they will do all they can to get it up and running before midnight

  • Joe

    Just called from Exeter, recorded message said engineers are working on it and it should be fixed by 11:50pm.

  • Debbie McArthur Wilson

    Not working in Torquay. No broadband or tv

  • Ralph

    Not working in Plymouth (internet) plus when calling support line it tells they are busy at cuts off..typical virgin media – a joke

  • Kerrie

    Not work in here in Torquay either been on hold since 7:20pm. Very annoyed.

  • Will

    Internet and TV not working in Exeter anyone else in Devon got problems tonight

  • David Harris

    Looks like it’s the hole of Plymouth no mown cause. 1hour 10 mins waiting on the telephone can not get on my account to check status either

  • Pauline

    All Virgin services down in Paignton. Am still on hold trying to get through have been on hold 25 minutes. Their automated message said I would be on hold no longer than 15 minutes. They are a joke

  • guardian1128

    Virgin services down in Plymouth at the moment, can’t get through on the phone either

  • Barry Copeland

    L10 Internet down from Yesterday morning and no signs of it coming back on

  • Ras

    RG30 down from Saturday evening, Sunday ok and today from early morning down. :/

  • Bej Vlora

    EN3 down since Thursday!!!!!

  • Nicholle Barrowcliffe

    Virgin TV and Virgin Internet has been down all day no explanation. Still morning sorted. What’s happeneing Virgin?

  • Islington

    N1 London, intermittent for the past few days. Down completely at the moment

  • Rosemary Finnie

    Tq4 5pq just dropped out. Everything tv broadband the lot.

  • ianfromleicester

    broadband both cable and mobile been down since around 1am, now back on again since about 4.30am. no explanation on their website and tech help closes from midnight. virgin media really needs to ‘catch up’ with their customer support. also found out today that parts of their mobile network are now ee. don’t know what’s going on to be honest.

  • Sean Hale

    Down here in Paignton, the Internet is dead slow! For some reason it keeps dropping out on my iPad too.

  • Irene hirst

    We have no connection whatsoever even data poor ch629bw

  • Michael Innes

    sorry w39ej

  • Michael Innes

    w393j acton down since yesterday, any idea what the problem is?

  • G. Zim

    Edbaston, Birmingham. Internet gone. Estimated date of repair, 9th of September. This is the 3rd time it’s been done in the past 10 days

  • Tim

    No mobile internet on phone. Hampshire

  • Pat

    Nor me, in South of England

  • Maureen

    Cannot get into my virgin media email. No problems with rest of internet. Anyone else experiencing difficulties in the South West?

  • Roy

    Blackpool. I’m experiencing extremely poor email service and have had several weeks of intermittent difficulty in even getting into MyMedia front end let alone my emails. Thanks goodness I can use my alternate gmail address which functions fine . . . as did Virgin when their email service was based on the google platform. I’m considering packing in my contract as soon as I can. There must be better services than this around.

  • John Jacksonne

    N16 Newington Green ,London…..
    I c ya engineers every day all week……but ya services esp broadband are rudimentry at best…..time yo to return to BT…atleast it works with them.
    One minute im i on youtube next im looking at non working cisco’basic’ router

  • Dee

    N19 London has been intermittent for last 2 days.

  • Jake

    NW5 London: For the past few days the Internet connection goes & comes back a few hours later. It’s really frustrating, and very difficult to get through to VM to resolve. I’m on hold right now with VM! Will fibd new provider soon if this keeps happening.

  • Sharon

    Haven’t been able to load up any virgin websites for 2 days now to check my e-mails.Then found by chance the only site that does load up is ‘the help & support’ page,then you can go to the ‘access virgin media mail from a saved browser link’,then scroll down to bottom of the page and click on the type of e-mail address you have,eg ntlworld,blueyonder etc.This is the only way I have been able to get into my e-mails.
    Hope this is of help to everyone else? I know how frustrating it is!!!

  • Ahmed

    Leaving virgin media ohoned them and told me i have to wait till 1st of september which us just rubbish no way

  • Katie Doyle

    Can’t access the login screens on any virgin media sites I have tried to call them various times today as I need access to my emails ASAP. Every time I call it says the waiting time is 30 seconds or less but you end up on hold for over 20 min or more. Really frustrated is their website down? Still have working TV phone and broadband? ?? Anyone help?

  • Lisa ferns

    Anyone’s TV gone off in m40 area

  • John Atkins

    Is the broadband down in the TF10 area

  • Gary

    My girlfriends email which was a secondary email on my account disappeared on Tuesday. When I called to find out what had happened they said it had never been their. They than said it would be reinstated. When I came off the phone I was then unable to access my email or my.virginmedia. Numerous phone calls over the last few days and they have admitted they have now deleted my account. Not happy as work and personal records were stored there going back years. Customer service sucks and the indian call centre is to blame fr deleting accounts. IT centre in uk now trying to unravel the mess.

  • Paul

    No TV for the Rugby in KT area!

  • GhostFX Incoprorated

    It is down in the n19 area!

  • richard

    It’s down for me GU Area

  • Ms Davis

    I work from home and my phone line and internet have been cutting in and out all day. Tried to contact Virgin Media and all they have said is that there isn’t a registered problem in my area – WELL THIS IS ME REGISTERING A PROBLEM. I used to work in customer service for many years, and if any member of my team spoke to a customer the way that agent spoke to me, they would be in for disciplinary action. Service is shoddy, and when I try to look on the Virgin website to see if they’re having issues, the website isn’t working (even when everything else is!)

  • JPG68

    last night ALL our services, tv, broadband and even phone lines went down at 10.24pm. Had to use mobile to call for help. Help wasn’t especially helpful, and often hard to understand. Service resumed without explanation just under 10 hours later at 8.15 am Sunday morning on the 16th August.

  • Dave at CB6

    TV pixelates with distorted sound, and eventually I lose service totally. After 2 poorly understood calls to call centre on the subcontinent, an engineer visited and “boosted our signal”. Still no improvement. Issues noted on my virginmedia service status, but this has now been going on for 3 weeks.
    Underwhelmed with service!!!

  • Sharon Tallent

    Tw13 no TV or broadband for days unbelievable . virgin service is terrible

  • Alex m

    Ne6 – the Internet has not worked all day! And has been poor quality for weeks!!. Have been unable to load most Web pages, watch videos or even exchange emails! ?

  • Yvonne

    For “seen” in last entry read ” send”

  • Yvonne

    Poor, poor service!
    Have not been able to seen outgoing emails for several days & intermittently during the last month. Incoming emails are arriving.
    Have not changed any settings , which were previously working fine. Have checked all outgoing mail settings. All are correct. Have visited Apple Store to check all settings correct & that there is nothing wrong with my iPad.
    What is going on?
    Please deal with it ASAP!

  • Isla

    No service this morning, Internet not working and no TV channels.

  • karen arthur

    Virgin broadband slower than Mr and Mrs Slow at a Slow food convention. Has been for days. Best Virgin can do is tell me to switch modem off and on again. Reeeally??

  • Mark Court

    NG7 Nottingham. Quality of service appallingly intermittent and unacceptable for days. I’d be surprised if Beardie hasn’t taken precautions against Virgin Media to connect to the outside world from his comfort zone on some Caribbean island or in some City boardroom. So kindly Bring out the Branson to explain this utter mess, Virgin, and stop expecting your customers to accept your denial of service as another… value detracted feature. You’re going to have to refund everyone on this forum for not clearing up a problem after 24 hours.

  • Maria

    London SE1 and services is dire. Service just seems to be too patchy lately.

  • P.Anthony

    Virgin broadband is down in the TS10 (Teesside) location since midnight on Fri 5th June 2015, still down as of 5.30am.

    It was also down from 3am going into Thursday 4th and was back on by mid morning on 5th.First time for many months that i have seen this problem – my connection is usually very stable.

    any idea’s? or anyone else in Teesside having broadband issues?.

  • Pat

    Virgin Media broadband is down, I am in Finsbury Park and not had internet for like 2 days now. his is seriously bad considering i wor from hoe. I have had to get my EE wifi box out o pay £20 a month for, god bless EE lifesaver.

  • Jordan Leeroy Phipps

    When will it be back up and running again? its down in Barnsley 17/5/15

  • Shelly Keen

    Very slow broadband in Bristol since Thursday

  • David Phelps

    VM broadband extremely slow now and all day yesterday (14/5) in Oxford: 5-30 vs normal 200 Kb/sec. Just now suddenly a bit faster – 45Kb/sec

  • Gilly

    VM internet is down in Birmingham.

  • Aaron

    Not getting any phone service in Essex.

  • Valery

    Might as well bring dial up internet again, probs faster no doubt.

  • Andreas

    Got hardly any Internet or mobile signal, the reason i say hardly is simply down to being on and off all the time. Either really good or getting nothing at all.

  • DavidB

    London N2..problems with email attachments outgoing across Windows and all IOS devices.. been 2 weeks now…very poor communication from VM and fix date keeps extending.. Suggest VM ..Employ some decent engineers who can fix guys could have built an exchange in this time. Appalling lack of communication with affected area/recipients

  • BON

    Loads of issues with mail as well with Virgin Media, been like it most of April.

  • RosB

    It’s now 10 days since I have been able to download email attachments – serious problem for my business. Virgin simply keep on pushing back the date they hope to fix it by. Really frustrating to have no communication from them or real responses to questions.

  • Kate

    I am getting very slow Internet in Stevenage, i am only get 0.5megs instead of 30.

  • Anthea

    Virgin Media service is very poor at the moment, any idea when i will get my internet back?

  • Jamie

    How come i have flashing green arrows, the others are blue, what does thins mean?

  • Kerry

    Last night of March 31 I didn’t have any Virgin Media Internet.

  • Webster

    I am in London NW5 and got no Virgin Media broadband.

  • Greg

    Still no Virgin Media Internet, I cannot get on Interner with my laptop but yet my wife can get on with her phone.

  • Joyce

    I got no TV or Internet.

  • Helen

    My Virgin Media broadband is down in Birmingham.

  • Daz

    I got no phone service in Newcastle, could you please let me know if this happening to anyone else in this area?

  • Ferrel

    Virgin Media is having problems at the mo because i cannot play any console game due to VM’s internet not working correctly.

  • maria

    My Internet is down in Clifton, Bristol.

  • Gilmore

    Virgin Media’s Internet is really bad today, super slow for me.