LinkedIn problems

Is LinkedIn down right now? LinkedIn is a very powerful social media site for professionals, being it looking for a job or providing one. The website is also used to promote and share business knowledge as well as providing news articles for people today read.

This page is your dedicated LinkedIn status page where you can list all your problems if you have any. Main LinkedIn problems surround the site being down, not being able to list jobs and login connection issues can occur.

Obviously everyone has different concerns with LinkedIn, and with 350 million members some will have problems. Let us know if you are having any issues with LinkedIn, please supply location and what device you were using at the time of the problem.

LinkedIn status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if LinkedIn is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with LinkedIn? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Deepak

    I’m in Delhi, India and for the last two hours cannot access my cource work. Not only that but my friend has been blocked from LinkedIn for no apprent reason.

  • Sumit

    LinkedIn is down for me and was wondering if changing the DNS settings would be a good idea! I was told that changing DNS addresses could help, please help someone.

  • Stepahnie

    A lovely new sexy layout was always welcoming, but at that it shoud have stayed in my mind of thinking about changing to the new layout. Since I dimwittingly decided to change LinkedIn now freezes on me a lot when scrolling or looking at posts etc. Unavilable comes up when searching for profiles etc.

  • Ariel

    I wish I never run the new LinkedIn layout, what a waste of time and stupidity on my part. Never change what is working was always my motto so why ph why did I click that darn button to change!!!!!!!!! LinkedIn keeps playing up for me now like its dying, is there any way I can get the old layout back?

  • Jermaine

    My inbox is not showing any new messages, and i normally get many on a daily basis keeping in contact with LinkedIn groups etc.

  • Kirk

    LinkedIn search results seems to be all wrong, sometimes not even bringing anything back to me.

  • Jesse

    I am having issues trying to join LinkedIn groups, if it wasnt hard enough i had issues trying to login and now this.

  • Daniel

    My LinkedIn inbox is getting loads of messages, but i cannot seem to open them to read. Just having issues today, this is not normal as LinkedIn in the best platform out there for prompt fixes.

  • Adrian

    Are LinkedIn search results working ok for you? When I search my results seem to be minimal rather than a good number of results.

  • Keysha

    I am having issues with the LinkedIn login, seems to work when it wants to.

  • Keagan

    LinkedIn for me is running perfectly, pages loading nicely, messages being sent super quick.

  • Cliff

    I have problems sending messages at the moment through LinkedIn, I have about 30 to reply to today as well.