Minecraft servers

Minecraft is a huge game and players will praise it all day long. But when there are issues such as freezing, the screen going blank on you or the connection timing out, you know for sure they will have something to say about it. Now is your perfect opportunity to share with other Minecraft gamers your problems you are having today.

The 3D cubes game is very popular indeed, so much so people can build actual replicas of real life buildings etc. But we all know Minecraft problems happen, and they are worth sharing here.

If you are having any Minecraft troubles at all such as games not loading, not responding to anything you do, connection issues, total outages, login nightmares, please do report them below.

Minecraft status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Minecraft is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Minecraft? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Robbie

    Is anyone else having issues with the game crashing when they click on the play button?

  • kingleo5000

    Cant Log In 🙁

  • Simpson

    How come i cannot see my skin, this is very weird indeed but funny.

  • Krane

    Minecraft has been hassle for a few weeks now, with the major one being login.

  • Jam

    Every time i play Minecraft all i seem to get nowadays is “Failed to connect to Server”, why is this happening to me?

  • Devon

    I am having issues when logged in, I start to build something and I got chucked out of Minecraft.

  • Jess

    got issues connecting today, let alone thinking about april 14 server issues.

  • Tony

    i better get playing minecraft pe all weekend then, as like to play in week as well but see maintenance is planned next week.

  • Billy

    All minecraft servers will go down for maintenance on 14th of April 14, 2015. The downtime is scheduled for 4 hours, but I have seen it take longer in the past when problems arise.

  • Rob

    Just seen the planned outage for minecraft servers on April 14, it’s planned maintenance starting at 08:00 CEST

  • Sarge

    All seems fine where i am in London. Minecraft is superb.

  • Ross

    Having a few issues trying to get online at the moment, I an in Stoke Gifford, Bristol UK.

  • Libbie

    How come my Minecraft keeps going to offline mode on my playstation 3?