Plenty of Fish or simply known as POF is a dating website, and when uk.pof.com is down this has a huge affect. There have been times when the site goes offline, and its 3 million active daily users are left without the ability to find their perfect date.


It is very rare POF goes down but when it does its chaos, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are inundated with posts and tweets from concerned members. Most of the time they are just wondering what is wrong with the service, and this is why IDRN (Is Down Right Now) UK is here.

Not only can members have issues with the Plenty of Fish website going down, they could also have problems with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android apps. Twitter and of course visiting the site direct will let you know if POF is down, but you can now come direct here and share your problem, as well as communicate with other POF members.

POF status reports for Thursday 8th of December 2016

To find out if POF is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with POF? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:


    It is my understanding that POF has encountered a major hacking job that completely destroyed it’s entire operating system. It cannot be found on the Web because it’s DNS has been badly scrambled. It quite possible that POF is finished for good…kaput. It is not expected to be repaired any time soon…it is down all across the USA and Canada.

  • ben

    pof still down??? not been able to get to homepage for 5 days

  • Lee Mc

    its back for me now.

  • Lee Mc

    hahah sounds about right

  • yellowest meadows

    cant you log in too??

  • yellowest meadows

    you aint alone i was terrified thought i cant log in was my account delted for no reason ..argggg

  • yellowest meadows

    is pof website down…was so stress thought my account deleted for no reason arggggggggggg

  • samprincessw

    it will soon be back up and we can all be ignored on there again!!!!

  • Sarah

    Yea says network error

  • Sarah

    Down in north wales

  • Aimee Wiscombe

    Yeah happened to me this morning

  • Damien


  • Lee

    Looks like pof is down worldwide

  • Suey

    Pof down hertfordshire did anyone else wake up logged off unable to log in

  • Damien

    Is plenty of fish down ??

  • Clare

    Down for me too, showing error and won’t let me log in!

  • Harry

    Plenty of Fish is also down for me, I am near Greenwich, London.

  • Peter

    Not only is toe app offline, the POF site is also down as well.

  • Kate

    I am also getting the pof network error-1.

  • Benny

    Plenty of Fish is down, I keep getting error-1 network message, what does this mean?

  • Carrey

    I have a network error when trying to login to my POF app, are the servers down?

  • Luke

    Indeed sir, not able to login myself, which is a pain because I had a notification of messages.

  • Craig

    Looks like PoF is down for a while, already been offline for like 15 minutes.

  • andy

    Setting my height correctly but displays different.
    I’m getting “want to meet” but not allowed to message.

  • Franklyn

    Why does pof not allow you to log in after a whilei t says you’re email is not recognized or invalid email that needs to get sorted out asap some people are using for genuine purposes so others shouldn’t have to suffer for what others are doing with their own profile accounts

  • Catharguy

    Can’t log into plenty of fish dot com right know?

  • Brianna

    Plenty of Fish is very hard to love at the moment, get matches and then get kicked offline.

  • Cat

    Yes pof defo down..kps saying all users are deleted with me or throwing me off

  • George

    Are the plenty of fish servers down right now? The reason I ask is down to nothing working. Tried logging in a few times and i keep getting try again later.

  • Kate

    Plenty of Fish is down, i cannot seem to login via browser or app.

  • Perry

    I have taken a look at the official POF Twitter page and they are not reporting any issues, but yet their website is down. Whats the point of twitter if they do not tell us whats happening.

  • Orson

    The plenty of fish website and apps are not working, the servers must be down for some reason.

  • Cat

    I set up an account at the weekend and the next day I had forgotten my password so requested a e-mail reset and it tells me that one has been sent but I never receive it? Any ideas, as if I cannot ever get back on there I would rather my account be deleted?

  • Kirsty

    Plenty of Fish is offline on November 10, 2015. No dates today then.

  • Claire

    I can’t login to my account I signed up for 3 days ago it’s saying my password or username name is wrong but I know it’s correct, I have emailed pof customer services a number of times and have not had a reply, I click on the linked to reset my password but still haven’t had a link sent to my email, what shall I do can any one help?

  • Macy

    Showing up for me at the moment, but yes POF was down for like ten minutes before coming back online.

  • Jane

    Plenty of Fish website is up and down today, one minute i can get onto the website and the next there is a connection error.

  • Leslie

    Think its time to leave Plenty of Fish and move on, its been a great relationship but its time to end. It you not me this time, profiles not showing up right, site goes down, the list goes on. Goodbye dear and hope you do well.

  • Mitch

    Plenty of Fish, i think not because i have trouble logging in, then when i am in i cannot open my full profile. Am I actually destined to be single?

  • POF

    Undergoing repairs and checks to the entire sight. Sorry for the inconvenience to all users.
    Hope to be back up by the end of this week. If you have indecent pictures on your profile you may find you have no account when you return.

  • POF

    Undergoing repairs and checks to the entire sight. Sorry for the any inconvenience to all users.
    Hope to be back up by the end of this week. If you have indecent pictures on your profile you may find you have no account when you return.

  • Benny

    Plenty Of Fish seems rather slow today when it comes to a page opening.

  • Lilly

    I cannot see any POF profiles, is there a problem today?

  • Jane

    Is anyone having problems with plenty of fish right now?

  • Geraldine

    I can access Plenty of Fish, but when check my profile it seems to be all over the place, i have also noticed, that when viewing other profiles it is all messed up as well.

  • Graham

    Is anyone having issues trying to access POF?

  • Orson

    Plent of Fish website is surely down because it is not opening when I try to login. Even the main website before trying to sign in is not loading up for me.

  • Kieron

    Not able to login to PoF, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Lucy

    The Plenty of Fish website is not down because the homepage shows up, but when i try to login its not letting me.

  • Jake

    POF not working, no internet connection please try again, that is the message i keep getting.

  • Loraine

    My app keeps shutting down on me each time i try to open my messages. How can I check my POF if it keeps crashing, this is silly.

  • Perry

    Why do i have to keep creating a new account, this is stupid now. Time to move onto another similar app.

  • Drew

    I created a new account and it has been deleted, I cannot seem to login to this account anymore. I did nothing wrong. It is just happened on the app version, because when i do online via laptop all is ok. App is useless.

  • Kittie

    Damn I was bored last week, I could have had dinner lol.

  • Porter

    I was waiting for my date and the only way i could contact her was through POF, but I could not access the site last week. This was the .com site im not too sure about this UK one. Did I get stood up or did she message me and i could receive it so she just canceled.

  • Orson

    POF UK is rather slow at times, I end up scrolling through and the scrolling is painstakingly slow.

  • Harriot

    Things with the site is all good at the moment, but last week was a complete nightmare when the site went down.