Plusnet login and outage status

Plusnet users are not too pleased when they have login issues, but it is even worse when there is an outage leaving all services down. Service outages can be due to DNS malfunction, maintenance etc, but what ever the reason of fault you can have your say here on this page where other community readers can read and reply.

The British ISP (Internet Service Provider) has been going since 1997, but it became a limited company in 2004. Owned by BT Group now Plusnet has grown and now has millions of customers in the UK.

If your Plusnet broadband is down or you cannot login, or even if the website is down we want to hear from you. Maybe you are having issues with customer service or even webmail; please leave your Plusnet service status below.

Plusnet status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Plusnet is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Plusnet? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Andrew

    Plusnet connection is dropping way more than normal, to be honest it’s becoming way to frequent lately. I done a speed test via my app I have always used and it says I am connected to Vodafone UK.

  • Mandy

    Plusnet internet not working and tried app settings and still nothing working, I have tried signing out and then when I try to sign back in nothing works. There are some serious issues right now and this needs sorting.

  • Wendy

    I am in Somerset and my service status is very bad, my brother lives like 20 minutes away from me and uses Plusnet but their service is fine.

  • Edward Ryan

    Service was down again tonight getting tired of this!

  • Joe

    I have tried my Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone 7 and not service at all, for some reason my router is not flashing at all.

  • Lewis

    Plusnet is yet again down, this is not the best internet service, its just a nightmare and all i have to keep doing is using my data which costs money.

  • alanpaul

    Could access e-mails briefly this morning, but can’t login this afternoon. A few days since I had a proper webmail service.

  • Monique Levont

    Unable to access emails. I am off to Italy for a wedding next week, so could not have happened at a more inconvenient moment. Disappointed customer!

  • Diana Anderson

    Internet lagging and not loading properly and can’t log in to my plusnet login atall

  • Shel

    Will they answer after the hour said,wouldn’t if don’t have too hold! Or could I b waiting for hours???

  • Shel

    Is that true?

  • John

    Cannot log in to claim £50 cash back

  • Kelly

    I can’t login keeps saying incorrect ? I can’t even login as a guest !

  • ash

    Mines asking me to login and it won’t even let me do that

  • B

    I have the same issue. Have just signed up, broadband activated but no broadband. Its been down for 3 days now. Only worked for two days. I was told it would take them 8 working days to investigate. Landline keeps playing up. Im so disappointed. What a bad service.

  • Simon

    What sort of deals with Plusnet be doing on Black Friday?

  • Kevin

    I had issues with my Plusnet so decided to call them, 55 minutes later on the phone and still nothing sorted. So still no internet.

  • Kiley

    My broadband and landline went down for hours, and all we get is they had issues and then sat here waiting ages. Complete nightmare if you ask me.