GTA 5 server issues

When problems start with Grand Theft Auto 5 it will most likely be related to server issues and this is why thousands of gamers check the status of Rockstar Games servers every month. Wondering is GTA 5 down right now? This page will help you find out if the servers are down today, or at the very least if there’s problems with the game in any way.

The most common error messages when connecting to GTA Online include a files cannot be downloaded or required message, servers unavailable with select error codes, and also being knocked offline due to a server glitch.

Problems with GTA 5 might differ by platform, so if you leave a status report below then make sure you name a platform like Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One, PS4, or PS3. This will help our readers spot patterns when server outages take place, although you can use official social support pages via this page as well to reach the developer team.

GTA 5 status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if GTA 5 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with GTA 5? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Zoe

    Not letting me play GTA online, even Call of Duty is down. Strange how things turn out when you want them to be good.

  • Scott

    GTA 5 is down again and again and oh did i say AGAIN. All last night I was playing for like 4 hours then since then until this morning its down.

  • Pablo

    yes I still have the Xbox 360 and yes the GTA 5 game is useless online thanks to Rockstars servers, which I might add are useless.

  • Dick

    When I join a random job when i start the game and then quit it seems to freeze when i go to my garage.

  • Josh

    I am trying to play GTAO on my PS3 but i am now seeing my rank with a very low number yes a modder has set me back to number 2. I was at 96, I hate modders but this time i will love for a modder to modify it back to my 96.

  • Jeremy Ostinelli

    Yeah mate that happened to me
    Just saw my level rapidly decreasing from 82 & I’m now 1 !

  • Brian

    I am starting to believe i have been hacked on my PS3, I left GTA on like level 25 or something and left the game for like 3 weeks and when i came back i was on level 257. I have been modified by someone and i answered a text from someone i did not know and when i replied my rank dropped down very fast indeed. Now i have been locked out and not able to play online.

  • Glen

    I purchased a GTA Shark Card on my PS4 and money has been taken, but I do not have the momey within the game. Is there a set time limit it will arrive?

  • Sean

    Is anyone having issues getting online? Seems to be an problem with servers or its my end.

  • Han

    Servers have been down for a week, can’t get on at all, just keeps saying rockstar servers are unavailable?

  • Mark

    I tried to save my GTA 5 San Andreas game but it failed because it could not connect, which to me means there was a server outage. When is the next scheduled maintenance because online gaming needs a lot of fixes like cars being saved.

  • Scott

    What is the best way to earn money in GTA 5 Online? Would be good to know.

  • Ricky

    I spent a lot of money and for some reason get banned from the game, how is this possible! I nw keep getting that i do not have permission to play online.

  • Kyle

    I am having issues with the gta 5 money generator, is anyone else having the same problem where it is simply not working at all?

  • Jules

    Actually thats a good valid pint, when does GTA 6 beta come out?

  • Ricky

    Has GTA 6 beta been released yet? Would be great to know as i cannot find any info on this.

  • Marco Silva

    Good News ! PS3 downgrade and services repairs available !
    addsuk .co .uk

  • tom

    the game keeps telling me im signed out of psn when im not, tryed several restarts & restarted modem, problem has lasted 2 days now 🙁

  • Beyond_Gods

    UPDATE – Works now, Just restarted my Xbox One 🙂

  • Beyond_Gods

    Mine says “the rockstar games services are unavailable right now.”
    This is happening in the UK on Xbox One on Sunday 6th November at 7:56AM

  • Dickie Noble Adames

    having same issuse on 360. They say the same old rubbish about NAT and ports but my are fine. I haven’t been able to connect at all.

  • Dickie Noble Adames

    GTA 5 rockstar servers down all morning again, my NAT is fine and all correct ports are open XBOX 360.They always say the same old rubbish their no help at all.

  • Steven kelly

    Im on it now on xbox one but its laggin all over the place

  • Mexicola9302

    Can`t player either 11:49 the server broke.

  • Mitchell

    I cannot load into my GTA 5, so this means Rockstar servers are offline right?

  • Ottawa

    GTA 5 servers are down for me? It keeps showing an error where files are required but when i hit ok i see snow in the clouds loading.

  • Nigel

    GTA servers seem to be down as not able to connect, please sort this out quick Rockstar.

  • Paul

    I can only play my friends and they can only play GTA 5 with me, but when we try to play anybody else we keep getting the GTA servers are currently busy.

  • Orson

    There must be a glitch in GTA 5 online, I have been trying to sell my Entity XF but cannot. Its on the Moores insurance and shows in the garage.

  • Jason Sundaram

    Im having the same problem, i think there is issues with servers in UK for pc users

  • Chris

    I am getting error 201 when trying to download a patch, i am using a PC.

  • Silvia

    When I try to download a new DLC i am having issues connecting.

  • MrAlSut

    keep geting Rockstar cloud servers are unavilble pain in the butt today any one else haveing problems

  • Marco Silva


  • Orson

    They did on April 25th, but no update today to remind us about it – they said on April 25th this – Grand Theft Auto Online will be undergoing maintenance this Wednesday,
    April 27 at 1:00 AM EDT/5:00 AM UTC, for approximately 5 hours.

  • Toby

    How come Rockstar has not updated us on its Twitter page about the GTA maintenance happening right now?

  • Kerry

    If you look on Rockstars status page you will see all servers are DOWN for GTA Online maintenance

  • Dacodah

    I just not the game and the second day I got it I made a character online and the 3rd I’ve had it it kicked me off the online and won’t let me back on its the 4th day come March16 and still can’t get on I am very disappointed in this game now it was fun but i dk if I’ll be buying any more RockStar games unless this is resolved. I play Xbox One and my username is Destroyer55DWJ if anyone wants they can add me.

  • Zombiemaster81

    Been trying for two weeks to get on gta 5 social club but keep getting the message ,server down try later,its driving me crazy!

  • pitbull92

    Since the 1st of Jan 2016, I’ve been unable to play gta 5 through xbox live. It allows me to go on for a split second, then kicks me off saying that I have lost the connection to gta 5. However I can play on live with other games. Followed all the trouble shoots etc

  • Gary

    Yesterday and today I have had problems trying to join missions, I can login an play in the world map but when I try host or join contract missions the game hangs an I have to use the “Find New Session” just to get online again (PS4 Manchester UK)

  • Fergal

    Check server today and yesterday and its still not on my ps4,Manchester, uk

  • Lance

    My character is not loading, all i seem to get lately is server issues with GTA 5.

  • Kenneth KJ Janssens

    Its back!!!

  • Kenneth KJ Janssens

    Still nothing been waiting for a day and a half live in belguim…

  • ッ☊☆♫™Ðɑɴɴɩɩ™♫☆☊ッ

    Gta online on the PS3 isn’t coming back !!!!!!!

  • Jodie-Anne

    I’m in Manchester, UK & GTA 5 is down 🙁 on PS3

  • Sammy

    I am in Illinois and GTA 5 is down on the PS3. Not loading for me.

  • gammyray

    Yeah Xbox one gta 5 online is down for me to, says servers are down. Maybe due to the LOWRIDER DLC 🙁

  • gail

    Helloi came back on to gta5 to play on line and its says services are down any reason for this as i had omly been playin hour ago

  • Johnny

    I love this game so much, its like a never ending game where you can never get bored. Stop right there i say, not today because i have been kicked from my game and not been able to get back online for like 3 hours now.

  • Jamie

    I also just tryed gta 5 online xbox 360 unable to connect

  • Mark

    GTA is having problems, i have tried to play online and its not working.

  • Hassan Chamas

    i was playing gta 5 online before the maintenance (17 august 2015) and now when entering online it say rockstar service unavailable right now please try again later .. it’s been so for 4 days and still . i play on ps3 .. please any help

  • Pierre

    I have been trying to download this game as lost my hard copy but it is now downloading, its been like 12 hours and it still says 12%, surely that is not right.

  • Jack

    Its been more than 7 hours when will they be back ip

  • Pauline

    If GTA is going down for 7 hours due to maintenance, please do TELL ME what updates are coming.

  • Jonesy

    it is not even funny to say Rockstars GTA servers will be down for seven hours, that is just ridiculous.

  • Tyler

    I cannot login to the social club to set up an account but it will not let me. What do i have to do to get this working so i can play the game on Steam?

  • Billy

    Xbox One GTA 5 issues logging in. The other day i could not even get story mode.

  • Greg

    Has anyone seen the gta 6 map yet?

  • Libby

    Getting seriously annoying now, cannot play online again. This is going on for far too long now.

  • Tobe

    Heists are useless keep kicking me off. How does everyone else feel about this?

  • Lottie

    PSN are to blame not Rockstar for the server outages and reboots. Surely got t be a ddos attack right?

  • Chris

    Heists are not working, well they are but then you get kicked from them, whats all that about.

  • Brook

    Been down for like three hours now in Miami, Florida. I also spoke to my friend in the UK and they also said its down for them.

  • Felix

    Rockstar servers are down, yet my friends say they are online and they live in the same street as me. Ok guess i am walking to their house with my PS4 and controller etc.

  • Greg

    It keeps saying I need to be signed in to PSN, but i already am signed in. I think there is an issue Rockstars end with not being able to play GTA 5 online.

  • Marco Silva

    GTA5 online is been down since yesterday ! they should get a temp fix at sometime today as we all hope!

  • Martha

    Heists are useless today, yet again got kicked and not able to save anything.

  • Nathan

    This is the GTA page mate, but I feel your pain as Rockstar is not too clever with servers being online either.

  • Henry

    FIFA 15 works fine getting online using the PS4 but a couple of my friends are having issues getting on with their PS3’s how does this make sense. Is it different servers? I am not too clever at this stuff.

  • Timothy

    I ahve just checked the official rockstar status page and it says everything is up, but on the PS3, PS4 and Windows PC icons there is a warning symbol. Which all says, “We have received reports of issues connecting to GTA Online and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

  • Bobby

    Seems to be issues in the UK trying to get GTA 5 to work online, this has to be one of the worst games to connect online.

  • perry

    Are the cloud servers down for Rockstar, because i cannot get online?

  • Markie

    I am back online at last, wahey I am so happy. Right that’s me off see you on the other side people. Me is about to heist.

  • Monica

    Failed to host a GTA Online session – this is all i am getting right now. I am in NC

  • Zane

    GTA is not working online, i really want to play but cannot.

  • Karrie

    Why is it i always have trouble getting connected to GTA 5 online? This is becoming a common occurrence we could all do without. But hey that’s gaming world for ya. sad aint we.

  • sam

    It says all the time cant connect to rockstar cloud servors or summet i mean WTF is that …….

  • sam

    Im gettin pissed off with this game and there servors ots rubbish ever since dlc update

  • Ryan

    Another update another server issue, always the way. What they need to do is get a back server that can handle the load of people installing a new update.

  • Marcos

    Not able to load anything from the cloud, GTA 5 is just getting worse. maybe its best not to use the cloud then is what i am feeling.

  • William

    Will you streaming the new GTA 5 DLC today?

  • Timmy

    The GTA DLC is so close to being released, are we getting excited peeps?

  • Peter

    GTA 5 single player dlc is on its way, you know that right?

  • Carlos

    GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains release date June 10 – Bet there will be DLC issues at some point, servers go down etc.

  • Brook

    GTA is always down, what is the point to this game. Used to be the best for online gaming and not its the worst.

  • Tyler

    My PS3 keeps freezing every time I try to go online to play GTA 5 online, whats going on?

  • Debbie

    GTA Offline, who the hell called it ONLINE because it never is?

  • Christopher

    Is there a problem rockstars end because i keep getting chucked from heists. No point to this game anymore if it keeps crashing on me.

  • Nate

    Is GTA 5 down for you today? My mate has had issues for a week where for that whole week he cannot login. Not to rub salt in the wound mate but mine is fine lol. Harsh I know, but he would say the same if it was my issues.

  • Louise

    GTA is a little laggy for me, if not worse case is keep getting chucked out.

  • Keeley

    GTA is beginning to really tick me off now, i need to find an alternative to Rockstar games. Not really the same anymore, trying to login and keep everything crossed in the hope it will let me online, this is not gaming its torture.

  • Jake

    Not able to get online, its common, its the new game. The new game of not being able to play, its called ‘TEST UR ANGER.”

  • Edwin

    Heists are useless, ok that was a little harsh. Heists are great Rockstar are useless because by being chucked out of them all the time it has got to be said Rockstar needs to get new people in who know what they are doing.

  • Alex

    It is actually really difficult getting this game to go online. Every single time to connect, silly now and need help finding another game that is similar to work.

  • Susan

    Doing Heists is basically a pain in the rear end, every time i start one I get kicked from GTA V, leaving me having to start the heist again. Majority of the time its just pointless doing so as hardly ever works.

  • Jesse

    Keep getting continuously kicked offline, is there any GTA 5 alternative out there i will get the same enjoyment from.

  • Markie

    In the middle of a heist and get kicked out, no saves nothing. So got to start again, not funny rockstar not funny.

  • Timmy

    My game is not coming online, i try to get on and nothing. Are the servers down once again or is this a problem my end?

  • Renald

    GTA 5 has been on and off all week now. I am using the xbox 360 and now having issues signing in to play online.

  • Martin

    GTA 5 online with mt computer (PC) is just not working. All i keep getting is a messages saying GTA 5 features are unavailable.

  • James

    I am signed into PSN but when trying to play GTA V online it says I am not connected, when i know i am. Please sort this out Rockstar or at least change your name to Rocknotastar

  • Smithie

    I was in a car and went to the top of this building and done a splendid jump, and whilst in mid-air the game froze. So I turned the game off then restarted and found the same car and same jump and it happened again, on the third time it worked OK, how weird is that?

  • Max

    Connection errors for me when playing or shall i say TRY playing GTA 5 online, so unstable it is unreal.

  • Lana

    I am playing GTA 5right now yet none of my progress so far is being saved, it is also saying the servers are down when they clearly are not.

  • Wan

    When waiting for a heist to being the game crashes. Basically gets stuck when in this process. Frustrating is the mild way of saying i am ticked off to the bone Rockstar.

  • Alhannah

    Another day passes but yet its still the same in the GTA 5 world of problems. They really do need to fix this, come on Rockstar you used to be the best. I am already signed in to PSN but it keeps saying sign in to GTA.

  • trav

    On the PSN status page it does say there are problems launching certain games, apps, social features and a few other things. so it is most definably a PlayStation problem

  • Nathan

    On the official Rockstar Support page it has a warning symbol next to the PlayStation 3, saying it is up but there are issues with PSN.

  • Simon

    People are saying there is a casino update, others are saying the servers have been hacked. What is going on really?

  • Dannie

    What is this all about they are adding a new payment issues.

  • Jules

    Why are these issues of getting online only happening to the PS3?

  • Roach

    I have GTAV on my PS3 but for some reason it is not recognizing anyone is online and signed in to PSN even though we are.

  • Madeline

    Rockstar servers are down surely. Why does it keep saying i need to sigh in when i already am. All Rockstar support says is create a support ticket so they can assist me.

  • Shawni

    GTA Online is down in Nevada, my friend who lives in Sweden said he is having issues as well.

  • Imir

    GTA 5 down in Portugal

  • Mace

    I just made a track and then server crashed on me so cannot save it. Rockstar should introduce a save temporary offline feature or something.

  • Fin

    I cannot access GTA 5 online for some reason or another. Rockstar needs to work just that little bit harder dont you think?

  • Gillie

    There seems to be GTA connection issues right now, this was confirmed yesterday i thing but still apparent for me.

  • Lloyd

    Rockstar Services Are Currently Unavailable, seems to be the servers offline again. No one can play heists it seems.

  • Kev

    Are Cloud servers down for anyone?Because I am unable to play Heists.

  • Blas

    Spend a serious amount on games and the servers are always down. But not being able to play my fave game GTA 5 is beyond a joke. Rockstar please sort your servers out please please.

  • Maynard

    Oh yeah, sorry Casey. I posted to the wrong one. My bad,

  • Casey

    This is for GTA not FIFA mate, I know your pain and all but go to the FIFA community unless you have something to say about GTA as this could get confusing.

  • Maynard

    Not able to get onine in Indiana. I just want to play FUT.

  • Steve

    Not working in Larchmont, new York.

  • Byron

    What is going on at the moment, ever since the new Heists nothing but hassle.

  • Screech

    Bloody Heists, i keep getting booted every time i invite people to heist missions.

  • Berry

    I keep getting signed out. this is happening far too many times.

  • Shopa

    Not able to play gta on my PS4 still not able to sign in.

  • Kippy

    To download the new update is ridiculous, so far i am at 90% and 2.5 hours in. Surely something is wrong.

  • Jak

    I am unable to play Heists at the moment, is there any reason for this?

  • Larry

    I still cannot download the update, every time i try it just sits there for ages doing nothing. Still having the same issues today. All the money they have and still cannot afford the proper servers.

  • Chippy

    I didn’t comment yesterday because I was so angry not being able to play GTA 5. Most of the bloody day for me it was down.

  • Danny

    What do people think of GTA 5 Heists then?

  • Zac

    It is probably much simpler to get a free bus pass, a 10 bedroom house with an Aston Martin to go with it than getting on the PlayStation network, its ridiculous the amount offline time we get rather than online.

  • Hannah

    I had this last night “connection lost due to an unknown network error.” Not my network.

  • Lisa

    I cannot seem to get any jobs working in GTA 5, why is this possible?

  • Mark

    Wahey i am having a good day, i am actually playing with no issues. now now then do not misbehave now for me.

  • Branden

    Same here, cannot download files from rockstar for some reason.

  • Rob

    Not sure what’s going on, but I cannot download files from rockstar.

  • Kim

    This is al pathetic now servers have been down on the ps4 for a while now and i cannot access GTA 5, no one let us know anything when things have gone wrong. Ongoing problems are a nightmare, sort them out or lose me. I maybe only one person, but if everyone esle thought the same as me Playstation will be nowhere.

  • Gene

    Is anyone having iFruit problems?

  • Dick

    Is anyone having GTA V problems at the moment or is it me?

  • Lewis

    GTA Online has been really lagging for me and I always have problems in lobbies, so I go into online games ever on my own or hardly anyone else. I am on Xbox One.

  • Bob

    I keep getting files required messages when trying to connect to gta online, no idea what it means. Anyone else have this issue, I see some people on Twitter talking about it but no one mentions a fix. I wonder if it is a server problem or an issue with my gta game.