Long break for Clash of Clans Air Sweeper update

Gamers have been complaining here and online that the Clash of Clans maintenance break is taking a lot longer than normal, and this is all down to the new War Attack Confirmation and Air Sweeper update.

Below you will see the CoC War Attack Army preview, basically a sneak peek into how it all works etc. The maintenance break is taking a while but it looks like this time round it is well worth it. The video below shows you two versions, one being scouting and the other attacking.

You can also check out all the new update features here as well, over on Twitter @ClashofClans they have tweeted saying the new update is coming soon and have listed all the new features.

The new update looks into: The Air Sweeper, Clan bookmarks, Clan War attack army preview, Interface / Gameplay improvements and Matchmaking tweaks, read about them all right here. If you have anything to say about the update or Clash of Clans in general please do so on our CoC commenting page.