FIFA 19 Server and Maintenance Issues

When FIFA 19 servers hit problems it will be due to a surprise outage, or they can go down due to some scheduled downtime that might have been planned a few days in advance for maintenance. The fact that EA servers were going offline planned or not isn’t going to mean every player of this football game will know beforehand, this is where you can find and report any issues.

If FIFA 18 or 19 is down right now, then this is the page you can find out reasons for the outage using the status reports below. You can also check out statements and news section for information directly from official sources to the right of this page.

Please report any problems with FIFA 19 servers and error codes below or take a look at status updates from the community for further insight. You can also use the contact details provided on this page for reaching EA and FIFA UT customer service. Are you having FIFA 19 Web app problems or any other issues?

FIFA 19 status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if FIFA 19 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with FIFA 19? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • What’s the compensation EA Sports? I’ve lost a draft token that cost real money for coins. Twice been booted in middle if games to complete Weekly Objectives. Time you PAID for your errors not us players. Get a grip. I hope Fifa 20 isn’t gonna be released in ‘beta’ form like 19 was.

  • Sid

    Game lag is just ridiculous today, playing a match is just not worth it. Not happy at all.

  • Danny

    OMG this is just so frustrating, yesterday there was a EA-wide server outage and even though they are extending the Champions League tournament by an additional day, which means it will end on May 14th I am having issues getting online to play. The issue I have is that I work on a Tuesday so this is of no benefit to me so give us points instead.

  • Dylan

    I am in the middle of a game 2 – 1 up and then shooting, passing and skill moves do NOT work. Yeah its just a game, but one I have PAID for. Ask EA customer services and they say there are no issues.

  • Mark Chubb

    This is a pain, I can play online going with people around the world but no on my PS4 friends list.

  • Si

    I seem to be getting issues when trying to play FIFA 18 friends online, but funny enough i can lay strangers.

  • Joe

    #FUT and EASFC will be offline about 7pm on June 6th for maintenance, with FUT Match Creation being disabled 30 minutes prior. All services estimated to return at 20:30.

  • Lee

    FIFA transfer market isn’t working! Everytime I bid it says Somone has bid higher than me. It says the same if I try to buy it now also. Anyone know what to do?

  • Marcos Silveira

    Today, Feb 5th 2018, I can’t connect to the servers in Brasil.

  • Gary Mitchell

    I’m in Aberdeen in the north of Scotland and I haven’t been able to connect to the EA servers on fifa 18 on the xbox one since fifa 18 came out

  • Ronnie Berry

    Servers are down in UK now get your act together EA

  • Matt

    Every game I try to play I am getting kicked off.

  • Robert

    This is a new game bought on release date and for me FIFA 18 servers are getting smashed because I cannot connect to server on my PS4.

  • Owen Marcus Vaughan Graham

    Hey is it still down

  • jim bob

    are the ea servers down?

  • Konrad Major

    Hour so

  • Sam Ball

    How long for???

  • Gray

    Fifa down

  • test

    fifa17 app is down

  • Adam whelan

    All of fifa ultimate team is down ! Online seasons and Co op seasons are grand

  • Anthony Moore

    FIFA store down!! Useless

  • John

    In Pro Clubs I have been trying to leave a club but i keep getting an unexpected error> This now is not letting me join other clubs. I am playing on the PS4 and yes i have done a reset.

  • James

    What a joke the FIFA 17 Pack Opener is not working.

  • Roberto

    The EA servers are rubbish yet again, actually i mean to say STILL because I cannot play my friends online. Hating FIFA 17 lately.

  • Carl Green

    My tablet lets me into the app but my phone doesn’t it keeps saying ea servers are down

  • Stu

    Played 2 games on fut Xbox1 …won both but as the game goes to the end screen you lose connection and counts as a loss typical ea bull don’t know why I bother with it sort it out you robbing a”*eholes

  • Charlie brown

    I’m on ps4 and match entry has been disabled

  • Ryan Watkins

    I’m on ps3 trying to connect but yet the servers are down yet again

  • Josh Cockwill

    I’m not on yet

  • Owen Brown


  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Are the servers working on Xbox one now

  • Tomas Maloney

    Bought Fifa point for the happy hour and can’t get online still when will the server be back online I can get online on my ps4 but not on my Xbox one

  • Jordan Power

    Fifa ultimate team down saying I cant connect due to an error yet my friend is playing it rn? sort ya selfs out ea

  • Harry Guyton

    me too :/ i wanna do day 8 bday sbc … EA are not the best at keeping the servers running

  • Harry Guyton


  • Harry Guyton

    this is stupid
    i cannot connect to FUT on Xbox One

  • Jamie Mcclounan


  • David Francesco Pigo

    Iam getting same all day , but I see on my friends list people playing Fifa ultimate team

  • Owen Brown

    Didn’t say

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Are the servers working now

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    How long

  • Owen Brown

    They say they are working on trying to get fut back up on xbox

  • Owen Brown

    Might have to do a factory reset on the xbox

  • Jamie Mcclounan


  • Owen Brown

    It’s annoying but hopefully it will be back up soon

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    I am

  • Owen Brown

    Is everyone getting we are sorry but there was a error connecting to fifa 17 ultimate team

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    People are saying it will be back up in the next hour

  • Jamie Mcclounan
  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Come on

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Well do u reckon this will be done by?

  • Jamie Mcclounan


  • Jamie91

    No I have been trying for the past hour! Annoying

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Are the servers working yet?????

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    I hate speed lag

  • Jamie Mcclounan


  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Plz sort servers out I want to do birthday 7 sbc

  • Neil Cartwright

    Web app companion app and Xbox one all saying same due to high server demands please try later

  • Jamie Mcclounan

    Plz sort the servers out I want to do birthday 7 sac

  • Jamie91

    Really annoying I purchased points and just kicked me straight away can’t get back on now! This was like 2/3 hours ago

  • David Hogg

    Error loading ultimate team i played about 4 matches then it kicked me out and i can’ get back in again

  • Tim

    Yep same but I am on FIFA 16 and I was on for a 1 hour not connected to severs but then I couldn’t buy anything and was about to buy Isco for 2k and I couldn’t

  • Charlotte Evans

    Lag really bag takes about 5 minutes to put one transfer up

  • mark oliver

    it sounds like your problem is speed up lag,it usually happens if you are connected using wifi.

  • blocked blogger

    played online seasons game
    e.a said I left the game no coins rewarded and reported as loss even thou I never lost game and finaql whistle had been blown
    so annoying

    now server down unable to log into ultimate

  • mark oliver

    fifa 17 servers are down

  • Margaret Fletcher Craig

    just managed to finish a game now i cannot connect to EA servers what is happening here