O2 signal issues

This is your O2 service status live page, it is where you come and post your problems, or read other customers issues. Yes there is a live status checker, but we know these can take a while to be updated. This is why ‘Is Down Right Now UK’ is here so you can report the O2 problem as it happens.

If you have O2 problems with service, signal, SIM card, website going down, total network outage, Internet issues or anything else, please report them in the area provided below. O2 is currently working on modernisation is network programme across the UK; they are investing a £1.5million every day for its 4G service as well as upgrading its 2G and 3G networks.

By 2017 they believe they will be done updating the above, and with a massive promise to Ofcom where they will cover 98% of the UK population across all our networks being it indoor or outdoor.

O2 status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if O2 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with O2? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

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  • Alan Eisner


  • Lee Tyson

    No service for 3 days now in Hull

  • Simon

    When I am in my house i cannot get any wifi on my phone, is this an issue with O2 or my iPhone 8 because my wife is on EE and her WiFi is ok, she has iPhone 7.

  • Nial

    O2 WiFi is so poor at the moment, so much so I have to turn WiFi off and use 4G, which is much faster, strange but true and also stupid.

  • Sarah

    I am not receiving good customer service when I ask for help, I have had an issue now for around 6 months where my payments have been higher than normal and I have unlimited everything, at first the O2 sales service said they made a mistake but have not reimbursed me what I am owed.

  • Beckie

    I tried to get my O2 pac code and for some reason its taking a while to get it. I am changing to another provider but want to keep my number.

  • Jessica

    I have Tesco Mobile, who we know uses O2 network, but for the last 2 days the network is very bad indeed. Totally frustrating when I need my phone for work. Receiving and making calls is just not happening today.

  • Charlie Skeen

    No internet on my phone all night in London and Ware! Switched the phone off and on several times with no joy yet!

  • mat Millward

    No o2 signal for de12De1 area pissing me off now

  • Daphne Parkin

    I have no service in North Warwickshire right now. Anyone else?

  • Foxy Samba

    Only 2 bars in SW12 last couple months, suddenly, when always was perfect. Can no longer make a mobile call from home. Why?

  • Dominic

    No signal in London SE1 for over 24 hours now. Same happened last week for almost 72 hours

  • Karen Taylor

    Not receiving texts for over 24 hours, also unable to send. what a service!! GL55 area.

  • Karina Rowlatt

    Hi has anyone else had an issue with people not receiving your texts as recently I am sending texts and some of them are not getting through.

  • Lyn Padley

    No mobile signal this morning in EX17 area.

  • BJ

    Problems with poor/absent phone signal for some months in area CB25 0NE. Please advise.

  • Claudia Stokes

    Currently with gifgaff but no network being found. Issues in Peterborough?

  • Vilma

    I have not had service in south London for a couple of days and was told by customer services it could be like this for another few days.

  • Frankie

    3 days now and still no O2 signal, no texts or calls coming or going in south Manchester.

  • Kevin

    No O2 service in Ipswich, only can get online if im near a WiFi hotspot.

  • Myles

    I live in Moushole and I have not had any signal at all, maybe its time to change.

  • Julie

    Both my son and I are having problems with the network. He has an iPhone , I have a Sony Expedia . Keep having to switch on and off . We are in Neath, South Wales

  • Graham Alkins

    O2 totally out of service from midnight, Rugely down to Sutton Coldfield. Have got 4 people to try and all got yhe same result, NO SIGNAL>

  • Marc Rylands

    Signal very week for both 3G and 4G. Why in 2016 we don’t have decent technology and a stable signal is beyond me!

  • sally greenslade

    No signal for days here in cardiff.

  • Gareth

    I thought the problem was fixed. Problems started yesterday when my internet cut out. I get a prompt saying not registered on network everytime I tried to call my contacts. Today for a small while, I could send and receive texts and also call, but now everything has gone wrong again with the same problem. Please fix this soon.

  • Billynomates0

    Used to get good service in Llandegveth, Monmouthshire until August, after which we get no service in the village at all. In touch with their technical dept who informed me that I should remove and replace my SIM card. EE supplied my neighbour with a booster which plugs into the wifi, they now receive 5 bars of signal and 3/4G.

  • Sudhakar

    I am having network issues since yesterday evening 6pm…. I live in London….

  • Digarch

    My phone keeps showing 4G signal at full strength, however, when I run a speedcheck I can only get an average of 4mbps which is ridiculous

  • GJED

    Live/work in central London. Cannot access telephone or text since yesterday afternoon.

  • Mike d

    Should have said I’m on 4g Samsung galaxy ace android phone.

  • Mike d

    Can only get sketchy internet reception here in West moors ferndown. Why is 02 Internet signal so crap?

  • Bret

    my reception bar has an x what does that mean. like i have full reception but there is an x above it. ive noticed this after installing android 7.0

  • kylie

    Plz some1 help xxx

  • kylie

    Says no service since this afternoon?????

  • Diane Ovett

    For at least 2 weeks now cant receive or make voice calls. The caller can hear me but I cant hear them either when they call me or I call them. Is this a network issue?

  • Pmch2

    September rings in the end of summer, and apparently the end of my relationship with 02. Two days, zero network in Northern Ireland…unacceptable. (the freedom of “pay as you go” is so worth it, as you can move as soon as the network inevitably fails….going to Vodafone now)

  • Jennie

    Unable to send or receive text today from 8 a.m onwards…what is happening? Launceston, Cornwall PL15

  • coolio68

    No 4G for a few days and the 3G doesn’t work, can’t make/receive calls or use mobile internet
    In Leeds.

  • Ruth Kent

    No signal in mid Devon for a couple of days now. Not impressed.

  • David Kane

    Anyone having problems in Dover area

  • Wilky1

    Here in Lincoln since last Friday every call I have made has failed mid conversation. It is happening on all O2 phones in my house & my in laws too. iPhones, android & Windows so not a platform issue but an O2 network issue! Once the call drops it takes 3-4 attempts to reconnect then eventually land line is the only answer… Tried calling to report a fault. Useless doesn’t come close!

  • Graeme

    Newark golf club no signal two weeks July 26 2016

  • Martin

    For the past 5 months O2 have taken 4G away from us and they now say that everything is fine!! It is very NOT fine!!! (SO41 – Lymington)

  • conrad strube

    My friend in Colchester has not been able to use her phones for 5 days. I have logged the problem with them and they said it would be sorted in 48 hours. They lied. Conclusion : Leave O2 and go to a phone company who can provide an acceptable service, O2 should lose their licence.

  • Leesa

    Unable to send or receive texts since last week. Coverage worse since Easter storm. I live in North Dorset, very fed up with it, o2 seems to think coverage is good, NO ITS NOT!!!!

  • Michael Cook

    Today 4G isn’t showing on my phone in the East Sussex coastal area Hastings to Brighton

  • Kc

    Signal has been down since early hours this morning. Can’t get in contact with anyone which has caused a few problems.

  • naomi

    No signal all night in wales

  • Steph

    Myself and a couple of my friends on o2 have had no signal on o2 all day in Teignmouth, Devon.

  • Sarah

    I had no signal all day yester and nor did my husband either at home in Evesham or in Hereford. Couldn’t even call o2 to find out what was happening! Today is better but have had no more than 2 bars of signal. It’s a joke!

  • Jim

    Scarborough no service 13.43 on 14th June

  • Deva Terrence

    Very weak or no O2 mobile signal at my work location in Wimbledon not today since 2014 but when I checked with O2 they say there is no problem at this location – fact or fake ??

  • Cherry Gibson

    Had no signal all day….Hunstanton

  • paula

    I’m in slough and have had no signal at all for the last 4 hours. Not good when you have a child unwell

  • KayBee

    Anyone else had problems in NR14 (Norwich)? Had no service now for over 48 hours and all I can find on O2 website is “Sorry we’re currently working on a phone mast in this area”. Totally unacceptable O2.

  • Barrie Hobbs

    My Galaxy S7 never seems to show 4G when my iPhone always did, any thoughts or is it a new o2 issue?

  • Jill Rowan

    I’m also on giffgaff, very little signal indoors. I have swapped sim for o2 thinking this maybe a stronger signal, but no, just the same. Apparently there is a broken mast nearby which i have reported, but when will it be fixed? In the meantime i am paying for data that is not being used and getting angrier by the minute! No other providers work here so i am reliant on o2. I’m in glasgow G11 7PJ, can somebody please correct this situation? Soon?

  • sarah

    Hi there, I live in Canterbury, Kent (CT1) and am on giffgaff which uses the o2 network. I have no service at all, and apparently there is a fault with a mast. However, my friend is also on giffgaff, lives 3mins walk away and has no problem? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks S x

  • Tracey williams

    I live in mumbles swansea. Service had been really poor at home for about 2weeks now. I was Told initially there was an issue but it had been resolved. This is not the case! I still have practically no service at home! Very annoying considering i am paying for this.

  • Murray Snudge

    Mast site ref 10335 at Warmington Northants not working but I keep getting text messages saying the problem is fixed but it isn’t.

  • Michelle

    O2 signal been intermittent for months completely down yesterday and again today, called customer services the other day fair rude may I add got told everything was fine and it was my handset and to book an appointment to get it checked I explained I have an xperia m2 my boss I phone 6 her husband Nokia lumiere and other Diffrent devices whom are with O2 and experience the same issues can’t understand how it can be my handset. Been with O2 since it was BT cellnet and of late customer service and services are very poor changing providers when contact is up. If I pay for my mobile device and services I should expect the recive them services.

  • Harvey

    Phone went down completely this evening. Just a blank screen, won’t switch on at all O’2 getting worse by the day. 4g is waste of time . Texts take forever to reach people.

  • Fabiola

    Is o2 down in Bournemouth?

  • jackofhearts

    No signal in Wansford, Cambridgeshire for the last 12 hours

  • Mark

    O2 signal at the moment is great, but I am a little worried about accessing my account this Friday when I get paid, surely the servers will not be able to cope with black friday sales.

  • Jim Beale

    Terrible signal in London sw16 Furzedown since 22nd Sept!!! Unable to make calls in my house – response from 02 since then has been that they’re trying to fix phone mast – appalling service. Anyone else experiencing this ?

  • John Thomas

    O2 4g seemed to be working well for the first couple of days with my new 4g Goodybag. Seems to be non-existant on the train through West Lothian to Edinburgh today.

  • Heidi

    A few hours passes and I still have no O2 signal, 3G is basically not accessible, what am i actually paying for other than the phone on my contract?

  • Faye stockley

    I live in ST21 6 and we initially changed to O2 as this was the best provider for the area at the time that we moved 3 years ago. However, for the past few months signal has been coming and going to the point where a simple phone conversation is virtually impossible. Yesterday I could not complete one phone call without having to use the landline. Not good and not happy. My contract is up so may have to find an alternative provider

  • Tony

    Same issue for me. Had O2 for years but their service seems to have deteriorated since they sold their internet service to SKY to concentrate on 4G. Phone signal is a joke ( up and down like a yoyo ) , data signal is horrific at the best of times. Local masts seem to be forever broken down resulting in no service. They used to be best by miles in this part of the country but now I am on the cusp of switching providers so I can actually make use of my phone.

  • Simon

    I am so getting the iPhone 6S in Space Grey, but I know for a fact O2 will go down.

  • Mark

    The O2 website is for sure going to go offline around 8am our time when they make live its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus pre-order pages.

  • Bazz Hutchinson

    I am in North Ayrshire, and I work in East Ayrshire. The O2 signal has deteriorated quite dramatically of late in both areas. It has been poor for months, perhaps even a year. I don’t just mean data connections. Even during a simple phone call there are dropouts all the time. I can even be in a position where there is a clear line of sight to a mast and there will be no signal. The M77 to Glasgow has no O2 signal, which for a major road is a disgrace. We pay premium prices for sub standard technology.

  • Sylvia

    O2 signal has been very weak indeed the last week or so, been that long even i am forgetting how long. I am in wales and think its time i changed providers.

  • Hannah

    I am in Dundee and i cannot send text messages or make calls. Connection is just terrible and i am not happy at all. Pay too much money for nothing.

  • Brett

    I am on Giffgaff, which is the same network that O2 use and i am having serious issues. Receivingcalls and sending text messages seems to be harder in 2015 than it did in like 2010.

  • Nigel

    O2 signal great, O2 date useless, O2 emails even worse.

  • Paul J. Hopkins

    I don’t have an O2 mobile anymore, but I do still have O2 webmail and am
    not able to receive any emails. I have tried logging in via the O2
    website, but am getting the message: “Sorry, but this application is
    currently unavailable.” Live chat is also not connecting to anything
    either. Has O2 finally died its death?

  • Michelle

    I live in postcode area DN33 and unable to send and receive text messages. Even calling people is somewhat of a difficult task.

  • Andrew

    I live in Bedford in Clapham and O2 network has been down for me for around 16 hours now. But I heard they resolved the issues and all should be up and running again.

  • Simon

    So glad I left EE and chose O2, so far so good and no problems here. Happy days. If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

  • Christopher

    I send text messages and they are never received, I make a phone call and the call drops on me. They say I get 4G in my area and i will be lucky to get 3G at the best of times. Need i go on? Rubbish service and that’s that.

  • Digit Art

    02 is just poor, end of. I send text messages and other people don’t get them for hours or even days after they have been sent (even on the same network), despite having 4 or 5 bars the phone doesn’t ring and people get put through to voicemail which then may or may not alert me, their call is also not registered as a missed call. 4G is a joke, says 4G on the screen but you can’t access the internet at all. Everyone else on other networks all seem to have coverage wherever they are. This isn’t just one phone either, we have 4 phones on our contract 2 x iPhones 7 2 x Nokia’s. Services is shite on all of them.

  • Beau

    Mobile data just keeps going off. Have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it constantly disconnects from the Internet. Have turned my phone off and on again countless times to no avail.

  • Jamie

    Got no O2 signal, I am in Cardiff and this is really annoying me now. O2 is just as bad as EE.

  • Ken

    I have 4G icon showing on my phone yet i cannot open Twitter, web pages or Facebook. I know i have data so whats wrong O2?

  • Louise

    No matter where i go my 3G is totally useless. So i pay my conract with data on board and yet i cannot even open Facebook or go on the internet.

  • Sasha

    I am located in Knightsbridge, London and got no O2 signal at all. Wonder if Harrods is blocking my signal, I will let you know when i am out of the building.

  • Rose

    My son in Corfu for a month and he normally sends me a picture every day to show me how lovely it is there. But today I have not got any photo from him. I tried texting and nothing even calling him couldnt get in touch. So I phoned the hotel he is stayign at and finally got hold of him after being worried sick. Works out he has no signal or data on his phone. Normally he is on Movistar when out there i think. Not to worry his dad and myself are meeting him next week. He will be on his last week when we get there for our week, which means we will be coming home together.

  • Michael

    I london and not getting any O2 service. So angry not being able to contact anyone.

  • Josh

    No O2 signal, text messages, calls or data.

  • James

    You think that is bad, I have had no service since 5pm, this is such a nightmare.

  • Evelynne

    Not had any O2 service since 6:30pm in Hull, what the heck is going on?

  • Cat

    In Hereford..no signal since 4ish on a BHM..not great as was trying to contact my teenage daughter!! :((

  • Markie

    This is a little strange, both my mum and dad have the iPhone 4S and both on the O2 network, yet my dads signal is very strong and in the same house my mums O2 signal is zero. So my dad put his sim card in my mums and got no signal either and put mums sim in my dads and got good signal. So does this mean my mums iPhone 4S is buggered?

  • Harry

    In West Yorkshire and got no O2 service.

  • Tom

    O2 for me used to be the best in the UK for great service, but to be fair I am starting to not like the service. Most of the time it says no service on the top right of my iPhone. All i ever get as well is GPRS.

  • Lee

    O2 signal is very low in London but what makes it even worse is when I visit friends in Margate and I get no signal at all, damn you seaside.

  • Selena

    Berkeley GK13, still havign major pains with O2 when it comes to signal. Canmot even call my family or friends because signal is so weak. When o do make a phone call i can hardly hear them becasue reception is so poor.

  • Georgina

    I am not gettign any O2 signal and I am in a 4G area, how the hell does that work.

  • Vic

    I am not able to get any service in Brixton, London.