RBS digital banking login and problems

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) do have problems with the service now and then, with the major ones being login issues and website not responding due to servers being down. Millions of customers need the service to be fully operational so they can access investments, savings, current accounts as well as their mobile banking apps.

RBS digital banking login and problems

Are you having RBS digital banking login or problems? The two main areas being online banking and mobile apps are very important indeed, and when issues occur customers need a safe place to come and vent out.

Along with the likes of Ulster Bank and NatWest, RBS provides a great service throughout Ireland and UK. It is not often The Royal Bank of Scotland services go down, but when they do they have a huge impact.

RBS status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if RBS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with RBS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • David Berens

    Where can you find historic information about outages? Thanks

  • Ryan

    I cannot seem to enable a card reader. When I select the option a new page appears displaying the title “Digital Banking”, then bellow states “This option is not available at the moment.” Is there an error with digital banking at the moment? Or is this an error only on my end?

  • Chris

    I cannot get the RBS loan calculator to work online, I am using Firefox and before anyone asks I have also tried in IE.

  • Joe

    I look at the RBS bank share price on a daily basis and see that they are doing ok, the people that are not doing ok are its online customers, can never login to my account lately.

  • Janet Rasdale

    well what a week cant log on to rbs online banking , so i phoned virgin media as adviced by rbs and it seems we have a problem that will take until march to fix ,now i am in wonderland wondering how to sort my payments online , as i am disabled this is why i depend on the digital banking.

  • Albert

    I cannot use my RBS debit card with the likes of Next because authenticating payments it does not ask me to put in a password to authenticate, should i be worried?

  • Craig

    I am in Spain and tried to login to my RBS UK account, and it is not letting me. Keeps saying service unavailable.

  • Jeanie

    I tried to use my card earlier on today to get cash out of the cash machine and it would not work. So I went into the branch and there was nothing wrong with my card, yet other people were drawing money out of the same ATM.