Nationwide Online Banking Login Problems

Nationwide offers great online banking, but the building society can encounter issues. Sometimes these can be minor and of course can also be a nightmare, especially when the servers go completely down due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance or login problems.

The main problems that occur the most is to do with Nationwide Internet banking, with the major not being able to login.

Other issues include the official app not downloading, setting up new or amending payments not working, problems with ATM, payments and more. If you are having any of the above troubles or anything else please do share them below.

Maybe you are having difficulties with investments, current accounts, financial products, credit cards, savings, loans etc and if this is the case you have landed on the right page to report them.

Nationwide status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Nationwide is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Nationwide? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Toby

    Nationwide login is down, its not working for me and hasn’t for the last hour.

  • Diana

    Nationwide online banking is down, not sure what is going on but they need to sort it our as i have transactions that need doing asap.

  • Gillian

    I paid my bill at last thanks to being able to see my statement once again. The nightmare is that the payment has been sent and received yet it still has not been discounted from my current balance. So it still says I owe them money lol.

  • Linda

    I have tried like 4 different browsers and still unable to login to my online account. Is there a maintenance happening or something else?

  • Joan

    I logged in to my account to see that my account had vanished, after a phone call things were sorted, panic over i can tell you.

  • Greggy

    I cannot seem to get Nationwide online banking working, i have tried to log in four times now and still nothing. Whats wrong?

  • Stephanie

    My problem i had last week was when i made a debit card transaction and the payment came out twice for the same payment. I phoned customer services and even though I was on the phone for more than 30 minutes they did sort the issue out.