Virgin Media cable TV and Internet

When it comes to Virgin Media problems the two major areas include cable TV and Internet, and when Virgin Media is down customers are not too pleased to say the least. It is very rare to see VM go down but it will happen from time-to-time.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Cable TV faults include no screen showing, total outage and issues changing channels. This occurs when there are server issues, or maintenance updates are underway. Even mobile connections with Virgin Media has its ups and down, apps crashing or not opening etc.

This is your Virgin Media cable TV and Internet server status page, where you can list or read any problems that occur with this service.

Virgin Media status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if Virgin Media is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Virgin Media? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jonathan Conlin

    Internet service is down in Harlow

  • Colin Hale

    my on demans is often down and service status just says that there is a problem that needs fixing – just fix it!!!!!

  • Leanne Hayward

    What do the 2 arrows flashes on my virgin internet box that is causing me to have no internet does anyone know?

  • Ann Collins

    On demand showing as unavailable in OX13, broadband really slow too.

  • Waqqas Awan

    Incredibly slow speeds for the last 3 days. I am getting below 2mbps. This is West London, Hayes area.

  • Chris

    No Internet and tivo issues – Hartlepool.

  • John

    No Internet in SW19, London. Or is it only me?

  • Bert Visscher

    I should be getting 50 Mbps and I am getting just 6 Mbps I phoned several times customer service – they change settings but after a minute the same problem appears again

  • Bert Visscher

    Broadband speed is half the speed

  • Barbara Parr

    No texts calls mobile data. Reading since yesterday

  • Greenwich

    No internet connection since march 29th in SE10, London. Been told an upgrade issue, then there is problem and engineers are working on it, supposedly back up and running on the 2nd now been told going to be the 5th. Nobody seems to know the problem just get told its another couple of days. Shocking service from Virgin. So many problems since Nov with broadband. Prices keep going up but no service.

  • steve

    No connection to webmail

  • Bert Visscher

    PA11PH – Paisley / Glasgow VM is down already for 3 days – VM Indian helpline does not tell it is a major fault Even VM does not tell on their site either probably to avoid compensation claims

  • Paul Turner

    PO7 area has no on demand

  • scott.wylie

    Switched to virgin media today from Sky and BT. Wish I hadn’t. Now no broadband, TV or answers.
    Will try to cancel tomorrow.

  • nick

    Dropping out very frequently in PL9 9TH area ( Plymouth ) considering going over to as they have a good offer on !

  • Alex Brooks

    For the last 2 weeks now my internet connection has been very low both wired and wireless I Iive in wythenshawe my postcode is M23 0NJ

  • Edward Brown

    On demand down in Saffron Walden

  • Adele

    Internet is down in Leeds, 2 hours already

  • Rajesh Kulkarni

    Hi This is 5th day no internet at home . anybody has any number to talk to Virgin so that i could get some update on the fault

  • Anthony S Pargeter

    VM Email done for four day, ridiculous this is beyond a joke. Not being able to check email is so poor, really considering change provider and get new email, so inconvenient , so get it sorted VM ahhh ahhhh

  • Sandra Forrester

    This is the 3rd day that I cannot get into my emails it came on for 5 mins last night and went off before I could finish checking them. It is ridiculous. If I have to change my email address I would be as well changing provider. Come on VM buck up get the problems sorted out

  • José Cardoso

    NW10 0LN
    DAY. . . . WOT A BUMMER

  • Carole Pollard

    TS225HR my emails have been down at least twice today so frustrating internet working fine

  • Jill Sanddancer Tomlinson

    had enough getting another email account

  • Laurence Lee

    We are at Stockport area SK5 6RP our Internet and TV is down …..

  • Max

    Essex issue?

  • Andy

    Cant get on broadband in plymouth area anyone else with same issues!

  • Pjr

    Intermittent broadband over last couple of weeks & completely down today in central Bristol. Any one else in Bristol with similar problems?

  • Bilox Malcolm

    DAY. . . . WOT A BUMMER

  • raymond lock

    unable to access emails in LU6 3LT area – nobody wants to take ownership of this dreadful ongoing problem – is anybody there Virgin Media???

  • Shirley

    Had no internet or TV since 4th march, are there issues in Tyne and wear.

  • Margaret Griffiths

    Cant get catchup /on demand again any problems today Solihull area thanks

  • Mark Osborne

    Not had broadband for a couple of hours in Castleford

  • Julia

    Broadband not working for over an hour in Selly Oak Birmingham. Surely there is a better service than this!

  • May

    Virgin Media down, for about an hour now. Im based in Chathan, Kent. Phoned them and they gave a fob off saying if it’s the area and engineer will get onto it otherwise it will be tomorrow as no engineers working now

  • Andrew

    La4 area

  • Andrew

    Large area down since last night

  • Sandra D Lane

    I am UB5 and have no internet or TV. Called Virgin and they say I’m the only one reporting error. They are sending an engineer out next Wed!

  • Eric

    UB5 broadband and TV still down 24hrs later. Called virgin media and got automated message that they are aware.

  • Dan Payne

    Rochdale Ol11 Internet down

  • adrian

    coventry cv2 no wifi in the last 5 hours.anyone with the same issue?

  • Wil Savage

    intermittent tv no phone since am today, virgin must have hands full can’t answer phone……..

  • Nathan Taylor

    is all virgin down in Hartlepool coz mine has been down since last night my wifi

  • Traceii Ierston

    Is anyone else wifi gone down ?

  • Herb

    4 days not internet ls28 constantly happening. Beyond a joke now

  • Christabelle

    No internet since yesterday morning this is beyond a joke paying for something can’t even use when Is it gnna be back up

  • Nick Sargeant

    Area 20 .. Portsmouth.. Broadband and TV both dead since I got home.. Watching DVD!

  • kerry saundersjones

    No internet in BN13 area although being told there is. We are getting 0.3 download and 12.5 upload. But there still isn’t a problem in our area. Grrrr I pay for the service and over the last couple of months it has be awful.

  • Cooper

    No broadband for two days now hd1 Huddersfield

  • Rajwant Gill

    No broadband in sl9 since yesterday!

  • Asterix01

    Kt4. Virgin confirmed failure of broadband fibre service from midday Wednesday 15 Feb 17 to 1 pm Thursday. Insist on registered fault and a refund. Doesn’t compensate for loss of work time.

  • Graham Barker

    Edinburgh Eh4 no broadband since early this morning, they say there is no fault in the area and an engineer is booked for Thursday…..if anyone else in Eh4 is having probs get it reported, sick of broadband problems lately, constantly being disconnected.

  • MRWX1963

    No broadband or tv since Tuesday 7th February , 2 autistic children , one does schooling online , wife works from home ,daughter does (DID) university work online
    Waited in for appointments which they cancelled without informing us


  • David Haggett

    Intermittent Internet (Hub and TiVo) drop-outs since 2nd February, lasting for up to 7 hours. Area 03, CR5 pretty rubbish experience with the help desk. Given an anticipated fix date of 25th February. WTAF?

  • Barrie Snow

    Everything down since 13.15pm Friday 10th

  • Brett

    No internet or tv since 1 o clock in b32 area 12 , told back on at 6 this evening and had email to say fixed. No it ain’t and after ringing virgin not going to be until the 16 th I have had it with virgin constant reset every day of router and outages now this . Sky here we come

  • SUDOisEvil

    Surrey KT10: Limited access to streaming services and some mail servers outside virgin’s own.

    Amazon S3 services are not accessible for Oregon (W-1/2/3).
    Netflix Server groups 1 and 3 not accessible. Server 2 accessible, but that does not deliver content.

    iPlayer in browser is accessible, but servers for device apps (SmartTV, Android, iThings) are not.

    Any the final irony, Virgin’s faults page is down. LMFAO!

  • Paul ODonnell

    I got back from a weekend away to find internet and TV down since sunday. no communication online is dreadful customer service.
    Please could Virgin update
    I am in Area 21 – might as well be Bermuda Triangle for all teh use it is just now!!

  • Dmitry D

    Btw, pritty satisfied with the broadband speed and tv, but this particular issues going to be the the longest since joined to VM in Sep 2016 already tried everthing standard that VM suggests and they can do. They send a man in area, but no luck. They’ve booked appointment on Monday 6th, had to wait now :(

  • Elspeth Bargery

    No internet and no TV ha8 area 21 for nearly 48hrs now. Can’t even get through to customer services. Not happy

  • Dmitry D

    No broadband in NW9, area 21 since 31/01 as well, but TV is fine.

  • Bkp

    No TV and broadband service in NW9 area since afternoon. Have called them several times and waited for more than hour to speak to someoneand earlier they can get someone out is on Monday. The online service status don’t show any issues. Very terrible service to the least…….

  • Rose

    No services – broadband, phone or tv in area 21 since 31/01. And my virginmedia checks don’t even register this fact. I was told will need to wait until Monday for an engineer- 5 days! I work from home and this is truly unacceptable. Terrible service.

  • Tracey

    No Internet or TV np20

  • Carol

    Had no emails since 10am today.

  • Keith Allan

    Emails disappearing or not arriving. Complain and your told they are a free service so you have no right to complain.

  • gary crozier

    No tv no Internet!!!
    Donald Trump has built a wall around Richards satellite!! Building a space rocket in my garden and taking a screwdriver to fix the problem!! So don’t worry folks !
    Will all be good soon !x going to charge for my time though ,

  • J Bird

    No internet for the last 8hrs area 22

  • buzz141

    Down now in area 20. No internet for the last 5 hours. Customer service stated it was a fault throughout area 20 yet the online service status check says no known problems.


    I have had no WiFi with sky for over 3weeks and everything I called they read from a script or try to charge for engineer so I have just gone with Virgin today but again no Internet so I think they are all the same

  • Andrius

    Now 3 weeks experiencing no internet connection with Virgin Media Broadband, a specialy peak times. Got internet connection night time when everyone in my area sleeping. Phone Virgin Media , they blame my cable in the house. So my cable like Dracula, works at night and sleeps at daytime.
    Moving internet supplyer ASAP.

  • Waqqas Awan

    Getting around 5Mbps download speed. I usually get 60Mbps. Something is certainly not right, although the Virgin site states otherwise.

  • Karen

    Well was finally fixed yesterday dinner time after 7 days (tuesday) or so we thought suprise suprise 11.30am today it goes down again alltogether no connection what so ever they saying 19.20 pm today fix. Was considering ringing them to get discount and pay this months bill. Glad i didn’t now thats another complaint to add to list now for when i do 8 days and counting this WIll cost them

  • Paul Bessant

    i got sky booked setup in 8 days what greedy lot they are i have to pay over 100 for this crap sky doing my same package for half the price for 18 months greedy corrupt virgin im almost gone roll on

  • Karen

    Ill be 1st in line at the time lol seems a touch better tonight not 100% but at least kids xbox is connecting lol

  • Daniel Wright

    Mines been down all day! Getting fixed next Wednesday ! Absolute joke, can’t wait to get sky back! Nothing but problems with Virgin, slow services, and slower tivo box!

  • David Hobbins

    The VM Twitter correspondent says we can claim compensation for downtime when they filly get it fixed!

  • Karen

    Good luck with that been down since wensday last week still down now monday evening latest lie from them is fix by tues dinner time

  • Karen

    Virgin media internet been either completely down or so slow everything times out since wensday website last estimate fix was for 4pm today (monday) now they saying tomorrow midday wont be holding my breath took them two days to even admit to a problem whole off stafford affected will be refusing to pay the bill soon if they dont pull there fingers out and sort it

  • liz

    Does Virgin actually take note of this site and does it ever respond?

  • liz

    There seem to be a lot of complaints of virgin intetnet / media being down or being intermittent during last 3 days posted on 14th Jan that have suddenly disappeared…?

  • David Hobbins

    Online chat says broadband back at 16.25 today. ST16 area

  • Thomas Farries

    Broadband off since 20:00 lastnight. HX2

  • Rachel Patterson

    No Internet for last 24 hrs. Advisor tells me it won’t be fixed until the 12th. Ng9 area. Calling Sky to transfer.

  • Liam

    Rotherham area

  • Liam

    No internet since 3pm 05/01/17 vigin says down untill the 12th absolutely ridiculous.

  • Mark Pridding

    Can not get on like at all this morning come on guys we should be notified when works at happening grantham area lincs

  • Em

    Very slow internet in SW15 London for the past couple of months!

  • Ms.Pin

    Cf1 been down since 7pm. Told it would be back on 1am. Now almost 4am and no joy. I study and work online and am sick of their nonsense.

  • Gordon Horton

    On checking internet download speeds been deliberately throttled all day. I pay for 200Mbps and haven’t gotten over 30Mbps all day. It’s regularly well over 200. At some stages it’s been as low as 2Mbps. It’s just not acceptable. Fed bogus excuses by customer support.

  • Sue

    My internet connection has gone down 325 today and is still off in the BL3 area

  • Kevin Appleton

    Well quarter past five on Christmas day and still no Internet from virgin media, these guys really believe in extracting the urine! Price up, service down.

  • Kevin Appleton

    Internet went off at half eleven Christmas eve ln LS11, and fault not expected to be fixed till four o’clock on Christmas day! This is bad enough but this is the second time in a month, what is wrong with this company? It’s the bloody 21st century……. South Korea can do better than this!

  • Andrew

    Virgin internet connection lost this morning in RM14 – told by Virgin that they cannot diagnose the fault and engineer cannot come until 3rd Jan…..

  • Jack

    No internet 3rd day

  • ardbeg1977

    Received £11.96 refund for 12 days offline. Got through quickly, I was polite, customer rep was efficient – wish they’d fix the fault, though.