Sky TV and Broadband

Sky Broadband, TV, Talk, Go Mobile apps are just a few of the services and when either one of these go down it really impacts its customers. People use the apps on their Android, iPhone and other platforms so they go Sky services on the move.

Main Sky issues seem to surround the internet and this occurs when the Broadband service goes down, sometimes it can either be a total outage or just very slow indeed. Sky TV also has its days when it goes down, and when the TV or Broadband services go down this could mean it is a problem the server end, or it could mean an engineer has to come to that particular location to source the issue.

If you have a complaint about Sky Broadband or TV services please do share them below, this is your one-stop Sky service status page for up-to-date issues supplied by our community and us. Are you experiencing a Sky Broadband outage?

Sky status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Sky is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sky? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sara Shorney

    following a lightning storm in the Llandwrog area (LL54 5TR) Sky internet is down although sky TV is working. Following a phone call I could not find a correct identification for a key worker and as such have got nowhere. The internet is required to allow work from home with vulnerable families. Can you please help? phone number 01286 830051. This message sent by my father on my behalf.

  • Benny

    You phone Sky and let them know that things are not playing, channels sometimes freeze and not able to record now and then and they just say they do not have any troubles. WELL I know they don’t because I DO.

  • Peter

    I am located in Chepstow and not getting any Sky signal. In that I mean no internet.

  • Joanne

    I am in London SE23 area and I have no Sky, well I do, then I don’t – basically been up and down all day long.

  • Graham

    Looks like Sky Broadband is down, starting to actually think I might cancel my Sky Broadband. Customer services only tend to look after newish customers and fob us off with we are looking into it all the time. The internet has been down on and off for the last week and now again today, oh and forget restarting the hub because that doesn’t work.

  • Beverley Alison Warren-Stimpso

    No Internet since yesterday, Derbyshire area 🙁

  • Sirfeel Closed

    Leicester East – internet down 2 hours +

  • Sonia

    My broadband is super slow at the moment and now and then it goes off and then back on again. I live in Stoke on Trent and getting like 0.5mbps.

  • Wayne

    I have no internet at all, but then again nor does my friend who is on Virgin..

  • Bobby

    MY broadband has been on and off since Christmas Eve and still having problems.Maybe Heineken should do TV lol.

  • Isobel

    Sky broadband is turning on and off all the time, cannot get into anything online because the darn thing keeps losing signal.

  • Beth

    My Sky TV is totally down in London N2 area. All I am seeing is a blank screen.

  • Chrissy Berriff lambert

    Leeds 26 area fibre been off since Monday- what’s the problem SKY no one answers my tweets! Rubbish customer service. Anyone Advise me please. Chrissy

  • Margaret Harman

    I am in Wiltshire and for the last three days can’t get any Sky channels or HD channels or some of the other channels. The channels I can get are heavily pixelated and keeps freezing. Weather shouldn’t be a problem as it’s not snowing, raining windy etc. so what’s the problem? and yes I’ve checked all the leads, etc. aren’t loose.

  • Tracey

    I am in Greenwich and got no Sky service, 8 hours and still nothing.

  • Paul

    I got no wifi signal, no TV and the weather was sunny. The sky is blue as is my TV screen lol.

  • Jennie

    Sky WiFi has been ridiculous the last few days, I changed from Virgin to Sky and wish I didn’t. I am in Romford, this is just stupid with all the tech we all have and I cannot get internet lol.

  • Mark Croft

    Sky broadband is rubbish in leeds area, very very slow and keeps going of every 5mins.SKY FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!

  • Colin

    Broadband down in Wandsworth for the last 2 hours

  • Sam

    My Sky Internet stays on for like 20 minutes at a time on my iMac and then I have to close the wifi via the little icon on the screen and then turn it back on again which makes it run again, then 20 minutes later I get disconnected again.

  • Kelvin

    I tried to access the Sky live chat thingy online and half way through a conversation I got cut off and had to go through the same text all over again.

  • Janie

    My Sky Internet is now working again, servers are really bad for this service.

  • Martyn

    What is the Sky cancellation number? Because I am now going to cancel my broadband Internet service, I seem to be ithout it more than I have it so what is the point in paying for something I cannot get. BT here I come again.

  • Brian Privett

    Broadband is down today. RG26

  • Gary Dando

    Sky Boardband is down Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

  • Duke

    mid Cheshire lost internet, 30 minutes Wed 30 Nov, 2100

  • ben

    Sky had been down in Bristol since late Tuesday, very poor service all week and now on Friday the 18th it appears to be totally down.

  • Colin Nowell

    Sky broadband is down in the DN7 area from just before 2am

  • Anya

    Sky has been down in Bristol since Friday night 28th October!!!!

  • Cs

    Sky is down today in Reading . Why??

  • Lisalocks Z

    Down right now? 3 days ago? 16 days ago?!! Yeah, helpful!
    I dunno if my Sky is crap or it’s simply the standard generally, all whilst I let them fleece me silly…

  • Sb

    Broadband is Down in Bedford

  • Shelly

    Sky is down in catterick colburn and richmond in north York’s

  • Andreya Owusu-Mensah

    Broadband connection not available in Thornton heath

  • Mark (Editor)

    Good morning, for some it is not so good because there are a few issues for fibre customers. The Sky Help Team are aware of problems that are occurring with customer browsing. They have engineers investigating, hopefully all will be running again soon.

  • Jason

    Sky is down for me in Bracknell.

  • Sammy

    I am down and out in Croydon, Sky servers are sure playing up this morning.

  • Roy

    I have no broadband, the major issue is fibre as well as DNS issues.

  • Julie phillips

    Broadband connection not available grimsby

  • Nicola

    I left Sky for EE and I am coming back to Sky, I have tried BT, EE and Virgin and wished I never left Sky as even though they can be bad sometimes they are not as bad as the other 3. Only saying.

  • Leon “The professional”

    I’m gonna move to BT when my contract is done. Having sky on 2016 is pointless

  • Leon “The professional”

    No Internet for the past 3 hours in Mitcham

  • Mara

    Same here, in Gants Hill and still no broadband after being down since yesterday morning. Will tweet on this, we should be compensated.

  • Shareiq

    Internet and telephone down since 10:25 am on 30th June. Really fed up , no update since morning! Ig2 Barkingside , Ilford

  • Carole

    Internet down LS28 8PH that’s pudsey West Yorkshire. Yellow light flashes now and then on router. Happened yesterday as well
    22nd June .

  • Hans

    Loss of Sky broadband tonight in CR4 Mitcham, been slow for past weeks too.

  • Jane

    I’m in Dulwich and haven’t had broadband and phone line since yesterday 14 June 2016. My parents live 15 minutes up the road in Camberwell and have not been affected.
    So frustrating…
    Sky mentions a handful of areas affected on their service status page. ses to be random on who have and don’t have services.

  • rob

    I am in Clapham and don’t have broadband / landline since 3.28 pm 14/06/16

  • Jean

    I’m in Dulwich and haven’t had broadband since about 3pm yesterday.

  • Hayley

    I do not have any connection in Peckham.

  • Moga Cosmin

    My Sky Intenet is also down from 2 days in Central London.
    Anyone who knows when is coming back??

  • Jerry

    I have series links set on record but they never record. The channels never working as usual, so i text, tweet and try to make contact with Sky and nothing, all they say is how can we help you then they no nothing. All about sell sell sell with them and look after new customers and give all the goodness and freebies to new customers.

  • Macie

    I am totally down with no internet in CO15 Clacton on Sea area. No Internet today again.

  • Shirley

    My Sky Internet is down in BS9 area.

  • Hazel Webster

    No broadband in Leicester.

  • Jane

    Have been experiencing problems with Sky tv for months now…..intermittent picture/sound loss at different times of the day and evening. Seems to be a very common problem in my area (south east London) as others seem to be having the same trouble. Have tried all the “solutions” offered on various websites but none have worked. Just thankful my broadband is with another provider.

  • Susan

    Looks like there is a sky broadband outage happenign right now, so i decided to visit the official Twitter account and behold there is in London and South East.

  • Freddy

    Sky internet not working in Tonbridge, UK.

  • Daniel

    Sky Internet outage yet again, Sky gives all the best ackages and stuff to new customers and forgets about its loyal current customers.

  • Sara

    I have no Sky broadband, I am Surrey and have tried rebooting etc and still nothing.

  • David

    Is anyone having issues with Sky Internet being down?

  • Shantanu

    Sky Internet down for 8 days now . Spoken to 4 representatives of sky ..Don’t have a clear picture when the internet will be back . NO clear communication from Sky team . Pathetic condition .. Unfortunately no Email is given for correspondence .. Had to spend working hours in just holding the call and waiting for responses and absolute no coordination among the departments . Birmingham area .. Shantanu

  • Genie

    Sky been down for 6 days now, getting no information from sky about when the Internet will be back other than wait 24 hours. Like I said 6 days later still no sky and no idea when it will come back, very disappointed in lack of knowledge being handed over and just being told to wait 24 hours each time I ring. Liverpool area.

  • Andy

    My sky broadband is down yet again. I’m in Warrington Cheshire. It always seems to go down around 1am every few weeks and it used to be you could phone up and they’d just fob us off with “it’s an exchange problem and our engineers are working on it” but now we cant even phone them as they aren’t open at peak times, they are only open during the day now, GREAT! Sick of it now, it happens far too often and been happening for years and always at the same peak times, so I’m stopping my direct debit and signing up to bt.

  • Steven

    My internet gone down

  • J

    My internet is completely down in co.antrim n.iteland

  • chris

    Sky broadband keeps failing in Atherstone, Warwickshire area. Sometimes its OK, and then its down again.

  • Martin Patterson

    Sky internet is down in the north Swindon area. Is it a local issue?

  • Clare

    Yes mine too

  • Mark

    Sky Internet down in Birmingham anyone else having problems

  • Vivien

    Sky broadband and phone been down for a couple of hours in Middleton area since at least 3.00am. Is anyone else having problems in amd around Manchester?

  • Jamie Hampton

    How long has it been down for you?

  • Jamie Hampton

    No internet in London or anywhere it seems, thank god I’m moving to bt in a few days. Noting but problems with sky

  • Miranda

    My kids sky channel is down and the house is mayhem, please hurry up and come back to me cartoons. Technology has killed my children’s brains.

  • Messi

    My Sky TV channels are not working, I press a number and the channel shows up for like a brief two seconds and then goes blank.

  • Joanne

    Sky broadband is terrible, the only downside to having Sky internet and sky tv is when the broadband goes down so does my tv.

  • Josie

    Is the internet down in Manchester because i am getting nothing?

  • Lisha

    I have no Sky broadband in London, near Camberwell.

  • Siu

    I am in Manchester and not getting any broadband. Is there a Sky outage at the moment or a maintenance.

  • Linda

    I am in Bolton and both my home phone and internet are down, seriously need to sort this now because it is still going to cost me money service or not.

  • Robin

    Sky Broadband connection is so so poor, in London trying to get on the Internet is silly now.

  • Lisa

    Sky Internet keeps dropping, nothing new there then!!!!!!!!

  • Misa

    Sky lagging, very slow interent, channels sometimes not working, need i go on – oh hello Virgin Media.

  • Avril

    Sky broadband has a mind of its own, it would rather not work than work. Still no Internet for crying out loud.

  • Andy

    No Sky TV n south west london.