iTunes Store problems

Is iTunes Store down right now? Are you having iTunes Store login and password problems? Some of these questions have entered your mind at least once, and this is a place you can share all your iTunes Store problems with the community and of course us.

Problems do happen, especially when there is an iTunes Store update, which is more than likely when a maintenance check is happening, a new product is being added or as usual after a WWDC conference things change.

The main iTunes Store issues that occur include a total outage, pages not loading, not able to login, downloading apps are not working properly. There are of course major software updates to iOS 8, which we know will cause update problems because too many people are trying to download and install at the same time.

The main issues with downloading a new iOS update is when people try doing it over-the-air update, which is slower of course and more demanded from other users. This is when Apple servers have trouble handling the stampede of all trying to do at once. If you do have any iTunes Store problems please do comment below with your location.

iTunes Store status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if iTunes Store is down right now, see reports below.

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  • Josh

    I keep putting on my password to buy something via the iTunes Store but it keeps saying I am not connecting to the internet.

  • Ben

    I keep getting the same old silly message saying iTunes Store unable to process purchase

  • Shaun

    I have had an iTunes account for ages and my house is Apple, got the watch macs, iMacs, TV, phone and more. So wondering why for the first time why I cannot access my purchases via Apple TV, never happened before. It keeps saying cannot connect to iTunes Store.

  • Mark

    I do not understand how I keep getting iTunes error 590624, what does this even mean?

  • Melissa

    The App Store is not updating my apps, i hit the select all and not one app out of 11 is updating.

  • Betty

    I keep getting error 11503 when trying to update my apps.

  • Ray

    I pay for a rental and then the film was not play. It does not want to play ball, took ages for the movies to show up and once they did it was a painful process.

  • Peter

    I tried to purchase a movie last night and it took ages to play, is this because this week everyone is going crazy for black Friday?

  • Cairne

    iTunes is playing up for me right now, so blooming slow to download anything right now.

  • Francis

    Down in Italy

  • Brian

    iTunes is down in France

  • BibPeter

    Cannot download anything from the iTunes and App Store.

  • Bib

    “We could not complete your iTunes Store request”, this is all i keep getting.

  • Ellen

    I cannot get any updates from iTunes, how come iTunes is not working?

  • Santas

    I cannot seem to download anything in the iTunes Store, I have checked my bank details and settings to make sure they are all correct, which they are but still having issues.

  • Ashley

    I try to connect my phone to iTunes to backup my stuff and it will not let me. I plug phone in and then sync but then when i try to back up it will not let me. WHY?

  • Louis

    iTunes is not letting be download a rented movie, is the iCloud issue affecting iTunes?

  • Maddy

    iTunes in the cloud is not working properly this morning. Automatic downloads are not working either..

  • Josh

    I know iCloud is down at the moment but is this also affecting iTunes because I am unable to access any movies.

  • Kelly

    Itunes Store is not opening up on my new iPhone 6 Plus, it works via laptop but not iOS products, whats the fix then?

  • George

    When I installed a film from Apple iTunes it said it was all done on my laptop, for some reason I cannot seem to find it to play on my Apple TV. I am new to all this as I am a little technophobe.

  • Travis

    iTunes is really slow loading films today. Took me long enough just to sign in.

  • Oz

    iTunes crashed on me after and error, I am using iOS X 10.10.3 as well as libgnsdk_dsp.3.06.1.dylib plug-in.

  • Rose

    I am in New Jersey and cannot connect to iTunes

  • Gahn

    I am in Korea and cannot connect.

  • Matthew

    iTunes is down for me in London

  • Billy

    I am on AT&T nad having trouble getting iTunes store up on my iPad.

  • Drake

    Both app store and iTunes store is not working well for me, when i login everything is so slow loading.

  • Greta

    When I use iTunes on my Apple Mac for some reason I keep getting timed out, is this a problem Apples end or mine?