Lloyds Internet Banking

Lloyds Internet banking has been made very easy indeed to access. All you need is a device that can get you online, such as a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. You can use many other devices as long as it has WiFi such as gaming consoles, Smart TVs etc. But, when there are outage issues this can hold a huge impact on customers’ service abilities.

The most simplest way to get online would be by using the Lloyds Internet banking app, but in the past people have had issues when downloading, app not opening, crashing and in a few cases freezing whilst in the middle of paying a bill etc.

Others have had Lloyds online login problems as well, if you are experiencing any issues at all with your online banking please do let us know what platform you are using and what location you are based.

Lloyds Internet Banking status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Lloyds Internet Banking is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Lloyds Internet Banking? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • neng diba

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  • Oliver Lassalle

    This is the message I have in the top left hand corner of my laptop when I try to open the Llyods page even before to login:
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

  • Jacquie San

    Hi I hope someone can help. For the past 2 days, the following error message has popped up when I try to access Lloyds Internet banking

    [Error: 1007 ID: 18.146cd417.1562669875.1d9489f1]

    Does anyone know what I can do – I’ve been in touch with the Bank Tech support and they couldn’t help?


  • Martina

    I was going to change my overdraft and it will not let me amend it. Even my direct debits didn’t go out yesterday, which they normally do.

  • Ivor

    Error messages keep showing for me when I am in either personal or business accounts. They want us to do more online banking yet it is flawed.

  • Chris

    For me Lloyds online banking is down, I have checked both on my iPhone and on my laptop and cannot login for some reason.

  • Ron Hunnisett

    Hi Guys, I think you will find that the website is fine and that you may have VPN switched on which is sending false details to the secure website at Lloyds.
    Try turning VPN off temporarily and log in. It worked for me. Oh, and do not forget to turn VPN back on when you are done.

  • Catrina Wren

    Im getting this
    ❕ You’re now logged out
    8000067 : Sorry, we are having technical problems. Please try later
    Whats going on?

  • Joshua A Gosling

    Error: 1007 ID: 28901245 on logging on to you website This message keeps coming up.Sorry, an error has occurred [Error: 1007 ID: 28917153]
    We’re sorry but an error has occurred whilst processing your last request.

    If this problem continues, please contact us quoting the above error and ID.

    tried to use contact same response with a different ID number. lloyds banking down today.

  • Carol Wright

    says app needs update but link just takes you back to playstore. have uninstalled and reinstalled and tried to log in. Gets as far as asking which phone number to ring for verifications and then says no data connection on both numbers – one mobile and one landline.

  • Jo Armstrong

    It’s saying there’s an updated app when you click on it it says open but won’t open

  • Ricky

    Cant login to internet banking, anyone else having the same issues?

  • Petreece

    Why is it the only time of the month I wish to do internet banking it doesn’t want to work properly. I cannot seem to login, well i can but it will not open lol.

  • Anthony

    When asked online to add a memorable thing it keeps saying it is wrong when i know for a fact what my mothers maiden name is, as so i know the first school i went to. But seems like Lloyds internet banking is telling me i am wrong.

  • Mark

    I recently decided to start using the Lloyds banking app to make my life easier, well that’s what I first thought. it is not letting me access my account…

  • David

    There is nothing worse then trying to pay a bill that needs doing asap or get charged for non payment and cannot do so because my app is not working.

  • Ross

    have been trying to pay a bill online since Friday. I get a message ‘your payment may have been unsuccessful’ I have more than sufficient funds to cover it. I’ve phoned Lloyds International on the Isle of Man a number of times and have been given various reasons for this state of affairs, but it’s still not working. Trying to phone them again today and this evening, I just get a message that they are ‘busy with other customers’.
    What is going on?!

  • RobT

    I have a similar message to the one posted below too, started about 3 months ago and cannot log in through my pc, anyone have a solution? Lloyds IT dept. state it is not there fault and blame my service provider!! SORT IT OUT!!

    Sorry, an error has occurred [Error: 1007 ID: 18.72e86768.1493221081.587dad6]

  • cherrie welsby

    Sorry, an error has occurred [Error: 1007 ID: 18.72e86768.1493221081.587dad6]
    This is the message I get every time I try to log on on my PC

  • Jenny Greenway

    trying to get my credit card balance – I can log in but information is not available

  • Mike

    I’m also trying to make payments on my iPad, the lloyds banking app is not working because when I try to make a payment it just freezes on me – come on Lloyds sort it out.

  • Sally

    Trying to make payments on my iPad also, the lloyds banking app is not working because when I try to make a payment it just freezes on me.

  • Maxine

    Having iPad problems trying to connect, I wanted to make payments and a few transfers but could’nt until I got home, worked on PC fine.

  • Ron

    Argghhhhhh is the nicest word I could think of to out here, trust me there are a few other choice words I could use. My Lloyds online banking UK login is not working, it keeps saying try again even though I know it is correct.

  • Gaz

    Trying to make an online payment is somewhat of a nightmare at the moment, when I get the page where you pay the app then decides to freeze on me.

  • Mrs brown

    Won’t let me make a transfer

  • Robin Natley

    can login to bank accounts and also cant pay with Lloyds cards on other sites

  • Rebecca

    I keep getting the 503 DNS Fail Error when trying to open the website.

  • Julie

    My banking app is not working, is the service down?

  • Simon

    I am trying to access my Lloyds bank so I can look and my personal account but for some reason it will not let me login, whats going on?

  • Karla

    Is the Lloyds bank website and mobile app services down?

  • brixtonjohn

    I’ve just been in an internet banking session and suddenly asked to reset my passw0rd and meomorable info. Is this a scam?

  • Fabio

    I can’t make any payment by card and th e internet banking is not available. Does anybody has the same problem today?

  • Alan

    Trying to do payment but Lloyds telephone system not dialing my mobile number for me to input the PIN.

  • Paula

    Can’t log on via app. Screen says you have logged off. Then when i try again it says i am not connected to internet. I even tried to log on the website but no go. I have deleted the app. Will download it again tomorrow.

  • Jasper

    The app is not loading regardless of the Internet access I use. I keep getting the ‘you’ve been logged off’ screen. It’s infuriating.

  • Simon

    I’m having the same issue with the app telling me I’m not connected to Internet when I clearly am ? How did I right this comment come on bank get to grip can I send you a letter and you be charged 25 pounds for my request to be made , not good enough my money but I can’t access it

  • Kat Davis

    Mobile app down and PC logon screen says Lloyds bank is currently unavailable. I looked further into the error message and it looks like their security certificate expired yesterday, at least that is the reason my computer is giving me for why it won’t connect.

  • Sophie

    App says I’m not connected to Internet even though I am tried 3G still isn’t working

  • Navesd

    Liyods mobile app … Is not opening, says sorry you are not connected to the Internet.
    (I am connected to home wifi and Internet is working).

  • Simon graham

    Mobile banking app is playing up and not let me log on ridiculous

  • Blue49

    I can see balances, but can’t view statement.

  • charlie victor

    charlie I can’t login

  • Kay

    I cant login the app when on wifi. But if i use mobile data i can log in without the app crashing.

  • Janet

    Yes, I’ve been trying to access online banking for over an hour now. Even the app won’t work.

  • Jason


  • Jason

    Os Lloyds online banking down for anyone else, its been offline for me for like 35 minutes now.

  • Layla

    I logged on about 30 minutes ago and then it just crashed on me. Not happy. Seems like many other banks are down as well such as Santander.

  • Debbie

    Is anyone else having issues with Lloyds internet banking? Because I am not able to get online to do any transactions.

  • Chris

    Lloyds online banking is down, just not having any luck trying to log in.

  • Mick Oldsilver Kane

    Lloyds online banking service has not been available all morning, unable to access login page,blank page showing.

  • Cathy

    My Lloyds mobile banking app is not working, i open and try to login and nothing.

  • Grace

    So both Halifax and Lloyds login pages are not working, must be servers issues in the UK then.

  • Jason

    The Halifax login page is not working, its only on the website page this is happening, just a blank page shows up for me.

  • Marissa

    I cannot seem to access my account, tried many times and nothing. Even changed the dns setting and still nothing.

  • Jackie

    At blooming last the Lloyds service is back online after a few hours out.

  • Allison

    Not been online now for over 6 hours, i need to get online to check my account.

  • Ian

    I also kept getting Error 1007 – then tried changing the computer’s IP address and now it connects.

  • Ian

    kept getting Error 1007 – tried changing the computer’s IP address and now it connects.

  • Sarah

    I’ve had problems with accessing the Lloyds website for sometime now. When I phone they just say it is not their fault, it must be my computer/system/router/provider. Don’t know what to do?

  • Andy

    Using latest app on iPhone 6, when at home connected to Wi-Fi , keep getting error message “you’ve been logged off, sorry you are not currently connected to the internet.please check your internet connection and try again.” Seems to work using phone network data though???

  • deedub93

    is anyone having issues with the Lloyds bank website? I keep getting an Error 1007 message.

  • Danielle

    Lloyds mobile app is just dire at the moment, keeps crashing on me. So without the app launching I canot do online transactions on the go.

  • John hill

    The app will not connect to the internet

  • Jessie

    Is anyone having issues logging into their Lloyds online banking account? I cannot seem to get into mine.

  • Jerry

    I have moved to New York, can I still keep my current Lloyds bank account?

  • Kirsty

    My app was always good and pending transactions was a great feature, but it is no longer showing up for me within the app. How come?

  • Carmen

    I wanted to go online using my iPhone app to access my Lloyds account but for some unknown reason it is not letting me in. I have tried my details many times and i know they are correct.

  • Penny

    The webpage is not opening for me, I tried to open the Lloyds online banking and its just not loading up.

  • Julie

    I tried to open up my app this morning and it crashed on me. But it did work the second time i logged in, strange.