It was on 3rd March 2003 Three UK was founded and since then the slogan has been “Its good to be 3”. The UK telecommunications’ company provides service to tablets, mobile phones, as well as offering voicemail services and Internet. Now and then the Three UK service signal falters, mobile Internet goes down and on occasions’ website problems happen.

The world knows the company as ‘Three’, ‘’ or simply ‘3’. The main issues that can occur with Three UK is Internet outage, no signal; network goes down completely, data issues etc and the website goes offline and this can get customers really angry. Three now offers 4G network and people sometimes complain because they cannot get 4G in their area even though their area is included to receive it.

If you have any problems at all with website or Three (3) UK network etc please do leave status report with your location. If you have a complaint you wish to share then please do so with the community.

Three UK status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Three UK is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Three UK? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Macie

    4G network is more like 2G, its so weak its unreal, pages load up like the old days when we had a dial up. SAt least the signal is OK.

  • Brad

    In Kingsbury, London and I have no network or signal, so basically cannot call message anyone or look online or my online social media channels.

  • David

    Three network is down for me in Bristol, I have even tried to login to my account and nothing. The main issues I am having is not able to make or receive calls or text messages. When I leave my area to another area all is fine, strange seeing as this has never happened before.

  • Andy

    I purchased the Internet bundle with Three and for some reason not able to use it. I am in the West Midlands area.

  • Vickie

    I can be in the middle of a phone call and then the signal cuts me off. Never should have went with Three.

  • Neva Hubberstey

    had no service for 4 days now its outrages bet we dont get compensated for it i am in great harwood lancashire

  • Kim

    Major three problems for me in the Millbank/Westminster, normally all good but services are down for me mainly being signal.

  • Scott

    I am having signal issues, whats going on with the three service today.

  • Jessica

    Three UK is the network down? Is anyone else having issues or is it just me?

  • Ras

    6 days no signal apart FROM THE OCCASIONAL 1 bar no service unable to go on the Internet????driving me mad cornwall based seriously looking at swapping provider this week..

  • Rich R Lewis

    Crap call signal as I travel in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Crap data. 3 Chat doesn’t respond even though my posts show as listed, my son has a message that he can’t access data till 29th Sept, which would mean he used 4gb in a day. Shite.

  • Ieva

    In Manchester ( Levenshulme) do not have signal or Internet connection for 3 days. What the hell is going on?

  • Bolly

    Got no service at all, what the hell is going on?

  • Robert

    I have no 3 mobile coverage at all, this means no calls, no data and no text messaging. I am in Cambridge.

  • Memphis

    I have a £20 plan and i have nothing in France, texts and calls are not working from my end. Even the Internent is now working does anyone know why this is the case?

  • Stephen

    No signal all day June 30th and so far into the evening of 1July – Ashland, Milton Keynes, MK6 4AJ… Normally it connects to two masts, one on motorway and one in Ashland. But they are not available and has been connecting intermittently to one in furzton, bletchley, caldecotte, and another next to MK don stadium. They are too far away so connection cannot be maintained.

  • Paul Cox

    Appalling connectivity. Emergency service only this evening. This is getting to be a regular occurrence. Not impressed.
    Central Northampton.

  • Claire

    No service in DA postcode hope this is resolved quickly expecting important calls!

  • moomin

    No service today – Ashland, Milton Keynes. Really annoying!

  • tommyt

    Hey — just had work carried out to my local mast which was pre warned to me from Three in a txt I received from them. Sure – I could see the guy up the mast in an orange safety vest, but I have to ask—– what improvements to my service has been carried out ?? Signal is still one bar or less in Alloa town centre. I can acheive ‘no service’ on my phone and their ‘super voice’ just does not cut in. Anybody from Three care to reply ???

  • tommyt

    And now I have just received a text from Three to tell me the price of sending a photo is going up from 17.4 pence to 40 pence. Well done Three- first you ra ise customers price plans and reduce their data and now another good example of ripping off the customer.

  • Dave

    Still not working got Internet but nothing else. .

  • tommyt

    Well–my phone is showing 5bars of 3G signal and I am getting 0.82Mbps download and 3.94 Mbps upload with a ping of 58ms. This is in Alloa. How can they justify increasing customers price plans when they provide a service like this.

  • Daniel Hornes

    so far at 11:22am today im getting 75mbps down 21mbps up speed on 4g

  • Daniel Hornes

    im with three uk and i had no service since 10:00am today and then magically it comes back as im typing ???? weird but I doubt it would stay on though

    location is peterborough

  • tommyt

    Signal back to normal in Alloa from around mid afternoon. Still very poor in the town centre as normal.

  • tommyt

    Hardly any signal in the Alloa area all week-end. And of course when you check a few postcodes in the area you get the usual message pop up telling you that they are going to be working to improve the signal in the area in the next few days. Surprise surprise–they are going to be working in the Alloa area on the 11th April. it is utter bull because you get these messages every time you check the same post code several times over a few days. Even when we have a signal, Alloa town centre is very poorly served.

  • Gintaras Laurinaitis

    No signal in Colchester

  • Debbie Nisbet

    signal and losing internet connection as not able to get on for long and its very slow, east lothian haddington

  • Jason Dunlop

    Signal down in Ballymoney Co. Antrim this evening

  • Sally Sheard

    Hardly had any signal since boxing day !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michaela

    I have had no signal in saxmundham since Saturday. When will this be sorted did they say? Everything is saying there is service

  • Nigel_ips

    No signal in Saxmundham area, Three admit to ‘a long term outage’ and are claiming ‘difficulty in physically getting to the site to carry out repair’ (not a remote location on top of a hill but an urban water tower near the A12!).

  • john

    No service in Stanway, Colchester since this morning.

  • Kirsty Anne

    Second day of no mobile data. TD1 2HW

  • Stell

    No 3 mobile broadband connection in Lichfield 01-01-16.

  • Melody

    On Monday 21st December most people on three mobile in south Bristol which is 5 mins from the centre of 6th biggest city in England have had no signal for 3 weeks and when we have its so poor you can’t load the Internet and calls are dropped within seconds. Three don’t even acknowledge there is a problem! I work in retail in a large retail chain within this area and live within this area so I can speak to hundreds of people every day and so many are complaining about three! Off com has been notified by many including me.

  • Ryan

    Dose any one have a problem with beeping wile on the phone . Any caller any where . Thanks

  • Victoria

    LA2 0PG…My 3 signal has been dreadful over the past five days. Have only intermittently been able to use it. Still dreadful now. Not at all happy as pay £43 per month for this poor service! Have, over the past five days, had to resort to using a BT network at extra cost! Haven’t been able to obtain any info on this problem whatsoever from 3.

  • Nicky

    Three UK is surely going to be bad this week, in that i mean access accounts and website.

  • ben powell

    i have no service since 5 o clock

  • Nat

    No service for 3 days… Unbelievable. South Cambridgeshire

  • Chris

    I’m the same. I’ve had no signal at home since Thursday. Manchester M46

  • Alan

    NO SERVICE for past 24 hours now no 3G or 4G but couple of bars! Collingham LS22

  • Sue

    I’ve had the same contract with various different networks for years now and have never run out of anything. Since switching to 3 my data is running out mid month and this month I am told I have used all my voice minutes. Has anyone else had any such problems? I find it hard to believe it is coincidence.

  • alpesh patel

    every day no signal at my home last 4 years

  • Hans-Peter Lehmann

    no internet connection possible since 2 days in spain 🙁

  • Gaya

    no internet all morning today!!

  • tommyt

    Alloa area last night – showing 5 bars and 3g on my iPhone but no signal present. Still patchy today. It’s not good enough and this has been ongoing for weeks now. Time for a change, but not to EE as they share the mast round here.

  • Lauren

    Cannot connect to Internet, make calls or send/receive texts. In Florence, Italy.

  • Harry

    I have an EE phone and i have my iPad running on Three and guess what, both services are giving me absolutely nothing, services providers yeah they provide nothing.

  • Kimmee

    No 3G, hey no 4G, no data. Then to top it off I cannot call anyone as i do not have any signal in London near Finsbury Park.

  • Nicky

    I live in Ascot and for the last day nearly touching two i have not had any signal with Three. I really need to be harsh and just bite the bullet and change networks don’t I.

  • Dean

    No signal in Sheffield, S14 area??????

  • dingdong

    I am in Essex and mon/fri its ok but the weekend its always 1bar and no internet

  • Juliet

    I live in Milton Keynes and have had no three service for 3 days, yes three days.

  • Miller

    I am located in LS19 area and have no service at all.

  • Metroshark

    Mobile internet down, no data throughput, no reconnect. London 2.15am Monday 22nd June 2015

  • Metroshark

    London, Friday evening/night. Very constipated data throughput on mobile internet. It occurs to me their ‘trafficsense’ data management may be giving preference to 4g traffic over everything else on the network to make the coverage appear stable for 4g users.

  • Metroshark

    London signal is still patchy all round. I only got half a text message just now. Better than nothing you might say, but 3uk keep quiet about their signal problems so nobody really knows what is happening. Mobile Broadband on 3uk’s dongle is very badly affected. Not looking forward to the weekend.

  • Metroshark

    London also has a very patchy service with longer-than-usual outages etc. Mobile broadband has been affected. Doesn’t feel too reliable.

  • Patrick

    Looks kike its mainly Ireland being hit, I am in Northern Ireland.

  • Marty

    Got no signal at all in Belfast.

  • Chad

    In Newtownabbey and got no network, whats wring now?

  • Simon

    3 is down in Northern Ireland.

  • Patty

    Got no three signal at all, all of a sudden went down on me.

  • Kip

    EE signal is very weak in Taunton.

  • Elaine

    3 service in Warwick is down for me, is it for you?

  • Marcus

    Signal is a little edgy today, on and off majority of yesterday and today its the same in London, please fix issues Three UK.

  • Jon

    Signal is very bad in ST71EE

  • Gaz

    Data and coverage with Three is dire today.

  • Suzanne

    Half way through my phone call it drops on me. Then I have to call the person back, this is not fun I can tell you.

  • Jillian

    Three signal is down in NP14 area.

  • Nicholls

    I am in NP4 area and do not have any Three UK signal.

  • Chance

    Got no service in NE12.

  • Carlos

    Home signal Wi-Fi box is not providing me any service, please sort it out Three UK.

  • Millie

    Major Three problems in Cornwall at the moment, areas such as Charlestown and Newquay are being hit hard with no signal via wifi box.

  • James

    My 3 service in Exeter is really poor, making calls and sending text messages seems a little difficult at times.

  • Peter

    Hey Three UK, Is 4G ever going to come to Lancaster?

  • Hewit

    No three signal yet again in Tooting.

  • Si

    I am in Balham London and got no three signal.

  • Jemma

    Very poor signal strength with 3 at the moment in Vauxhall London.

  • Kathleen

    3 signal down is Fareham today, truly is the worst network ever.

  • Lenie

    3 UK network is a pile of poo, how come we can never leave mid-contract because it would be breaching it, but yet they should allow us too because they are breaching it because they are not giving us the service we should expect.

  • June

    Once my contract ends I am saying goodnight nurse to 3 UK, signal is weak, network only works when it feels like it.

  • Sam

    I am getting no signal in Reading, what is the best network out there as i think its time to change.

  • Ruth

    No signal / network in Surrey.

  • Tony

    No troubles at all the 3, its perfect and so glad i left O2.

  • Lucy

    I live in central London an still have no 3 signal, two days and counting. OK I do not want to fib now, i have had signal for like one hour yesterday.

  • Jack

    I am not getting any Internet service on my phone with 3, which is not good at all because I use my mobile’s Sat Nav, and without Internet I cannot use it. Maybe TomTom app really is the answer then as you can use offline I heard.