The Co-Operative Bank Outage, Login Problems

If you need somewhere to share and chat about your problems with The Co-operative Bank, here is where you can have your say. Now and then there are issues with online and mobile app banking, especially when it comes to your account login.

The Co-operative Bank also known as Co-op Bank offers many services such as current accounts, mortgages, loans, savings, insurance and credit cards etc. Having access to any of these is a must being it accessing via website or app, so when servers go down or you are unable to login this can be rather frustrating.

Most of the issues that do occur are to do with The Co-operative Bank online banking, and nine times out of ten when troubles do occur they are to do with not being able to access the website or mobile app, as well as the login not working.

Other issues include website error codes, app crashing, not being able to download apps on your iOS, Android or Blackberry devices etc. Please do share below if you are having any problems at all with Co-Op banking services.

Co-Operative Bank status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

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Problems with Co-Operative Bank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Keith Lewis

    Hi I am also getting the “sorry there has been an error. The page you are looking for is currently unavailable” when I try to log in to my cooperative account through the app. I had this issue about 2 months ago but it was rectified, now it is back again. I also have a Halifax account which has never let me down, maybe time to move accounts!

  • Also receiving the “Sorry, there has been an error. The page you’re looking for is currently unavailable” error when logging in. Has been this way for around a week.

  • Charlie Shread

    Haven’t been able to login to internet banking or app for weeks! Login details haven’t changed, I use lastpass to store passwords. On my phone I use my fingerprint or pin code, which haven’t changed. My fingerprint works on other apps and for unlocking the phone. The app simply says “Sorry, there has been an error. The page you’re looking for is currently unavailable.” … I cleared internet cache. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Internet banking and the app both worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve tried to access several times with no success so far.

  • Anon Wibble

    Website up, logins not working.

  • Rob

    Put it down to autocorrect! They are probably inadvertently correct on 2nd, contrary to modern usage, staff is a group word so should be treated in singular form. Never is though, like football teams.

  • Millie Alder

    Still off

  • Martin Woodhaed

    This is happening on almost a daily basis now, worse still is the fact They just do not appear to be bothered as a buisiness? They tell you the site will be down between certain hours on Sat Sun then it goes off on Mon Tues etc with NO warning. They need to understand that as they have closed branches most people have to conduct their banking buisnes on-line daily! I am considering now tryin a test case with The Financial Ombudsman Servcice for “none compliance on a regular basis” and that I am unable to acces my money and tranfer funds or pay bills which is costing me time and money. This service is just not acceptable and I would suggest that people start to make serious complaints to the bank now requesting “Final Responces” witha view to contating The Ombudsman, I belive thie are good reasons to sue The Bank for restricting acces to money and accounts without warning on avery regular basis.

  • Teresa Devereux

    is Co-op bank website down again ?

  • Joanne Leigh Ashton

    wondering if anyone else has this same problem? i am unable to log into my online banking on any device in my home but as soon as i switch to mobile data on my fone i can use the site. I know it sounds like a problem with my wifi but its fine otherwise. thanks

  • Peter Kirwan

    Hardly any local branches, the Chatline almost impossible to access and online access also down. How can anyone call themselves a Coop bank customer. As a personal bank its days are numbered.

  • Deborah

    I’m in the process of switching banks – had enough of co op’s online shambles of a service!

  • Jim Draper

    Had this problem from yesterday at home. Checked with the bank – no reported problems. Tried at work, OK logged on. Tried again when I got back home – no dice. Ditto when trying other laptop and other browsers from home. Conclusion – routing problem, so switched off incoming BT router for around a minute. Swiched it back on, success. So, don’t blame the bank without doing a few things for yourself – as a retired IT networks guy, I have found that there can be numerous reasons why network issues occur.

  • Southcoastman

    seems (to work)

  • Southcoastman

    you’re (a disgraceful), have (always been), innit ?

  • Siorsid

    Not working again, press the log in button and keeps taking me back to the home page.
    Starting to get fed up of co-op bank now.
    Also how come, when online banking does work, cash machines give a more reliable balance statement than the online balance?

  • Al Riaz

    Mine doesn’t work at all

  • cath evans

    Can’t login. Spinning wheel, working last time I checked, 2am if my wages in.

  • Geoff G

    Mobile app and Online Banking both extremely slow – response times of 5 – 15 mins or more, and when I tried to phone the bank, the recorded message said that the wait time would be “greater than 20 minutes”!
    Clearly something is badly wrong, but nothing on the bank’s Twitter site.

  • jeannie

    I am so tired and fed up with the Co-op on-line Banking service.
    I have kept my cool for over a year now with log in problems and security tokens that do not work. I put my business accounts to the Co-op and today I cannot access one account, cannot log in or see what I have available let alone do any business. The phone tells me the Bank is closed. So I cannot do anything untill Monday, so why have on-line banking. I am spitting feathers with no one to talk to. Have to say though when you do get through to Co-op banking staff that are so patient and helpful. How ever do they put up with such a problematic sysytem.

  • Carolyn

    When I look at my transactions or my statement it tells me I am massively overdrawn, so I go to the account overview which tells me that I have what I thought I had in my account. Why does it do this – it gave me quite a fright.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Co op your a disgraceful service to UK Banking. 10 days now
    unable to access my statements, DD’s, pay who i want, but you want to force me put an app on my phone. How reliable is that? No one calls you back when they say they will. One saving grace is your staff has always been very polite not matter how rattled i got. Knowing a little bit of IT it seems that the script has not been debugged properly. An invite for hackers!

  • Nikki

    Cannot access my online banking keeps coming up with Java script errors, need to change a standing order, this is hopeless, using the sort code and account number, can access my app on, but can’t change standing orders from there

  • BridgetCG

    And Co-op online banking seems to be down again, blaming browsers, anything but them!!! Is anyone else getting java script errors today. And then when you cannot check your account, and miss a payment or short pay, they hit you with a penalty fee. Get a life Co-op!!!

  • Unhappy user

    Coop bank system is a big joke, nothing seams to work, eg I was requested to type memorable password (name of my last school) which I set up and it was only 3 characters long, and guess what – it tells me that it must be between 4 and 16 characters! I set it up over the phone together with other memorable passwords and have been already asked to provide them when calling them about the bank issues and they have been accepted. Obviously it is only the information that their stuff is checking with things they can see on the screen, things get worst when you have to type those in yourself then you may get what I got. Their stuff is not competent as it looks if they are not aware how they bank works.

  • bigredone1964

    Sites a joke absolute get to account number that’s it wtf

  • Jeff Brown

    Co-Op login has been a disaster all day and it isn’t me it’s most certainly them and not for the first time !!

  • Steve Hill

    Same 6 digit pin issue, combination was allowed according to rules. Spent half an hour on ‘phone (after half an hour re-trying and awaiting someone to speak to) and eventually the rejected pin was accepted after quitting and re-logging in..

  • David Dubost

    I’m trying to enter a six digit pin – and it’s rejecting every combination I choose. Ridiculous.

  • michael poxon

    coop login is a mess. I used to write scripts to do this sort of thing and would have got the sack if I’d have produced such a result! Email address unwarrantedly converted to UCase, unclear text boxes…

  • Agatha kulola

    Am trying to go log in but after entering my password and the verification code, correctly, it says “internet connection error” and my wifi is on. Please help.

  • M88

    Was down yesterday – still down for me now – what is going on???

  • ballbag

    when coop buck their ideas up and sort this mess out, can someone please msg this forum!

    btw coop im moving banks asap, this service is shocking!

  • Marty

    I am unable to login to my Co-Op online banking via website, app is fine.

  • Laura

    I have been having issues with my debit card, seems to be issues when I am using it even though i know there is money in my bank.

  • Peter

    I am in Somerset and getting technical difficulties’ when i try to login. My internet connection is fine.

  • Jenny

    Is the Co-Op banking app down? Each time i keep opening I get an error message.

  • Katrina

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean because i am having the same problem. Is there any way i can access the webpage?

  • Peter

    I am overseas and have been trying to access the website so i can login and it is not working. Its been like 7 days now since i have tried, i have tried on chrome, safari and IE plus firefox and nothing.