League of Legends (lol) Down

Right here you can send in your own League of Legends server status updates. When there are server problems with this game, Mac and PC players most certainly feel it. Outages stop people from playing in the massive multiplayer arena, it doesn’t really happen often but problems do occur.

Some of the main problems include League of Legends connection error, a download is not working, and people also have issues trying to login now and then. But whatever the problem we want you to share them with the community below.

Millions of people around the world play League of Legends so a server issue is out of the question in their eyes. Even updates and maintenance can stop the game momentarily. When a server goes down this may not be a worldwide issue, it could just be in a certain location.

Even the League of Legends website has suffered problems, such as pages not loading the way they should to the website not showing at all.

League of Legends status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if League of Legends is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with League of Legends? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Carlos

    I logged in with my details and got into my account but then had to wait like 45 minutes to play my game.

  • Maddy

    Ranked is down and someone is telling me to change the language, will this actually help?

  • jay

    For crying out loud, the ranked is down and out.

  • Charlotte

    I am ranked and keeps getting booted from the game, my net is very good indeed and highly stable. Once I have been disconnected it is not letting me log back in.

  • James

    I get to the League of Legends championships and then the game crashes on me, makes me feel like doing a LEROY.

  • Kenneth

    I would like to reset my League of Legends password but it will not let me, I have been trying to do this from the main LoL homepage.

  • Tobius

    Chat is down for me, not been working now for around 30 minutes.

  • Mike

    Looks like in North America only the LoL game is down. Servers are being shutdown for the new new patch 6.20, should take about 3 hours apparently. For now though my chat is down.

  • Nagy

    I have been disconnected for chat, what your your league of legends status right now?

  • Brian

    Has anyne had a problem after patching and then getting corrupt files? Until the patch the game was good.

  • Mercedes

    LoL servers have gone offline for me, i t went down a few hours ago and thought at last I am back on again online to be offline again. Playing games with me aint ya.

  • Matthew

    LoL is still down for everyone it seems. Please let me know if you are back online or not.

  • Nate

    This game has been down far too long for me now, I know there was maintenance today but at least some warning of how long the game will be down is a good thing.

  • Brian

    Is league of legends down?

  • Shawn

    My LoL has been down for 3 hours now – not happy about this at all.

  • Markie

    The only problem i can see is this – they apparently disabled Ranked Queues whilst performing maintenance work – but this was at like 8:30 A.

  • Paul

    How long is League of Legends login going to be offline for?

  • Bethany

    LoL is down in London, login not working.

  • Clarissa

    I am having issues right now with trying to login to League of Legends, whats wrong?

  • Simon

    “Unable to connect to server” message appears every time I try to log into the game, I can access my account but cant actually start the game.

  • Bruce

    Has there been a DDOS attack? I have tried checking everywhere and cannot find anything, things are not right are they? It is down for me.

  • Marsh

    My LoL login screen is not letting me connect to the service. What the hell is going on because this is like day two i am on now.

  • Toby

    Not able to login to League of Legends, it was even stranger the other day when i could login but when entering a game it just crashed on me.

  • Alex

    League of Legends was down for maintenance earlier today, it was only for about an hour. Had me worried when i could not play the game or enter the store. but hey ho i am back in and kicking booty.

  • Joy

    Has anyone been banned by LeaveBuster?

  • Queen

    I was just finishing my ranking game and then got booted, when I signed back in I lost it all. Not happy and that is being very polite with my choice of words. It is a good job i have respect for other readers.

  • Brandie

    IP boost wasted, this sucks man.

  • Yoshi

    Why is League of Legends DDOSING? Anyone have any ideas?

  • Nigella

    Up and running like a Ferrari on a track, super fast baby super fast. LOL is working wonders. Game on.

  • Tina

    I am getting lagging problems lately, is this to do with the game or is my laptop slowing the hell down?

  • Sonny

    I cannot seem to login in this morning, not sure why because everything has been fine for months. Probs just a little glitch, I will clear my browser history and cache etc.

  • Zach

    I have not had any problems since February when I could not login, but since then everything is been running very smoothly indeed.