Smite Servers Maintenance, Problems

When up and running smoothly, the third-person MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game by Hi-Rez Studios is a stunning piece of mastery. But PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows players can tell you of the frustrations they face when the servers go down, being it maintenance or other.

You maybe a mythological figure or a facade of a god taking part in an immense arena combat, but all the abilities in the world and team tactics will not make you happy if you cannot access the online game.

Some of the main issues to occur include the game being down due to server difficulty or maintenance, the Smite Reddit page not opening, experiencing a login error.

As well as the lobby chat not working, issues with creating an account, and updates such as 3.06 not installing the way it should. Maybe you are having issues downloading the SMITE Companion App, or it keeps crashing upon opening. No matter what problem you are having lease do let us know below.

Smite status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Smite is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Smite? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • James

    Hey Hi-Rez, I am totally not happy with losing 2 of my boosters, how do I get them back. Game keeps dropping when I go into a game and used my FP Boosters.

  • Bibbs

    Smite servers down yet again, what now?

  • Alex

    Wonder if any one else thinks that this game is a unicorn, you know a myth that does not exist pass the login screen!!!!! Just a thought.

  • Joe

    Not really pleased with this game any more, for a while it was amazing but things are going wrong far too often. Not able to login, game crashes half way through a game and me swearing at the screen is not helping anyone.

  • Martin

    There is a tactics maintenance underway right now, the official status page also says something about Tribes maintenance too.

  • Paul

    It is about time the Smite Game updated chest animations, opening the chest is rather boring so do something to make me go wow.

  • Matt

    Smite servers are down for me, not able to play right now. Guessing there is a maintenance break.

  • Grant

    What is the Smite version mismatch?

  • Toby

    What is your Smite status right now? Mine is offline.

  • Lowes

    it looks like there could be issues with Tribes PC.

  • Jobey

    The Smite maintenance for October 25th 2016 is underway, this is for the Smite PC 3.20 upgrade.

  • Mal

    Looks like the smite server is down considering no one can get to play online.

  • Carson

    Smite is down for me, not able to play at the moment.

  • Melissa

    Get ready for the new Smite PC 3.12 Upgrade today.

  • Craig

    Does anyone know how long today’s (July 6) Smite maintenance will last for?

  • Markie

    My smite server status is reading offline, simply because i cannot log in at all.

  • Sarah

    Have been told there are main issues with Smite in Atlanta area, but reports are also coming in from other users in the UK.

  • Tony

    Not able to connect to Smite’s servers right now, not happy at all as was looking forward in playing this as stress relief.

  • Paul

    The Smite Hot-fix for Paladins is underway. Have fun PC gamers.

  • Mark

    Have you any idea how long this maintenance will last for Jessica? Thank you,

  • Jessica

    The Smite PC 3.9 hotfix is underway, not too sure what they are fixing but servers are down.

  • Billie

    Smite servers are down at the moment, now able to play on my computer.

  • Chad

    There is a scheduled Smite maintenance happening right now for a PS4 restart.

  • Julie

    Not able to log into Smite, not happy now.

  • Pamerla

    Not able to login to Smite, surely there is maintenance going on.

  • Nicole

    Not able to connect to Smite, are the servers down?

  • Kyle

    I hate the smite app on the iphone, its super slow and boring waiting for things to happen.

  • Peter

    Smite is lagging really bad today April 28. When I casted a spell for a late reset and now cannot get into a game.

  • Gary

    This game is down more than it is up, maybe they should call the game SPITE as its spiteful to not let us play when we want to.

  • Brent

    I am having problems trying to log in to Smite.