Snapchat problems

Is Snapchat down for you right now? This sharing app is fun and addictive for when sharing photos and videos, where it is different is the way they are shared. Once you have posted a photo or video it will be deleted from the recipient’s device as well as being deleted from Snapchat’s servers. ‘Is Down Right Now UK’ is a place where you can share your Snapchat status reports.

Snapchat users may have difficulties’ trying to login, in some cases the service can be completely down, and this is where you can share any problems at all with the community. So, if you are having Snapchat online login issues, video, sound, camera etc then please do report them here.

If you receive a server outage or error message, login issues with Android or iOS apps or anything else, then below is where you can share then. Help the community by sharing your problems.

Snapchat status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Snapchat is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Snapchat? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Maxine

    Snapchat is down, been down like it for around 12 hours now – Cannot post anything!!!

  • Nigel

    Posting to stories is not working, keeps coming up saying failed.

  • Jamie

    I have been on Snapchat all week without any hassles at all, but as soon as I go home and use home wifi snapchat will not log in even though the wifi signal is fine on my laptop etc.

  • Karen

    I have been doing some cool photos and wish to upload them to my stories, but today they are not working. Even my messages are not sending and was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues?

  • Joan

    Snapchat is either way to slow loading and then its totally down, getting ridiculous now trying to post pics.

  • Julie

    Snapchat maps are not loading for me, i asked my friends and they said theirs is opening but not accurate.

  • Kaylei

    bitmoji glitches for me when in snapmap, anyone else having the issue where it goes from one location to another?

  • Melissa

    When I am using the Snapchat chat feature i am not able to send messages but yet people can send to me. Then they phone me asking why I am blanking them out lol.

  • Peter

    Just so everyone knows the Blake Lively Snapchat is the @ livelybk – it is not broken you just got to know what to look for. Only sharing this because i am seeing so many questions on where to find her.

  • Bob

    Loving the fact when you try to find CARA De La Hoyde Love Island stuff you cannot on Snapchat.

  • Kerry

    Snapchat is not refreshing for me, just stays on the page I am currently on.

  • Mickayla M Llanes

    My snapchat won’t let me reupload past videos

  • Kat hughes

    My snapchat wont let me log in on my phone but lets me log in on other devices

  • Lonny

    I cannot seem to open up my Snapchat Viewer app.

  • Adam

    I have had a few issues with my camera freezing on me, anyone else?

  • Maxine

    Who is kate bullen on snapchat, I have heard of this name a few times now and cannot seem to find her. Who is she?

  • Rachael Swan

    I keep getting shake to report every time I open up snapchat

  • Kieran Atkin

    why you block me?

  • Kieran Atkin

    make sure to add me Kieran.atkin

  • Hj

    Add my snapchat; greezy.hj for top quality banter

  • Oliviamayy13

    Add me oliviamayy13

  • Oliviamayy13


  • Emily

    Add me up, emily_xx231102 xxxxx

  • Braden


  • Kieran Atkin


  • G

    rip streaks

  • jack

    Got back on

  • Shannon

    Its back on wooo

  • Max Benda


  • Rita

    it’s back

  • Megan


  • j


  • Hey

    I cant login because of no connection? I have full wifi and streaks with timers on! Omll

  • Tariq Amani


  • Rita

    eyyyy it’s back

  • Shannon Rose

    It’s back up everyone

  • Lizzy

    Mines come back on!!

  • Megan

    I think they’re over complicating the whole app, they shouldn’t off added the video call and all that, it was fine before all of it, there’s other apps to do all of that

  • Daisy


  • Shannon Rose


  • Letia Ackroyd

    When will the server be working again

  • Scott

    Still can’t login! 🙁

  • arfanbashir2002

    Snapchat servers only go down for a few hours

  • Shannon Rose


  • Mo


  • Mo

    Oh k