Skype issues

Skype is a messaging service so you can stay in contact with your family and friends; it is also used a lot for business calls being it by instant message or video chat. But when Skype goes down for any reason it has a massive impact on users, and this is why Is Down Right Now UK is here.

This is the Skype status update page for when you have problems, when people have issues they can leave them here. Call it a place to vent your frustrations, obviously keeping all your comments clean.

Main Skype problems to occur will include login issues, connectivity, website or app outage, files not being exchanged properly, messages not being sent and video chat not opening etc. You may also be having issues with Skype on your Xbox, PlayStation, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android etc, if you are list them below.

Are you having issues with Skype?

Skype status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Skype is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Skype? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Paul

    Due to connection issues I am unable to login to my Skype.

  • Janis

    I was doing a Skype group chat for business and they could hear me but I could not hear them, which in my eyes made me look unprofessional.

  • Sarah

    I have paid for my Skype number but its going to voice mail hen i get calls and not coming to me direct. Support is basically not worth the hassle after a few days of trying to get help and even they do not know how it all works lol. I have gone to social networks to find info and nothing.

  • rezoloot

    Is skype down, It dropped me then will not let me back on, wonder if I could get back on messenger

  • John

    Calls are continuing to drop mid call, my broadband connection is super fast so having slow skype is not matching is it.

  • Heather

    Skype was one of the most stable chat apps out there, now it is worse than WhatsApp and that’s saying something.

  • Cain

    Not letting me connect this morning of May 19th.

  • Jerry

    My messages and calls are not being received and would like to know why. I have logged out and back in again and still not happening.

  • Leah Edward Richtofen Clarke

    Skype is glitching. The group calls are not connecting. Calls keep ending. It’s being really weird when we’re in calls, we cannot use it anymore.

  • Soph

    facebook and skype down for me 🙁 just as i got a message from my friend in anouther country 🙁 miss them so much but cant contact them and probably wont be able to for anouther month or two.

  • Meh

    It’s working for me and a friend. However, it constantly says that we’re connecting when the actual call is fine. It also states that everyone (friend and I included) are “offline” which is simply not true.
    So it is working, but it is acting strange.

  • Michael D’Arcy

    Down in Bristol

  • Annoyed

    Down in West Yorkshire, UK.

  • ikhlaq

    Down in Glasgow, UK.

  • Raj

    not just here. my colleagues in india can’t chat either

  • Craig

    Skype is down in London, sign in is not working.

  • Mark

    What the hell is going on, i tried to sign in to chat with my parents and not able to. Nothing has been said on Twitter so there isn’t a scheduled maintenance.

  • William

    Skype for Windows 10 does not like it did before i did the new install. All it does now is crashes and i am not happy at all not to be able to chat with my wife and kids when i am away. Thanks to Apple for Facetime, which i will be using from now on.

  • Karill

    I am only having problems with Skype on Android, it will not send messages, open voice chats but will video chat. Not sure what the issue is because i have restarted and unistalled and reinstalled etc but still the same problem.

  • Karl

    Messages are not sending, its strange because i can don audio and video call but cannot send messages in chat with people who are on my contacts.

  • Simon

    Not been able to access Skype now for two days. Just not opening up all i get is the apps rotating circle and that’s as far as it goes.

  • Alder

    currently experiencing issues – this is the message i am getting when trying to sign in to Skype. What is the real reason for this other than a technical issue, these don’t last that long do they, its been like three hours.

  • Sacha

    Getting Skype to work is really bad today, not working on Windows 8.1, keeps freezing on me.

  • Joyce

    My Skype is fine and works well, but for my parents who lives 300 miles away from me are not having the same luck. They phone me and say when they try to open Skype it keeps crashing on them, I asked them if they are up to date with Skype and Mac updates etc and they say yes. Can anyone help because dad is getting a little upset with it not working, bless him.

  • Dawn

    I made a video chat with my mum yesterday from Scotland to Kent and it cut off half way through talking. Only happened the once then called back and all was good again, strange, was there a slight glitch with Skype’s services?

  • Tim

    Is anyone having issues sending messages through skype?

  • Melissa

    I send a file to someone and they keep telling me they have not received it, I thought my mate was playing around so I sent the same file to my dad to see if he could open my covering letter, and he couldn’t either. Whats going on with Skype, i have sent many off before and all worked fine. I’m baffled.

  • Jacko

    Is anyone else Skype calls working, mine isn’t, I am in Cardiff.

  • Juno

    I keep getting disconnected form video chat when I call my partner from my hotel. I done a test on the hotels internet and all is good.