First Direct Internet Banking Login Down

Some of the worst-case scenarios with First Direct Internet banking is when the website goes down, it is even worse when the dedicated mobile apps are not working. Normally you can get 24/7 online banking services, but it can be hindered with problems such as login not working.

The UK’s most recommended bank offers the popular 1st Account, investments, mortgages, online banking and insurance etc. But it is no good having a great service if you cannot access your account due to tribulations.

Are you having issues with your First Direct Internet / app banking login? When you are unable to login customers are not able to use receive statements online, check balances, cannot transfer money or manage direct debits etc. If you are having any of the above or any other issue please report them here.

First Direct Bank status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if First Direct Bank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with First Direct Bank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Harlem

    Lines of code are back again this morning – what is going on and what does this even mean?

  • Simon

    No access at all t my First Direct account online using iPad, all i get is Lines of Code.

  • Ronnie

    I can open the First Direct website but when I try to login to my online banking its not working on my laptop, but yet it works fine on my mobile phone.

  • Mick

    When I visit the Internet banking all I can see is loads of weird stuff on the screen, its like code of some sort. Not able to login which is rather frustrating.

  • Tommie

    Fun when you cannot login to your online First Direct 1st account, even worse when you are listening to songs for like 2 hours whilst waiting to chat with customer service.

  • Trevor

    I keep getting try again later when I try to login to my onine First Direct account. Yesterday I had issues with online payments and now this.