HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Internet banking problems are a cause for concern if you need to make payments or complete transactions etc. Issues can come from both online and app on your desktop or mobile device, customers are more than welcome to let us know if they have HSBC business or personal log on problems, or anything else.

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC internet banking issues are a hindrance because it stops customers making payments as we said above, but also unable to manage personal details, their accounts, as well as their midata.

Complaints in the past have included apps issues with the servers, some complain about the HSBC’s ISP and DNS. Gaining access to a slow app is a nightmare in itself, as well as loading slowly online, but worst case is when there is a total HSBC server outage.

Are you having issues with your HSBC Internet banking?

HSBC Internet Banking status reports for Saturday 24th of June 2017

To find out if HSBC Internet Banking is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with HSBC Internet Banking? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Enrico Davide

    helpppppppp what is this? i’m not in UK for the moment! i can’t login on my account.
    We are sorry that you have experienced a problem. Please ensure Private Browsing is not enabled within the browser. If it isn’t and you are still unable to view your accounts online, please call us.

  • WTF

    I’m sorry for your personal problems but I had to laugh at the stupid comment from HSBC over send a penny. Weren’t these the morons a few years ago who tried to demand from savers why they were taking money out to make a cash purchase on something.

  • WTF

    Just a suggestion, if you’re a good customer and have savings, threaten HSBC that you’ll transfer them unless you get compensation for the trouble. Barclaycard Visa coughed up 100 GBP for me after they f***** up to stop me leaving.

    Personally I’d like to see a compensation scheme to pay customers for loss of service just like budget airlines have to as the banks are quick enough to charge us for our mistakes or failures.

  • WTF

    Try closing your browser right down and restarting it.

  • WTF

    There seems to be a problem with web browsers and banking sites where there’s some compatibility issue over caching (remembering) previous sessions with your bank. I recently experienced on America Express’s web site where I had logged into my wifes credit card o redeem points, logged out and then tried to the same on my Am-Ex credit card. Despite logging into my account when I clicked on redeem points I ended up on her points page. Now whether it was a copy in my cache or the Am-Ex server was difficult to tell BUT I had to completely close Firefox and then restart it to finally get to my Am-Ex points redemption page.

    I should point out that my browser shouldn’t remember stuff and the Am-Ex IT were no help as I stumbled across this ‘work around fix’ myself. Maybe this is a similar problem so perhaps people should try restarting their browser from scratch to see if that fixes it. Personally, I don’t trust bank security as the 4 times I’ve been compromised and had funds stolen or goods bought on my credit card, it was ALL down to the banks and their crap security and not me. They always refuse to say how fraud can happen when I still have the card or the PIN number.

  • Chris

    I can’t get into internet banking right now: 12:20 on 12/06/17 – seems to be only a problem with Chrome.

  • Naomi Beecher-McDermott

    GSA ERROR at 09:25 on 29/5/17

  • Carl

    Apparently you have to clear your cache, cookies and history and this may help. But I tried this and it did not work.

  • Jenny

    I cannot get onto my internet banking, are your HSBC servers down or something.

  • Elizabeth

    I am having login errors and I have tried different browsers and its still having problems.

  • Judith Garrett

    I have the same problem, all HSBC could say was “use a different browser or contact windows – there is nothing wrong with our website”. Obviously there is something wrong as I was using it OK for years and now I have to use Chrome to access my accounts. We are very seriously considering changing from the HSBC as we are not satisfied with the offhand attitude of the HSBC telephone staff.

  • Keith

    Today I have tried to open the app but it keeps flagging up that I have to install the latest version, but it is already installed.

  • TJ F

    Are you using Microsoft Edge? If so, try another internet browser like Firefox or Safari – I have the same problem with Edge but works ok on other browsers.

  • kerry

    Having problems getting on my online banking just keeps saying loading account please wait this is the second day now

  • Sophie

    I went to check my future payments that was set up like a few months back now cannot see them.

  • Val

    I would like to call about an ATM that swallowed my money during a deposit and its not showing up in my accounts. When I call customer services I am on hold for like what feels and eternity.

  • Martine

    Having problems trying to login to my HSBC online account. I keep getting, “We are sorry that you have experienced a problem. Please ensure Private Browsing is not enabled within the browser. If it isn’t and you are still unable to view your accounts online, please call us.”

  • Denis Yardley

    Windows 10 update to creator just now has made access to my HSBC account by Edge crash- grey screen…hangs… Was fine before.
    Access is ok via Chrome and IE (!) and App so any ideas what’s going on and how to fix it? Grateful.

  • Martha

    I tried to login to my HSBC app on my iPhone and i got this MB 040 error message, what does thins mean as I have never seen it before.

  • Jessica

    I love the fact when you ring HSBC customer helpline they keep you on the waiting line for like 45 minutes… Might as well take the service down and just have live chat online.

  • Luna C

    it’s still down

  • Charlie

    HSBC id down for me, not able to log in.

  • Dru India Howell

    unable to log in

  • Fay Gould

    These problems have been ongoing since they updated the website. So annoying

  • Fay Gould

    Phoned the telephone banking too and that’s not working either. I have to transfer money between accounts today. HSBC sort this out!!!!! Hope you manage to log in soon

  • mark caine

    Well reading your message, at least i know its not my pc with the problem.

  • Fay Gould

    I’m getting the same problem at the moment too. Very frustrating

  • mark caine

    Is the hsbc online banking down? i am unable to log on

  • Rachel Y

    Im getting error message “ensure private browsing not enabled” but i’m not in incognito mode I always use normal browser, this has never happened before. Can’t tell if this is them or me, does anyone know how to fix this.

  • li

    I’m a HK HSBC customer, dont have account in the UK but have advice my client to use HSBC counter service to deposit a banker draft via UK HSBC to me in HK. HSBC confirmed received the Banker’s draft on the 19th DEC. 2016 and even due to the Christmas, new year and bank holiday, I was supposed to received my money in the beginning of Jan.2017 but until now I still havent received it. I have been complain and complain, and HSBC UK have keep calling us back and told us is been working on it and said it will be solved …that was at least a week now…but still dont know what happen other than wait for them to call and tell us is on process. This NEVER happen in HK HSBC and I have been using them for over 20 years! This is so frustrate as I’m not in UK and I dont have a UK HSBC account but my money is trap there, I asked them to sent me an email to proved that my money it with them so I can explain to HK HSBC why all the payment has not been pay but this request has been 2 days…they still didnt do it. HK HSBC cant help since the 2 bank operate individually even under the same name, in the meanwhile I’ve been chase received all kind of txt from my overdue payee and have problem continue with my business since my cash flow been effected by HSBC UK, this is not a small sum, been called for over 2 weeks and talked to numbers of “custom service manager” and “complain manager” but still NOT resolve. I now wonder maybe I should to contact lawyer or report to police in HK at least as if I get sued at this end, at least I have proved that it isnt my fault that all my money been “trap” in HSBC UK for over 3 weeks!!! I will not open my business account ion the UK using HSBC …this is such a big disappointment and on going till who knows when :'(

  • David

    kept getting this message today, call the number they said nothing was wrong, told me to try 1,2 hours later. anyone else got the same problem? I think HSBC is just crap huh? really bad website.

    Unable to retrieve your information.

    Please contact a Customer Care Representative at 1-800-975-HSBC (1-800-975-4722).

    used 2 browser and also phone app, all errors but customer service said no problem, very frustrating

  • Linda Knight

    I am so dissatisfied with the new site that I am seriously considering changing banks after spending my working life with them.
    It is just not easy anymore and having to download a pdf (that has poor text and not laid out well) is not satisfactory.
    When I recently spoke with someone on the other side of the world about why I was forced to use this new site without my consent, he told me that I HAD consented.
    There was an option initially to return to the old site which I did both times I accessed after the change, so that surely let them know that I definitely did NOT approve of the new layout.
    Most of my colleagues have said the same thing, why oh why change something that has always worked well!!

  • Barry

    Totally fed up with new site…now can’t access the old site
    option…has it been deleted. Keeps cutting out on transfer money
    options. The old site was fast and efficient…new one will not let me change the bank card for an existing payee. I am changing banks !

  • Ross

    Same issues…can not access account…does hsbc know about this as I phoned and the person I spoke too did not know anything about issues with the Website?.

  • Lucy

    I think it is about tme I changed my banks because the HSBC online banking is not running the way I want it too, like RUNNING. They need to sort out all the issues they are having.

  • David Nicholls

    App no longer compatible with my device – running android 6 – so can no longer generate secure digital code or update to latest app version – can’t even send a message without secure digital code – Moto e 2nd gen

  • Angie

    We’ve been left without money for months now…and I have a serious I’ll sick husband, apparently the account needs some repairs along with not being able to access it either online for over a month. They asked us to send a penny, to see if they could find it?! that really inspires confidence. In the meantime, had to borrow money from elderly mum as none for food and my bills….its been a nightmare, its made me ill….!!! They know we no money and not offered us an alternative to get our money.

  • Disgruntledhsbc customer

    I have never really had much to complain about with regards to the hsbc and have been happy for 20 years of banking with them. Now however I have decided to move banks due to their new internet website. It worked perfectly fine up until a few months ago and I could access and use it quickly. Now the format has been changed obviously by some it geek who thinks it’s acceptable to have little boxes which are impossible to scroll and why the skyscrapers in the background? I would imagine that anybody with dyslexia or issues with lots of detail on a page would be dizzy after using this. As most of my banking is done online it just isn’t working for me anymore. Why spend probably millions redesigning something that didn’t need fixed in the first place?

  • Annie Dodds

    Try a different browser. I couldn’t get access using Safari so downloaded Firefox and managed to get onto my account that way.

  • Andrew Sadleir

    As for earlier correspondents, I find the new-format website to be no better than the previous one – arguably worse. However, I cannot now access it (just the silly rotating wheel of dots), despite numerous attempts over the past hour. If I hit the browser “back” button to escape, I end up on an “HSBC Expat” page, with a message that my session has been “invalidated”.
    This comes on top of a recent letter announcing closure of my local branch – in a town of 13,000 souls and growing.
    HSBC needs to stop its techy-geeks from playing around with an internet banking interface that worked quite satisfactorily before, and concentrate instead on reliability.

  • MSB

    What on earth is HSBC playing at! – I have been trying to log on for two consecutive days now – and only get as far as the maddening burring wheel! This new website is just not working. If you try to phone HSBC you are advised the waiting time can be 25 minutes! My nearest branch is over 17 miles away – I am going to close my accounts and change Bank really do not need this hassle! – Well done HSBC you have just lost a customer of over 40 years.

  • bdub

    I cannot log on again!! What is going on?

  • Bee C

    Totally fed up with new site…now can’t access the old site option…has it been deleted. Keeps cutting out on transfer money options. The old site was fast and efficient…new one has lost most of my payees. I am changing banks !

  • Ano Omaz

    I can’t transfer money to the external bank. Is HSBC going to bankrupt?

  • Glenn

    I cant view my credit card balance that used to show under my bank account?

  • Rob de Bruijn

    HSBC Bank app complains about Network Connection Error. My Internet is working fine. HSBC Please urgently advise

  • Helen P

    HSBC online banking won’t allow you to view your account if you are on private browsing. Why? I don’t want safari to save my browsing history. It didn’t used to be a problem. What a complete pain HSBC is.

  • Dave P

    42 yrs with Midland/HSBC………..The old saying ” if it ain’t broke ” etc applies
    I knew my way round the old HSBC internet banking system , it worked ok , and as a 60 yr old technophobe I didn’t need or want a change …..BUT NOBODY ASKED ME, IM JUST THE CUSTOMER Grrrrrrrr !

    Their business internet banking is just as crap , why didn’t they sort that !!!

    It’s not a login or delay problem , the new site is just un navigable . There is still an option to use the old system…but for how long ??

    As usual , customer needs at the bottom of the pile ……typical banks , when are you lot gonna learn

  • Steve Usher

    What a load of garbage the new enhanced internet banking is, like a previous person commented, no reason to stay with HSBC anymore, no local banking available anymore, closest is 17 miles, and the new internet banking is rubbish. Going to close 7 accounts down in the next few days had enough of their corporate games, already opened alternative accounts. BYE

  • Brian Sheldon

    Yeah, I have same problem on google-chrome, but OK if I use Firefox. Don’t like the new site anyway, so I always go back to the old site. You are allowed that option as soon as you have got past the Security Code stage. All this is so typical of the morons who construct these web sites. They know what type of hardware you are using and also exactly what browser. It doesn’t have to be like this, but everything has to give way to the mobile device mafia.

  • Nicole D

    Ever since the update, I cannot get into my account. It logs in…then is forever stuck on that blasted turning wheel! I don’t use my phone for banking, never have and never will, so I sincerely hope this is fixed soon because most people have a job and money to transfer to individuals–which I desperately need to do! HSBC, an update should fix problems not make fricken more and even WORSE ones. The old one worked for laptops/computers and it worked well! Please get your act together and sort this issue because if reading what I have below me is any indication, I am definitely not the only one. I have tried logging in for over a week, perhaps nearly 2 now, so if you are reading any of our comments: help! At least give us some information as to what could be the cause?

  • David Howard

    Cannot log on today (18/11/16) – stuck for third attempt with “Please wait We are loading your data …”. I do not care about some new system – the old one worked. How is one supposed to bank now? The Twitter help – Anna is apparently there, is not being answered. This is not what social media is about – a promise (I am here to answer your banking queries today) should be a promise. HELP! Effectively, this is telling me to go away, you cannot have your money, we do not care. I would welcome an opinion from HSBC.

  • Laura Heard

    Me too – what a joke.

  • Diana Davidson

    Got the interminable spinning wheel myself – with Google Chrome – when I read that someone was able to log in on their phone I tried Windows E and got in to my account. Maybe it is the ISP/HSBC interface which is now a problem.

  • nico rouquette

    Great upgrade.. shame it doesnt work .. the spinning wheel has been “loading my data” for 3 days now… oh well. how needs internet banking.. at least it works on my phone.. weird.. if HSBC were able to say they were aware I would feel better…

  • ian walker

    This needs to stop now. Branches closing, no internet…useless, particularly for the millions that do not live near a town. I will be moving my account.

  • pj

    Had just started filling in a mortgage application about 4 hours ago, and the site went down. Have not been able to get anything to work since…

  • Lisa

    Ever since HSBC updated their site I have struggled to go online. Keeps saying it’s loading the info. Maybe everyone should leave on mass, might just prompt them to do omething about it. Why change it when it was perfectly fine before.

  • fight_the_future

    Browser says waiting but spins wheels waiting for login page

  • Andrew

    Haven’t been able to log onto mobile app for days. What’s wrong with you HSBC.

  • Left Peg

    “Please wait. We are loading your data” – What a joke HSBC

  • Angie

    We been left without money for over two months, they just sorted our complaint out and then their website won’t work….accruing charges daily in our other account, and no way to obtain any cash…’s been a nightmare!!! And still is by the looks of it…

  • John Cary

    I’ve been trying for two weeks to log on to personal internet banking, the page never loads. It’s back to storage with cheques – can’t believe HSBC are so inefficient to leave all their customers stranded like this – probably best to switch to a decent bank

  • Mary Faerie

    “Please wait we are loading your data”, is all I can get out of the website on my Android phone.

  • Boris

    For a few weeks now – since their “migration” – I’ve been unable to log in to my account through any browser, on any of my computers or mobile devices. All I get is a loading screen that never goes away. I can log in using the mobile app but its services are limited. I’ve spent a long time on the phone with their customer centre last week but, in the end, was told that I need to “wait and see”. This is beyond ludicrous and I am (right now) about to switch to another bank. Enough is enough.

  • Miranda

    We have the same as below and also can not do on line transfers to new payees

  • Richard

    Unable to display accounts – error message says”ensure private browsing not enabled…”. My wife’s account just sits there with”loading data” message.

  • YAHPy

    Nov 1st – down yet again? Odd things happening for past couple of days. “New style” (and worse?) on some accounts – other flips between “old” & “new.” Can access from mobile – but not from computer. Now “sorry” yet again from mobile. Help line? forget it!

  • Prepare for English

    I managed to log on using the firefox browser which I never normally use. The google chrome is my default and that kept giving same message as Lili. Try your other browsers if you have them

  • Lili Muntianu

    Hi HSBC IT team, I have this message coming out every time I’m trying to log into my account. What is happening, please ?
    “Sorry. There is currently a system fault. Please try again later.(889) Sorry. There is currently a system fault. Please try again later.(889)”… I mean, what is this, a joke? Please come back with an answer ASAP
    Thank you!

  • Prepare for English

    Soooooo annoying – I need to transfer money urgently.

  • Prepare for English

    Sorry. There is currently a system fault. Please try again later.(889) This, since yesterday

  • Malcolm morgan

    Tried logging on from Australia so it’s important for transactions,had problems with new version “loading data “then says a problem this is no good to me.note to self change bank asap

  • Alan Wilmshurst

    Same problem using Firefox. Tried to access the new system, hangs at “loading my data”. Tried again using MS Edge and it worked.

  • Lynda Black

    Anne Peacock. Did you have any problems the first time you logged in? Like hanging forever while ‘loading your data’ ?

  • Lynda Black

    Trying to get into my account, but as it’s the new version, it’s ‘loading my data’ first and just hangs! Been like this for at least half an hour now, and tried re-logging in several times too! Effin’ banking – how can we work like this?

  • Anne Peacock

    Realky unimpressed by the new internet banking site. What a mess.

  • Peter Davidson

    On holiday and no way am I able to access my account on iPhone! This is no use to me whatsoever and an unprofessional HSBC IT department!

  • Mike

    Cant log on….. showing….Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [HSBC Filter]: filter is unavailable.

  • Anna Iyla

    I can’t make a payment, I’ve got through all the security stuff and just get to a stalemate of you must enter all the correct details

  • Andy p

    iPhone 7 can’t access thru app of desktop?

  • Michal Rodrigues

    Iphone 7 won’t login into mobile app. It says it’s waiting to connect to internet (everything else works, connected)

  • Cordelia Macmillan

    I can’t login via iphone

  • M Shen

    not work tonight!

  • e4ma

    Does not work for me today 18 Sept 7h36, happens many time, it is a disgrace considering the fees they charge and the army of “IT specialists” they have

  • mp

    Can’t log in using PC or phone. This is 3rd time this has happened recently. Wth?

  • Andrea Clements

    I can’t get on hsbc online banking neither through app or website… it’s a nightmare… and not the first time that happens… I’m fuming because can’t check my account to make payments… grrrrr

  • I R Tyler

    global view not working either

  • robin hood

    Been unable to log on to my bank account all week. PATHETIC

  • JohnnyWalker2K1

    P002 – Error :(

  • Rick Bettig

    Serious issues – need to check info for new for house.
    Phoned HSBC – System is being updated – 2 hrs Max

  • Jodie

    Must be down carnt get on app or online

  • pepe

    18:43 Edinburgh. Site wont load. Hulk angry :-(

  • Lee

    Absolute pathetic service. Everytime i update the app it refuses to work, a global bank as big as HSBC cant get it right bit my other small bank yorkshire bank seems to get it right with no problems. Sick of this unreliable service.

  • Girl

    Can’t make payments or get online banking….. website won’t load at all

  • Calixtto

    Can’t connect on my accounts! It must be down again!

  • Ursula

    Is internet banking down again?

  • Alex

    HSBC business banking – cannot view or download statement. We get a lot of erros like this “Error 500: javax.faces.FacesException”.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable bank for business, please!?

  • Iza

    Not accept correct details, does not allow to log on!

  • Ghada Elnajjar

    Hsbc mobile spp down for more than a week now ?? Keep giving message about internet connection which is not true. So what is that ????

  • shaz

    Mobile banking Down, not accepting CORRECT access code and
    after changing access code three times its not letting me logon

  • Anders Lofgren

    Down, down and down. Able to access accounts using mobile (not web). However when attempting to create payment as it kindly reports: “Due to a system error we are unable to continue with your request at present. Please try again later. (P002). It’s been saying that for the last 6 hours now…not reliable service.

  • Elaine fox

    Is the Internet banking down again

  • Damian

    Just phoned Hsbc and they say there’s no problem but clearly there is!!! So frustrating!!

  • darren upsall

    This is disgusting how are you supposed to manage your account especially when you have closed local branches and now messed up Internet banking due to a not needed new look site

  • maria

    hsbc online banking did not recocnised my details from 2nd august and directed to ring their support line. phone lines never answer, music goes on for hours. i can not afford to ring them from abroad to listen to answering machine. my debit card is locked. can not make a payments or withdraw the money. what is going on with hsbc uk ? there is no official information about repair works or any explanation for ignorance of customers calls and online banking service non availability. hsbc, what on earth do you think you are doing? we are stuck abroad with locked card.

  • Roger Fry

    Online banking down again on 3rd August…can’t get into the site at all.

  • Jez Davies

    HSBC Customer Money Manager (CMM) insists on using Internet Explorer, if you open it from any other browser it force closes the window. Laptop upgraded to Windows 10 and CMM doesn’t work in Edge or IE11. Phoned HSBC they said it needs to run on IE11 in compatibility mode, changed the settings in ie11 to allow CMM in and it worked for a period now all the graphics are screwed up. It’s a total nightmare and affecting my business, why the hell can’t they allow access from another browser like other banks would, bloody ridiculous.

  • Nicola

    No online banking.. No good calling, was told a 25mins plus wait for that.. Can’t get to the branch either…. Given up!

  • Lynne Burnell

    This is so annoying. HSBC service has really gone downhill lately. Have asked 4 times for a call back due to waiting for over an hour on phone without getting anywhere. Still no response. Now complete service is down. Thinking of changing banks!

  • Andy

    Guess its a big issue as still down now :-(

  • Laurence Rayburn

    Yes down on firefox, edge and also IOS. No other way to log in. Fury!!! :@(((

  • Keith

    Can’t HSBC sought this out? Keeps going down on a regular basis.
    Are all banks the same or is it just HSBC? Time to change!!!!

  • g

    I wonder whats happened.. HSBC UK down – HSBC US up

  • Nikki

    Yep it’s down .. Not happy either.

  • nothappy

    Website is down for me also.

  • Ricky

    website is down now, wtf

  • Giles

    hsbc internet banking is offline, not able to access website to login.

  • Jessica

    The HSBC website is down on 3G, 4G and WiFi.

  • Ronald Saunders

    Refused debit card on Friday and no trace money transferred to another account on other account’s statement. However another payment made has gone into the payee’s account.

  • Simon Kean

    wont let me register for online banking via site and when i call their number the machine doesnt recognise me as a customer!!!
    WTF am I meant to do now?!?

  • Jean Barnes

    Banked with HSBC (Midland) for nearly 50 years and never had as many problems as I have in the past year. Can’t get through to telephone banking as there is a “high volume of calls”, waiting time of six to ten minutes! If I send a message via online banking I have to wait up to 48 hours for a response. Absolutely ridiculous! Think it is now time to consider changing banks.

  • paula

    will not allow me to transfer money to another account keep getting same stupid message asking if i have filled everything in correctly!!!!!grrrr

  • David Brett-Everest

    Same here. It started just after updating.

  • Ben

    You would think with the amount of money they save avoiding tax that they could at least develop a half decent app….

  • George

    The HSBC online banking app does not work, it keeps saying network and server errors even though my net is fine.

  • Tracey

    My HSBC app is not letting me log in, surely I am not the only one having issues with online banking.

  • Marianne

    HSBC is down for me, not able to login. What is wrong with the service?

  • Eric

    HSBC internet banking is down for me, has been for like an hour. I have asked friends and they said they are having issues with their bank also such as Barclays.

  • Paige

    Not being able to log in for about 2 weeks now :/

  • Duane

    Not able to log into my HSBC online account for two days in a row now, time for a change me thinks.

  • Lesley

    Getting a GSA error message when i try to log into my HSBC account online.

  • Benjamin

    Cant login to my personal account because it wants a username that doesnt exist nor was I asked to create instead of my user ID which I’ve used for years. how unbelievably stupid and inconvenient can you get?

  • Prodicus

    Website not responding, although mobile app works for balances and transfers.

  • Gareth Holbrook

    Liveing and working in germany want take advantage of lower pound.
    HSBC banking down for 5 days.

    Wish transfer Euros to pounds to uk saveing accounts and i can’t do f all due HSBC.

    Please don’t move germany HSBC your waste space.

  • Rimoraj Lezuarg

    Morning. For two days I’m getting gsa error on internet banking log on…Any solution? Mobile and laptop as well.

  • Andy Manning

    I live in Thailand and rely on my online banking facility which has now been unavailable for over a week. I did get a missed phone call from some Indian woman representing HSBC asking me to call her back, this was prior to the online banking going down. I did not return her call as in the past when I have phoned I am connected to a person in India who although speaks English has an accent which I do not understand. I need to have access to my account and to discuss issues with a HSBC member of staff that I can understand.

  • Rich

    I have lost the ability to make any payments from my business account?!? Says I don’t have any payments limits set?! WTF. I have hasd this account for nearly three years and have made regular payments since then. It now seems to all have gone?!? I now I have to fill out a paper form and take it into a branch?!? WTF!? When do they think I have time to do that?! PAPER forms?!! Have we gone back to 2005??!? Grrrrr, gonna bin HSBC soon as I can.

  • ellie -may

    RIGHT CLOSEING MY ACCOUNT just got excuses and no real help still have not gas or eletic ill just tell me children the bank says IT CANT BE HELPED,that mummy cant cook dinner. That WE ARE WORKING ON IT. Means mummy cant just bye something cook. that they MUST UNDERSTAND THE BANK IS HAVING HIGH CALL VOLUMES so mummy cant very quickly get though again to tell them THE PROBLEM IS STILL NOT FIXED.

  • ellie -may

    honestly i like to write a string of profanity. Im so fedup with hsbc, internet banking is not the only thing THAT IS NOT working. Cant use my card in any shop or ANY atm that is not in branch. Cant get a balance on telephone banking OR tark to a person. We live mile and miles from my nearest branch which is close today for some reson. We do not having a car ,so i found this out after a very long wark with a todle in toe. I am now sitting here listening to music to drive you insane hope ill aford my phone bill when it comes in with no electric or gas as i topup mondays and still have not got this sorted. IT JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  • Jag Mehta

    I made a payment yesterday evening at 1900 hours.. and still the payment has not been received. I have called up.3 times since yesterday and was not informed about any issues. Now been told about a technical problem, which I understand. However the bank has not helped me in anyway at all. Costing me more money by calling them.up. I have been told that they will put the transfered money into my account. . But dnt know when


    This bank is a total disgrace I banked a cheque via the post office on the 27th May and it is still not showing on my account rang them up and after 46 mins on hold was finally answered the man I spoke to was no use told me I’d get a call from the relevant department within 24 hours still waiting 48 hours later sort it hsbc get it sorted this is causing major problems for myself

  • pj

    i tried to login HSBC personal banking for around 10 times in last 3 weeks and it’s not working till moment, it was really good before never had a problem like this, i hope HSBC is trying hard to fix it, i had another UK account which was a good option on such situation/s but i had closed that account few months back, it’s really good to have a second option in had with some amount to tackle such situation, what about people who are having medical needs and so need funds to pay in hospitals. pj

  • John Barrett

    For two days I have been trying to send money to my builder in Spain. Yesterday HSBC quoted technical problems please try later. Today after spending an hour on the phone to them they blamed my computer cookie history which once deleted did not still allow overseas payments to be completed. The money was eventually sent by telephone banking after another long wait. I have just had a call back from HSBC to try and resolve the problem, this time they blamed Google Chrome. We switched to Microsoft Edge, still the problem persists. They wanted me to try Firefox but I have had enough. I also bank with RBS so hopefully I can use them for overseas payments. To make matters worse HSBC closed our local branch yesterday so I have had to open an account with Lloyds to bank cash. HSBC have been very good to me in past but they seem to have lost their way.

  • pl

    down since last 3 days till now no good

  • Yunjie Ni

    When can it be fixed??? I’ll appreciate if it can be fixed before 20th.

  • Leanne

    Disgusted couldn’t pay for my shopping yesterday can’t access online banking and still can’t use my debit card today what are you going to do HSBC!!!!

  • Garry

    Discusted with no answer for the third time today…Fraud issue all important to me…Obviously they dont care…Will file for compensation ‘ all times of calls and dates are logged…

  • Keith E Rice

    Haven’t been able to access my personal account online since Sunday. Simply says: “This portlet is temporarily disabled”. Tried phoning this morning but gave up after 10 mins waiting. Disgusted!

  • Farhan

    I have reinstalled the app 4 times in the last 3 weeks and had to go through the pain of resetting secure key
    Absolute disgrace !!

  • Steven Taylor

    I can’t log into my iPhone app. It just hangs at the login screen.

  • Sam

    I can’t log into either the mob app nor internet website keep getting the msg a “dalsystemerrorexception was caughtwhile trying to get the token serial number from the OTP client. Error=sys_006_106 since last week.

  • JoAnn Carbery

    I have been blocked and lost secure key sign in no one answers any phone

  • Kyle

    Same problem, no payments gone in. Absolute shambles

  • Danni

    No payments gone in, yet again a bank holiday weekend like last time. Cant get through on the phone really not good enough.when will it be sorted.

  • Imy

    Still not working

  • Ray

    Been having problem for weeks with this HSBC Mobile App. It sucks!

  • Jon

    Get half way through paying a bill, and freezes!!!

  • Kathryn

    People are letting HSBC know about their issues trying to open their app, but on the official Twitter page even though the complaints are coming it HSBC are saying they are not seeing any issues from their side. Then HSBC ask what error people are seeing.

  • Toby

    I cannot log on either, all i see is a page frozen.

  • Shelley

    Not letting me log in to my app, this is a pain as need to check my account and cannot use computer at work as it will not access the bank.

  • Karlton

    My HSBC app is not working on my iPhone.

  • Andrew Martin

    Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [HSBC Filter]: filter is unavailable.

    At 14:22:11 GMT – Tuesday 26th April 2016

  • Moose

    Haven’t been able to get on all day, keeps saying GSA Error

  • Rama Isaiah

    I need to reset my security key as I have been locked out. Been trying to contact through telephone banking for the last 5 days holding20-25 minutes each time, but not getting through. Tried doing it several times during the day but same results. Went to local branch, still same process and waiting times. No luck so far. Can anyone help.

  • Cornel Rusu

    Can i know when the page will be online? I need to make some payments..

  • Julie

    Got through ,everything is sorted out and it was my fault,feel like an idiot,but staff were brilliant and now I know how to do telephone banking…result!!!

  • Julie

    I’m disabled can’t get to the bank,can’t log on and have been hanging on the phone fo over 23 minutes now ,my arm and hand are in pain and I haven’t a clue what an ib number is…can anyone help?

  • Amy Spencer

    When it asks for username enter your IB number instead, it’s just worked for me

  • Sophie

    I can’t get access to my money online or via a cash point. So worried.

  • Janet Cockerill

    Advice on twitter says use IB number instead of user name–still will not connect

  • Deb Taylor

    What an absolute joke! They are complete rubbish!! I have used online baking without trouble for ages but tonight – strange questions asked – not sure if it was a scam so rang to find out – they immediately and without discussion closed my account!!! I have a wedding to attend tomorrow – what the hell am I going to do???? Have been on the phone for 3 hours but no reply ! Friday evening – everything closed!!! Please tell me what am I going to do? = well apart from the obvious = close my account down on Monday morning! Here we come Nationwide!!!

  • dma2386

    Monday 11th April 2016 HSBC has changed its login procedure for Internet Banking. Instead of asking for my secure code it’s now asking for a ;username’ which I don’t have. Waited 14 minutes for telephone help to answer, they wouldn’t verify my account because I couldn’t confirm a payment I made on 17th March… because I don ‘t get paper statements, I do on line banking… and I can’t access online banking because HSBC has changed its login procedure. I think I’ll invest in household goods: socks and a mattress. I’ll stuff my money in the socks, and stuff the socks under the mattress. No passwords required to make a withdrawal. I wonder if HSBC makes life so difficult for all the Mexican drug dealers whose billions they launder???

  • Mark Gilmour

    My android app tried and failed to download an update today and then became useless. It’s so irritating that it just updates without asking for permission. As a result I was unable to transfer some money to my daughter’s friend who will now be overdrawn and have to pay a fee. I tried reverting to the pc but that only works for existing payees. I think I’ll revert to the keygen ;(

  • mr random

    It is keep saying there was an error. When I have done evreything right and all I just needed is to spenp £2.00 but it won’t let me

  • mr random

    Same with giffgaff

  • Shelagh

    Online app not working today and did not work at all abroad

  • Jayne

    Im living overseas so online banking is the only way for me to manage my money, make payments etc. This is becoming a joke, Ive got bills to pay urgently. Ive been with HSBC for many, many years but will seriously have to think about switching as this just isnt good enough. Jayne.

  • Martin Moore

    Android app tries to update – which fails. Doesn’t get past 0% :(

  • Heather

    HSBC banking isn’t working online or on the app. Yet again.

  • Cat Lenheim

    Online activation isn’t working – my first experience as a business customer has been awful!

  • David Hattersley

    Unable to use app.What is happening,it’s becoming too frequent

  • Henry Bryan

    Not been able to use the app for 2 days, says needs updating then won’t update. Reinstalled and still doesn’t work. Desktop still OK

  • Nitin Navle

    Not able to login and make any payment since yesterday, can this be resolved on priority.

  • Glenn Woodroffe

    The mobile app no longer works and can no longer update?

  • Colette Cox

    Cannot access business internet banking. “This portlet is temporarily disabled.” message.

  • Sam Nad

    I managed to log into my account on the app but it is not showing any transactions older than 01st March 2016. The helpline is too busy to answer any calls. keeps you on hold for ages until you give up and hang up.

  • John Bowes

    What a mess, down again 07/03/2016, help phone lines just keep telling you to wait. Not the sort of service you expect. The answer could be to change banks

  • Jean Barnes

    Cannot access Internet banking again today, 4th March, 2016, time 20.30. Never had as many problems as we’ve had this past four months. Annoying now!

  • Botond Bertalan

    Could not make any payment all week long. Please fix it.

  • Gaby S

    Hi ! Again problems. Internet banking was off all day !

  • Graham stannard

    Unable to log onto Internet banking yet again!!!!!!

  • Billystryer

    Oh…… too…….could not make any overseas payment after enter transaction code, then down……..:(

  • Johnski

    Down again today 23/02/16 been trying all morning to pay bills and transfer monies with no joy. I’m really so pissed off with this bank with their never ending down time and security issues. Not even answering the Internet help line using phone. What a bloody shambles AGAIN.

  • Ken Brum

    Seriously thinking of changing banks, am fed up to the teeth with this so called biggest bank in the uk. No other bank has these problems. Been down many many times in the last few months. Seems no-one cares at hsbc.

  • Dan

    Just got a letter saying HSBC weren’t going to send me paper statements anymore because I can use internet banking. HSBC, not with this reliability.

  • jenny rose

    Not agin HSBCi I
    need to check that a payment has been paid into my bank and there is no connection, seriously thinking of changing banks to one that is more reliable, i can’t do telephone banking either as i am locked out. get it sorted HSBC.

  • Wendy

    Yes having the same problem. I have been with them for 40 years but thinking of changing banks. They persuade us to go online and then can’t provide he service. They are talking about fancy logging in methods like voice recognition but can’t get the basics right!

  • Jenny Rose

    What is going on with HSBC seriously thinking of changing banks, as there always seems to be a problem with logging on.I need to transfer money.

  • Graham Hadingham

    I have been trying to log on for 5 days now. I can log on to my business account but personal banking comes up with page cant be displayed after entering ID. Not with Virgin and everything else works. Frustrated

  • Mark

    Won’t let me log on ,wanted to transfer money?

  • Shaz

    Can see one of my accounts but not the other – seriously worrying as it appears to have vanished from the menu.

  • Reiss

    Another loss of connection the third time in as many months! Is this really the worlds local bank! I’m considering other options

  • Wojtek

    can not login via web or mobile app.

  • Joe Earle

    Yes that’s totally untrue on the part of Virgin. However, HSBC DO seem to be aware and are doing their best to fix it, I hope.

  • Paul Snelgrove

    Unable to access HSBC site from PC Laptop or phone for last two days. Whats the problem

  • Los

    Again tried to log on to Internet banking and nothing. Been trying for two days now. My internet is with talktalk and don’t have any other problems with other websites just HSBC.

  • Graeme

    It’s Virgin Media causing the problem – 3 days now – get it sorted Virgin Media !!!! I can access using BT.

  • Anna

    Just logged onto virgin media and this message came up

    If youre having issues logging on to HSBC Website with error message we are investigating with HSBC to fix this as quickly as we can.

  • Anna

    Rang them up today as have had problems – not been able to log onto the website on my laptop and can’t get intot the app on my phone. They told me that no one else has reported this which I think is rubbish……. seriously unhappy

  • Carl

    Yep still down, can’t even get to their home page… Total rubbish. Managed to get on earlier in the day with mobile banking app, but I can’t do what I want in that app, again pants HSBC!!!!!!

  • jadumandir

    Have not been ableto log on yesterday or today? What the hell is going on?

  • JimMcK

    I can access HSBC from home on BT broadband but not at work through Virgin Media. Checking elsewhere it seems that it is a problem with Virgin rather than HSBC itself (at least for many customers)

  • John And-Linda Cain

    Can’t logon today. Seems to happen every few days. It happens on all computers and mobile devices in my house using virgin broadband but works on my phone using 4g. Tried switching router off and on, clearing cache etc and even changed DNS to the Google one ( But still can’t login, it freezes after the login ID page. Will contact virgin media but not hopeful.

  • Megan

    Has anyone had any problems today? I enter my internet banking number and then it just goes to a page saying ‘this page cannot be displayed’…really frustrating!

  • SM

    Tried to log on to Internet banking last night and this morning but not working. Will have to use phone banking or locate a branch

  • Ges

    This has been happening since December. Trying to run a business and continuously can’t make payments or access site. Can only see balances and then comes to a standstill. Ridiculous, time to change banks. Get it sorted HSBC!

  • Ernest William Burnhope

    Yes,can’t even leave a comment on one site! Worried about the two conflicting yes and no about leaving the U.K. Anyone know which one is true?

  • John Jugalaks

    Could not make a payment via PayPal at 6:15pm. Called HSBC to told there is a long waiting queue. Tried to log into app but could not as there appears to be a new download that does not want to download due to ‘poor signal’ although I am standing next to my wifi hub at home with strong signal!

  • Michael Denver

    I have just phoned HSBC who tell me that they are suffering a series of DDoS attacks. String up the hackers!!

  • Michael Denver

    I have also been trying to login to both mobile and personal internet banking. No luck for the last two weeks. Absolutely not good enough. Sort it out pronto or you will lose yet another customer.

  • Sue

    I have been trying to access my accounts for the past two weeks. Getting really mad now. Surely HSBC should be in contact via email or phone to all customers explaining the issues and when they will be fixed. This is just not good enough when they keep getting customers to use on line banking, how the hell can they when it doesn’t work.

  • Neil

    I find it difficult to understand HSBC’s ‘couldn’t give a damn’ attitude to its customers through this series of technical problems. The old banking mainframe computers are going to fall over and no one employed by the banks really understands how to fix them!

  • Sue

    Look on Martin Lewis website. It gives customer reviews, and you can also get £100 plus for switching.

  • Peter

    I’m changing also – but who to (55 years with HSBC)

  • Brian

    After 40 years with midland now hsbc am fed up with there service and again internet down when I want to make a transfer. Will transfer my account to Nat West within the next few days.

  • Richard

    Still not working

  • Los

    Can’t believe the poor service from HSBC I have been with them for over 20years and still can’t get on to Internet banking.

  • Chris

    Still not workingThis is not good enough need to pay some bills

  • lauren

    Why isn’t hsbc working all I want to do is see my accounts.. it’s been all weekend and not knowing how much I’ve got left in there is getting behond a joke !! Sort it now! I’ve been with you for 11 years and never had a problem before

  • Mick

    4:00 in the morning still cannot access my account not too happy that’s for sure been like this on and off for days surely with all there money issues should be fixed by now ???

  • Ed Pottle

    Problems with Internet payment from another account not showing up on HSBC Internet banking service. Are they having problems? Will move.

  • Vacyone

    No I’m really annoyed, it’s been the same on and off all weekend

  • Sharon Viti

    Can anyone else get online business banking yet – I seem to be going around in circles with the Trusteer Rapport system. Never had a problem downloading that before, historically just all the numerous other issues this bank seems to throw at it’s most valuable assets (it’s clients). Getting really fed up.

  • Claire

    Fed up want to pay important bills. Rubbish service.

  • John Price

    This is the second time – there will not be a third. Monday morning I’m closing my account. Useless bank.

  • Robin Parkes

    I reacted long ago. I move most of my pay out to a building society, the day after it arrives, where I have a savings and a current account, both giving interest, and keep the bare minimum with HSBC to pay standing orders and the things they do well as I have found they are fundamentally the best of the banks and their internet banking was best to use – I have tried 6 others. My BS account never falls over so I can always make payments. It would be nice if HSBC could keep their Internet banking working as well is has for many years past. Er, did they not buy it in by taking over an internet bank so it would seem they have failed to maintain it.

  • Malcolmj Bradshaw

    bet the employees and directors got paid on time!

  • Jeff Barrow

    Bills to pay and no can do AGAIN, about time HSBC got their act together, the customer not seem to matter any more, bank is there just for the fat cats

  • Malcolmj Bradshaw

    Finally, HSBC have admitted they have “technical problems”
    Payday and tax payments due!!!!
    is it a repeat of RBS in 2007?

  • Ken Cameron

    The answer to this problem is not a fine for the bank – HSBC will just increase its charges to make up the shortfall. I suggest that all board members to include the CEO and CFO should lose their bonuses for 2015 and 2016. The CEO should be sacked without a pay off before 12 noon today – clear out the fat cat dross !

  • Morgane

    The website was down a few weeks ago for a couple of days… now again…. bad service, really poor quality! It is payday!!!! I want my money!!!

  • John

    Have attempted to access my HSBC account via three Apple computers this morning – Safari unable to open the web page!!! Oh the joys of computing!!! Just going to sit it out (having “evil” thoughts about HSBC and Apple)!!!

  • Chris Fealey

    I need to transfer money into another account today so I can pay my yearly tax bill

  • Needmymoney

    Glad I’m not the only one, why today HSBC why?!!

  • Anne

    I spent 10mins last night talking with an HSBC salesperson saying after 25years happy with the bank – not so sure this morning!

  • Chrism

    Restarting browser doesn’t work. I even rebooted and tried a different browser. Seems like HSBC are not admitting there’s a problem…

  • Lucy Schrauwen

    Still down for me. Why does it have to be today? Payday but can’t access my money :(

  • Andrea Kovács

    It is down again, can not able to log in……

  • rtcw1.0

    I managed to get on now. This was there response to login problem.

    Thank you for your enquiry, I am sorry to hear your are having problems
    with our site. We can confirm there is no current Technical issues.
    Please clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser this will
    resolve the issue.

  • sim

    hsbc online banking is down, really fustrating

  • rtcw1.0

    Cant log on to business internet banking. Page not loading

    PS: I’m using firefox web browser.

  • Nik

    hsbc web site down again. what is wrong with this bank?

  • Simon Wong

    GSA System Error – anyone else?

  • Ray of Romford

    Do you get this message – This webpage is not available – ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

  • András Móri

    HSBC is at it again. I guess I have to re-read their apologetic letter for the previous outage. It’s valid again… Can’t log in to Personal banking. Error message comes up, once I put in the IB number…PC

  • Paul Drakley

    Have not been able to get on the HSBC site on my Laptop or via phone app its annoying cause I got things to sort out in my bank

  • Emma Glaisher

    Is it just coincidence we didn’t get paid today, or have they done one of their major cock-ups?

  • Jake

    Agree you guys are all ranting a bit, I’ve been with them for 6 years and will continue as something like this is a rare event

  • Ray of Romford

    Same problem even now …can not connect ….

  • Jake

    HSBC released a new version of the mobile app and have cocked things up. No reason why internet banking shouldn’t work, but HSBC has surprised us all on this one!

  • D

    Took 27 attempts to logon, tried via the iPhone App, iPad App and the website. Either froze or produced a security error 26 times. Finally managed to login and check my balance after an hour then it froze again!

  • Malcolmj Bradshaw

    last working day in the month and no connection with PC or Ipad.
    do they have cashflow problems?

  • D

    Trying to get into the app on iphone. Not working… taking ages and finally says system error! Sort it out NOW please! Unacceptable!

  • Baz

    Not able to login on mobile banking and Internet. Site extremely slow and system error.

  • Sean

    Can not log onto Internet banking , any one know what the problem is

  • Emma Glaisher

    Not a customer, but they pay wages into my bank. No wages today, and no one here who is with HSBC seems to be able to log in. Is something up?

  • Riggo

    Down again today, anyone know why?
    I am using safari on my iPad.

  • Roy Phillips

    I have no reason to leave HSBC, just Chrome, which I have now done.

  • Riggo

    This very annoying and inconvenient. However in my experience ( more than 40 years)HSBC is a good bank and one where I feel my money is secure. I think some of the comments here amount to “rants”.

  • Rod

    All phone numbers I’ve tried are out and have been for over an hour. A long time in banking

  • Denise Hanks

    I’ve had enough of HSBC – been a customer for 35 years, but thinking of going elsewhere

  • Roy Phillips

    Works on Edge, but not on Chrome

  • tonyeac

    Thinking of leaving after 10 years can’t do it anymore

  • tonyeac

    not even a message to explain

  • tonyeac

    Totally fed up with the constant crap

  • Naomi

    Same here. Tried using internet on my laptop, phone and tried the HSBC mobile banking app. No success with any, can’t get past the login screen.

  • Gerry

    Same, just bounces me out of the login screen with no error message

  • Midland Bank Customer

    Urgent payments to make and can’t log in with the IB number – not happy

  • stuart

    Cant log in put ib number in and throws it out
    Business banking is fine

  • Chris Davis

    Just tried logging on to hsbc Internet banking, put in my ib number in then hit go and goes back to ask me to put ib number in again!!!

  • vediovis

    And now it’s working again.

  • Martin Pugh

    Same here, annoying that there is no message from them when you try to log on, this is happening far too often.

  • vediovis

    Right now I can’t get into HSBC online banking either. On my laptop (Windows 7/Firefox) I type my user ID into the ‘Please enter your user ID’ box and then I either press enter or I click the ‘Continue’ button. Either way, nothing happens except that my user ID disappears out of the box after a second or two. The same webpage just sits there. Never had this problem before.

  • Tom

    I can’t access! It seems that they haven’t fixed all the problems they have… for sure the person that is waiting for the transfer will understand the delay.

  • Tina Connell

    still cannot log on! sooo bloody annoying!!!

  • Bob

    Online not working and couldn’t get cash from a Barclays machine earlier. Tesco worked though

  • Johnski

    If it’s all been sorted why am I having the same problems today, and it’s nothing wrong my end. Phone help is rubbish and said didn’t know was down!

  • Johnski

    Yes I cannot get on at all today Monday 18 Jan. Not a equipment or software fault my end.

  • Johnski

    My online banking for HSBC is not working with various fault screens from server cannot be found to HSBC security faults and other poor excuses, no reply from help line either as to what’s the problem. 18/01/2016 @14.43

  • chrisclack

    I have concluded HSBC is not interested in ordinary banking, not only is the online banking rubbish they are closing local banks and consolidating the services on many branches so the services carried out at many branches is pretty limited. my local branch , on a thriving high street has just been closed.

  • keith jeremy

    I can get in using Mozilla, but it still takes two or three attempts. The usual response is “Web page not available” and then after a couple more attempts one might actually be able to do some transactions. It is scandalous, nonetheless, and since the browser you choose to use seems to be an issue, it would seem that HSBC have not addressed the conflict within their systems (despite recent assurances) with Chrome in particular, and to a lesser extent MS Edge/IE and Mozilla. I sometimes wonder if senior management and indeed the Board of Directors at HSBC are aware of the odium in which the Bank is held by many of its customers over this essential service. I suspect they are so far removed from the coalface as to be entirely ignorant of the situation, which is probably being concealed from them by their IT people responsible for this fiasco. Maybe a class action complaint to the Ombudsman about this denial of service by the UK’s biggest bank would have some effect.

  • KP58

    Hi, So it isn’t just me, have been trying all weekend to access my online account. Laptop was useless, trying IE and Mozilla ( am told that Chrome will not work since Google stopped supporting Java Script), but today cannot even get in using App on iPad. This is really irritating.

  • Keith Dawson

    Hi Folks
    Is anyone still having problems logging nto Hsbc online banking, I have been unable to access the site for the past two days.

  • danlar

    Hsbc…. USELESS! CLUELESS! Been trying to get onto hsbc online banking all morning…. isn’t working AGAIN! Its a joke… I shall be changing banks for sure

  • Victoria Plum

    I still can’t access internet banking.

  • keith jeremy

    HSBC have today admitted and apologised for an internal IT system fault, which they say has now been corrected. I received an internal email, via their internet banking, advising me as such, so credit where credit is due. They have acknowledged that they had a problem and hopefully fixed it. An acknowledgement and apology is rare from the big beasts of commerce, and is a welcome change from the “big lie” default position of many companies. This web site, by airing the problems, may well have contributed to this positive event.

  • Tony Cowell

    mobile phone banking down, internet down. when will it be running again?

  • Richard Harris

    It’s not a browser issue, as such, it is an optimisation issue whereby HSBC IT people have either not optimised their site to work with browser updates or have not fixed optimisation bugs. Basically, HSBC are at fault, as usual. A bloody disgrace.

  • jo

    problems logging in again – what’s happening?

  • Sarah C

    Just tried to open HSBC and it failed, let alone log in.

  • sarah D

    This is getting ridiculous such a large bank, no one can do business transactions. I dont have time to go to the bank during the day!! I need to be able to access my banking online, I have been trying to get on for over a week now! Have been successful only once!

  • Roslyn Bryer

    Internet down so can’t check balance. Also can’t draw cash from ATms as they are unable to contact bank. What a fiasco

  • keith jeremy

    Yup. I had the same problem with Chrome, but have now re-loaded Firefox, which has eased the situation, although I still get glitches. But nonetheless, surely this is something HSBC should be aware of and doing something about.

  • RJM

    It’s still down for me. I try to log on to business banking and get redirected to a “country list” page. So as of 9pm on 6th Jan it’s still down.

  • Eldar

    I think it’s a browser issue. Can’t log on with Chrome, but Firefox is ok. Both the latest version.

  • Hilary

    Read Private Eye about the Daily Telegraph and its general attitude to HSBC in 2015

  • Need help

    I have a personal account. I am awaiting a payment to be made to my personal account from a customers business account. My customer told me that they made they payment yesterday but of course the website is experiencing a lot of problems. Should I expect to have not received the payment yet, even though my customer says they have done it?

  • Kit Mlynar

    Just be careful when switching banks. I did it as I was annoyed at them a few years back. Moved to Co-op it was awful worse than Natwest and am back with HSBC. Despite this being unbelievably irritating!

  • out of control

    I’m a business customer that uses online banking. Most of our transactions happen at the start of the month, my business is practically on hold until I can carry out accounting of business transactions. It’s charming to see HSBC’s website still touting for commercial business with 12 months free banking. Just consistent reliable banking would be nice! Hurry up HSBC – I need to get back to work!!! Time is money!!

  • Seamaster

    Down again!!! Shame on you HSBC. No email to your millions of customers to explain situation. No Press Statement. I remember this happened to RBS & the media ‘Ripped’ RBS Big time. Not a mention of HSBC in media today or yesterday. Maybe HSBC has paid-off the media in another shady deal.

  • paul

    Thank you Pavan. I have just downloaded the app and it works!
    Thanks again.

    Best wishes

  • jgordon5

    Likewise, couldn’t log in yesterday, tried again just now and it’s still down.

  • Pavan Challa

    I couldn’t login since yesterday. It is so sad. Just FYI – I can access HSBC mobile app.

  • landlord

    Another 5 failed attempts this morning… I was so close to being in! Accepted all my P/words and security No. I even saw my balances across all accounts on screen and then….. “Sorry we are experiencing higher traffic than normal, please try later”! How close was that.
    FYI, yesterday i called HSBC, got them to make my transfers and payments to suppliers over the phone. Also got a fiver for my trouble and wait on the phone – its nothing, but something! And they agreed not to charge for the transfers – the fella on the end of the phone even read out my credits and debits for the day, so i was able to reconcile my statement. I must say that the employee their end did his best to make me feel unwelcome, and was almost indignant that I should feel aggrieved for the bad service – no worthwhile apology or any concrete answers. I will be calling back today with my staff payroll transfers for them to do.. oh, and another £5!
    If my business gave this service my customers would slaughter me and Tripadvisor would put me out of business!

  • Charlie Boy

    Spent yesterday and today trying to make payments. Have had to resort to sending good old cheques now and will probably get a late payment charge on school fees

  • evanofelipe

    I did manage to log-on last night, but it was not until after midnight, but on-line banking is ‘down’ again this morning (0810hrs). I’m getting the same error message as I did yesterday.

  • Karen

    Just tried logging on after continuous attempts both yesterday and during the night, what is going on? Surely it doesn’t take 24 hours to turn a server off then on again to reset it! Absolutely appalling service!

  • Martin

    Difficulty accessing site yesterday and now again this morning same thing!! :-(

  • Froz

    I was just able to use the service again :)

  • Diwa

    this is funny – can’t able to login since morning – I am closing both my personal and Business account !!

  • Dubstrobe

    As much as it’s a pain in the ass that the site is down, it’s offered me ample time to google a few things which I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I now know that if I switch banks I’ll be saving quite a bit of money. Thanks HSBC, you’ve lost yourself an account and gained me some money. Adios 😉

  • Carrie

    Been trying to log on since 8am but still unable to, as already commented no mention of any probs on any news channels, think HSBC should have made some sort of statement publicly by now to let customers know what is happening – or not – but of course bad for image isn’t it?

  • Reksio

    still down – I cannot afford to stay with HSBC any more

  • Seamaster

    I just sent Sky News an email. A lot of people are having problems, paying staff, bills ect,,,,,

  • Garry Miller

    the net was meant to speed up and make peoples lives smoother…mmmmm

  • N Perry

    How much profit HSBC make and they cant even have a reliable web site. No apology I notice, I guess they are hoping the media will not pick up on this. Well guess who has just called SKY News. Can people having problems all do the same please. HSBC need shaming onto action!

  • Seamaster

    HSBC are trying to keep this quiet. They are doing a good job. Not a single mention on any of the TV news channels. I remember RBS had a hard time. HSBC are ‘untouchable’. Well so it would seem???

  • Virginie

    Try removing all cahes and cookies then open new window in chrome incognito, 3 bars at the top right hand side of your browser. It worked for me just now. Removing all caches and cookies did the trick.

  • evangelist e

    still down, time to move to different bank

  • disqus_S7PtkqP22e

    This is ridiculous, not being to access my account all day. This is so unprofessional, prefer to move banks now.

  • Frank

    Have been unable to pay my staff or suppliers . Saw a comment from a an HSBC spokesman saying they would keep customers updated. Not heard a word from them all day and gave up holding on the telephone.

  • Steve

    HSBC are shocking! No proper explanation!

  • Joy Sealey

    Ben down since this morning! Not good

  • U. Bedemann

    Yep, same here – not been able to access our account all day today. Went onto HSBC ‘chat’ (which was available) and ran this past them. They told me this morning to ‘try again in an hour’. It is absolutely incredible what they think they can get away with!

  • perry

    Mobile apps not working either

  • Patrick Ross

    Ditto – been on it since 9:00am – put a bloody message on the site FGS!

  • Cjandbb Parker-Hinder

    Had to phone to make urgent payment i had been trying to make since 8am on both mobile app and land based PC. They said “maintenance” – yeah right! First business day of the year and now 5hrs that i know of, who do they think they are kidding? They eanted to charge me £3 for a “telephone payment”. Got it REFUNDED as they were unable to offer me any other means of making the payment!

  • Amarjit

    Just popped in to a local branch of HSBC. Apparently message on twitter – we are experiencing problems…. doing best to fix….

  • Amarjit

    Disappointing. No explanation or indication of when service likely to resume. It can’t be that difficult to let customers know what is going on. Do these large companies learn nothing from past experience? Very poor service.

  • Channa Madanayake

    I have tried 2 x mobile phones, 1 pc x 4 browsers + 1 mac 2 browsers. Chrome on a Mac lets you get the furthest! Big Pain!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Can’t log in to business or personal banking, been trying since 8.30 this morn, any idea what is going on?

  • Channa Madanayake

    business banking has had problems since 28th Decemeber. This is a complete joke!

  • John

    We are having same problem cant log into our accounts

  • perry

    We having the same issue with regarding unable to pay staff as well.

  • tim

    no internet banking for the last couple of hours …. what is the problem… just had to email staff to say we can’t pay them on time.

  • James

    No Internet banking as of 1220hrs 4/1/16. No explanation on their web site either. Poor service.

  • perry

    I am also getting the same issues where we are unable to login to our business account.

  • Rhiannan McLoughlin

    hsbc what is the problem?

  • Oggy

    Come on HSBC tell us what’s going on or NOT as we have found out!

  • Dubstrobe

    Yeah, internet banking is down right now. It’s becoming quite a regular thing with HSBC lately.

  • John

    unable to log on crashes continuously HSBC are a disgrace for allowing this to happen

  • Disqus 1539gerry webster

    No Fast Balance, no mobile app, no Internet banking no money??

  • Alan Stainer

    A customer called me saying he is unable to log in to business banking. I tried too and found it is down. Very slow and then eventually returns me to the login screen. This has been going on for days!

  • nigel

    Nor me. Frustrating!

  • Richard

    Haven’t been able to access accounts since 8.30 on iPhone, iPad or laptop. Now saying mobile app is not working but HSBC say they don’t know anything is wrong!! Haha

  • Alison Alderson

    cannot log into account

  • InTheGame

    No access to my account December 18, 2015…absolutely ridiculous non service! I spent 2 hours waiting for someone on the phone…regarding missing information…only to have to do the same thing all over again 2 days later! And now I cannot even access the internet…absurd behavior from an international bank!

  • keith jeremy

    Trying to access UK internet banking from the Philippines for several days without success. Constantly receive message ”

    This web page is not available


    Deleted history, browsing data etc, to no avail. my phone app down too, “server unavailable”.

    HSBC would have us believe that it is our fault; it’s our computers or phones etc. Or our connections are slow. Well believe it or not I have 50 Mbps in the Philippines by fibre optic, so it’s not me. Had this problem too six months back, but the default position of HSBC is that nothing is wrong with their systems, it must be the customers. So how come I have no problem accessing NatWest and Santander on line?

    Come on HSBC, own up, it is you.

  • Derek Frost

    Busines AND Personal sites down, & their response “we know, Microsoft know, use ‘FireFox’!”

  • Borkum

    it is exactly what I did, I had only wanted to check my account nothing else, but when they then asked for Social Security Numbers I knew there was something seriously wrong, fortunately I do not use that account very often, lots of other banks about these days

  • Harvey Hudson

    Can anyone tell me if HSBC online banking website is down? I keep getting an HTTP 500 Internal server error every time I try to access my account! thanks!

  • Jo

    My daughter cannot use her card either can someone explain HSBC problem to leave customers stranded.
    They should switch banks liked we did.

  • Borkum

    refuse to accept my user name and then for verification asks amongst other things for Social Security Number which is American , my account is in the UK

  • johncena

    The way to fix it is to clear cookies and cache.

  • Linda

    Tearing my hair out. Thought it was me. Haven’t been able to access my HSBC a/c for past 2 days to pay my bills .Help !!! How do I resolve this?

  • Gray

    I cannot access my online account, what is wrong HSBC you at least owe us an explanation. Always happens when i need to do something.

  • Nancy

    There are not updates on Twitter as to why I cannot access HSBC account.

  • Ruta

    Does anyone know how long HSBC online will be down for?

  • ant brown

    Cant log on AGAIN, second day in a row now. Highly frustrating.

  • Chris

    App doesn’t work and I can’t access my details on my web server either. Getting frustrated now!!

  • Leif Bailey

    App not working on iPad haven’t been able to log on for two days now

  • Carolyn Webb

    connected to HSBC around 11 a.m today…all good and sorted, now thank goodness

  • Carolyn Webb

    yep i have tried 6 times since midnight, i live in Suffolk and always do my IB on Sunday night as my Pension is payed in on Sundays around midnight..GRR…..ANNOYING!!!

  • KB

    same here

  • jon

    same here

  • Geoff Gdog Browne

    same here. so annoying

  • Rachel Sweeney

    It’s nearly 1am on Sunday Oct 4th. HSBC’s online banking is down. Just getting an GSA System Error message when I try to log in. It’s probably nothing. Should be sorted out by morning. But just a heads up to anyone else trying to log on.

  • Stefan

    Yesterday I pad cash to my HSBC credit card and added a small bank transfer online from my HSBC account to the same HSBC card, and it not showing any credit it has been 24 hours so far, hope I dont get a late payment charge.

  • Alexis Macron

    I have got the feeling that the problem comes from Windows and particularly Windows 10. Incompatibility between the two ? If that is the case that would be nice to sort it out.

  • wendy1972

    Is it just my computer or is it down again?

  • Alex Simmonds

    need to pay staff and rent and the site is down…

  • Les Chapman

    Thank the lord all our money is safe with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  • Doreece Biney

    Same Here. Goes really slow like it was doing on Friday and then just times out

  • Karen

    Cannot log in to Business banking this morning Sep 1st, anyone elase having problems?

  • Fed Up

    Attempting to log in to pay salaries and suppliers and cannot access business online banking at all. Server is down. I’ve been trying all morning.

  • Fustrated

    Has there been any times given when this will be resolved as I need my money

  • thas

    Yes, We have been told by HSBC that they have an issue and trying to resolve it

  • Peter

    It must be a glitch in the system because i cannot see my wages either, it must be HSBC fault.

  • Garry

    I logged onto my HSBC online account and have noticed no money paid in, I am going away tonight for a week and have no money to spend.

  • Loraine

    I have just checked my bank and no money from my work is showing up.

  • Jenny

    I have been logging into my internet banking just fine, there was one day last week i could not sign in. But this was resolved after a phone call to customers service, it was not a problem at all. It was my PC playing up, but they were very helpful.

  • Shawn

    I keep getting “GSA System error with internet banking”, what does this mean?

  • Kiley

    HSBC internet business banking is not letting me login. Please do let me know if anyone is having the same issue please, so frustrating as i now need to use the primitive phone to call them where i will no doubt be sat on hold for the day.

  • Alex

    Internet banking with HSBC was down for me this morning for about 2 hours, I contacting customer service and they said they did not have any issues. But hey, its all sorted now and i am up and running again. Guess i should pay some bills now.

  • Rocky

    Is Business online banking down? Not working for me even though i have internet.

  • Jayne

    The HSBC website keeps freezing on me every time i try to login. I need to make bill payments, i hope i do not get charged for late payment.

  • Mark

    I have tried so many times with my login details to get onto my HSBC account, but it keeps saying wrong password. But that is not possible because i know i am entering it correctly.

  • Libby

    I cannot seem to open up my HSBC app to access internet banking.