Halifax Online Banking issues

Halifax Online Banking issues are not what you want, especially when you cannot login to your account, or you are not able to access the website or app. But Is Down Right Now UK is here just so you can put your complaint forward; this is where you can have your say.

Halifax offers many different services such as credit cards, investments, savings, loans, mortgages and many other financial products. But, one of its main services being used everyday is online banking via both website and mobile app.

Online banking is the best way to view statements and balances as well as handling your accounts, and the ability to pay your bills.

Are you having Halifax Online Banking UK sign-in or sign-up problems or any other issue?

Halifax status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Halifax is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Halifax? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Benn

    I can access my online banking again, but for some reason my balance is not right. I got my money put in by my employer so I know that it has been cleared and it should show that in my account but it doesn’t. I have instant faster payment and normally shows right away, but not today.

  • Bruce

    Is anyone having issues trying to get into their online account via app? because I am!!!

  • James Thomas Williams

    can’t get on line to register my account it’s been like this all week

  • A.J.Chuter

    I want to print a statement of my account. Your web site is full of clever, clever innovation. I just want to see, with little effort, how one of my accounts is doing. Please validate your postings and see how silly the forest of guidance is.

  • Jennifer Green

    Why is Halifax online banking down, when will I be able to access Halifax on line banking

  • Jane paton

    Can’t get on line banking this is happening quite often. Jane paton

  • Emma

    App and online not working telling me i can’t use wither with the account that I have
    Bare in mind I pay 15.00 monthly for the account and used both online and the app constantly up until now

  • Eric Parkin

    Can’t view my statements on my android mobile.

  • Afrin

    Hi halifax app not working .it does not let me log in

  • Craig Sissons

    My wages haven’t gone in is there a technical issue

  • Darren

    I am out of the UK for 3 weeks on holiday traveling Europe such as Barcelona, Venice, Rome and other places. So I am relying on online banking with Halifax, the issue is when i click on sign in like i normally do after putting login details in its not working and just crashing. This is when i am using the hotels wifi.

  • Kay

    No matter if i am using a mobile phone or laptop online banking is not working. I have tried the Halifax app and website and still not letting me login.

  • Paul Shires

    Just tried and failed to sign in to online banking

  • Andre S Shanstky

    Anybody else having problems withdrawing money from cash machine? I have money in but since 8pm and last night I suddenly can’t withdraw money

  • LameWolf

    Been trying to log in to Halifax all morning; I rely upon online banking as I am disabled, so getting to the branch is a major hassle. All I want to know is if my pension money has gone in, and therefore can I afford to eat next month!!

  • LZ_UK

    Unable to access HALIFAX online banking for hours, internet fine, just Halifax goes blank when i try?

  • Scott Leech

    Been trying to log in since 07:30. I’ve moved some money from another bank account [not Halifax] to my Halifax account but I can’t see everything and the balance is showing as still not having received the transfer [which is usually instant]. Verified funds sent from Natwest.

  • Debbie

    I can’t login with the Halifax app due to Halifax having Technical problems! This has been since Friday! Come on Halifax sort it out!!

  • kim hanbury

    Is backline still down with halifax

  • Robert

    I have the same issue on my Nexus 10, it keeps telling me I need to update even though it says I am updated lol.

  • Peter

    My Halifax banking app is not letting me sign in, not working with my Android phone or my Nexus 7 tablet.

  • Michelle

    What is the Halifax Mortgage contact number? Because the one I am finding online with Google is not going through when I try to ring them.

  • Stephen Ward

    I cannot login to the mobile app. I have been relying on this as I’m on holiday in Japan and need to transfer money from my savings to my current account so that I can then transfer to my currency card. Im really unhappy at this level of service.

  • Mark T

    I can’t login to my Halifax account, Fri 13th 6.40pm, was the same 1.5 hours ago. Other having the same issue? Mark.

  • glennys wiggin

    online site is down !!!!!

  • Mark

    I cant log in on the app on my phone but can via web site. Come on halifax you pice of crap

  • George

    The Halifax app and website is down again.WHY?

  • Tez

    I am finally able to log in, hopefully it’s sorted now. No good when you have no warning and need the services though!

  • Rosco

    me too Tez , no info forthcoming from Halifax either. not good !!

  • Tez

    Can’t log into my Halifax account or use my card!!

  • Toby

    I have tried to open the Halifax website to check my accounts and nothing is working, what is the problem?

  • Kate

    ONline banking is not working, I have tried to login for the last 20 minutes and nothing on the mobile Halifax app, even the website is down.

  • Emma Jones

    Halifax is down again today, i had no notice of the site and app being down, cant log into my account or check balance or use my card. total cop out

  • Cm

    I’ve just logged in to my Halifax online banking account as normal, all fine. Transferred some money to another account then when I tried to sign in again by entering digits from my password it won’t let me and now says I need to go to the desktop site and reset my memorable information and password – is this normal?!

  • Ingloriousbasterdwatcher

    What a carp service.
    I only need to sign-into a Savings Account once a year. And every time, I have to go through the whole rigmarole of renewing password, memorable word and there’s not a mention in the messages that pop-up that anything has expired.

    Halifax. Invest in your kittening systems.

    We may be only C – and D customers (Flintstones) for marketing purposes, and Halifax may now be the poor relation of the Lloyds group, but definitely don’t deserve to be treated like this (Image problem – push button B)

    And this is before formal Brexit . . . . .


  • Brie

    Still cannot get on Halifax online with my iPhone really not happy

  • michael noble

    Yes im experiecncing problem keeps saying password expired

  • Sharon

    Is anyone experiencing problems on the Halifax online app?? It’s been down for the pass 2 days

  • Jozey Davison

    I can’t pay for anything on my card and I can’t log into internet banking on my phone app, through the internet or on a pc. Come on HALIFAX sort this out

  • jonathan wonnacott

    I’m having an issue where I tried to pay for something and it keeps getting declined and I’m worried that someone got my bank details and spent my money but I can’t login I to check

  • Raphael

    I had money transferred to my Halifax current account, I can’t login to online banking, also I checked my balance via ATM, for some reason it’s not showing the amount that I’ve transferred eairler on? Anyone got the same problem?

  • Bev Sephton

    Silly question but can I still use my card in the cash machine ifonline banking is down

  • Lawzy Mush

    Can log in, but won’t show me statement and need to see it ASAP as funds in my account are not as they should be!!!

  • Donna

    Still get same error and can’t log in

  • Emma

    Why is Halifax ’24/7 service” still down? Can’t log in or make payments.

  • Joy

    Still cannot log into online banking. Need to make a payment today (actually Thursday, was told it was the card but clearly was not). Nothing is working on 24/7 service.

  • Donna White

    Can’t log in been like it for last 30mins or so

  • Fiona

    I find it utterly dispicable the way Halifax refuse to give customers books and try to bully them into online banking. My mad mother had got online banking, but needs my help. But what happens when I have to go to work, she’s not in, I don’t know the password and she can’t find it quickly? I’m going to take alll the money out of my account and put it in Nationwide (have a book with that), and I really feel my mum should do the same, but that’s her choice. Seriously, Halifax, the true version of internet bullying! We don’t all want to do your nasty, bullying uniformative way of banking. Book is best!

  • Jason

    Cant log in via app or website since 8 am, very frustrating!

  • Oslo

    Anyone else not able to get on to any banking sites?

  • Mikey

    The Halifax online banking login page is not working, saying not available to me.

  • Angie

    Not gain, come on now twice in one week where `I am unable to log in to my Halifax online account.

  • Ken

    Not able to login to my Halifax account via website or app.

  • Sandy Robertson

    Halifax phone banking not working. Either they don’t reply, or when they do system can’t hear me or receive what I type in on keypad.

  • Carole Clare

    Hi, yes I have not been able to transparent money between accounts and I need to! At first I thought I was over drawn ( even though I could see I wasn’t) so made me anxious. At least I know there is a problem, but that’s a worry in itself!! To be fair I haven’t had a problem before. Hope sorted soon and Halifax put out some sort of information for their customers.

  • rob

    tried to log on over last hour without success

  • Graham Hepburn

    Same here blank screen 🙁

  • coop

    Same here blank white screen at login/signin page…

  • Trevor

    Hi can’t access my account this morning – just a blank white screen?

  • Jessica

    Online banking seems to be down for me, i have tried diifferent browsers and still not letting me login.

  • Mark

    I cannot login to my Halifax account, whats wrong today?

  • graeme

    I can get online but doesn’t show statement

  • Antoine Robinson

    I am having no success getting onto Halifax online banking either through their website, the iphone app, or any other method I can think of. Tried various devices and no luck. Nothing on their website about any issues so it could just be me or my internet provider. Am I alone?

  • Hilary Boughton

    Since installing the latest software update on my S5 I am unable to open the Halfax app. This has been the same for almost 2 weeks.

  • Ross

    App won’t even launch on my new phone, never had an issue with my old handset. What’s going on?

  • Karla

    I have had issues accessing the Halifax website since yesterday, it was fixed but now having issues again.

  • Malcom

    I updated my smartphone with a new Android update (think its android 6) which i think its called Marshmallow and since doing so the Halifax mobile app is not working now – does this mean the app is not compatible with Android 6?

  • Sandra

    Most of the Halifax online banking seems to be ok, the only issue i am having is setting up a new payment schedule. Is anyone having issues setting up a new payment?

  • Me

    WTF. I need to pay bills but can’t. Get it sorted out do I just change banks

  • Rob

    Site keeps displaying ‘technical problems’ what on earth is happening?

  • Ash

    I have not been able to log in for last 3 days

  • Jules

    I am unable to check my statment..and I know my password is correct.. this is not on.

  • Devlin

    No online banking at the moment due to not being able to access my account when I try to login. I need to make a few transactions.

  • Heather

    I have tried to transfer money from my Halifax account online but it will not go through even though i have sufficient funds.

  • janice

    My app keeps shutting down every time i try to login in.

  • Orson

    Is the web version of online banking down as i cannot access it. I know for sure my password etc is correct.

  • Porter

    I tried to transfer money to a business client earlier but it did not go through, so will try again now i am back for meeting.

  • Danielle

    The Halifax mobile app is not working, try to open and it just keeps crashing.

  • Claire

    I have two online banking accounts with Halifax, but one of them I cannot get access.