Go Daddy Login Issues

This is the Godaddy.co.uk service status page for users of the domain registration and web hosting website. If you are having any problems trying to login to Go Daddy UK, issues with emails or opening in any web browser etc please do share your reports here.

There are millions of domain names under Go Daddy’s roof and users will come across server outages, email and login issues as well as software difficulties. Official Go Daddy service reports will be listed but it is you the user who lists them first, obviously big names like Go Daddy like to sort the issue out before they need to broadcast it on its site as well as social media channels such as Twitter.

If you do have any Godaddy.co.uk problem please feel free to share below with your location – your reports will help other users.

Godaddy status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Godaddy is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Godaddy? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tom

    Intermittent 503 errors still ongoing and seems to want to be with me for life. Not able to connect to severs and I need to because I have a few updates that are time sensitive.

  • Jamie

    Are the GoDaddy servers down? I am asking because I have no email and cannot access my website.

  • Brent

    I have been trying to access my mail Go Daddy and cannot, any ideas whats happening?

  • Penny

    I use wordpress all the time and my site is down so cannot access it to post. Go Daddy knows whats going on but still have not sorted the issue.

  • Ruth

    Email is down for me, reliability is not a strong point from a hosting company, which is rather sad when you think about it.

  • Joanne

    Godaddy server error is all I have been seeing this week. I have been trying to access my emails and cannot.

  • Maggie

    I have been trying to use some Godaddy coupons and they are not working, yet my friend tried the same one and it worked for her.

  • Donna

    Godaddy is down for me because I am unable to open my email, even when I have got in and try to do things withing email settings it is hard. Servers are way to unreliable to say the least.

  • Roz

    GoDaddy email must still be down, has been since yesterday for me. I have tried opening in IE, Chrome and Firefox and still not happening.

  • Deborah

    Is anyone getting the GoDaddy port 80 error when using on Internet Explorer?

  • Max

    My website is down. I would not recommend to host your website on GD. I have started thinking about to move to another hosting. Called them today and they were saying that their servers are up and running. The problem is in an external server.

  • Absurd – mail down now for the entire day. I’ve had enough with GoDaddy – switching
    to something more reliable.

  • Harlem

    My website is down GoDaddy, this is not acceptable please fix soon.

  • Meetram

    My site is down, i am in India and i believe GoDaddy is having server issues.

  • Gomez

    GoDaddy should really fix its servers, especially today.

  • Sarah

    Godaddy emails are down, not had any for like 20 hours now, which is very strange indeed.

  • Norman

    Are there issues with GoDaddy’s servers today July 15, 2015?

  • Jules

    MY last email was like 10 hours ago, is Go Daddy down or something?

  • Leah

    My website is still down godaddy, so you know what “Go daddy go fix”. What is even worse it is taking ages to get me a new email.

  • Victor

    Websites on GoDaddy are very slow in loading up.

  • Devon

    Websites are not either loading or unavailable.

  • Edy

    I got to think about moving my domain from GoDaddy because the mail service is not really working in the best way for me.

  • James

    My sites are not showing up, been like this for about 10 minutes. Hopefully a slight glitch with its servers and backend servers are kicking in.

  • Leonard

    Pages are loading very slowly indeed, GoDaddys server
    response time is ridiculous

  • Holly

    I have 6 websites with GoDaddy and they went down yesterday, so far touch wood and all they they have been fine today.

  • Valentine

    Is anyone’s 365 emails down at the moment?