ITV Player problems

For those that wish to watch on demand streaming, where you really do not want to miss popular catch ups such as Love Island or Coronation Street etc, then tuning into the ITV Player is what you need. But when the service is not working in the right manner such as login issues or loading problems, complaints will come in.

If you do have any ITV Player complaints you wish to share please do so below, where you can comment, read and reply to others in the community. Millions can tune into channels such as CITV, ITVBe, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4.

There are many things to watch such as popular catch up, house and home, drama classics and live TV. Other problems can consist of the channel selected not opening, streaming becomes slow or freezes, or worst-case scenario is when there is a total ITV Player outage.

You can open ITV Player online, via apps on mobile devices, as well as set-top-boxes and Smart TVs.

ITV Player status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if ITV Player is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ITV Player? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Trish Shenton

    Using a Bush smart TV for first time today and sound on ITV player keeps disappearing or going very crackly making it a waste of time using it. All other catch up apps are fine and perfectly watchable.

  • Jenson

    Looks like ITV Player is going to be deleted from my devices, nothing but hassle lately trying to watch anything. What watching something it’s like what it used to be with the quality. It is constantly buffering or loading.

  • Christine King

    My it hub is currently not working keeps going back to sign on screen after I’ve selected a programme??

  • John Booker

    Hi, every 20mins or so whilst watching live ITV I get the message “am I still watching”? If I fail to respond the ITV switches off. No issue watching any BBC channel, or Channel 4.

    Any idea how I can solve this issue?

  • David

    When I am watching player when the programme reaches the adverts it plays all the ads but then goes back to the start of the programme, does it al the bloody time so annoying. Anyone had this problem?

  • Jane

    ITV hub won’t even load, just get ‘can’t reach this page’ on 14/10/2017. Same happened 2 days ago but worked yesterday. A very unreliable service. Do ITV have any technicians who can sort this? By the look of previous comments it seems either they haven’t or they aren’t trying! Not impressed.

  • Mrs roberts

    ITV player not working for itv but does for other channels been few weeks now can’t watch any catch-up telly … missed 2 weeks of liar now.

  • John Mahoney

    If your ITV Hub engineers can’t produce a basic player that streams without fowling up or staggering, give up and sack them all or ask the BBC how its done!

  • Tomt

    so glad its working again now! two mins in x

  • Sam

    Why is it every time I go to watch love island on itv hub it’s never working!! Sort it out!!

  • Tomt

    this is a joke, let me know if you see it uploaded

  • Summer

    Been waiting from 10pm for the catch up!

  • Tom

    love islands episode has not been uploaded tonight?

  • Susan Quinn

    Think that after more than a month is long enough, I’ve grown bored with waiting. 🙁

  • Susan Quinn

    Also tried “Play from start” that was a blank to 🙁 🙁

  • Susan Quinn

    Hi Alan, Tried the “Resume” didn’t work 🙁 🙁

  • Susan Quinn

    Trying to watch Tour De France or Coronation Street is almost impossible, have recovered the page at least 10 times. This problem has gone on for weeks, when will it get sorted ??? If a “service” is going to be provided, then do it, as this “Hit & Miss” service is annoying. 🙁

  • michael k

    Is the ITV Hub still down, mine is still not working?

  • My itv Hun is not working coming up with we’re sorry something went wrong try again ref 40501

  • Tasmin

    Mine is not working and I wanna watch love island! Fuming!

  • Carol Metcalf

    Is itv hub down today ( Midlands )

  • Margaret Thomas

    Is it down today?

  • Kim Gayler

    Definitely down today

  • Alan Witts

    Hi Julie. I contacted Customer Service again and they are still working on the Problem. They did however tell me a way round it for the time being as follow. Go to the program you want watch and it will start in the small screen format. Wait for a minute or two and then exit the program. Go back to it and will say Resume or start again. Press resume and Bingo full screen. Hope that helps. Cheers. Alan

  • Julie Gill

    Hi – I have had this problem for nearly a month now with all my carch up in small screen – has anyone had there’s resolved yet – is it any good un installing it and really installing it i’m afraid to try it in case I lobserved it altogether

  • Alan1942

    Hi Everybody. My ITV hub is still showing catch-up in the small screen format. I have already contacted Customer Services who tell me that their technicians are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Here’s hoping.

  • Alan Witts

    My TVs Smart ITV hub only shows catch up soaps etc in small screen format but all the adverts are fine lol.

  • Dearne

    Itv hub is not working on tv and the app

  • Dennis Kay

    My problem is when an advert break comes on it then stops and won’t play the next part. The screen just goes black. Reloaded it and when I clicked resume it started from the beginning and again stopped at the break. Is it the player or my TV?

  • Thegirlinthosehats


  • Chris

    Sorry my issue isn’t exactly the same. I use iPad direct to TV and this is where I have a problem. No Apple TV guide me.

  • Chris

    I have exactly the same problem. Has been working fur the last couple of years with no problems. Then all of a sudden no picture and only sound fur catch up programs. The live stream works fine!

  • ReadySalted80 .

    Thinks I’m using adblock but I am not, wtf is this.

  • Pauline

    Itv hub not working using iPad to Apple TV, sound but no video? Any help please!

  • Coop

    The itv hub isn’t working and I can’t find anyone to tell me why

  • Pearchy

    Cannot get itv o load at all!!!

  • Carolyn

    I can’t get any ITV programmes on my iPad and normally can. I still get other networks and videos.


    Love island from last night won’t play!!! ARGHHHH

  • Me

    Thursday’s Love island keeps closing half way through even though my internet is fine and everything else works … When will this be sorted ?

  • Robert Roberts

    This has to be the worst service
    on the internet. Just endless adverts and notices saying your using adblock. If I’m using adblock how come it’s playing adverts?.

  • Mile

    ITV channels are not playing ball lately, for a few hours now I have been getting intermittent signal problems, it has nothing to do with the boxes and tried others,

  • beachwalkerpete

    ITV Player worked fine on my Smart TV until they updated it. Now it loads lets you search for programs but if you try to watch anything it gives you a message ‘there was a problem accessing this content, go back to home and try again later’. Any one with any ideas. The help email does not work.

  • Ian Murray

    ITV player is not fit for purpose.

  • Craig

    Cant log into ITV player AGAIN, and usually when I do get to watch the adverts work perfect but the program stops constantly to buffer… this is not my issue as BBC player works perfect as does Channel 4…… SORT YOURSELVES OUT!!!!

  • m

    no football again. i seem to watch more adverts than programmes these days so there must be plenty of £££££s. use some and sort itv player out. not being able to cope with users is ridiculous!!!

  • Sukh

    its turd cant even login and watch england and holland. bad enough you have to sign in everytime without the fact you can’t even login

  • Pete Tarrant

    all there i can get of the opening Rugby world cup is 35mins of the opening ceremony !!! why can’t i see the game !!! bloody ITV why o why have you done this, i couldn’t see it earlier so when can i watch the game !! this is rubbish ?

  • Crain

    Some of my ITV channel 4 and 5 seems to be a little temperamental.

  • Malcom

    ITV Player videos are not playing back, this is strange considering i was watching shows most of yesterday. Don’t tell me a little rain scares the system.

  • Jamie

    No matter what channel i go onto being it ITV 2 or 3 viewing is very blurry for me. Not sure if this is my emd or internal.

  • Jenny

    So hard lately trying to watch anything, I am an avid ITV Player users and until recently i used to love it. But the iPad app for me is playing up.

  • Danny

    I tried to watch Love Island 2015 and when I opened the channel it started to play really well, but then it started to lag like it was buffering.

  • Peter

    I keep getting “technical fault please try later” when I try to open any channel.