Rainbow Six Siege Server Status, Problems

Tom Clancy’s games are always of high-octane caliber and Rainbow Six Siege is the latest in the series for platforms Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and when there are issues such as servers being down etc we all need a place to vent or ask questions.

What is your Rainbow Six Siege server status? Do let us and other reader know if Rainbow Six Siege is down for you, or you are unable to play a game, got any loading glitches, matchmaking issues or anything else.

Gamers have already complained in the past about the error code 8-0x, so maybe you would like to let others know or discuss about any other errors you have experienced. Other areas of concern can include synchronizing data, DLC nightmares or maps not working the way they should. Share now your Rainbow Six Siege problems below.

Rainbow Six status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Rainbow Six is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Rainbow Six? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alex

    I am hoping I’m not the only one having matchmaking issues, 2 hours and still will not let me enter a match.

  • Bobby

    Rainbow Six is under maintenance right now, which is why we cannot get online. This is running right now on platforms XB1 and PS4, oh and there will not be any player facing changes.

  • Dave

    I am hating this game so much as each day goes by, yet again the servers are down. First yesterday and now, hackers are proving that Ubisoft needs to up their game, just hire the hackers….

  • Rahim

    I keep getting error 00000209 and have no idea what this means!

  • Jorgie

    How typical that i am in the middle of a ranked game and R6 goes down on me….

  • Algimantas

    Down in uk and most of the Europe the same in USA
    Russian attacking as I can see no problems in Russia:D

  • Jordan

    Back on in uk

  • Austin

    It is down everywhere, I ahve been checking Twitter and servers are offline here in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Portugal and more.

  • Erkan

    I just got home looking forward in playing RB6 Siege and they decide to not let me, come on now sort your servers out Ubi.

  • Bruce

    The servers of Siege are down, apparently both PC and PS4 are affected.

  • Rio

    Please hurry up and fix the issue ubisoft, the servers are down today and yesterday i was banned for killing a team member by accident lol.

  • Peter

    All they are saying is that they are investigating the online services and they are just basically using the same tweet to reply to everyone…

  • Clive

    LOL, The Rainbow Six Siege server status is basically ermmm mmmmm DOWN.

  • Dean

    I had my headgear as well as a good weapon aka skin and i lost them both. Why is this?

  • Blair

    I am in the west coast of USA and gameplay has been suspended, maintenance yet again i guess.

  • Donna

    I have been playing this game since it was released and am a loyal R6 fan through and through. BUT i am seriously considering finding and alternative so i need not use these servers any more. I think the online gaming is beyond help.

  • Caitlyn

    Rainbow Six Siege servers are down for me again, this is now twice in one day.

  • Rainbow

    Servers offline for me so-cal 1/25

  • Glen

    This game is still under maintenance and now they are hoping Rainbow Six Siege servers should be online within 30 minutes.

  • Percy

    I was ranked and then the servers decide to go offline, so ticked off right now.

  • Jed

    Also down in Romania, whats going on?

  • Nolene

    I am in Ireland and I am down.

  • Charlotte

    Xbox One and no Rainbow Six for me, servers are down. Whats the outage to do with this time?

  • Del

    All R6 Siege platforms are down and Ubisoft have no ETA when the servers will be back online.

  • ChurchoftheBlackPanda

    Ah yes, and the random server errors. Those are as fun as they are inexplicable.

  • ChurchoftheBlackPanda

    Recently came back after a few months and bought the “season pass”. Am running on a GTX970 with 8GB of RAM and a 20MB line yet the rubber-banding is near constant, it’s impossible to play and I get kicked from almost every game apparently due to momentary ping spikes >500ms. No idea what this is about as I have no problems playing Battlefield 4 or any other game. Shite, if you ask me. It has the makings of a classic if they can get it to work.

  • gus partin

    Servers are down East Texas USA. What are these guys doing all the time?

  • Mitch

    Three times in just 2 weeks the servers go down like this. What do we pay for Ubisoft?

  • Grant

    Rainbow Six servers are not working right now, problems with online services yet again.

  • Orlando

    I decided to do some purchasing and bought some attachments and camo for Caveira but I cannot seem to find them anywhere.

  • Mike

    Rainbow Six is down for me, cannot get online at all.

  • Gladis

    There issues with Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking, this is apparently an issue on all platforms.

  • Booby

    Rainbow Six Siege servers are having problems because I cannot play ranked match.

  • Mark

    Is there a rainbow six siege maintenance break today? I have tried to connect and nothing is happening so that tells me the servers are playing up, because my net is fine.

  • Brian

    R6 is down, really need to know what the problem is again. On Twitter Rainbow6Game says there is an issue but do not explain what that is.

  • Jeray

    What are the issues that are causing online services to go down?

  • Lomas

    Ubisoft you seriously have to sort out your Rainbow Six Siege servers. I have been banned yet again for no reason at all.

  • Abdul

    Are the servers down for anyone else? They are for me, not been able to play and online game for 25 minutes now.

  • NoJoy

    This new update is a lot worse than what it was before. So many glitches i got the error 0004 yesterday after a few games.

  • Karla

    Looks like there will be maintenance on rainbow six siege soon, for update 3.2 for consoles.

  • TeRRa_ByTe

    Rainbow Six Siege PC severs are down for the newly released 3.3 update. NOW

  • Harry

    Maintenance is underway but for PC only, so do not worry PS4’ers.

  • Rob

    The Rainbow Six maintenance is underway and will last for about an hour, servers will be unaviable during this time.

  • Kalvin

    How can the official status website say the game is up and running with no errors yet I cannot play the game?

  • Muhammed

    I am getting these random server errors and have no reason as to why they are occurring.

  • Matt

    I am having issues with rainbow six siege update 1.11 I installed recently.