PlayStation Network (PSN) issues

Gamers are always asking others ‘is the PlayStation Network down right now’ for them, the online gaming service allows PS4, PS3 and many other platform gamers the ability to play online. When Sony released its PS Plus package to gain more benefits such as free downloads etc people expected to get a better service.

PSN is down right now, even though this can include a total outage it can also involve login issues, connection problems and many more. The official PlayStation Network server status page can vary on a daily basis and even though no errors occur on some days thousands of people do have PSN problems.

We all know when there is a planned UK service maintenance the PlayStation network will go down, and now and then it can be hacked just like it did Christmas 2014.

Please do share your real-time updates if you have any issues, is PSN down for you right now?

PSN status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if PSN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PSN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Ryan

    Not able to get online and then all of a sudden it signed me out of my PSN account asking me to log back on. What is the ETA on this one…

  • Danny

    I got logged off and now not able to get back online, keeps coming up with an error.

  • Kate

    Playstation servers are down and everyone is not able to login to play online.

  • Courtney

    Not able to sign into the Playstation network, I am just so annoyed because I want to play my The Division 2 game, that I purchased today. Not happy at all.

  • Ben


  • Ben

    Pa3 gta 5 servers down can’t get online

  • Amber

    Not playing gmes right now because PSN servers seem to be down, i got an error code last week that banned my IP.

  • Nicky

    Error code SU-35931-1, when will this actually be fixed. C’mon guys please sort this out.

  • Ben

    PSN login not working, this seriously needs to get fixed now because playing online games is basically now offline gaming only.

  • Tobie

    The PSN maintenance earlier today happened but it did not stop online gameplay, so what was it for?

  • Ken

    I saw both 82000168 and error 82027850 this morning and would love to know what this was for…

  • Ian

    PlayStation can just go and do one now, they are seriously taking the mickey now. How the hell can i keep getting a message saying connection with Sony Entertainment timed out?

  • Bethany

    This code has been known for many years now, it happened to me last year where I could not get onto the PS Store or in most cases not able to play game online… But just search Google because there are many fixes. It does mean changing your DNS settings.

  • Bobby

    PSN is down yet again, all I keep getting is the eroor code ws-37397-9 what does this even mean.

  • Luis

    I am in Africa and its down here to not just the UK or USA. There has been no official word on a PSN maintenance so what gives man?

  • Karen

    LOL, the servers are down right now and people going crazy, its ok people its just maintenance. No doubt to clear a few things up to make things better for you.

  • Jenson

    Not able to connect, apparently it is undergoing maintenance and showing WS-37432-9, probs best just to sit back and calm down. It is nothing serious i am sure.

  • Byron

    For crying out loud, the servers are not working and now I am getting the error code on ps4 WS-37397, does this mean I am banned?

  • Jen

    The official next maintenance is set for – Start: 01/02/2017, 02:30 and End: 01/02/2017, 03:30

  • Marcus

    The official server status page for PSN shows all servers are down.

  • Damiel

    There is no PlayStation maintenance today, not one that is scheduled anyway but yet the servers are experiencing an outage.

  • Lenny

    PSN servers are down right now, which is strange considering maintenance is not until February.

  • Donny

    MY PlayStation will not work for me on my phone, when I try to sign in all I get is a black screen.

  • Kelly

    4 days and counting and still not able to sign into my PSN account, I have tried everything and still nothing. DNS changed and unplugged and much more and still a no go.

  • Marcus

    I love the PlayStation network and all of that but playing the new VR headset is no good when you cannot get online.

  • Matt

    Not able to logon at the moment, are servers down again because this is doing my head in if it is.

  • Carien

    Is anyone having problems with the Watch Dogs 2 crack?

  • Lisa

    I am having issues trying to find any PlayStation VR games in stock, seems to be so popular they are sold out everywhere, in that I mean the good games.

  • Peter

    have just bought the PlayStation VR headset from Tesco and I am having issues connecting games online, how do I do this because it is not working for me?

  • MDK

    PSN Sign In is not working (showing endless ”Please wait…”) …from couple of days…Afganistan

  • Jon

    Mine is also down since I checked at midnight yesterday. Do we get compensation for this?

  • Cat

    Is anybody else’s down today?

  • Douglas Jessup

    i had £120 charged to my ongoing accoutn for playstation plus and my email has been changed to i cant log in fortuntaly got a refund from paypal and they canceld the onging transavtion

  • Roo Lockey

    It’s down for me in the north east of england

  • Bigdog lou

    Still down man wtf

  • Master Derp

    Down on the Yorkshire Coast.

  • Lou

    Still down fkin ellll

  • Kay

    Yep, down here in south east England too. Been scouring the internet for an update but can’t find any news of when it’ll be up and running again

  • Lou

    Down in manchester uk

  • Dennis

    Down in the netherlands, does anyone know when it will be online again?

  • Bob

    I am down in Bristol, PSN is offline.

  • Charles

    PSN is still undergoing maintenance, this is crazy but i know it has to be done to give us a better service.

  • Leanne

    PSN server status for me is offline, i thought the scheduled maintenance ended a while ago today.

  • Łukasz Samotyja

    down wakefield all day

  • G

    Down in barnsley

  • BigNickUK

    Network is down

  • Calvin

    I use my PS4 to watch Netflix and cannot sign in. Hurry up I need to watch a show before going to work.

  • Julie

    PSN is down for me, not been able to login for like an hour now maybe longer.

  • Henry

    Is the PlayStation Network down right now? Not letting me login so surely it must be.

  • Rudy

    I was having a chat with my friend on my PS4 chat when i got disconnected. Now I cannot reconnect.

  • MikeEU

    All EU and UK support Websites are down since October 5 2016 afternoon. Why Sony does not inform people on Homepage?

  • Diane

    PSN is down yet again, it was already down yesterday for a while for maintenance wasn’t it and then it is going to be down for another scheduled maintenance on the 19th of this month.

  • Asia

    Cant login and cant change password… to top of that my account was hacked while ago… psnetwork is rubbish

  • liam

    Mines been down 3 weeks now got told no problems reported in this area. North east england

  • Dazza

    This is my 5th day with no access for my PS4, just will not let me connect. No message sent, no help at all, no information, worse than really poor.

  • Bleach

    I am tastiest drink in world

  • Satan

    I took it down so get rekt!

  • UK_beastmode

    I even called them and they said that there werent any problems and then I said so are you denieng any problems like all those who got hacked and they put the phone down on me

  • Hannah Jade Britcher

    What really grinds my gears is you go on their official status page and its blatantly lying stating ALL SERVICES ARE UP AND RUNNING. Who are they trying to kid?

  • Jonna

    PSN is down for me in London, what’s going on guys?

  • Mike

    I am not able to sign in to my PSN account.

  • Annette Gooden

    Been 2 days, not able to sign in to PSN. Sony give no details of whats happening, RUBBISH

  • Greggor

    Yes, down in Las Vegas and my friend said its down on London too.

  • Grace

    It is down everywhere, this is a global thing my PSN lovers.

  • Louise

    There is a psn outage and Sony are well aware of the issue, they are trying to sort it out so be patient people.

  • Toby

    The scheduled maintenance is not until the 19th of this mnth, so why are the servers down now?

  • Simon

    PSN is down today July 13, not happy as was right in the middle of playing a game.

  • Toby

    Whats the point, get an Xbox One like i did because PSN is always down anyways.

  • Juan

    I have tried to set up my PS4 to UPS but am having a few problems. I have read so much info on how to do it but not really finding anything useful. Any ideas anyone please?

  • Johnny

    server problems for me.

  • Martin

    Is psn down for anyone else? Seems to be for me as tried to login after i was booted from Fifa.

  • Mark

    What is everyone’s PSN server status right now? I am asking because i am unable to login to my account in London.

  • Alison

    PSN maintenance will commence tomorrow morning, but what is it for?

  • Peter

    Not happy at all that we cannot update any of our PS4 games, whats going on for crying out loud?

  • Robert

    I purchased my PS4 yesterday and was very excited to say the least. All unpacked and ready to set PSN up and its a no go. It will not let me sign in to my account that i have had for years. Keeps saying wait and that’s it.

  • Lana

    I want to play my Diablo but need the new update, but updates not working. Is PSN playing up again?

  • Mark

    The PlayStation Network is now down for 3 hours for its scheduled maintenance, not happy though because I cannot play CoD Zombies Giant online.

  • Dean Albert Howard

    Hi all my problem is when I play gta online ps4 and I want to buy shark cash it rhen says there’s nuthink available right now come back later it’s been like that for 5 weeks now so I go to playsttaion store and buy them and then it won’t download the media to my ps4.thanks all hope sameone.they an help

  • Kalim De Villiers

    You know how long it take to screw in a light bulb that like for fix thing on ps4 or PS3 my saids mantance I come home from hard days not happy one bit

  • robert mihai

    Is down i can log in , IT don t Work playstation network

  • TenWeevi

    Psn has been hacked

  • Grimlock2k15

    Come on psn down for 6 hrs pls get it fixed it did pay 700pound to be down u need to to gave us a free game or something. Get it fixed asap pls ty

  • Mathew

    Lol scrap that I’m in!!!!

  • Mathew

    Down in Wales UK

  • Max

    Yep, the servers seem to be down for maintenance on 04 Jan. Hopefully it is just maintenance and not another security breach. But I don’t know what to think because this is pretty sudden and nowhere online does it say there was scheduled maintenance today :/

  • Grace

    Not happy that i have not been able to play online on my PS4 due to this maintenance, when was this planned because no one knew about it.

  • Toby

    Why now – playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance on January 4, 2016. How long is this going to take to complete because its been too long already.

  • Carl

    PSN is currently undergoing maintenance for me. This was not scheduled so why the suddeness?

  • mark

    I am playing COD Ghost Extinsion. But now after ammasing loads of teeth and seeing people run around with circle of health to revive you. I am aware you purchase through the armory Upgrades. But when I go to option it requires the Devistation map, And then jumps to my screen for maps. This then is the problem the screen just hangs and does not load up. My ISP is Virgin Media. Regards any help.

  • Daniel

    I cannot sign in to Netflix, get games online, i am logged in but there does seem to be very bad lag issues when playing zombies on call of duty aw.

  • Justin

    I have this sneaky feeling that Lizard Squad will take down PSN!!!!!! Do you think PSN will go down on Christmas Day?

  • Chrissy

    PSN is down for me in London. Any idea when it will be back up?

  • Daniel

    I have just been booted from a game, does this means PSN is down yet again?

  • Jesse

    I am having nothing but issues with playing my new Black Ops 3 Call of Duty game on the PS4, keeps logging me out for no apparent reason.

  • James Catlin

    Iam the same been trying to get on allday and still not happening

  • Tony

    PS4 is affected at the moment, trying to sign into my account is not happening. I have checked the PSN Status website and they are aware of the problem.

  • Peter

    I am down in London, no PSN for like 30 minutes.

  • Renatta

    PlayStation network is down in Germany right now.

  • sdc-foxy-lady

    its back up guys

  • sdc-foxy-lady

    my PlayStation 3 just shut down on me

  • Philfoofighter

    I’ve just been kicked from PSN cannot sign back in

  • Mick Nash

    Can’t sign in

  • Adela

    How long is the PlayStation Store going to be down for?

  • Martin

    I am having a few issues trying to access PSN Store, it seems both PS3 and PS4 are affected here. Main issues seem to be browsing and redeeming vouchers on the store.

  • XENO

    I haven’t been able to sign in properly for about a week now. Whenever I do sign in, it takes ages loading up my friends list, and ‘whats new’ sections of my PS4. But overall I can’t play any of my games online because it says I have no Internet Connection when I am clearly connected to the Internet. It happens on my PS3 too, had a technician down to look at my router and it’s apparently not my router since it is working 100% fine and how it should be. It was brought up that it generally is possibly my connection to the PSN server I am connecting to IP. Anyone else having this problem? Gives me error code (WV-33907-2)

  • Lyndsey123

    My son can’t get into any of his games main one being Disney infinity

  • Chase

    What is this error code: WS-37504-9 in PSN?

  • Clayton

    Actually could it be so many people are playing the black ops 3 beta that it has knocked PSN servers offline?

  • Peter

    Sorry Brent but thats wrong as people have complained they cannot get onto Destiny or Call of Duty.

  • Brent

    I think the issues lies with Black Ops 3 it has to be because other games are working.

  • Henry

    I cannot sign in to PlayStation Network even though i have hotspot.

  • George

    1 hours, make it 2, how about 3, OH NO is four hours i have not been able to play Destny online because i cannot login to my PSN.

  • Mel

    PSN sign in error. When I was with Virgin Media i never had issues, but now I am with Sky nothing but problems.

  • Marwin

    What is this PSN error code 80710102? I have tried to change IP address and still nothing. All i want to do is watch a little Netflix. Pay monthly for PSN Plus and pay monthly for Netflix and none ever seem to work.

  • Vick

    I cannot sign into PSN OMG this is really ticking me off now. What is error code 80710092?

  • Brean

    My disc has got stuck in my PSN and I cannot get it back out. I was playing online then i got kicked from a game so decided i wanted to play another game and then this is when i found the issue.

  • Simon

    Yes you are correct, Sony is aware of the issue with PS4 sign in and not being able to create new accounts on the PS4. They have the tech guys on the case.

  • Victor

    Not able to sign in to PlayStation on my PS4

  • Lorey

    PSN is down for PS4 users. it seems to be ok for PS3 users though.

  • naimulalam

    Some here it deleted all my stuff that on my ps3

  • Billy

    PS4 is not letting me online, i need to download the new CoD zombies map pack DLC. Come on now what is up?

  • abdi

    cant sign in happening for last few days now i reset my ps3 n luck and nw i cant even make a account because every ti,e i try to use an existing account it nust comes with the an error code and im 100 percent sure its not my internet

  • Eddie

    All PlayStation servers are up and in the green according to the server status page. So why am i having issues staying logged in?

  • Dante

    after all they got sony blurays for movies could this be the future if sony closes down psn if they do i wonder how many angry gamers are gonna demand fortheir moneyback for so much of the games theybought including online, servers sucking, errors popping up at least one of them, the support so bad and so forth maybe this is sonys time into closing down the psn in a few years. there waiting fof that moment once everyone buys a ps4 then next generation if possible ps5 they will shutdown the psn network if thry do i woukd complain like rest and want my money back im pretty sure many gamers would want same thing they have such slow servers psn

  • Striker25

    psn should just focus on movie industry since there servers are going all over the place from bad to good to good to bad and relestly still does it

  • conor

    Down right now piss take

  • Kerry

    PSN is down in London, not able to sign in.

  • Hilder

    Bungie Day and may new features like The Armory, and new Destiny stuff by the looks of thinsg and then PSN goes down. Kind a all fits doesnt it.

  • Malc

    Today is Bungie Day and then PSN goes down.

  • Flip C

    Just signed in for UK, back online?

  • Steve

    I got kicked from destiny is there something wrong with the playstation network?

  • Zortin

    In Russia and not letting me back into PSN.

  • Juan

    I am down in Japan.

  • Mark

    I am down in London, not able to log back in, this is a nightmare.

  • Mary

    PSN is still down for me even though maintenance is over and done with. Is it down for you right now?

  • Madeline

    Is it worth me buying an Xbox, I have nothing but issues with PSN?

  • Darcie

    PSN is one of the worst networks to get on, all i want to do is play a few games online with my friends. Maybe we need a rebate or something or vouchers for goodies.

  • Brian

    Not able to get my PS4 online, tried logging in a few times and nothing.

  • Paddy

    Down In Aus.

  • Bobby

    PSN is down in Brighton.

  • Jillian

    I cannot login to my PS4.

  • Barry

    Down in London people, this is super crazy annoying.

  • Daz

    Down in Yorkshire, UK.

  • Larry

    I have just checked the PSN status page and everything is up and running ok, yet we cannot sign in after being booted.

  • maggs

    PSN is down again, not able to get online at all.

  • Melinda

    I was playing destiny and then all of a sudden i get kicked from the game, why is this doing this too often?

  • Maggie

    Not able to play GTA 5 or Destiny, so I decided i would play CoD AW Zombies, but hey its down, psn is down for me.

  • Kate

    If you visit the official PlayStation website it says “There is currently no maintenance scheduled for PlayStation Network..”

  • Jimmy

    All of the PlayStation services are affected, if you visit the official service status page you will see all services are down.

  • Carrie

    PSN is down for me.

  • Alan

    I have a maintenance error, I am in Japan.

  • Red Baren

    PSN Has the worst game servers, internet connections, they kick people out of game lobbies whether its visible or invisible, they purposely put those errors because they want you to buy another console until it eventually breaks and get u mad, they freeze others games by not fixing lag issues, bugs and many more due to their PSN servers and they caused so much harm to many people who are experiencing lots of different problems. Sony is totally to blame for all this and they ripped off our money of the games we bought for online including DLCS, Map packs etc. There connected to all the games supplying the internet so technically Sonys responsible for that. Sony has the worst internet game servers ever that many including ones out in the world who haven’t totally said how they feel know that Sony is a bad company in many ways. Don’t let this company fool you cause all their doing is doing damage in many ways to you.

  • Justin

    I was playing the new Zombies map pack on Xbox One, and when i was in the gun deck getting the sentinels i was kicked from the game. Has anyone else had issues with the new map?

  • Tim

    I couldn’t go online my ps4 since Christmas! I am still currently offline because psn is down

  • Alex

    I am unable to connect to PSN, I use WiMAX wireless broadband and it is very quick indeed. So it is a PSN problem not mine. I should get some sort of compensation for lack of being online. And Sony doesnt need to treat each person separate because they know 100% of users were unable to access yesterday. Even today there are still a few issues.

  • Mike

    Also in Texas Kelly so you are not the only one, hope we get online again soon. Good luck and happy playing when you do.

  • Kelly

    PSN seems to be offline in Colombia.

  • Cassie

    Down in Colorado

  • Jill

    PSN is not working in the UK.

  • Danny

    PSN is down and no one has any idea why. OH lizard squad ybad people.

  • Kikki

    What has happened to the playstation network?

  • James

    PSN is down and I have no idea why because they have not listed any reason why there is an outage.

  • Charlotte

    The PS4 in my eyes is a stunning looking console, I love everything to do with it but the games until i get booted out of Destiny, FIFA and a few others.

  • Kerry

    PSN is temperamental at the moment, it has a mid of its own. Ok maybe more like Sony has a mind of its own.

  • Rick

    PSN has been pretty bad the last few days, YouTube doesn’t really work majority of the time. The store is not accessible nine times out of ten and games log out when online.

  • Safron

    I was playing GTA V Online and got booted from PSN, this is seriously a bad platform now. Xbox Live is surely better right?

  • Toady

    I can play Destiny and CoD AW on the Xbox but cannot play on the PS4, so surely this is a psn problem right?

  • Barker

    Do you prefer the PS3 or PS4? I just get the feeling in my stomach i should have never bought the PS4 because since i have had nothing but problems playing online.

  • James

    My PS4 seems to be playing up because my Netflix has stopped opening movies and tv shows.

  • Josh

    Not able to get into the PSN store, i want to download the new zombies map for Call of Duty, annoyed is just a polite work.

  • Orson

    I actually prefer my PS3 to my PS4, i seem to have had more problems with my console than any other time before. First the disc gets stuck so i sent back got another PS4 and then it happened again so got another. Now since having the third PS4 in like 4 months i have had serious issues signing in to PSN, whats the beef man?

  • Andrew

    Do I need to reset my PSN password? For three days now I have been unable to sign-in. It just says unable to sign-in all the time for me. The problem is I cannot use the assciated email address anymore so cannot use that, what do i do next?

  • Simon

    I have tried pre-ordering House of Wolves as well and the same thing is happening to me. They better not sell out.

  • Victor

    I am trying to pre-order House of Wolves via PSN Store but it keeps signing me off. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Ian

    Not letting me sign in to playstation network, is PSN down?

  • Henrick

    PSN is down in London.

  • Larry

    I am so ticked off tiright now, PSN is majorly playing up because all my saved game data has disappeared

  • Taylor

    I have to update my password, and when i do it says my DOB is invalid. But now they will not send me a validation email. So how the hell am i going to play online with all this jibberish.

  • Marie

    Still not able to sign in to PSN, Lizard Squad really stuffed this up good and proper didn’t they. Been like this since they took the service down and not been the same since. Of what benefit to hackers they need to do rubbish like this. Not fair on us gamers who spend money to play online.

  • Dennis

    Cant connect at all, what’s going on and when will it be fixed? Lots of problems with GTA V.

  • RON

    New York USA, PSN problems all morning and the status page lists the errors. No news about when PSN will come back up, 17th May

  • robbie

    PSN sign-in is out on PS3, May 17 Uk.

  • Mikey

    Totally down, can’t sign in with PSN on my PS4 and wanted to play destiny today but cannot connect to servers due to Sony problems.

  • Danny

    Now that Lizard Squad has done us after returning to haunt us, will they be going after Xbox gamers? Yes or No.

  • Jade

    I am down in London, PSN is not letting me in. Four hours and counting, yes i was up early.

  • Tobias

    I am down in Denmark, using PS4.

  • Alexis

    I keep getting a PSN error code appear. Since the hack all has gone to pot again.

  • Jimmy

    I am signed into PSN yet when i try to play GTA it keeps telling me to sign in to play online. How the heck is that working?

  • Nolene

    Not able to play games so i am guessing PSN is still down for maintenance. Hurry up Sony I need to game as today is the only day I have off this week.

  • Illy

    What time does the PSN maintenance end today in the UK?

  • Si

    PSN maintenance is going to start on May 11th from 2:30 AM GMT

  • Giles

    It must be weird playing on the PS4 online, been offline so much going to feel strange to play AW Zombies.

  • Ferdo

    Amazon outage on the PS4, works everywhere else but not though PlayStation.

  • Greg

    Do Xbox gamers have less problems that PlayStation gamers? Trying to get on PSN is stupidly ridiculous.

  • Toni

    I hope PSN doesn’t go down on Friday as this is when i will playing Destiny.

  • Kirk

    Do you want my money Sony? Then let me sign into PSN so I can by my DLC.

  • Fayed

    What is error code CE-35287-5? Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Ponds

    I am always on PSN error alert, I actually get frustrated just switching on my PS3 wondering if i will actually play an online game.

  • Jerry

    I hadn’t used my PS4 for a while and when i logged in it said i had a new update. So i started to install and it says i got 35 hours to wait. After a while it say i am not signed in even though i have strong WiFi and still connected.

  • Mark

    PlayStation only went down because they had a scheduled maintenance to sort out messages, peopl ecould still play games.

  • Clint

    PSN messages will be affected on April 22, these will not be sending whilst the planned PSN maintenance is underway which could take 3 hours starting at 5am bst. Platforms PS4, PS3, and PS Vita will not be able to send messages etc.

  • Katy

    PSN maintenance tomorrow, messages will be offline. Winder what they are doing.

  • Xjayar

    PSN down in UK since 28th March 2015. Cannot log-on to PSN or access GT6 seasonals. Router working and good access to other services.

  • Simon

    Each time i try to play CoD AW zombies with friends it will not let me in with them, but yet i can play anyone else not on my friends list.

  • Jackson

    I havent been on my PS4 for months as was away, but when I turned the console on and tried to download the version 2.04 update, it will not let me. It starts to do its business then just stops.

  • Neo

    Its 09:31 right now and i am commenting here for answers as to why the feck i have no PSN stpping me playing online gaming. Its sunday and the only day i get to chill playing games online with family and friends. Sort it out Sony.

  • Daniel

    This brings back memories of when my Internet provider used to switch off P2P, you could play other PlayStation gamers but could not play anyone that was on your friends list.

  • Sammy

    I cannot play zombies on CoD AW, keeps getting kicked out of gameplay with my friends.

  • Willy

    PSN down in Cornwall, I even took my PSN round to my friends and it was down their also.

  • Orson

    Not again, c’mon now this is stupid. PSN is down again. Might as well put a closed sign up on its door and leave it down.

  • Kirsty

    Xbox gaming is not good at all, but bet Live is a lot better than the stupid PSN at the moment.

  • Chaunder

    No connection is Oklahoma. Darn you PSN.

  • Stevie

    Playstation store down in Illinois.

  • Megan

    PSN store is down in Texas, the rest of the network is fine though. How bizarre.

  • Macky

    PSN, what does that stand for? Oh Yes I know – Permanent Sony Nastiness. Always offline lately,

  • Chad

    Why is it i get a weekend off, all i want to do is break away from reality play a few games and guess what? I CANNT GET ONLINEEEEEEE – yes i did bloody shout. PS4 might as well be just a blu ray player. all its good for.

  • Chappy

    Totally not working for me in Michigan.

  • Tinjani

    I got no psn in India, down for me.

  • Annoyed

    Havng troubles with connecting again, what the hell is wrong with you PSN / Sony?

  • Hocy

    This is weird, i can get online and play friends yet my freinds do not see me as online. So i am playing a game with them but they do not even know i am. this is happening on my S4 with games like CoD Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

  • Savvy

    Is anyone getting the wv-33899-2 error code on their PS4?

  • Roman

    Destiny cannot connect, Party Chat cannot connect, error codes showing because i cannot connect, do you see the pattern here. It dont like connect at all does it!!!!!!!!!

  • Bronx

    My stats are not being counted when i play CoD Ghosts in extinction or multiplayer.

  • Mick

    Battlefield 4, CoD AW are games I am unable to play at the moment because of PSN lock out. I cannot gain access to online gaming.

  • Peter

    Yesterday was a complete nightmare, i could of commented yesterday but i was ticked off to say the least with PSN not connecting again. Just abut had enough now. Might as well play Facebook games as they rarely go down.

  • jeri

    Cannot get t play codeaw at the moment, online sucks.

  • Mitch

    It seems as soon as it gets to around 7pm that it when the servers start to struggle, guess everyone is at home from school / work and all are trying to play at once.

  • Richie

    Seem all good today, last night was a little bit of a nightmare trying to login to PSN.

  • Lanny

    I cannot login in Rotherham.

  • Madonna

    Unable to login to psn in london.

  • Charlene

    I have got my Tomb Raider disc stuck inside my PS4, what is the best and easiest way to get it out? I have tried the eject button, tried switching it off and then back on again ans still its stuck. Please please help me I will be over the moon.

  • Daley

    Trying to sign into my PlayStation is super slow. 5th attempt and i got in.

  • Angry

    I only get to play the PS4 on Saturdays, this is my wind down day. Sundays is visiting family day, during the week is working and visiting friends. How come most of the time I want to play Battlefiled 4 online the servers are down. I will refrain from swearing but wow they need a swear button which you press when angry.

  • Clain

    I think it is about time Sony started to use different servers. Change now or lose customers – its that simple really.

  • Ashleigh

    Ace Combat Infinity is a great game when the servers are up and running, PSN is down more than it is up.

  • Clint

    The PS4 is an awesome piece of kit, but to be fair its just a DVD player because I can never get online to play games.

  • Trudy

    Down again, there seems to be a pattern here. So i will make a new pattern in the shape of an xbox one. bye bye sony rubbish.

  • Isa

    Am I doing something wrong or something, I cannot access PSN and my copy of 2k15 seems to have gone.

  • Nene

    Is anyone getting the error code ce-32889-0?

  • Parry

    Not able to join a party yet again, GTA Online sucks.

  • Jar

    I am still getting under maintenance even though i have installed both PSN Store update and PS3 update.

  • Larry

    Im also getting mainberry error code in destiny.

  • Jules

    I am getting Mainberry error on PS4 with Destiny, is this a Destiny problem or a PSN problem.

  • Jason

    Online zombies is not working right now.

  • IIan

    No PSN connection for me, Birmingham.

  • Clio

    This is madness Jacky, I also bought mine last week as well and having the same problem, for me its campaign mode at the moment.

  • Jacky

    I went out and spent a lot of money on the PS4, and since purchasing it over a week ago I have had nothing but troubles. I was so excited and told all my friends I have one and will be playing online with them as soon I set it all up. But since I have no PSN connection so cannot play games, tried watching Netflix and no go, and before anyone asks I know how to connect to PSN its not a problem my end I can assure you. PS4 is great, Sony’s PSN is rubbish – simple as.

  • J

    Trying to login to PSN at the moment is crazy, all I want to do is sit and relax and chill with my boy and play some games with him.

  • Dee

    How come the playstation store keeps saying it is undergoing maintenance? My mates isn’t.

  • Keely

    Hello Dorie,

    I also keep getting a message saying my login is incorrect. For some reason it is PSN going silly in the head not us, I have been signing in to PSN for years now and do know my own password.

  • Rufus

    PSN login in Michigan not working. For crying out loud Sony. About time you employed people who knew what they were doing. I know this is a UK site but I need to spread my anger, embrace it and share it.

  • Nigel

    “An error occurred retrieving
    friends list data” – This message keeps appearing each time I try to play CoD AW online multiplayer.

  • Dorie

    How come everytime I try to login into PSN it keeps saying my login is incorrect, trust me it is NOT YOU PIECE of stupid rubbish.

  • Richard

    I downloaded the new Havoc DLC on CoD and then noticed it has disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Lacey

    Apparetly if you complain to because you PSN is down you will get more time added to your Plus. Let me know if this works for you.

  • Erik

    Share play and parties is what i keep getting kicked out of on the playstation, this is crazy. Maybe they should compensate us somehow and not with a mesely crappy game.

  • Shirley

    PSN’s fave word has to be down, maybe it is about time they released a new PlayStation console called the PSDoWn.

  • Bren

    PSN keeps saying it is timed out, i actually think its about time to go get the Xbox One, probs get more online gameplay than this machine that is no better than a doorstop.

  • Rob

    Have issues with loading videos on Netflix at the moment, it will play but then it says please choose another film. So another words it cannot access the video service,. What the hell m i paying for.

  • Liam

    Wahey, PSN is working today. How long for nobody knows but for now happy days.

  • Bob

    I just got the 80710A06 error code, what is this?

  • Jakey

    Lagging out of parties at the moment, is there a reason why this is happening.

  • Clyde

    Is it me or am I dreaming when I say PlayStation has got a whole lot worse sine we have had to start paying to play online, PS PLUS sucks dont it. Since PLUS went live there has been nothing but issues with PSN.

  • Kym

    Voice chat is not running properly for me, is anyone else having problems with the garbage?

  • Gena

    Surely this code is for jailbroken playstation 3 consoles. I have heard of the code before but not too familiar with it.

  • Darcey

    Is anyone else getting the playstation 80710A06 error?

  • Liam

    At blooming last, i have been playing destiny all day long without any problems at all. First time for everthing as they say.

  • Jake

    Destiny is a complete nightmare to play online, one minute in and next minute booted. servers.

  • Clark

    Is anyone getting the error code 80710A06?

  • Mark

    My PS4 is broken, CoD AW disc is stuck inside and there is no way to get it out. If i take it apart that stuffs the warranty.

  • David

    This is pathetic. I have had my ps4 since the day it released to the general public and spend more time
    trying to get online than playing! Madness how I pay to play for a service i
    cant use! Sort it out Sony, never ever had this much trouble with the PS3. Dony even come back and say the PS4 has more technology, in my eyes the smarter you get Sony the smarter the problem.

  • Brian

    My PS4 2.04 update worked first time and no error code at all.

  • Kit

    I new PS4 update install worked fine but when it starts up for the final time it gives me the message to update 3 times now i have tried this.

  • Ben

    What’s going on with gta 5 on ps4, not able to down files when trying to play online.

  • Charlie

    What does the SU-30709-9 error code mean? Cant find out, anyone know?

  • Malaya

    Im trying to download the update but I can’t even connect to the internet :c

  • Rob

    Keep getting error SU-30709-9 after I try to download the PS4 2.04 update.

  • Dillan

    I am getting the SU-30709-9 error when trying to download the PS4 2.04 update, are you?

  • Nilly

    PSN is not working in Kent, keep getting error and can’t play FIFA 15.

  • Dan

    PSN is down in London right now, Feb 17. Cant play Destiny.

  • Joyce

    I have had enough, surely PlayStation gamers have to get together somehow and join a petition to stop paying for online gaming when we cannot even get online.

  • Gregory

    What is the point, not being able to login in to PSN for over a week now, and when i finally do get in its only for a few minutes. Down again is all i ever see. It is most definately time to head on over to the xbox one, cheaper console as well you rip off Sony.

  • Brook

    Pay to play online and all you get is a rubbish service that has too many faults, ever since you had to pay to play things have got worse, it was better when you could play online for free. The Plus package is a load of garbage anyway.

  • Reid

    Signed in but cannot play CoD AW or Destiny online, a little strange I might say.

  • Bruno

    I am signed in but cannot get online, how does that work?

  • Olly

    I am in Manchester and cannot connect, i get as far as the login process and then nothing. Arggghhhhh

  • Dean

    It is a little weird how i can get online but cannot connect to any online game. useless piece of garbage.

  • Bruce

    My PS4 is not working again, PSN is a pile of rubbish. Whens the dump truck arriving because that is all the PS4 is worth.

  • Mary

    Even though I know PSN was under maintenance yesterday, but it was 5 hours down for me not the official 3 hours.

  • Martin

    All I ever get is error codes on PSN, I have tried signing in four times now and eroor code after error code.
    Xbox is starting to become the next option.

  • Justin

    Why are so many people complaining about PSN being down on social media websites like Twitter when we all know its a maintenance update.

  • Bob

    PSN has gone down, 6PM UK time. I think it’s due to maintenance that ends at around 8:30pm today, Feb 12.

  • Kim

    PSN is down in hawaii and i cannot get connection with my PS4.

  • Mike

    At last PSN is back in in NYC

  • Travis

    Network is down in Houston hello xbox because playstation network is too much hassle. all i want to do is play a game.

  • Coda

    Come on now PSN this is pathetic, enough is enough.

  • Sammie

    I know FIFA 15 FUT had a maintenance update today but is this affecting other areas. The Playstation store say down for maintenance as well, is this true?

  • Bobby

    I love my PlayStation 4 but thanks to the PSN I am really starting to sway my decision. I do not get a lot of time playing games and when i do get the chance to play some Call of Duty or Battlefield I can never access online gaming. There are also a lot of games that can only be played online right, so without PSN no gaming online. Maybe we need to start a social medai hate campaign rather than just going over the some rubbish on a daily basis with PSN.

  • Henry

    I just do not get it, Sony is cr*p at supplying service, servers always going down, too many maintenance updates do i need go on. I cannot get on to CoD and no point in trying to access Netflix as only works when it wants to.
    TBH is surely has to be money back or a freebie of some sort.

  • Charles

    you know what I have had enough of the playstation network. what is the point of having a ps4 if we can never get online. might as well sell the ps4 and buy the xbox one. Sony should pay out a lot in compensation to keep gamers with them not us pay them for services. Ridiculous

  • Jerry

    Love it, good luck with the lawsuit. If you win millions please do set up new PS servers.

  • Aaron

    How is it i can access the PS store but i cannot sign in?

  • Josepth

    So far it has been two days since I were able to log in to PSN. You know what! If Sony doesnt sort this ess out i will consider a class action lawsuit if we receive no answers.

  • Libby

    Oh dear, the maintenance currently scheduled for this Thursday is going to take longer than expect, always does. Best go get some popcorn.

  • Jack

    is there any chance you could fix the PlayStation Store on PS3, it is still crashing even after the PS Store Update 1.15. Help!

  • William

    Complaints this Thursday will come flocking in no doubt. The Reason: The PlayStation Network will be down for a maintenance schedule, February 12 fro 5PM to 10PM, five blooming hours.

  • Kit

    Anyone having any problems logging in on Playstation?

  • Stan

    Yes Dam I am its a nightmare, for about three hours today i have tried to sign in. My friends are having no problems at all, so surely must be an issue my end. #NotPlayStationTechnicallyMinded

  • Kev

    What makes me laugh is that Xbox Live is up and running more than PSN. Before people used to say Xbox service was better because you paid for an online subscription, but now we pay for PlayStation Plus, where the feck is our money going. Do not say free games because they are rubbish,

  • Steve

    Hey Kip! You know damn well you are not going to leave, you love your PlayStation too much. Not forgetting all the games you have purchased no doubt.

  • Kip

    I cannot to log in to my PSN account, this has been going on for two days now, sort this sh** out or lose a customer. Is anyone else experiencing PSN down time?

  • Shaun

    I know this is a UK site but i need to let everyone know in the United Kingdom know, the service isnt that much better in USA. Service outages all the time and no sign of getting any better. It pops up and then it just pops on out again.

  • Dan

    Is anyone having any problems signing into the PlayStation network? For some reason I cannot login, what a flipping nightmare.

  • Nath

    Having issues on PSN now and then i can handle, but on a regular basis is not something i can deal with. WTF is up with you PSN? Can you not just fix the issue quick smart, all the money you earn and you cannot sort thins crap out.