PS4 2.04 SU-30709-9 error with update problems

The new PS4 2.04 update for February 17 is causing somewhat of a problem at the moment for those trying to download it, Gamers are venting their anger because they cannot access PSN whilst getting an on-screen message saying ‘An error occurred’ then they see the SU-30709-9.

The PS4 2.04 SU-30709-9 error with update problems has not yet been officially announced over on any official PlayStation page, including social media networks. Gamers are still continuing to be without PSN access because the servers are no doubt being hit hard with people trying to download the update.

When people are trying to update their PS4 with the 2.04 software the SU-30709-9 error just keeps popping up, but a few gamers have said be patient and download process will begin. A few are managing to get to the “view details” page but when there they get an “Access Denied” message.

Are you seeing the PS4 2.04 SU-30709-9 error message? If you are having issues please do list them on our PlayStation (PSN) brand page.