Tinder server and match problems

Is the Tinder app or website down for you? If you are looking for the perfect match it makes sense to use a free app called ‘Tinder’, but when there are Tinder server problems you can count on it people will be looking for answers. When app users find that there are no Tinder matches found this can cause a great concern, and complaints will follow.

Other Tinder app problems include login, matches not being found, app shutting down and in some cases just being rather slow to load profiles etc. Tinder is simple, just download the application for either the iOS or Android store and if someone is hot or not let them know.

If you and the other person on Tinder decide to hit the hot, then you are a match. It is a very fun app to be on, but problems do happen. Please do share with ‘Is Down Right Now’ readers if you are having any Tinder app problems, below you will also see if anyone else is facing any issue.

Tinder status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Tinder is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Tinder? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Canada

    Got a notification & message from the girl I’ve been talking to. Open the notification, no message exists. Close the app and reopen, then all of my matches disappeared. Re download the app, reopen, still no matches. Tried signing in on the browser version, but that won’t seem to work either.

  • Wayne

    My Tinder app seems to be working fine but when I login it does not show my profile properly, seems to be broken.

  • May

    I just got a message saying, “something went wrong please make sure you have an internet connection n 1001.”

  • Maria Thomas

    I’m trying to log back in to tinder for the past week but can’t. I give my phone number and every time I do, it keeps telling me I haven’t got a code, what’s wrong.

  • Chris

    How does Tinder actually work because when I use the app it loses things, app crashes upon opening and nothing ever saves.

  • Brian

    The whole idea of Tinder dating is very good indeed, but the Tinder app is something that needs a lot of work. Keeps crashing for one.

  • Daniel

    You can now get Tinder app on Apple TV and the big AND is it will not let me login.

  • Janice

    Tinder is in my eyes a complete and utter surprise every time I try to login to my account. Yep NEVER works when I want it too.

  • James

    Matches list does not load.

  • Txomin

    Could finally login, but matches won’t keep loading.

  • Murielle Stentzel

    Same all my matches are gone

  • Elizabeth

    Can finally login but I lost all my matches and conversations and it says no one is near me

  • Ashleigh

    I can finally log in now but it’s saying I’ve got no matches.

  • Britt

    i finally logged back in and all my matches/convos are gone 🙂

  • Susan

    Can’t get into this thing again….happening a lot and I’ve done all the things I’ve been told to do….it’s rubbish!!!

  • Rob

    I think I may have the same problem. No error message, just stuck at the ‘log in with facebook’ screen. Is that what other people are getting?
    … and I just updated a load of apps, so I guess Tinder was one of them.

  • Osh

    I hear you. Driving me nuts and ruining my Monday bang. Sort it out.

  • Alex Nielsen

    Sort your servers out Tinder. I can’t even log in. Keeps showing me the facebook log in thing. All problems have come from the latest update!

  • RobM

    Got a message yesterday, wanted to reply today but I can’t log in from both my phones, though my fb and tinder apps are updated

  • Simon

    Just had a match. Then I got sent a message. Log in and nothing there. Why?

  • NekoRock

    Not had any issues with logging in, however over the last week, I’ve had more than 5 matches, and none of my messages have been sent to them, once I exit the matched page, it removes ALL of my matches.

  • Joey Hollo

    ive got flame app and it shows my matches but i click yes on my matches and they dont appear im gettin bored of how glitchy tinder is

  • Dave Robinson

    Tinder is a load of tripe! Everytime I try this app it has ‘server errors’!! Bored with it now!!

  • RayPeat

    not working.

  • Chris

    Tinder has failed to work for around 4-5 days which coincides with the latest update. It simply crashes immediately on start up.

    I have shut phone down, deleteted the app, reinstalled the app – all several times and freed up more storage on my phone – all of which have made zero difference.


  • Mike

    Tinder is down for me in Henley.

  • Crystal

    Not able to login to Tinder, it was down for about 10 minutes then it came back online now I an back off again. Must be Tinder server issues.

  • Lucy

    Tinder is down, but I am not depressed just yet lol.

  • Michelle

    I had a message this morning from someone I matched with when I got in, the match and messages are gone.

  • Orson

    Tinder is down for me.

  • Lacie

    I have just logged into my Tinder and all my matches have been deleted, this is not right. So hope they sort this issue out and give me back my matches.

  • Belinda

    Tinder app on my iPhone is not working, just keeps crashing on me when I try to open.

  • Anabela Anna Gavrilova

    Hi Milo. You’re not alone – I’m facing the very same issue. I haven’t been getting almost any matches since last week and (immodest or not) – I used to get quite a bit. Further to that – I no longer have any guys show up for swiping and the mother of all annoyance – I was hitting it off with this amazing guy when he, as a match, and his messages suddenly disappeared and I’m pretty sure he didn’t unmatch me. It sucks doesn’t it? Tinder support – sort it out, will you???

  • Lucy MacDonald

    same thing has been happening to me too for weeks now, did you find a way around this? tried everything you listed

  • Milo

    OK. I have no clue what the problem is here. I get 0 matches. It’s been like a month and a half. I used to get matches semi regularly and I’ve been on a couple of Tinder dates. I mean… maybe I’m ugly. But that still doesn’t explain 0 matches! Is Tinder really saying that every girl in 100 mile radius of me swiped left?! For real?! Am I that ugly God!? Why did my ex girlfriends lie to me?! Why couldn’t they just say “I love you but as your girl I need to be honest, you aren’t that great looking”? Why they always gotta say “Omg you’re so handsome!” and then proceed to perform oral acts with extreme lust? (Yeah that’s how it happened…)

    Anyway. 0 matches. Sort it out.

  • Sam

    Hasn’t been working properly for weeks for me. Deere app download sometimes works. It now won’t open at all just gives me “server error” message. I’m getting so sick of it now, I just want to have look around, get a grip Tinder

  • Radick

    I have just opened my Tnder app on iPhoen and got messages to read, but it will not let me open them because i apparently have no server connection.

  • Karry

    Not able to log in to Tinder. Seems to be offline for me.

  • Ellie

    Everybody’s profile comes up but I can’t see anybodies pictures including my own any more?? I’ve tried logging in and out, reinstalling..

  • Cameron

    I’ve had continuous errors logging in, I’ve tried reinstalling tinder, restarting phone, disabling tinder on FB, reenabling it, and every time I get the server error saying ‘There are issues connecting to Tomder. Please try again later.’ Does anyone have anything else I could try or are the servers just down?

  • Lisa Michelle Kain

    Today I can’t login as server is down?? Anyone??

  • Steve

    Having problems logging in, even via fcbk since Sunday morning, messaging ok Saturday night then Sunday morning nothing, steve,

  • Neyama

    I cant log in its saying Facebook cancelled login help please

  • Cheryl Peach

    Does anyone know why other matches photos do not download, I can’t see who I’m talking too?? Cheryl

  • Chelle

    Someone I was talking to hasn’t responded – I closed all and reopened – everything gone!! Luckily had on iPad too with a phone number for 1 – he said I had gone from system!!! I have lost someone I was getting on well with gggrrrr

  • Abbie

    I’m having the exact same problem! 🙁
    All my matches and messages have just disappeared into thin air!

  • Alex

    I am not happy at all with Tinder, I had a message from this lady i have been chatting to for a few weeks and then when i open the message there is nothing there, talk about build my hopes up. Whats going on Tinder?

  • M Cass

    App logged me out and then when I logged back in All 100+ matches and Messages are gone, I matched some more but then tried re logging in and out of the app and the those whent as well, got a notification saying I have a message but the person is it showing up

  • Jake

    I had a few matches and the have been deleted. It all seems strange at the moment because i get a notification saying i have a new message and then when i open it there is nothing to read.

  • mike

    Keep receiving successful match message but not showing on the app? Too often to be swipe mistakes

  • Fricker

    Tinder will not load any pictures, not mine or any one else???

  • Jodie

    Been getting a message all morning about ‘server issues, try again later’

  • Josh

    Thought it was sorted as it worked in the library earlier and then for a little bit when I got home. Then the server error came back.

  • Debs

    Loading pictures since yesterday and now it won’t login.

  • Becky Millard

    Keeps saying there’s an error with the server when j try log in re installed a few times any ideas??

  • jon

    Match list is stuck on “loading…”

  • notrelevant

    In NL it’s not working either. Already been looking at loading matches for 2 days now ..
    Either the list is too big (;)) or something sucks.

  • nikunj

    has this been fixed? i am having this issue since 4 days now. tried the usual uninstall, logout, clear data. still no luck. Everything else is working fine

  • Dan

    Got the same issue as Ramesh and Tim, screen just keeps saying “loading matches”

  • Ramesh

    Can’t see any matches since 10 hrs

  • tim

    Won’t let me see my matches

  • Jacqueline

    I can’t log in! It keeps saying “There are issues connecting to Tinder, please try again later.” I’ve tried everything. Deleted and re-installed Tinder and Facebook, went through both settings, turned my phone on and off. Nothing worked!

  • K.Nyar

    Not working for me either. Can’t login

  • Harry

    Tinder is down in Milan right now.

  • Mike

    I am in Norway and not getting any connection with Tinder, why is it not letting me login?

  • william

    Tinder is down and not letting me login, whats going on?

  • Dave Simpson

    Attempt logging in – it no longer logs in automatically: “You have already authorised Tinder”, tap [OK] and then Bingo – “There was problem logging into Tinder. Please try again” is the only response I get after (repeated) attempts. Huh, just BRILLIANT! (not) Last successful login was evening of 7th December. Will try the ‘un/re-install’ but from what I’ve read on-line, that will have to be done after EVERY session (if it works at all)…

  • Jac Wright

    Won’t load my matches do you have any idea why?

  • andrew

    I signed up one week ago but a lot of problems with the application in my i-phone 5s. Most of the time the application does´t work, it does´t find anyone, sometimes it says server error… Location activated, last version updated, app re-installed several times… any idea?

  • Hedi

    im using iphone and cant log in since 3 days. i tried desable enable update …. in vain :/

  • Mandy

    Trying to login to Tinder for two days now and nothing, I am using an Android Samsung S6.

  • Kendra Kenosis

    Mine says “There was problem loggin into Tinder. Please try again later”. Annoying.

  • Agüito Cruise

    Is just you and your hand tonight!

  • Hector

    This is really annoying. When will this problem be fixed? Swiping works but all matches are gone

  • amee_saurus

    Swiping is now back for me, but my matches are still gone 🙁

  • Laura

    I have the same problem…

  • tom

    just been saying “loading your mates” for the past 15 minutes. looks like im not the only one having the issue!

  • peter

    I have the same problem, Tinder can’t load my matches

  • George.

    Won’t load my matches or anyone for me to match… Ridiculous. D:

  • ash

    Oh god, my tinder doesn’t load my matches since this morning. It’s so damn frustrating as I have a date tonight up and no further contact details. Arrrg;

  • kelly

    Tinder down today, Sept 20 for the last hour. Nothing but problems when trying to load matches.

  • Ade

    Location settings not working as so many people blatantly not geographically local to me listed! !!

  • Kerry

    What is going on right now? The website works but Tinder’s app is not working on my iPhoen as unable to login.

  • Kenty

    Is Tinder down again because i am unable to login today?

  • Bob

    I am able to login now after been offline yesterday for a few hours. Happy i can access it again. Thanks Tinder for sorting rather quickly.

  • Mark

    What new things have you noticed in the Tinder for iPhone 4.6 update which went live today?

  • Andy

    Unable to login today – server issues! Anyone else seeing this?

  • Tristian

    Is there a glitch with tinder today? The reason I ask is simple, it will not let me login.

  • Heather

    Cannot seem to find any love at the moment. Not able to login to find anyone.

  • bubum

    I have a problem with tinder. I am using it about a month, everything was ok, but today i tried to send a message and it failed, ant there was saying “there is a problem logging into tinder”, then i loged out, then tried to log in, but one more time showed the same error saying that “there is a problem logging into tinder”.
    Then i tried to log in with another acount, and it worked. But i need my acound, and I cant understand why i cant log in with it..
    Please, say something that could help?:)

  • Shane

    When i try to unmatch on Tinder it is not working. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  • Ned

    Login problems are still occuring even though they released the new 4.4.4 Tinder update. What was the update actually for?

  • Flora

    I have just installed the new Tinder 4.4.4 update for iOS and since doing this I am still having issues with login.

  • Joanne

    Tinder not working with Facebook properly, loop o loop is whats happening here.

  • Michelle

    Tinder keeps crashing on me. This means the update served no purpose.

  • Aleksandra

    Same here!

  • Tony

    Saw an update and installed to version 4.4 on iPhone, then opened the tinder app and it won’t load. Anyone else have issues after the update today?

  • Sam

    loads of problems with notifications after I installed the update on my iPhone today, April 15.

  • Paul

    Tinder servers are surely down, cannot login at all.

  • James

    Cannot login to tinder.

  • Olivia

    I logged out and cannot login now, whats going on Tinder, are your servers down?

  • Imran

    I have a major Tinder app issue, I had to logout because of a message problem. But now i cannot login.

  • George

    Did anyone lose their matches after logging back in after it went down on the 30th? I have, tried logging in and out again and again but nothing…

  • Sarah

    can’t send any messages, so pointless as cannot reach people when I really need to.

  • Jess

    the app isn’t working in London, can’t get it to load at all for last 20 minutes.

  • Bobby

    I was looking for my perfect match tonight, that won’t happen now Tinder is down.

  • Tony

    Tinder is down on Android, it won’t let me login.

  • mike

    Tinder isn’t working, I can’t get the app to load on iPad.

  • Ingrid

    I am having problems accessing Tinder today, is tinder down.

  • Dylon

    I keep getting an error every time i send a Tinder message, is there a good reason for this?

  • Sheldon

    Not able to login to my Tinder app on my iPhone 5S.