Sky Email issues

Sky Email is a secure email service for Sky customers, which offers mobile email, 10GB storage, calendar, mail forwarding, chat and much more for free. From time-to-time Sky Email issues can include login page problems or connection error on Android and iOS devices such as the iPad.

They offer a superb and very easy way of transferring your contacts over to Sky Yahoo Mail, which will allow emails from other accounts to be seen all in the same place. You can set-up Sky Yahoo Mail on your desktop, but it makes more sense to set-up on your mobile device for instant access wherever you go.

Is Sky Email down today for you? Sometimes customers have problems setting up a new Sky Yahoo Mail account on their mobile devices; there could be a Sky server outage. Many issues do occur and we would like to hear from you. Vent you complaints below –

Sky Email status reports for Tuesday 14th of August 2018

To find out if Sky Email is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sky Email? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sky Mail Care +1-800-585-2494

    After optimizing your browser, you should try to log in your aol mail again. I am sure you will start getting emails from your aol account.

  • Yahoo Care 1 8OO-585-2494

    Yahoo Live,

  • CathyC

    In South Wales. I seem to be receiving e-mails but totally unable to send for the last week

  • Yahoo Care 1 8OO-585-2494

    Yahoo Live

  • S C

    No email access since Saturday anyone else with same problem.Annoyed

  • Angela Scott

    Down here all day in Chester or Street . Not happy

  • Yahoo Care 1 8OO-585-2494

    Yahoo Live

  • Tom Barkas

    Not working now in Cumbria

  • Roger Harding

    Roger Harding
    2 minutes ago
    My sky email is down on all devices since 17:00 31/12. I can log into my sky account on the Web but when I click on email is says there is a problem with your account, ring this number. When you ring it it says call between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Not a lot of good on New Years eve and you need your email to confirm travel arrangements

  • Sky Mail Care +44-808-143-3686

    Sky mail issues in UK
    Contact us
    Free Helpline and Support Staff
    Thank You.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Sky Mail .HeIpIine. covered by Yahoo

  • Mail Help +(44)808-143-3686

    @Free Helpline
    @Login Issues
    @Mail Problems
    @Get Live Support Now.
    @ 24*7 Support Staff
    Thank You.

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Sky Mail .HeIpIine. covered by Yahoo

  • Sky Mail Customer Support

    Report Now (44)8O81433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    @Login Issues
    @Mail Problems
    @Get Live Support Now.

  • mark jason

    Customer Care (44)8O81433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    Login problems
    Mail issues
    Get live support 24*7.

  • HelpSupport

    Sky Mail Customer Support- (44)(8O8)143-3686 Free helpline.


  • Frank Nolan

    so is mine

  • TheUKProf

    a few of my sky yahoo accounts are down right now

  • Jill

    My phone, email and internet are offline in Grantham. They said they are fixing the issue but I do not see how because it’s been like 10 hours now and still nothing.

  • Gav

    Typical, because my Sky Internet is down so is my email. Starting to really hate Sky services and yes HATE is a strong word and i mean it.

  • LEE

    No Access to sky/Yahoo Mail for 3+ weeks. keeps saying username or password not recognized? I have had this email address since 2006 and never changed a thing. Urgent emails pending, probably too late now.
    this is very urgent. unless i have had a password reset hack done without my knowledge i have no idea why i cannot sign in? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! medical appointments are not coming through, or job applications.

  • Nick H

    Since Monday 10/04. Error message when trying to log on “Cannot get mail user name or password incorrect”
    Same issue on my laptop, tried re-entering my password to no effect

  • Sky email is trying to download over 42 thousand emails going back to may last year!

  • Craig

    I set up that the Sky sports news comes to my email but for some reason this is not working.

  • Sky Mail Customer Care

    Customer Care (44)8081433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline

    Login problems

    Mail issues

    Get live support 24*7

  • Sue

    Sky email server down since Sunday what the hell


    This morning I kept getting e-mails on my phone asking for my password after a few tries it would never accept. I then changed my sky password via my computer
    and was able to access e-mail fine on computer. I cannot get mail on my phone now I have deleted and reentered my account but it will not now accept my new password or old one ? Maybe tomorrow ? I have even downloaded other mail apps but non will sync with sky on my phone grrr my second sky additional sky e-mail still syncs on my phone but not my main one..

  • chem

    Can’t access my email at all. Not on PC or android. Can’t contact sky as they are having problems with their systems… no kidding!!!
    Recently made redundant and expecting emails regarding possible jobs. Seriously unhappy!!!

  • Ivan Harrison

    Had no email since last Friday, can’t even log into sky account. Same problem with my BT account “what the hell is going on”

  • Rob Roberts

    Not working for 2 days yet Gmail OK from same device.

  • melly

    not working since last night

  • plord

    Why isn’t there any informtion to say why email server isn’t working on Sky site

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Report Now (44)8000903248 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    Login Issues
    Mail Problems
    Get Live Support Now.

  • George

    Not able to send emails, but can receive, Happning regularly. When I go to server status on Sky’s site it tells me I have a recent order – which I do not…..

  • SPD

    Keep getting message saying ‘server can’t receive mail’. Frustrating.

  • neil

    its down at the moment, not able to send, but can receive.

  • Triant

    At last, four days of getting emails without any glitches, i will bookmark this page for future references if something is wrong.

  • Jasen

    Is Sky down? Not getting my emails today, which is a little disappointing.

  • Marriott

    Not been getting any Sky emails for the last two days now. I can send them ok but not receive them. I even sent myself and email from another account and nothing.

  • Jenson

    Unable to connect to Sky Yahoo Mail, this has been happening on and off for like a week now.

  • Pearson

    I am unable to see my emails from today, i can see yesterdays bit nothing from today.

  • Jaden

    I cannot open my Sky emails, the servers seem to be up and running and my sky box is fine. So i am guessing it is a fault my end. But I have no idea what the issue could be.