FIFA 17 server issues

When FIFA 17 servers hit problems it will be due to a surprise outage, or they can go down due to some scheduled downtime that might have been planned a few days in advance. The fact that EA servers were going offline planned or not isn’t going to mean every player of this football game will know beforehand, this is where you can find and report any issues.


If FIFA 17 is down right now, then you can find out reasons for the outage by EA using the status reports below. You can also check out statements and news section for information directly from official sources to the right of this page.

Please report any problems with FIFA 17 servers and error codes below or take a look at status updates from the community for further insight. You can also use the contact details provided on this page for reaching EA and FIFA UT customer service. Are you having FIFA 17 Web app problems or any other issues?

FIFA 17 status reports for Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

To find out if FIFA 17 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with FIFA 17? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • mark oliver

    it sounds like your problem is speed up lag,it usually happens if you are connected using wifi.

  • blocked blogger

    played online seasons game
    e.a said I left the game no coins rewarded and reported as loss even thou I never lost game and finaql whistle had been blown
    so annoying

    now server down unable to log into ultimate

  • mark oliver

    fifa 17 servers are down

  • Margaret Fletcher Craig

    just managed to finish a game now i cannot connect to EA servers what is happening here