Santander Online Banking Login

Santander is one of the leading banks in the UK, and hundreds of customers rely on the service to be fully operational. But as soon as it falters, which can include the website being down, servers completely going offline, money transfers not going through etc, they are left deflated and unhappy.

It is the Santander online banking login that sees most complaints, customers have in the past seen error messages such as service not available, please try again and this leaves them locked out. The problem is when users have entered the correct details into their login and yet it still comes back wrong, then after like 3 times you get locked out and have to either wait or ring Santander customer services.

Santander also offers financial services, corporate banking, mortgages, capital markets, cash management, retail banking, credit cards, Insurance and more. If you are having any issues with any of Santander’s services please share below.

Santander status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Santander is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Santander? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alan

    I logged into my account today to transfer monies from my savings into my current account and it would not let me, even though its all under the same login account.

  • Sybil

    Tried both my Santander personal and business direct debit cards in-store, online and they didn’t work, so I thought OK I will get money out at the ATM and they would not work there either.

  • janet tolley

    Is santander down right now, trying to login from abroad, 27 Dec 2017

  • Simon

    When I try to do online banking all i keep getting is an on-screen message saying, “We’re sorry Online Banking is not available at the moment. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.”

  • Karen

    Online transactions are not working, they keep timing out all of the time. Getting past the authentication is now a problem as well.

  • Paul

    Is the Santander website and login down for everyone else or is it just me?



  • Chloe

    My money hasn’t gone in either, might as well not bother using banks anymore and do what my nan did. It was called house banking – more safer under the mattress lol.

  • Mark

    Damn this now, last month and this month my money has not gone into my Santander account.

  • Fred Wing

    Transactions are not working – says ok , but nothing happening ,.Not showing in history and nothing coming to recipient.

  • Brian

    My direct deposit pay check still hasnt gone in yet.

  • Carla

    Has anyone received their money into their accounts yet?

  • Kirsty

    My wages is not showing up in my account, what gives!!

  • julie

    Grrr second time in a matter of weeks I have been logged out of my account after putting in the correct details. Come on Santander, get your act together.

  • Paige Lyons

    Anyone experiencing a message advising them they cannot log on even though they put the correct details

  • breeze 147

    The android app is slow when needing to do transfers and is slow when closing down apps both android and ios on ipad. Santander please address glitches

  • Murray Snudge

    Android mob app slow to load……logging on securely……..loading……then wait long enough the app opens. It’s been like this since yesterday.

  • Carl Ballantyne

    Seriously, you have online access to the web yet don’t know what to do about a lost debit card?

  • Joe

    I was supposed to have been paid today and even though it shows I have been on my works end it is not showing as cleared at my bank, it normally does on the Friday i get paid.

  • Crossley

    MY Santander online business banking login is not working and I know it is the right details.

  • Gorkem

    Yes the same thing happens to me, actually has happened tome in two months for the third time. That means I have to ask for new security number details and waiting for a post that will arrive in 3-4 days. We are in 2017 and a bank exists without a proper authentication system. Life is full of surprises.

  • Gorkem

    The same

  • Melanie

    Cannot log in to business account even with correct details. business line not open on sundays either – anyone else still having this problem?

  • Lennie

    Do I need to be worried about this Santander email scam going around, when i go online to login i am fronted with a huge warning about email scam.

  • Jimmy

    I am with Santander and would love to know what i need to do after i lost my debit card.

  • Lynn

    I Reported That Santanders internet bankin was down all last week to a bank clerk and she replied oh we havent had anyone else complaining il make a note of this sure enough all this week its been up then mostly down I ordered a gift from Amazon and when I looked on my internet banking the cash looked like it was still there in my bank account I logged off went to go back in Error Error thats all I kept seeing im frustraited now and im just going to waste more time phoning Santander!
    Funny thing is their staff premote their online banking when you go into bansk so ul stop using paper statements maybe if their Internet Server Acually Worked We all might go paperless?

  • Gibbo

    Thank goodness. I’ve been having the same issue with app log on. I reinstalled a few times but that didn’t fix it.
    The only fix I’ve found is to turn the phone off and on again. Not ideal though

  • Carlos Norman

    Lately I am finding more frustrating trying to log on to my account using the app on my iPhone. I was told, by customer service, to delete the app and to install it again; I did and it work once but now is doing it again. When you click to log in you have to wait for a while and then a box comes in saying “Connection reset by peer” or Unable to log in. Please Santander solve this ASAP.

  • James B Swindley

    Both the website and Online Banking app seem to not be working for me now, no problems before, I made sure I put in all the details correctly and either it takes forever on the app and does nothing… Or the website just says Incorrect Passcode of Security Number… :L

  • Rod Oakley

    Not updating receipts

  • Jon S

    One week ago logged in 3 times using correct password but got locked out. Replacement password arrived worked once and then after 3 fails I have been locked out again. Santander were not able to explain this or say it would not happen again. Absolute rubbish.

  • Miriam Golding

    I’m sorry I don’t understand, I have just joined your Bank. Because I Thought your Reputation proceeded you, but I have just tried to login for the first Time, & find it isn’t possible your Computers are down , I wanted to eventually to move all my Banking over to you eventually, but I need my Bank to be up & running , I’m 67 & would need access to my Accounts , but According to your Reviews, it doesn’t Back your Ideas, How Often would you’re Bank Spend online to compared With being off line. I kneed a bank to be Available 90% of the times, your many reviews don’t altogether instil me with Confidence,
    I am 67 & have had 4 Stroke & disabled, & Depend on ti. Yours Sincerely Mrs M Golding

  • AFP Robinson

    MADENNING…STILL CANT USE ON-LINE BANKING its been going on since end August! get it sorted Santander please !!!! and i tried your tech help…just lots of music, no help

  • Martin Harvey

    this is getting beyond a joke, every time it recognises the personal ID number and then fails at the password / security number – but it’s broken as it keeps asking for the same digits – if it was working they would be different every time surely for security ?

  • galerina

    29.08.16 Santander Online Banking down for last 2 hours. Stuck in a login loop. This is happening on a regular basis.

  • Steph O

    16th August 2016… 12:05AM!

  • Liz Windust

    9.37pm no online Banking…….well fed up now….

  • Linda Williams

    Cannot get on to online banking

  • Steve Dunham

    10am 20th July. Not able to login via mobile or online 🙁

  • Steve Mead

    09:50 Thursday 28th July SANTANDER website crashing

  • John Bamford

    7.30 Thursday 28th July – it’s down right now, and so is Unity Trust our business bank

  • Mike Goodall

    Today 25th July, 1st log in page works (with long ref no) then sends you to the page with your pic and phrase but no pic or phrase.

  • Heather

    Today is July 20th and not able to login to Santander online banking services. Looks like all other online banks are having same problem.

  • Bobby

    I am having issues with Santander’s online business login page, i have tried using app and PC and still not letting me in.

  • Tonii

    I have tried both website and mobile banking app and none of the Santander services are working for me.

  • Garry

    There seems to be a problem with my Santander online banking login, its not letting me in for some reason. Have the systems been hacked or something?

  • LLD

    LLD: My online payment failed on 25th May and they told me it was a system problem “nationwide”. Was advised to try half an hour later. But it had been three hours I was waiting for paying my flight ticket. Flight price could go much higher tomorrow……

  • LWJ

    I am having a problem with the mobile app. I log on then . I try to do anything like move money between accounts it takes me back to the log in page again. What’s happening?

  • D Reacher

    I am on holiday in Turkey, I need get in to my account, I log in, then the site is telling me to log in again. I CAN NOT LOG IN.

  • Biffo

    I log in and all looks normal. However, as soon as I try to do anything, I am required to log in again and it’s back to square one. The site tells me cookies are necessary but not enabled. The first bit is right but cookies are enabled. Same result with Chrome, Firefox, Luna. Santander should give meaninful service status information instead of BS about cookies.

  • Nik

    Been having problems logging into my account for the last two days! Can get onto their general information site but as soon as I try to login it errors due to timing out. Very frustated!

  • dazpanzan

    Hi Tel, I’m in the same boat…..I think there’s just a clich problem with login, they’ll probably fix it soon. Hope so anyway, I wouldn’t worry, as frustrating as it is.

  • dazpanzan

    There’s something wrong with login, I’m being repeatedly asked for my pass codes and recognition images/words only to be put back to the home screen again and again.

  • Tel

    Is it down rite now ? I logged on took ages at mid nite but my wages arnt in ! Then I checked again took ages . Every thing else loads fine full internet , fb insta and Google load fine . But online banking not loading then when got on my wages ain’t in still and it’s not going on any of the options wouldn’t let me change mobile number or set up new payment details as no code was sent to my phone and last time checked wouldnt load past security ?? Please could some one tell me is it a problem there end or have I really not been payed as worried now as have to pay dets this Morning . I’m off work as suffered a break down so panicked and sent angry email to my works :/

  • Paul

    I have a credit card that needs a payment making in 24hrs. If I don’t I have to pay the full balance but can’t because of Santanders failing online banking

  • Imtiaz

    I think this is an issue with Firefox. It does not seem to accept the Digital Cert issued earlier this month (4th April 2016) by Entrust Inc. However, other browsers work. Having said that, Santander has put a message on their website to say that they are investigating the issue.

  • steviens

    Online message ‘We’re sorry Online Banking is not available at the moment. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.’

  • philbur

    It seems to happen more regularly lately. It’s has reach the point of being unacceptable, possibly a time to change banks.

  • Alice

    Been trying to access Santander online banking all night and stil no joy. What’s wrong?

  • Simon

    I cannot seem to login to my Santander account.

  • Sharon Cleary

    My husband transferred 700 into my account to cover direct debits on Friday night. It has never appeared in my account. Santander saying problem not on their side yet other transactions in last few days not been automatically debited as they usually would. Very frustrating

  • John Cheesman

    Still cant login on tablet or phone..pc is okay tho

  • Dead Rat

    they are a joke. not just because they re having these frequent problems. but also because they twitted a while ago that the problem has been resolved. no it has not. to answer a previous comment: yes it says this nonsense about the cookies. my cookies are enabled and i have logged in in so many different other accounts (university, credit card, etc) that wouldnt be possible without the cookies enabled -even if i was the kind of moron that would not know how to check in their settings. seriously, lame online banking is a reason to reconsider whether i should keep my account there.

  • LP1125

    I am still having problems to. Its Saturday and i need to access my account information. Mine also says I need to enable cookies which are already enabled. Does anyone have any other info re what is going on today?

  • Tom

    thanks for the info, least I know for sure that it isn’t IE playing up again

  • Tom

    having the same issue Grace. Keeps stating that I need to enable cookies in my browser, which are already are. Has to be something on there server side that’s playing up

  • Omendata

    Yip they had a massive dos attack at 4am this morning – i was monitoring it real time could see it happening.
    Looks like it was coming from Botnet!

  • Grace

    I cannot log in to my Santaner account today. I keep on trying but to no avail. I am seriously worried now. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Jean

    Is there something sinister you ng on with site-problem going on for rather long time

  • Julian

    Most of my debit card transactions have been declined, I know i have plenty in the bank to cover what I wanted. But now I cannot even log in to check for sure what i have and what is going on.

  • Brian

    Every time I try to login it is not working for me, I also get this pop up trustee security thing as well. What si going on because not only have i had issues with paying for purchases using my debit card now i cannot even login to my online banking account.

  • Berry

    I logged in earlier OK but now I seem to be having an issue. I need to transfer some money va my online accont which means i have to do the old fashioned way and call them going through the press 3 million buttons to get through to a music channel so to speak whilst on hold.

  • Kate

    My money hasn’t cleared today, come on now its Friday and I need my money.

  • Elizabeth

    Internet banking in playing up for me this morning. Is anyone else having the same issue trting to login via the iPhone app?

  • Donna

    I tried to login to my Santander account and now I am locked out, this is a pain in the backside because i know i put the right details in.