Tesco Mobile problems

So many problems can occur with MVNO operators in the UK, such as Tesco Mobile login issues, consumers not too happy with customer service or a total Tesco Mobile outage. The service operated using the O2 network is used by millions in the United Kingdom, so issues will happen now and again, and when they do you can contribute them right here.

Tesco Mobile customers have in the past complained about the signal, problems when trying to top up and issues receiving texts. The worst is when the Tesco Mobile network is down and no service can be accessed.

Other may just have niggles with receiving texts or getting onto the Internet, let alone when the TM website goes offline. We here at Is Down Right Now UK are here for you to have your say, this is an up-to-date page where if problems occur they will be listed here by customers of Tesco Mobile or us.

Tesco Mobile status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Tesco Mobile is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Tesco Mobile? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lin Hubble

    Received a text from Tesco suggesting I upgrade which I don’t want to do and suddenly my phone died,call Tesco who said they couldn’t shut a phone down but when I mentioned vulnerable and investigation it suddenly came back on,the the same happened to my mother’s phone????

  • Catie

    Tesco Mobile I thought was a very good, but one year in I am starting to think otherwise. I am in East Sussex and hardly ever got service.

  • Kells

    Each morning I wake up and want to text my mum i cannot do so because I have no service at all.

  • Billy

    I topped my mobile up yesterday with a tenner and since doing so its not showing me my credit. Once I called customer service it ended up getting sorted but now I have no signal at all, how typical.

  • David

    I have tried to call my mum in Glasgow and she cannot call me on mobile phone. For some reason, which is rare the signal triangle is showing nothing.

  • Syril

    How do I get my Tesco Mobile PAC code?

  • Roger

    Got to laugh really, the Tesco Mobiel customer service is not too bad, but just love the fact they can keep you on the phone for ages and still not solve anything. They are polite though so got to give them that.

  • headworx

    No data signal for the last few hours in Birmingham. B4 area. Rebooted phone, turned data off and on, but wont connect. Keeps coming up with ‘sign in to tesco mobile’ in android….I select use network as it (trust) but still no data :'(

  • John Smith

    No signal for 4 days in south Truro area TR3 6LG

  • yvonne norcott

    I have had no signal now since friday in Saxmundham

  • Jacqueline Dawn Meyer

    Service in Stamford is erratic and has been like this since yesterday

  • Emma Eldredge

    No service today in Gloucester

  • Gary Bristow

    No service in Crewe, Cheshire or sandbach

  • Steph Helliwell

    Not service in Holmfirth since yesterday

  • Angela Spiby

    No internet in Banbury , Oxfordshire for 18 hours now

  • Dave_A

    No network coverage in Eastbourne at work. From what I’ve been told, Hastings is much the same

  • jac321

    I’ve got the same problem as you Sara. I can text and receive texts okay but when I call out no one can hear me and if i receive a call it cuts out! So frustrating. I went into Tesco my provider today and they said they’d had lots of complaints today and something to do with O2’s 2G connection. Tesco can’t do anything as problem is with O2!! Very helpful not!! No idea how long it’ll be like this!!

  • Sara Garnham

    People can’t hear me when I call out but I can hear them. Plus messages being sent multiple times. This been happening for days.

  • Hasan

    Don’t have signal anyone else?

  • John Gilbert

    Cannot connect to server now from Canary Islands

  • Sam

    Can’t make or receive calls

  • Christine Hoskin

    Texts say sending but people are receiving multiple messages even though appear not to have been sent. Both myself and partner having same issue

  • Tracy Breed

    I have had no network while at my home address since yesterday morning texts aren’t being sent or received and call quality is awful my daughter sent me a text yesterday evening it took 1hr 40 mintues to come through if I go out I get full coverage on the connection website they are saying there is no issue clearly this isn’t correct!!!!

  • Cam

    I have no network (sign)

  • Sridhar Yerra

    Hi, I am in a similar situation. No network from yesterday, when I called CS this afternoon,was told that my account has been disconnected due to breach of some gsm code. No more information provided. My call records on my phone show 2 calls made, that day and have received a text. Can’t understand how I breached their terms. I am on PAYG and all services are charged, top up balance was still showing £19.20. Can you please let me know if they told you why your sim was made invalid?

  • Maggie

    I ended up getting a new phone because of that issue

  • Maggie

    I havent been able to get a 3g or 4g signal for about a week now all its showing is E why is this? this is a new phone ive only had it a week and a half

  • Sue Dyer

    Can’t send a text and won’t let me make a call unless emergency number. I have credit. Anyone know if Tesco coverage is down?

  • Abbey

    I cannot call nor text, only emergency calls only, and I have had no signal for 2 days and apparently, my sim is somehow invalid.

  • Cat21

    For two days now, I cannot make or receive phone calls or text messages on my mobile phone. When I try to connect I just get a message saying “your sim card does not allow a connection to this network”; yet prior to this it was all working fine. So why the change, what is going on?

  • Steven

    Thank god I don’t have a contract and am payg. Have had no network signal for over 3 days now in Ferndown, Dorset area. Forget 4 G, cannot even send a text on 2G.

  • Mandy

    Anyone else having trouble topping up right now??!! What a joke tesco mobile really is!!!!

  • Steve davies

    This is beyond a joke two consequecutive weeks without a signal and no appology from Tesco let alone any financial recompense. If they want to keep customers they had better sort themselves out they could start by texting all their customers with an appology . But wait ! They haven’t got a reliable service perhaps they should get a better service provider as I intend to

  • Jenny

    Same here. And then oddly since this has happened I’ve had a security breach on my bank that I use to pay them. It’s all very suspicion and they won’t say what is wrong and it’s been over 36 hours I’ve been down now.

  • Sorcha Roberts

    The phone has had no signal for over 12 hours now. It just says ’emergency calls only’ please sort this out as I have very important phone calls waiting and my parents can’t get hold of me whilst I’m out. I’m in south Devon,Kingsteignton. Please hurry with sorting this out. Nearly 24 hours is ridiculous. Otherwise I will change my contract because this is a joke. Thankyou

  • Dom Barron

    Exactly the same happened to me, they told me when I rang that it was somethibg at there end, and it should be sorted fairly soon, but I’ve still no signal and no one can ring me cos my number isn’t recognised

  • Jamie

    Same thing happened to me and I spoke to them online and they said it should be sorted within a couple of hours but it’s still the same now and I reported it at 9.

  • D’Anta

    My phone signal has all of a sudden went and it says that this number is not recognised when people try to phone it. The bills are paid and I’ve not done anything unlawful why in the world has this happened.

  • n hutson

    I have same problem sg192nj but still say it works hay ho I have 4 mouths left with them sub prim net work

  • FlamingNuisanceCalls

    I haven’t had a phone signal for 2 days & ive been waiting for a very important phone call about a job, I have no idea if they have tried to contact me or not due to Tesco Mobile being down. I paying for a service I’m not getting complete joke.

  • Malc

    My duel sim phone is showing full signal with BT and barely visible signal from Tesco. Just about sums up the terrible service being provided from Tesco mobile.

  • Malc

    I am not sure but as Tesco are having their service from o2 could it be that o2 are rationing there bandwidth to the tesco network especially during peak periods.

  • Anthony Jordan

    Had no phone in Gloucester ,gl54,
    5th,6th& now 7th of march ?!, .
    I have two phones also on O2 ,and no problem, so if Tesco say it’s o2, they are lying, because I can use both O2 sim cards between each other & I can’t get through to my Tesco sim on the third phone?!!!

  • K

    Phone signal keeps coming and going in Stafford for over 3 weeks now. Had a new sim sent to me over a week ago and it’s still happening!

  • Contract Installations

    For the past two days including now as I write this my phone signal keeps going from full to no service every couple of minutes what’s going on I’m at home and have always had a full signal where I am

  • Malcolm Thomas

    No signal for two days including Christmas Eve in Bacup Rossendale, and none for the last tree days. I’ve been a Tesco Mobile user for over 3 years and this is the 5th time. It’s time to call it a day.

  • Lisa

    Lisa – near Wisbech basically paying for contract that I am unable to use my phone at home or even in the garden even though tesco say coverage is good in my area. This I think must break the contract as it is not providing the service I signed up for. The shop at tesco in Wisbech said I wouldn’t have a problem in my area

  • David n

    David n
    I’ve been with tesco mobile for about 18 months and have been happy with it until today no signal at all in Loughborough so get it fixed or lm off to another providers

  • jayne

    Calls keep cutting out after under a minute

  • J

    County Durham area.. Unable to use my contracted internet usage due to no signal….rubbish !!!!

  • dave norton

    Bracknell area. Problems with 3 Tesco phones for few days now. Can’t hear and or be heard on calls. Even voice mail only works occasionally.

  • MamaSpice

    At best, patchy – at worst, no signal at all, for 10 days now! North Fareham (PO17 / PO15)….

  • yorkie_r

    not had data service for 4 days at ashby de la zouch

  • fergo

    No network in North Staffordshire over the last 2 days. Tesco Mobile need to sort out all these problems. Paying for a service you can’t use is not acceptable.

  • Michael Denver

    Tesco Mobile down since Nov 26th in S32 area. No notification from Tesco. Local mast not working: so fix it asap!

  • lottie lou

    My mobile signal has got gradually worse over the last month. Says I have signal then when I try to make a call or send a text it loses signal completely very frustrating really fed up paying a contract for a phone I cannot use. I live in Beetley dereham Norfolk.

  • Emma Callow

    I am really shocked by this (i’ve just found this website), my tesco mobile huawei smartphone stopped making and receiving calls and text messages on Sunday 15th November (ten days ago!) in Cambridge area. I received no information or apology from Tesco Mobile (this was the first time it had happened to me, – I got the phone in April this year) so I’d assumed there was a problem with my phone handset or sim. It’s been a particularly stressful time as I have no landline, then on the 16th Nov. I learnt that a friend had died suddenly, and I couldn’t phone anyone. It was awful. At least if Tesco Mobile had written to me or emailed me, they could have informed me of the problem, apologised for it and informed me that I would have my money refunded for the period with no phone service provided.

  • Simon Meadows

    still no signal for roughly 2 days now Tesco are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

  • patricia Denham

    No service on my mobile for two days now.In East Yorkshire.Also in the six weeks I have been up here have not been able to call or receive calls,cuts off every time.

  • Samantha

    Yep having the same problem. My daughters phone was down all day yesterday, she has an x on the service icon. The only time she can use her phone is if she is connected to the house wifi……

  • David Cootes

    No signal all day?? Anyone else with the same issue?

  • Chris

    Can’t top up my mob been trying for 3 days

  • Prince Ugo

    it is been awful. My wife has been using tesco for over 2 years. But since 29Nov, there has been a x on the service icon on her. She could not make or receive call and when the customer’s service is called, its the same story that there is a problem with the mast in that area. She moved to other places and yet it was the same problem

  • Caroline

    I have three tesco 02 mobiles and ALL are down! cannot make calls, line keeps dropping! texts receiving is a problem, and when I ring the phone is goes straight to voicemail and it shows signal – East London been having problems since Thursday 29 Oct 15

  • Eileen

    Told that “not registered on network” and emergency calls only – in Doncaster area.

  • Peter

    Can’t top up my phone ,been trying for 3days

  • Teresa Marie Strudwick

    Hardly any network coverage in Sudbury/ipswich suffolk

  • Janice

    Both myself and husband have got phones from tesco with there network and it’s been a nightmare, texts not arriving or taking hours to come through, sometimes not allowing to call, or cutting out in middle of conversation, really wished we had gone somewhere else, we are in Durham area.

  • Lewis Byron

    My partner is having a similar issue. Ohone has been working fine upintill the last few days where at home shenow has no signal. We’re in the north of the city and this is the first time this has happened.

  • Jim Johnston

    I live in Nottinghamshire when I try to phone someone it comes up no service or searching, even when I do talk to someone my phone cuts of, I am now thinking of going with another provider because it went on to long.

  • C

    Also no service in Yorkshire/ Lancs border for the past couple of days.

  • k knowles

    Aaaargh. Either emergency service or network busy for most the time on border of n yorks n lancashire. Driving me mad.grrrrrr

  • Kim Parsons

    No signal for 10 days in PE31 !!!!! Tesco said waiting for repairs soon!

  • amills

    Only g in Bristol area. Has been 4g before. Pan settings all correct

  • Samantha Brown

    currently no mobile internet only wifi in manchester. also unable to send mms but sms no problems

  • Barbara Robertson

    Is tesco playing up today. Can’t send texts just keeps coming up retry if I go on FB or a web.

  • Kerry

    Tesco mobile signal been intermittent in Northumberland region for almost a week, last night lost signal completely. Anyone know what’s happening please?

  • Mkb

    One way audio on Tesco mobile in Brecon LD3 area

  • Darkventure

    I have spoken to Tesco mobile, if anyone is experiencing issues in the Norfolk region, it is due to a Obst that is down in our area. O2 has been working on it for a couple of days now but Tesco is unable to give a definite time for the repairs to be completed. If anyone needs info, best to contact O2 direct.
    Hope this helps.

  • Darkventure

    Tesco Mobile/O2 signal has been unavailable now since about 13.30, 24.092015 Iin the Norfolk region. Has anyone got Info how long this is going to continue and whether this is a scheduled interruption?

  • Briege

    Intermittent signal Newry, Northern Ireland all this week.

  • p.lang

    i’ve not been able to use my phone all day in nottingham and my son is the same in leicester. Is anyone doing anything about it? we’re all paying for a service we’re not getting

  • Lisa

    Is tesco down at the mo phone is saying no service ??

  • d sheppard

    Still no network calls and txt this not good pe289lq any one else having problems

  • d sheppard

    No single in fenstanton cambridge shire yesterday and today

  • C smith

    No signal in North tyneside today, anyone else having problems ?

  • hay

    no service for 2 days what a joke

  • Marc Franklin

    I’m not impressed should have stayed with ee

  • Matthew Smith

    I am only one kilometre away from a mast and still no signal. Looe.

  • Matthew Smith

    Just bought a mobile on monthly contract from Tesco and have done the necessary. It’s been operative for four days now and no signal whatsoever, yet there is supposed to be 99% coverage in my area. PL13 1QX near Looe in Cornwall. It’s going back to Truro tomorrow. Junk.

  • Wendy Wauchope

    Really bad signal today and the last couple of weeks in Shropshire. What on earth is going on? Persuaded my Daughter in Lancashire to swap to Tesco and now she is wondering why I have done that as her signal is rubbish too. It is so frustrating and time consuming.

  • No signal today Toome/Randalstown .

  • Henry Little

    very bad signal in Launceston for past couple of days, usually brilliant!

  • Julie Chapman

    Tesco mobile signal on and off for a couple of weeks. Not good enough. Receive texts but many if my texts are not being sent, despite being seen as sent. Stamford.

  • HenryWood

    Scottish Borders, TD9, no Tesco mobile signal for 3 days now.

  • Jef Laurence

    I have no signal at all for calls texts or data in haywards heath west sussex ….. It has been in and out for over a week now and today is total blackout ….. What the hell is going on ……. This is not good enough and i feel we should be reimbursed for these problems

  • liamac

    Tesco mobile on off signal all day in stanground areaa

  • Martha

    I have no 3g/4g and no signal around Hampton Court area.

  • Katy Taylor

    No Network since 5pm yesterday, Wirksworth Derbyshire

  • Nigel Sleaford

    Tesco Mobile in Sleaford Lincs no network.

  • Margaret

    Poor signal in Lowestoft. No O2 in the area as mast is down. I have only 1 or 2 bars – keeps changing.

  • Kyle

    In Edinburgh and getting no service at all, this is silly as need to ring my wife who is away on a course.

  • Kerry

    In milton keynes and got no signal, cannot send or receive anything nor can i get data.

  • Jamie

    For two days now all i have had showing on my mobile phone on the tesco mobile service is, “No Service”, are they having issues?

  • Alan

    Got no Tesco Mobile service in Somerset.

  • Alex

    Tesco mobile is not really that great, I know they operate on the o2 network but where does the problem lie when you are not longer getting signal or internet,

  • Seth

    Is Tesco Mobile down for anyone? I am in Norwich, UK.

  • Cath

    Everytime I try to order a second contract with Tesco Mobile the website plays up, it only plays up when i login after checkout.

  • Calder

    Tesco Mobile on Twitter really loves saying, “I’m really sorry to hear that.” To be fair they have nothing to be sorry about, most of the complaints are rubbish. My signal has been perfect.