Netflix problems today

There are thousands of films on Netflix where you can enter the world of horror with scary movies, as well as comedies, romantic, family and many more. In the UK alone late 2014 Netflix reached the 3-million subscriber barrier, so when there are problems or outages viewers are not too pleased to say the least.

The best movies on Netflix are the ones you can watch, even though this sounds a little silly we have to stress that the movie sharing Netflix does encounter have problems. These can include a total outage where no movies can be watched, as well as connection issues, login, streaming, or even the official website not loading.

Main locations with streaming and other issues in the UK include St. Alban, Crawley, Luton, Central London, Stockport and Liverpool. Netflix problems on the Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 and other devices do occur and we would like for you to report any issue with the ‘Is Down Right Now UK community.

Is Netflix down right now for you? If it is or you are having any other issues with the service please do share them here.

Netflix status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Netflix is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Netflix? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Simon

    I started watching a film last night called The Founder and a like 2 hour film turned into a 3 hour one because it kept buffering. Now I am trying to watch Wonder and it’s doing it again.

  • Mike

    Netflix is not loading, it is like ultra slow and keeps pausing like its buffering when it is playing. Just crazy, it was only yesterday I was having issues getting stuck on the sign in screen.

  • John Owens

    Leicestershire. Programmes restart ‘to save memory’. Problem started on Saturday.

  • Gary

    I start to watch a movie and like 10 minutes in it restarts on its own from the beginning.

  • Malcom

    Last night and still today I am getting a Netflix Site Error – “We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.”

  • Jessica

    For me the netflix sign up page is not working. I would very much like to try the free month.

  • Jason

    I keep getting an on screen error saying I need to connect to the Internent, been getting this error for the last 2 days now.

  • Jane

    My Netflix keeps saying error when I’m trying to watch something

  • Lee

    The Netflix logo is not going anywhere when i open on my TV. It seems to be stuck, frozel.

  • Lacia

    Netflix is down in Santa Cruz. When will it all be back online?

  • Bolton

    I so love Netflix because i watch certain TV shows that are exclusive to Netflix. But lately i have had nothing but issues connecting, i am located in Cornwall Perranporth.

  • Andrea

    I try to find the best anime on netflix but it keeps crashing on me, whats wrong?

  • Chris

    Netflix is not loaded, been like this for now 3 hours.

  • Lee

    Netflix is having issues surely, i have wanted to watch the full series of Night manager but i cannot get the service working on my PS4.

  • Stephen

    Down in Glasgow,Scotland on my fire stick and PS4! So it must be the servers…..Finger out…..And we want compensated for this hassle!!!

  • Nigel

    How long is netflix going to be down? Looks like this is a global thing not just in certain locations, servers are down baby.

  • Craig

    There are issues with Netflix streaming apparently and a fix is being sorted now.

  • Josh

    My Netflix is down right now on Nov 16th 2015, what is the reason for this?

  • Sean Penn

    Netflix hasn’t been working for the last 2 days! I am in London …!

  • Jeff

    Not able to watch anything, each time i click play its like it is in buffering stage. Day 2 of rubbish service so not very happy to say the least.

  • Jamie

    My Netflix is down in Toronto, when will things get back to normal we ask ourselves.

  • Simon

    I am so desperate to watch this movie on Netflix but it will not let me login. So upset as they have recently added Shooter staring Mark Wahlberg.

  • Marie

    I am down also but i am in Connecticut.

  • Gertie

    My Netflix is down in Chicago.

  • Kieron

    I got this earlier – i-b6c1c440


  • Isla

    I just got this – Netflix Site Error. We were unable to process your request.

  • Sandy

    Not able to access Netflix, what the hell happened?

  • Markaine

    Lost Netflix connection half way through a show.

  • Katie

    I can watch Netflix on my laptop, but cannot watch through Apple TV or my Smart TV. Madness.

  • Luiz Felipe de Lima Amorim

    My Smasung smart tv is not streaming netflix for days…

  • Florence

    Netflix is not streaming anything on my Smart TV, I am using Comcast Internet so is it a Netflix or Comcast problem.

  • Elsa

    In Alabama and Netflix still continues to be a pain in my head, so frustrating not being able to atch my fave TV show.

  • Jamie

    PSN is down again, which means I cannot watch my Netflix as cannot get online.

  • Wendy

    I’m so ready to leave Netflix, I was thinking Hulu, but I don’t like all the content they have and movies are very lacking in comparison.

  • Shan

    Netflix was down earlier in Phx az. I didn’t have problems with other internet app, they were working fine.

  • Kellie

    Non-stop buffering is crazy, what am i actually paying monthly for.

  • Will

    Problems streaming with Netwlis in New Jersey.

  • Bevis

    Still getting error message on Netflix, basically having issues playing certain titles such as Broken Arrow.

  • Jessica

    Netflix streaming seems a little spontaneous right now, it plays, it stops, it plays it freezes.

  • Tenjin

    No getting on Netflix in Ohio.

  • Tanya

    Washington state Netflix not connecting.

  • Rece

    The categories are not working for me properly on my PS4

  • Mike

    On my Xbox 360 and cannot access Netflix. One day in my lifetime things will be fine im sure.

  • Jean

    I cannot get Netflix on my iphone or ipad, this is crazy – what the hell am i paying a monthly bill for.

  • Glenn

    Netflix will not open on my iPad, BR player or PS4.This is too strange.

  • Flynn

    I cannot get any Netflix access through my Sony Smart TV, why not?

  • Jen

    Netflix has not been any trouble for me, mmmm what movie to watch tonight, give me some ideas.

  • Marion

    I am not able to play any films, I try to login in and it will not let me in. So I logged out on all of my devices such as iPhone, iPad, PS4 and laptop. Then I delete apps on devices and then reinstall and still cannot get in. WHY?

  • Carrie

    I pick a film I want to watch, click play and then it says i have not paid this month and have to make a payment. But thats rubbish as i know i have paid. Even my bank statement says so. Back to iTunes it is.

  • Richard

    I do not understand this payment rubbish on Netflix, for some reason it will not allow me to make a payment via PayPal, even hen i try to use my debit card it doesn’t work. Pain guess no film watching for me just yet.