Gmail sending and receiving problems

Gmail, the email service by Google has been unavailable on regular occasions. Gmail outages have occurred many times where its users vent their anger wherever they can, such as social media networks like Twitter. This email service can be accessed via laptop, desktop, and mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

Some of the main problems that occur with Google Mail include people encountering a password hack, complete Gmail outage. Others have problems on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, windows devices etc. As well as Gmail users coming forward when they have issues opening the email service on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Sometime opening Gmail can be like a tug of war, one minute you are in and the next minute you are being pulled from the system with no access due to outages, Gmail login issues amongst other problems. If you have any Gmail problems please do list them below.

Gmail status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Gmail is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Gmail? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • finely

    Contact now : (44)8O81433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline.
    Mail Issues
    Login Problems
    Get Live Support Now.

  • Pley

    Issues with Gmail login again, this means I cannot check my emails and i need to for work. Nightmare.

  • Glenn

    Not getting or able to send emails to anyone.

  • rebbeca

    Gmail Customer Support- (44)(8O8)143-3686 Free helpline.


  • Nicola Breeze

    I’ve had no e-mails for two days…

  • Liam

    I cannot get any emails via mobile or web.

  • Nemo

    My Gmail Android app is not worki9ng on my phone, every time I try to open it it just keeps saying could not sign in. Yes and my parents called me Nemo.

  • Amay

    I have tried to compose and email since yesterday but it will not let me send it. How come it lets me reply to older emails but not new composing ones?

  • Peter

    GiffGaff 4g speeds are right naff, I live is the Se23 area of London and only getting 0.1MB download speed.

  • Kris Bennett

    Cant send or recieve since sunday 6th march

  • Margaret K

    I have not received any emails into my Inbox since 28th January.

  • Sally

    Both Hotmail and Gmail are down for me, why are they not working yet again?

  • Craig

    Is anyone having issues with the Gmail Register?

  • Simon

    Gmail sign in is so tempermental at the moment, I have not been able to login to my account for like 2 hours now, majority of the time it decides when I can check my emails. Google control as they say.

  • Gmail Customer Care

    Call Now (44)8000903248 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline.
    Mail Issues
    Login Problems
    Get Live Support Now.

  • Luke

    I use Microsoft outlook business email, and previously us windows live mail. When using both of these we had problems receiving/sending to gmail accounts – some would go through some would not – even tho it would appear in your sent items folder. any ideas???

  • Richard

    I am in Glasgow and no emails are opening, not even the ones i already had to read.

  • Meboard

    Gmail folder in ‘Sent’ on Mail on iMac has gone!
    Although gmail advise all deleted and cannot be retrieved I have found them under gmail folder in ‘Important’.
    So what has happened there then?
    Is it still safe to use gmail?

  • Maggie

    Gmail is very good and sweet when all up and working in the right manner, but like today when you cannot send emails it becomes the worse thing that can happen when you need to send an important email to a client that could potentially give me 2 years worth of business.

  • Reeves

    This is becoming a joke now, i have lost all my emails in my inbox yesterday then they show up today, ankd i logged out to leave my house and then once returned to login i cannot.

  • Arun

    I just updated my Mozilla Firefox browser and since doing so i have noticed a few Gmail emails have gone, they are not anywhere to be seen even though i know they were before the update. How can i locate and retrieve lost emails?

  • Sutton

    On the iPad no Gmail, using the iPhone and no emails coming in, but use desktop version (Browser) Gmail and all works rather well.

  • Kirsty

    Gmail is just going from bad to worse, emails not coming, cannot send most of the time and when i try to reply nothing happens.

  • Darcy

    Not able to send emails via Gmail to other business contacts. This needs a fix right now because this is just too frustrating.

  • Franklin

    Gmail app is useless, always down and out. Only way i can get to my emails is by iPhone 6 Plus because i do not use laptop etc on the move.

  • Kain

    Complete utter useless piece of garbage, enough said to the service that cannot even let me receive emails.

  • Mark

    Please answer: What is the next best Gmail alternative? comment below – Ready steady GOOOOOOOOO

  • Peter

    Gmail really needs a complete sweep, new dedicated servers, emails actually being sent would be good and of course able to emails sent to me with the ability to open them.

  • Ruth

    It seems to be a major issue yet again trying to send and receive emails this week, we haven’t even finished Wednesday and already been 2 days of rubbish.

  • Malcs

    Not receiving emails today, for the last week i actually had respect again for Google and today its all gone again.

  • Giles

    Is there anyone else having Gmail problems today? I cannot send anything.

  • Janet

    Issues doing everything Gmail, sometimes cannot login, when i am in i cannot send mail or receive them.

  • Lori

    I am not able to get gmail open, when it does i have got bored waiting for the long periods of time sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

  • Kenny

    All my emails i am sending are not being sent to the recipient. Just hanging around in drafts, how?

  • Carmen

    Not able to send emails out using Gmail in New York City. This is happening far too much now.

  • Loraine

    Gmail is not loading on my desktop, laptop or my mobile devices such as iphone and ipad. So is this an app problem or a gmail server issue?

  • Alanna

    Having Intermittent gmail issues at the moment, seems like emails are coming and going when they want to and not when i want them to. Yesterday i sent an email to a client and they recieved it 4 hours later even though they were near computer all the day.

  • Melissa

    I have tried on many browsers such as Chrome, Safari etc and emails are not coming in.

  • Arth

    I have sent emails and even though they are showing up in the sent folder they have not actually been sent.

  • Bertie

    Gmail is not opening when i put my login details. INot happened to me before, never had issues.

  • Cassie

    My IMAP is so slow it is unreal, but yet Gmail wemail is ok.

  • Goodall

    I can recieve emails on my laptop / desktop, but cannot get any via my iPhone or iPad.

  • Lloyd

    Yet again, Gmail intermittent problems.

  • Correna

    My homepage on gmail is not loading properly, its start to show then gets stuck. So i am guessing the server for gmail is having issues once again.

  • Dennis

    I can get emails in my Gmail but cannot send them. Does anyone actually have an answer to this nightmare.

  • Bobby

    I cannot even get onto Gmail today, when I try to login it will not let me in.

  • Benjamin

    Gmail is a complete pile of pants at the moment, no emails are coming through and i know they should because i sent myself emails as a test. No point going over to Yahoo Mail because they have just as many problems. Maybe I should create my own.

  • Hayley

    Why wont Gmail send out my messages, this is crazy Google.

  • Mikey

    What a day, gmail is all hunky dory for me. Works like a dream today.

  • Lucinda

    I cannot send emails nor can I add any files to an email. Come on Google, I know this is a free services but come on.

  • Jobey

    Is gmail down today or something, is there a small glitch in the system? I cannot login to my emails.

  • Hope

    Once again not receiving any emails, I sent myself some emails and they have not come even in the spam area they are not showing. I got a few friends to send me emails and nothing. I even tried opening Gmail in different browsers but nope, nothing, zip nadda. Annoyed is the word of the day.