HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Internet banking problems are a cause for concern if you need to make payments or complete transactions etc. Issues can come from both online and app on your desktop or mobile device, customers are more than welcome to let us know if they have HSBC business or personal log on problems, or anything else.

HSBC internet banking issues are a hindrance because it stops customers making payments as we said above, but also unable to manage personal details, their accounts, as well as their midata.

Complaints in the past have included apps issues with the servers, some complain about the HSBC’s ISP and DNS. Gaining access to a slow app is a nightmare in itself, as well as loading slowly online, but worst case is when there is a total HSBC server outage.

Are you having issues with your HSBC Internet banking?

HSBC Internet Banking status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if HSBC Internet Banking is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with HSBC Internet Banking? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Diane

    For some reason I am unable to access my online banking via website on lMacBook Air. I need to do the weekly money reports to pay staff tomorrow and cannot even access account, doing on mobile is ok but WAY to slow but looks like I will have no choice.

  • Tim

    HSBC business log in seems to be having issues, been trying for the last hour maybe a little longer and not able to online or via tablet.

  • Showard

    Mine is not working…. it just says loading, please wait after I enter my details to log in
    It says this for 18 minutes + (that is as long as I could wait)
    Does anyone know how long
    this is going to be down for?

  • Alison

    What does HSBCnet error mean, this is happening a lot to me recently.

  • Angie

    Trying to access my online banking at it is still painfully down, 2 days for me now. o yet again i will be late paying bills as i do not get time to go bank when they are open…

  • Mike Higgins

    Personal on-line banking has not been working for over 24 hours, Tuesday and now Wednesday morning, 13th and 14th February 2018. This is now a major problem for customers……

  • Sally Roads

    Tried logging on to internet banking got message , system error online bankin* not currently available , try again later ! Is this ongoing problem ?

  • Sheila

    I have received a text message from HSBC stating my online banking has been disabled due to security reasons. I DO NOT bank with HSBC, so is this some sort of scam to try and get my details, or could it be genuine and to do with a store card, or a closed account with the Halifax? The only phone number I can find for HSBC is 03457404404 but they are closed after 8pm – really?? Its 2017 what happened to 24 hour banking? Anyway, any helpful replies welcome

  • Peter

    Internet banking down again! When will it be back & what are you doing about it

  • congram66

    Agree with you.

  • congram66

    Tried HSBC telephone banking number. Was told number no long exists. I was furious that a bank can just shut down a number without informing their long-suffering customers. Found another HSBC number and was told that they did not think it was possible. I suggested that he tried the number. He had the same result but told me he dialled it again and it worked. I have now tried 3 more times and each time advised ‘number is no longer available’. Anyone know if their lines have been hi-jacked?

  • slackalice

    it is down again now

  • keith jeremy

    Judging by the lack of recent posts and my own personal experience, I would say that HSBC have solved their IT problems and the current internet banking platform is excellent. Long may it last !

  • Steve Sharp

    Phone app down or not just not working

  • Jan Huspek

    I have the same message. Where is the problem?

  • Mélinda Orhan

    I have the same message… what happened for you after?

  • Sue Davies

    Not just me then. Mine keeps telling me I don’t exist, try to recover username and it just comes up with an error page. Tweeted hsbchelp=useless. Told me to try another browser and ring them up. I’ve given up for today. Just hope it gets sorted by tomorrow.

  • Sandra Swany Laville Jensen

    Totally i am locked out of my account as we speak waiitng for them to ring me back, they wanted me to go into a branch to reset my internet account where is the logic in that it’s mean”t to be ease of use not back to the good old days of trodding down to a local branch, which by the way does not exist. I wanna scream, been waiting all day to sort this out from 3am this morning when it all went Pete Tong on me., the 2 things don’t gel well internet banking and the app something has gone awry, please fix this problem HSBC generating access keys does not work and the security key doesn’t work for me anymore either, i want my account back how it was. WORKING!

  • Tony Sargeant

    I am calling from OZ and I cannot and have not been able to login for 3 days. I can login if I use Google Chrome

  • Polly Millward

    Sat 22nd app not working – had worked earlier but not currently working 5.45pm

  • James

    I thought it was about time i opened an online account to save time, but for like 4 hours been sitting here having problems with the slow system – HSBC servers are so slowwwwww.

  • Niaell

    I use Safari and not able to login to my HSBC account.