giffgaff signal issues

Is giffgaff down again today? There are many giffgaff problems that arise, such as with 3G, 4G, sending text messages, you may have problems with Internet services or something else such as the website going offline. But whatever the problem you can share them right here.

Mobile telephone network is owned by O2 (Telefónica), it all started back in 2009 on November 25. It is a MVNO using O2’s network in the UK. They are now an official Apple carrier, stocking new iPhones etc as of 2014.

There are many deals to be had on giffgaff’s website, you can for example get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for only £14.38 per month. giffgaff is a good service when all up and running. Its popular product in the Goodybag plans, where customers can their UK minutes, data and texts each month.

giffgaff status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if giffgaff is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with giffgaff? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jacqueline Clark

    Every time l ring my daughter who is on gift gaff goes through to her voice mail. First it was only me now no-one can get through to her. Seems like a tin pot operation to me.

  • Carmelle

    My 4G keeps dropping and only getting GPRS most of the time. I am in Worcester.

  • Antony

    6 days and still counting and no service at all. I am in Milton Keynes and need my phone for work and not happy if this doesn’t get sorted.

  • Carl

    I have tried multiple times and still not getting any giffgaff service in Peckham.

  • Peter

    My 4G GiffGaff 4G downloiad speed is only 0.1MB. This is very bad indeed would you not all agree?

  • Jodie

    I tried to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 but when on the website it just keeps adding in a sim card and I DO NOT need one. I am already a customer and already have a giffgaff sim.

  • Angie

    I cannot get my giffgaff top up thing working.

  • Don

    Giffgaff not working? Please fix 15/03/17

  • Giff gaff customer

    When I talk to people the reception cuts in and out making them sound like a robot was speaking.
    What is the problem with the signal? I have 2 giff gaff phones and they both are doing the same thing so it is definitely the network

  • Steve Blaylock-Andrews

    Still down

  • Cal Hansard

    I’ve been reading through the comments…Seems its a Very common problem, BUT not a single message back from O2 or Giffgaff!!! I’m waiting for a Very special phone call…damn phone just goes straight to voicemail!!! in fact BOTH phones go straight to voicemail!!

  • Cal Hansard

    Been having problems getting a signal now for quite a while, I have 2 phones on giffgaff, my 2 daughters, granddaughter and son all have giff too, and we All have problems with not getting a signal! The signal used to be fine, this was the reason we went with O2, and then with giffgaff. But are we all now going to have to change provider? What is going on that the signal is now so poor? what are you doing?

  • Pauline

    Texts not getting through – thought it was because we were in the Canaries but problem persists now we are back home. Account still being debited despite texts not getting through.What’s going on!

  • C Deno

    Giff Gaff signal lost for the third day running!!!!!!!!!! What is going on?

  • Pilar

    13th February I can’t receive or send messages and calls.

  • nabilah

    calls not coming through and texts coming late, I mean very late….

  • Lisa

    I am having problems with my mobile I’m on 4G signal is great but no one can get.through to me and I am not receiving texts anyone no what.the problem is?

  • Charlotte

    No signal at all can’t review texts or phone calls nor send them, can not use the Internet and I am paying £20 a month for what? This has been a problem for a week now, my phone does not work inside my house at all although my partner is on giff gaff too and had full signal!

  • Steven Greenwood

    No signal in the M35 area…. is this usual for Giffgaff ?

  • clairey1987

    Been having issues for last 2 days can’t send messages not getting phone calls going straight to voicemail sort it out Giff gaff

  • r summers

    Internet very slow and keeps dropping out on 3g .. main signal also low with just one or two bars. Exeter. Devon

  • LYJ

    Is anyone have issue with GiffGaff Mobile Data in Northamptonshire?

  • domidave

    no outgoing calls or incoming calls hogsthorpe .is anyone else having problems in skegnees area

  • Dianne Mccormack

    no Internet calls or txs Edinburgh this is with the new £20 goody bag

  • aps

    Any one have problems with multiple texts being sent, send it once and it goes 4 times or more.

  • sunda

    i am in seaford, just got new goody bag this morning, internet 500mins and unlimited txts, but internet wont work, no emails, no google, is anyone else having problems in sussex

  • Dawn Jaques

    I can receive calls send and receive messages use my mobile internet, but I can’t make an out going call is something wrong with the network? Leeds west Yorkshire

  • Sarah

    How long is giff gaff down for I have had no signal since last nite an still none now

  • Lindsay

    In Shropshire and got no service what so ever, i needed to make a call to my mum today so had to use a phone box, can you believe that with all the new technology. Smartphone is not so smart now is it?

  • Shanelle

    Never had a problem with giffgaff before but since yesterday i cant ring out and no one can ring just goes straight to answer machine, cant receive texts nor send. Help?

  • Mike

    Try to call out and cannot as hardly any signal, try to open Facebook but cannot as got not 3G let alone 4G. At least I am getting camera function.

  • Peter

    No service on my giffgaff mobile phone in Cheltenham.

  • Malcom

    Not getting any service in Newcastle.

  • Larrs

    Are giffgaffs servers down or something as cannot get any signal what so ever?

  • Mark

    Located in London, South and signal is not anywhere to be seen, no service running at all and i mean NO service.

  • Karl

    I am in Lincoln and got no service.

  • Jeff

    I seem to be having 4G problems with giffgaff, i never used to in the area i live in but now i do. The 4G symbol still shows up yet the internet is very very slow indeed.

  • Michelle

    Giffgaff calls not going through in Rainham area.

  • Jessy

    My sim is playing up, my phone was working properly and then took the sim out and cleaned it and now all working again.

  • Yolda

    No probelms with giffgaff at all, lovelyyyyyy.

  • Hilda

    When I try to buy a new Goody Bag, this is my first time. i cannot because i cannot remember my log in details. When i try to reset my password i try to find the new one in my email but cannot see it anywhere, even in my spam folder (Hotmail). I cannot top up now.

  • jane

    I sometimes have issues logging into my account, can someone please help me.