Virgin Mobile problems

Mobile phone wireless communications provider Virgin Mobile, allows its users to make calls and send texts etc in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries. But when there is a Virgin Mobile signal outage, users can become somewhat a little irritated.

Virgin mobile problems with 3G and signal problems come up a lot, as so does connection issues where there is none of the above or data. Users do experience on a number of occasions where phone calls and text messages are not being sent or received. Network issues can happen on both tablets and mobile phones, and when these do occur customers will send in their complaints.

You can buy special additions to increase Virgin Mobile signal, and to do this all you need to do is get a booster. But if there is a total VM outage then a booster will not help you in the slightest.

Check below for the latest reports from other Virgin Mobile users, you can also take a look at the help and support links to the right of this page for where you can send in your complaints.

Virgin Mobile status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Virgin Mobile is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Virgin Mobile? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Diane harris

    I haven’t been able to make calls on my mobile all week and I live in orpington Kent so please hurry up and sort it out .

  • Jane

    I have no signal at all, even the wife icon is not showing up when I am at home or work.

  • Jilly

    is it worth dumping Virgin Mobile for another service, if so does anyone recommend O2?

  • Peter Billings

    Peter B in Germany i can make phone calls on my mobile ( virgin SIM ) but i cannot receive, the wife is also on Virgin and i cannot contact her at all.

  • Brady Buckland

    we all should just switch to a different network as virgin are always having non-stop problems.

  • andy

    virgin mobile down in North of Glasgow

  • John Baker

    There is no mobile access to the EE system in the LA2 area of Lancashire served by the Melling trnasmitter . . . . YET AGAIN!!! Service was OK around 0800 today (6the Septmeber) but failed soon after this.

  • Michael

    O mobile signal rm9 area for 3 days virgin said that it would be fixed in hours 3 days ago, perhaps engins got lost.

  • Martin Mathers

    Same here, problems over past 2 days

  • Zoe

    Anyone having problems with mobile phone reception in the north Notts area NG22 , struggled for past 2 days according to Virgin there are no problems?? ?

  • Sally Mittuch

    I’m in North Suffolk too and can’t do my banking. Very irritating.

  • sid newman

    no sms in Essex today

  • Paul Marks

    No sms since 04/06/2017

  • Brian

    No mobile service, south Leicestershire

  • no service in inverness

  • Julie O’sullivan

    The network has been intermittent for the pas 10 days in HA4. When it dies work signal is poor

  • Nasir Khan

    Virgin mobile text works sometimes but making out or receiving calls are not working for the last few days, sent new sim card but still the same problem. have two virgin mobile connections and problem on both. HA4 area

  • Dave k

    No virgin mobile signal in so51 7pd area for 3 days now

  • Susie

    No signal for nearly three days in North Suffolk. They are working on the mast……v.poor service.

  • Kirstie Griffith-Bowring

    No SMS service?? Anyone else got problems today?

  • Steve Stoner

    No mobile service in Havant either.

  • Ian mclean

    No virgin mobile signal in Middleton in teesdale today.

  • Emma

    No data for 4 days so far in West Midlands

  • Martin Griffiths

    No mobile signal for over a week in teddington ?!?!?

  • Bob Weaver

    No 3G in the York or Castleford area. This is getting too regular

  • KenOzz

    No data in Lincoln again, this is getting to regular

  • Nicki M

    No signal in Mayford Woking for 48 hours now.

  • John O

    No signal all morning in Newton Abbot

  • Nicola

    Disjointed call out signal yesterday and today

  • Kathy

    No phone signal EVER near Thaxted. Has anyone tried a signal booster, do they work?

  • Steve Hartley

    Everything fine since last time no signal, just no 3g today Derby

  • Matthew fowler

    This is a joke 7 days now Virgin sort it out

  • Michael Odonnell

    no moblie date 3 days now sod do to fix or inform when or what steps to fix they use |EE network on 3 g so may be they can get us on 4 G untill they fix it

  • David Silk

    8/08 No phone signal for 4 days at Haslemere, Surrey

  • Kay Provan

    No signal in Uddingston right now.

  • Rita June Mills

    No signal all day in the wirral and west cheshire area. Glad I didn’t break down on the motorway. What’s going on!

  • Jeannette Thompson

    22 days now. Thought I had a signal yesterday but a one off

  • Julia

    CM9 6NT – Signal has been virtually non-existent for the last 5 or 6 days – have never had a problem here in the last 7 years. Please sort it out Virgin

  • Heather Wilkinson

    No signal here in north Nottinghamshire today, 9th July.

  • Ian Prior

    When will signal problems be sorted? No signal on my mobile for 8 days and still no word from Virgin that they are sorting the problem!

  • Peter Brunnen

    Mostly out here in New Malden, Surrey. Not had a decent signal since the rains of two nights ago (22nd/23rd June)

  • William Avery

    3G data access intermittent here in Bristol this morning

  • Whitney

    Live in Edinburgh and having the dreaded APN issues and can’t access internet via data, having to use WiF for scond dayi. Historiclly had to remove battery to reset, but BlackBerry Priv seems sealed unit so am a tad anxious.

  • Steven Schofield Mcfc

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 6plus saying dpd authentication failure!!

  • Ash

    Hi Peter, I’m having the exact same issue but with a Galaxy S7.

  • Peter

    Is Virgin Media having problems with its 3G network today? I have the iPhone 6S and have already turned data on and off etc you know the normal shut down and all that and still no service.

  • Christian

    The mobile service seems to be having issues this morning in the UK.

  • Larry

    No signal at all on my phone, scan for networks and nothing shows up even when in a wifi area. Virgin mobile phone will probs have to go.

  • Steve

    I keep losing Virgin Internet in Brighton.

  • Robert Schonau

    My internet on my virgin mobile has been playing up for 4 days now. It’s suddenly really slow…

  • jojo

    Honestly had enough now….14 months into contract and they decide to decommission 2 phone masts ( we live smack bang in the middle) of them both and haven’t been able to make any calls or receive calls for a month now… various bull***t answers from the everyday phonecalls I make from my home phone given from virgin. Everytime someone says they call me back… not one returned call in 4 weeks now… I’m an on call nurse who receives call out during the night who can’t use her phone… what the hell. …?? Frustrated and dissapointed isn’t the word.

  • Kieran Greaves

    mobile internet down yet again on virgin

  • Bryn Lawrence

    Only able to send text or call certain numbers. I can’t even text or call a Virgin phone

  • Laura teasdale

    Mobile internet not working in Newcastle area. Anyone else with this problem?

  • Freya Locke

    My 94 year old grandmother didn’t receive some texts from me today, which were quite important, we are both on Virgin, and she was left in tears over it and having a high blood pressure spike. Thanks Virgin for that! :'(

  • wayne ward

    Mine not workin. Stoke on trent.

  • chelsea humphries

    anyone else having this problem

  • chelsea humphries

    really frustrating me now because I cant get in touch with people who need me in desperate need and its really upsetting me as well

  • chelsea humphries

    mobile texts and phone calls not sending

  • javad

    Sorry I spoke, its gone again!!!!!

  • javad

    mobile internet working now…in Birmingham

  • QA1982

    internet down on phone in bradford/leeds area – really frustating

  • Lawrence

    Same here in Manchester

  • javad

    Internet on my phone is not working…Birmingham. Anyone else having issues?

  • John Cloud

    Emergency calls only in Ipswich Can’t Text

  • John B

    Phone is showing a signal but no network connection in the Lancaster area since this morning. Believed to be an EE network problem in the area.

  • Texts not sending (London). Having issues with BOTH Virgin phones. Some texts go through – maybe one out of five. Have to keep retrying to send every text.

  • Niks31

    No signal or very poor signal foe a couple of days now…….. Starting to annoy me as no-one can get hold of me and worry of my kids school is trying to contact me..come on Virgin sort it out please I am paying for a service that is nor working so pull your finger out!!!!!!

  • Brainsgonedead

    Not working in NR2 area, reset pc as well. Twice now, will Virgin give me a week free? I doubt it as their customer service stinks!

  • Martin

    No Internet service in dh7

  • Linda

    No service in Walderslade Kent for 2 days

  • Linda

    No service in Walderslade Kent

  • Malcolm Roache

    no signal for days in bishopsteignton

  • Safia Rana

    Absolute load of rubbish, called them up and they said they would turn the data off and turn it on again and it would take a few hours and finally when it did come back on its worse than before, I’m not happy at all!!!!!

  • Tricia Crawley

    Same problem Virgin 3G signal very bad in Swanley Kent

  • Alison

    Seems to be a little problem with getting any Virgin Mobile network at the moment. wifi is all good buy 3G is not good at all. I am in Cardiff, Wales.

  • Carlos

    I am having issues with my Virgin Mobile, not able to get on the internet at all even though it shows i have 3G. WiFi is fine.

  • Patrick

    I have had problems in TH EN11 9DG area for years but in the last year(after I gather that some transmitters were turned off) it have become appalling. 90% of the time cannot even send text messages unless I go to a particular window or into the road. It is the same for my neighbours.

  • Andy B

    Had “No Service” or “No Signal Available” since before 8pm Monday 2nd. In both SK8 and M33 areas. (slim possibility that it’s a problem with my ageing phone, as I don’t have access to another Virgin phone to test)

  • Jayde

    No internet for coming up to 36 hours!!! Bloody appalling that this is the second time this has happened in a month I hope they will be taking money off my bill as I haven’t been able to use what I pay for!!!

  • Susan

    No had Virgin Mobile signal for a whole day now, not happy about this I can tell you.

  • Deangersmith

    no service in north london for the last 20 hours+, what a lot of rubbish.

  • Lizfrombg

    No virgin 3G in Melksham today – SN12 6LS. Anyone else having this problem?

  • kim

    co3 8lt mobile service is down and was yesterday anyone have knowledge as to why

  • Karl_Jacobs

    No service all day Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21.

  • Martin Maggs


  • Tim

    Intermittent connection. PDP failure not connected to Internet. Hampshire uk.

  • Russell Micro Twin Hurford

    None in swansea sort it out virginmobile

  • Dave Perry

    I took the train from the east end of the tube (which was overground) into london then up to the east midlands, no mobile internet at any point along the journey despite good signal strength.

  • A Smith

    No data connection in Norwich either.

  • Gregg

    Internet is down on mobile and at home, i am in Birmingham. Is anyone else having issues with Virgin Mobile?

  • Libby

    I cannot access the Internet on my mobile phone, I am located in Norwich UK.

  • Eye Ant

    Virgin mobile outage in London NW3 and NW5.

  • Virgin 1

    Virgin down in the West Midlands (Halesowen area, what’s happening?

  • Adrian

    I got no 3G or Data at all, i can call out but cannot access online to check my Facebook.

  • Clare Ashton

    no signal, no email da nada, what’s happening virgin? You were always so reliable before

  • Wilson

    Speed test shows only .4mbs in OX2 area (Oxford) – This is way too slow.

  • Gretta

    In London and WiFi keeps dropping let alone no data.

  • Roger

    Not been able to send any text messages for at least a week now, signal not that great is VM users?

  • Sharon

    I am guessing you mean ‘Mobile’, but I do get where you are coming from. Signal reception is very poor indeed and I need to change providers soon. Only months to go and i can bail out.

  • Ivan

    Once my Virgin Mobiel contract is up that is me done with them. Service is terrible for signal.