Google Play Down? Having Issues

For those of you who are Android users then you’ll be very familiar when it comes to Google Play, as that’s where you download all your apps from, whether it’s for gaming, business use, or even social to chat to friends and family. However, with millions of users worldwide using Android, there can be some complications.

In the past users have mentioned that there’s several issues every now and again, these could be customers having issues when trying to update or even download certain apps or it crashes. So therefore, this is why we’ve created this specific page to ensure that you’re able to get the right amount of help when there’s an outage of some sort.

With that being said, if you have recently experienced trouble with Google Play, or you are currently having issues now, then do feel free to let us and our readers know so that we can inform you on the current situation until it’s fixed and back up and running again.

Google Play status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Google Play is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Google Play? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • HollieN

    Struggling to download a few apps, it says it’s downloading them however, I go to my home screen on my mobile and nothing is there?

  • Brian

    Google Play keeps freezing for me and once in a while it chucks me out completely, very strange and I can’t seem to understand why.