Facebook Outage, Server Status

Is Facebook down right now? When Facebook is having problems these can range from timelines lagging, newsfeeds not loaded at all or the service could be just running at a slow pace. Worst case scenario is when there is a Facebook outage.

Facebook server issues have occurred over the years and will continue to happen in the future, it is a part of life even Mark Zuckerberg and his team cannot stop them. They can sure help get back up and running and making the social network run as smooth as they can but Facebook problems will happen.

With Facebook there is not a single main problem, millions have login issues, others may have a complete outage, photos may not load properly or status messages are not showing up in your feed.

Obviously the social media site has issues on different platforms, such as Facebook problems on iPhone or iPad, desktop, Android etc. If you have any problems at all please do leave a Facebook status update below, it would be great if you could also add what platform you are having issues on. You can also reach official support using the contact details we have listed.

Facebook status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Facebook is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Facebook? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Mikey

    Facebook not allowing photos, videos or new posts, only allowing comments on existing posts.

  • DAN

    down in New York, also have a friend in London that says Facebook is down. 4th August. Not totally out, lots of issues though and seems others are getting error maintenance messages.

  • Kerry

    Facebook is down again, Kent in the UK.

  • Luke

    Seeing an error today, Aug 4th 2019. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes.

  • Jenna

    Having trouble on loading pictures on Facebook, all i can see is just blank white squares where the image is meant to be. This is happening on my desktop and also on my phone too.

  • Joy

    I have been trying to set up an event as having a party, but it’s not letting me do so.

  • Danny

    I have a group and trying post but cannot, and the posts I have already published they are not showing.

  • Danny

    I had around about 1000 instagram photos and 300 have been deleted (not showing anymore). Not sure as to why they have been removed from my account when I’ve done nothing wrong to breach rules, this is just nuts.

  • Alister

    Facebook newsfeed keeps reloading the page like its automatically refreshing. Not even able to share anything, so hope this doesn’t last long and the issues gets sorted quickly.

  • Alistar

    Argggghhh is the most polite word I can find considering the words I want to use will not be liked here. But I am frustrated to the core with Facebook reloading my newsfeed all the time, cannot share anything and cannot even open a post when I click on it.

  • Kate

    I can post photos but videos are not, this has been happening all day and I really want to share my videos of what we did today.

  • Peter

    Not able to scroll through my newsfeed, all I can see is the welcome message and that’s it.

  • Vicky

    My newsfeed is playing up, I can only see a few posts and its like the others are still loading. I am using Windows 10, seems to be fine on Android tablet.

  • Crystal

    Facebook has been having issues for a few hours this morning, and when you think it was getting better it isn’t. I have tried different browsers and still no use, not able to post.

  • James

    I keep getting messages that say page has expired when I open posts with the content not being available.

  • Grace

    My Facebook login is working and when trying to post anything its not letting me, I know we had issues a few weeks back and now it seems to be happening again. But this time only on mobile not laptop.

  • Lisa

    Intermittent Facebook for me in Doncaster, is this a DDoS issue?

  • Daniel

    Facebook is unavailable, the service is down on mobile and pc.

  • Lee

    I live in Clacton and Facebook is not working.

  • Lee

    Facebook is offline and not working at all in South London, all i get is service unavailable.

  • Tina Wrend

    Facebook isnt loading newsfeed it hasnt for over 24 hrs now

  • Gregg

    Facebook is down right now, the newsfeed is not loading for me on my iPhone.

  • Val

    Newsfeed and my search area is not working for me, been down like 2 days now.

  • James

    My Facebook seems to be a little behind when posting, i post something and it does not go to my timeline for like 5 minutes.

  • Monique

    Facebook has stopped my account, would love to know why they would disable it with no warning as to why. it keeps saying my account has been disabled as a security precaution.

  • Blake

    I can login to facebook but all I see is about 6 posts on my newsfeed, whats going on.

  • Ian

    Facebook Business Manager is not working for me, seems to close off on my tablet when I open it.

  • Rickie

    I have no idea whats going on but i have been banned i think from Facebook, they have put a block on me for some unknown reason. It says i have been kicked for 7 days, now i keep seeing this message “Thanks for sending your photo. We’ll email you within 72 hours if it meets our requirements. At the moment, your account has been disabled as a security precaution..”

  • Glen

    When I see a video in my newsfeed I open to watch it which plays half way through then just stops. Normally i used to be able to watch all of it and then click on the right > arrow to play the next video but it keeps stopping and not letting me watch all of it.

  • Clarence

    Facebook is super slow for me when it comes to opening my newsfeed.

  • Clive

    Looks like yet again Facebook and Instagram including Messenger have been blocked again on Virgin Media.

  • Sharon

    Facebook is down in Leicester.

  • Steve

    Virgin Media is pants, absolutely crap as Facebook and Instagram yet again down for me.

  • Alex

    In Bristol using Virgin Media broadband and Facebook access on my smartphone is a no go.

  • Janet

    I am located in Exeter and Facebook is down for me, I am on Virgin network..

  • Melissa

    I have called a few of my friends and they are having no issues with Facebook, the only ones having probl ms are the ones using virgin media, so there must be a conflict between the two.

  • Gina

    Facebook is down for me in Essex, my network is working fine….

  • Heather

    I keep get Facebook Network Error when I try to open on my phone, i think there is a DNS issue and no one knows why!!!!!

  • Dicky

    I live in Northampton and using Virgin network and no Facebook, but on O2 network it is fine.

  • Cammy

    I cannot get FB or Messenger working, I am in Hertfordshire.

  • Rebecca

    When I click on the Facebook Home I cannot seem to see any posts at all, all Iget is a message saying there are no posts to show.

  • Craig

    I cannot seem to get the Facebook emojis to post onto my Facebook posts.

  • Elizabeth

    I am in Cornwall and got no FB Newsfeed, I have no stories to show at this time. Servers must be down.

  • Clive

    Are the Facebook servers down? I cannot get my app to show any posts.

  • Sarah

    I keep getting a message on my app saying there are no messages to show. I am in the East Midlands.

  • Lizzy

    FB is not updating at all for me in browser or app.

  • Morag

    My Facebook app and browser version is not working. I have tried on both laptop and phone and still not getting my newsfeed show up even though i get notifications.

  • Simon

    My Facebook login is just spinning around and will not let me in via my phone, then when I try online via any browser it just says incorrect password etc.

  • Mark

    My Facebook app on the iPhone 6S is playing up again, when I scroll my news feed or timeline i get to the bottom and no more posts show up. Its like its just got stuck.

  • Mark

    Hey Mark, spread to the world that when they go into McDonalds and they get a coffee they should collect the coffee bean sticker and when they collect enough for a free coffee people should give to the homeless. Every little helps, lets support the homeless and make the world a better place.

  • Joanna

    I can view other peoples Facebook pages but NOT my friends.

  • Johnny

    My Facebook status area is not working. I try to type something and i get a greayed out area with what looks to me like chevrons that are flashing. Love the part where it says whats on my mind but cannot even put what i want to say lol.

  • Mike

    I am hating Facebook at the moment and not been on for at least a week, constantly having issues with them taking my groups down that were doing very well with like 40,000 likes. People loved us and all we did was shared deals we saw in shops. Facebook are control freaks.

  • Tom

    My Facebook login on the home page of the full site NOT mobile is not working. Tried many times now and still not able to get on. Its fine on mobile with 3G and WiFi but not desktop.

  • Katherine Bellchamb ers

    on my Mac I can connect to facebook but can only use my personal account and cannot reach my business facebook pages. I can’t access messages or newsfeed and cannot post at all to any groups.

  • Massay

    Cannot connect / login in Greenwich using WiFi, its fine on 3G/4G. This is the app version.

  • Yesam

    Facebook pages are not loading on Android, but yet they are fine on iOS and Windows devices. I keep getting error loading try again.

  • Wendy

    Facebook keeps crashing on my PC, but yet when I use the app version on my phone its OK.

  • Oliver

    Tried to login to Facebook a few times today and still cannot open my account.

  • Tina

    Facebook photos are not showing when i open up my timeline. This is happenign on web only not app version.

  • Justin

    Why is Facebook down for me right now? Multi billion pound business and cannot even stay on the app..

  • Simon

    I am also getting the blank screen showing, does this mean the servers are playing up or have they been hacked or something?

  • Larry

    When I login to Facebook all i get to see is a blank screen and nothing else.

  • Jackie

    I tried to upload a video to Facebook but its not working. Has anyone else tried this and having issues?

  • Lacie

    I am having the same problems with facebook and messenger, no able to get any new messages and not even able to reply to ones i already had. Has Facebook been hacked or something?

  • Jodie

    No Messenger messages, all my archived messages and chats gone. No new messages coming through and the Facebook news feed is super slow.

  • Juliet

    Not able to send or receive messenger messages, not even able to chat online with my friends.

  • Gary

    Facebook Messenger is down, I have tried it via app and Facebook web and messages not sending.

  • Carole Deans

    facebook not working again for me, fine in the day but everynight it goes slow and i can,t log in ,

  • Toby

    Facebook is not working for me, totally slow when trying to open the website. It started of slow but now gone.

  • Kate

    Facebook is very very slow for me right now. Posts and comments are taking ages to publish.

  • Christina

    Is Facebook down? I have been on the app and it seems to come on then go off again.

  • Elizabeth

    My Facebook on my iPhone keeps crashing, i have moved everything from the background, restarted and even deleted app and started again and still having issues. The web version is fine it the app thats bad.

  • Grace

    Facebook had an updated tonight which i have set on automatic and am having no problems at all. The update was called Facebook version 45.0 which was 99.4 MB. This was just a geberal update for speed and reliabilty and any new feature will be highlighted in the app.

  • Mark

    I have tried opening Facebook on both PC and laptop and np joy, but yet all works fine using 4G on my phone.

  • Susan

    My newsfeed is down and out, the main issue is the last day have just vanished. its like 14 hours have just been deleted from my Facebook newsfeed, what s wrong?

  • Tina

    My newsfeed is not opening properly like it normally does, seems to be having upload problems.

  • Malcom

    My Facebook online and app are not working, i have tried ti gain access now for like 4 hours and nothing. What is going on Zuckerberg and team? OH, congratulations to your and your wife on your new baby.

  • Jessica

    In Red Lake Falls, MN and got no Facebook Newsfeed.

  • Belinda

    Newsfeed is not updating at all, what is wrong?

  • Chrissy

    I have tried to refresh my Facebook newsfeed page and still cannot see anything, I am on holiday in Florida.

  • Markus

    I am so frustrated right now because i cannot see my newsfeed.

  • Babs

    This is getting silly now, what is going on with the Facebook app keep crashing on me each time i try to use it?

  • Brenda

    My Facebook app keeps shutting down on me. Not even worth having this anymore, i will just use website version.

  • Clive

    So when is Facebook updating with a new button, thought the new Empathy button would have come by now seeing as Mark Zuckerberg talked about NOT having a dislike button recently at a Q&A.

  • Kieron

    This is seriously not normal, what is going on as Facebook is down. Surely this is the apocalypse.

  • Kate

    it seems Facebook being offline is a global event, no one can access the social media network at all.

  • Mark

    Facebook is down in London.

  • Andrea

    I keep getting a blank screen when i open Facebook up. This only happens on the URL version NOT app.

  • Melinda

    Most of my friends posts on my newsfeed is saying Posted Just Now, when i know they are old Ones, the whole Facebook app keeps freezing and then when back it is well behind.

  • Tash

    Just did an update for my Facebook app on my iPhone and now the application will not open.

  • James

    My phone kept saying there was a new update for Facebook, but when I clicked on the update button for my iPhone it did not do anything even though it says update.

  • Connie

    Facebook Newsfeed is stuffed yet again, what is wring with Facebook these days, billions and billions Zuckerberg and team earn and yet they cannot handle a few problems such as the newsfeed functioning.

  • Jeanee

    I decided to update my Facebook app as i do not have it synced on automatic updates and since doing it i have had nothing but problems. I am gather windows 10 does not like Facebook or the other way round.

  • Christianna

    Messages are only showing up on one side, which means the page is broken. Surely this is a Facebook problem because this is happening on Desktop and not via application on smartphone.

  • Judy

    Links on my Facebook are not working, so when i want to open a website to read an article it will not let me. This is only happening on mobile platform.

  • Herman

    Not able to post a facebook status, just not letting me via my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Mark

    Facebook seems to be delayed for me. My brother posted a picture of my nephew and myself at Longleat and even though my wife and others could see it i couldn’t for at east another hour.

  • Nolene

    Really not happy with you Mark Zuckerberg, congrats on what you are doing for the world of internet and congrats for the baby on the way. But please for the love of your customers sort out Facebook. Too many times it has happened here i cannot load a photo.

  • Beverley

    Facebook apps are not working, when i click on the Facebook app it just crashes but then after a few tries it comes back on. But then i had a Facebook message and when you click it the Facebook messenger app opens, well it DOES NOT it just CRASHES. So i cannot read my messages on phone, which means i have to open Facebook on laptop.

  • Malanie

    My timeline keeps sticking, i am trying to go down the page to read things and it is getting stuck.

  • Peter

    Facebook app keeps getting stuck when i am scrolling the newsfeed.

  • Kathy

    What is up today, i cannot load my photos into my holiday album.

  • Cain

    Facebook is to erratic lately, nothing is scrolling right and the text is lagging when scrolling.

  • Lucky

    Facebook has a mind of its own unless Mark Zuckerberg decides to turn things off to make things interesting to show how much we are addicted to the social network. I cannot seem to post a status on my wall.

  • Perry

    Facebook status is not posting.

  • Martin

    Facebook is acting a little strange lately, especially the slow scrolling and not being able to upload photos direct from phone app.

  • Grace

    Facebook online is gettign slower and slower by the day, scrolling is super slow and bitty, photos load when they feel like they want to load. Need I go on!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Facebook keeps freezing when i try to scroll, happens all the time on iPad.

  • Brennan

    I have tried playing Candy Crush and 8-ball pool via Facebook and they are not loading up for me.

  • Mark

    My profile page will not let me had a status, how come?

  • Chubbs

    Not able to open my iPhone app, keeps going blank and do not know what to do. Probs about time i bought a new phone.

  • Orson

    Facebook videos are not autoplaying for me, they are just spinning with the circle thing.

  • Malcom

    Facebook not letting me in, i login as normal and nothing just says try again.

  • Mark

    So so slow scrolling Facebook, it keeps breaking and skipping. Its weird.

  • Justin

    Facebook is not loading for me on Firefox, it did pop up once and was really really slow.

  • Markie

    Three days now an still cannot access Facebook from my iPhone. I have to keep going over to the web version.

  • Trish

    Facebook error message, “web page unavailable.” But when I comment online using Facebook its fine. !!!!!!How strange!!!!!!!

  • Grant

    When I try to open the Facebook app on my iPad it keeps freezing on the loading screen and then stays that way until i restart.

  • Melinda

    Facebook iPhone app is down again, all the money in the world and they cannot even produce a stable application.

  • Melissa

    I am not able to login to Facebook, even on the odd chance i do it takes ages to load up.

  • Daria

    Cannot sign in to Facebook today, tried so many times. What is the best option to be able to access my acccount?

  • Kacie

    Facebook newsfeed seems to be split-up, in that i mean the posts are not uniformed like they were, there seems to be missing posts (Gaps etc). Another words all over the blooming place.

  • Anita

    Having issues getting my Facebook notifications, even though i have notifications ON. How is this possible unless Facebook have internal problems.

  • Daniie

    My Facebook newsfeed is a little sticky at the moment when scrolling. Is this my issue or are others having the same problem?

  • Katy

    I open up my Facebook app and the screen is stuck, cant scroll, or do anything.

  • Lorrie

    I cannot comment on my friends Facebook statuses either, which is stupid. The whole idea of a social media platform is to be social.

  • Timmy

    I cannot reply to any messages, nor can i comment on my friends posts.

  • jimbob

    I go onto facebook and click on the camera on my iPhone, but when i click and take a picture it is not being upload onto my status page.

  • Jarrade

    Facebook notifications are not working on my phone or tablet even thought they are still switched on. I have not changed any settings, so why is this happening. I go into Facebook and i have loads of notifications, i like the notifications to pop up on my screen.

  • Jude

    Facebook search seems to be playing up for me, only seems to be happening on a mobile phone and tablet, so this problems has to be app related.

  • Macey

    Facebook is not loading up, when it does its very slow and status messages are not posting. Only seems to be happening on mobile phone not laptop or desktop.

  • Wade

    I was using Facebook yesterday but there was a scheduling bug, ended up being none of my clients psots that were scheduled were being posted. Luckily the Facebook team were aware of the issue and ended up resolving it. Kudos to the Facebook crew.

  • Alidia

    My Facebook photos, likes and comments are not showing up. How is this even possible? Had nothing but issues with Facebook the last few weeks on my mobile phone, all is ok on desktop. I think a new update is needed Zuckerberg.

  • Louise

    Facebook app keeps crashing, this rarely happens to Twitter. The only reason i use Facebook more is because more friends there and 140 characters is just not enough is it now.

  • Hirdir

    Facebook is getting slower and slower to load lately, the more people that join the worse the service is. Gey more servers Zuckerberg.

  • Robby

    Not connecting to facebook via PC or laptop, mobile devices seem to be fine. This means apps are all good but browser version is not.

  • Mark

    Not able to update my status page for some reason, each time i try nothing is getting posted.

  • Denzel

    Time line is black, nothing showing up.

  • Darling

    Facebook pages are not loading, basically getting a blank page.

  • Stacy

    Facebook is not working on my computer but is on my tablet and phone.

  • Petra

    Newsfeeds on Facebook are not updating for me, been on the same page for ages now.

  • Katalina

    Facebook is not loading onto my phone, i do not have a laptop or pc as cannot afford one so having facebook on my mobile is important for communication.

  • Scott

    Facebook apps are not working on my phone, but can access via phones browser.

  • Russ

    Facebook is working on my mobile devices but not my desktop or laptop. Not letting me sign in for some reason.

  • Kate

    Facebook is not accessible yet again, so annoyed and that is a very kind word day for me.

  • Victoria

    I am getting so frustrated with Facebook app on my iPhone, always keeps shutting down as soon as i click on the app icon. Pathetic, bring back MySpace and Bebo lol – Hey hey MyBebo

  • Grumps

    Life is all about technology, social media is a part of that technology and its free to use and communicate with others. In fact I use Facebook for both pleasure and business and I am on FB on a daily basis. So yes I will moan when I am not able to make contact via Facebook.

  • Liki

    I try to open my Facebook app on my phone and it keeps crashing on me.

  • Harmony

    people always moaning about Facebook being down, when issues occur they are not like down for a year, not even a month, nor a week, its normally just an hour or so. Can anyone actually REMEMBER life without Facebook? Stop crying and get on with real life, Facebook is basically an online moaning diary or to let everyone know you have had breakfast.

  • Cameron

    Facebook messages seem a little painstakingly slow to load. Sometimes not able to send at all.

  • Cameron

    Not able to access Facebook this morning, always seems to be mobile app versions with the issues. Destop version all fine.

  • Kathleen

    Pictures are not loading for me either.

  • Chrisy

    I can login to Facebook but once I start scrolling the newsfeed it starts to freeze on me.

  • Larry

    When I go to my Facebook newsfeed it seems to lag a little when scrolling. I am getting 29megs Internet speed so cannot be my end.

  • Chance

    Photos not loading onto my Facebook.

  • Trace

    When scrolling Facebook posts seems to be lagging a little.

  • Chubby

    Cannot load Facebook messages, whats going on? Always seems to be problems with Facebook apps.

  • Silvia

    Is anyone having any issues with posting Facebook pictures today?

  • Duncan

    I have iPad and iPhone and both not letting me open Facebook, and when Facebook app does finally open it crashes on me.

  • Wendy

    My Facebook on desktop (Website version not app) is not opening on me, i have tried in chrome, safari IE and Firefox and keeps crashing.

  • Vonda

    Facebook’s search for a friend is not working, doesn’t pull up profiles.

  • Lindsey

    iPhone Facebook keeps closing down on me, i open and then it shuts again.

  • Cristine

    Sorry for the ‘v’, I got typing madness. I was supposed to say I am in Glennie, Michigan.

  • Cristine

    In v and not had Facebook for 28 hours and counting, this in on mobile not laptop.

  • Stewart

    Facebook is not working right now on April 23, 2015. This is on both my iPad and iPhone, I even checked on my Android phone and not working, so its mobile related because its fine on desktop.

  • Vanessa

    Facebook is not working for TWC users, seems to be ok for other ISPs.

  • Ralph

    Facebook is down, I am using Time Warner Cable

  • James

    When I open my Facebook app on my iPhone 6 Plus my newsfeed seems to be really really slow.

  • Lynne

    I am unable to like anything, i have tried to like friends posts and it will not let me. Is there something wrong with Facebook?

  • Billy

    once again, Facebook is down for me, well I mean once I get logged in all I see is white.

  • Brett

    I tried to pload a video last night but the video never shows. It is weird because it shows the status words i put in but not the video. So it looks like I am introducing nothing.

  • Kat

    Is anyone having notification issues with Facebook?

  • Sue

    This is happening to me as well Kay, i have not changed any of my settings on phone or Facebook and yet notifications are not showing on my phone anymore.

  • Kay

    No facebook notifications are showing up for me.

  • Martha

    My news feed is not loading, this has been an issues since April 4th for me.

  • Mark

    Facebook not loading, I login and it starts to open and nothing.

  • ben

    White pages once again after login, I wonder if this is some sort of server error, they need to address this issue. I’m not alone.

  • Mark

    Not able to send messages, are certain servers down for Facebook?

  • Chris

    Everytime I try to like a post i get a temporary problem. Is this anyone happening to anyone else.

  • Stevie

    In Blackpool and having problems trying to login, works fine on laptop but not mobile device.

  • Theo

    Not able to login in in Dartford area this morning.

  • David

    I am Cornwall and Facebook is not coming up for me.

  • Kacy

    Newsfeed sporadic, timeline freezing, photos will not load, maybe they should bring back to life MySpace, lets all go over to them and make it big again. boycottttttttttt

  • Jenni

    I am unable to sign into my facebook games.

  • Maccy

    My timeline is so slow showing up, takes forever scrolling because photos or videos not loading.

  • Petra

    I cannot open my Facebook messages, not getting any notifications and not able to post photos.

  • Facia

    The thing is just spinning and spinning around after i have logged into Facebook, another words why wont you blooming open up?

  • Missah

    Blank white pages for me when i open up Facebook on my iPhone, weird.

  • Kallie

    Not able to load Facebook via my phone.

  • Marti

    When I open up Facebook in my iOS device, all i get is silhouettes of photos rather than the photos themselves, basically a ghost image.

  • Charly

    Facebook is not loading correctly on the iPad.

  • Barri

    I cannot recieve any Facebook notifications, even though they are on in my settings on Facebook and phones settings.

  • Sheila

    This is day three for me and Facebook is still playing up on my iPad.

  • Sar

    Hi Jarmaine, thats happening to me as well, so its clearly an iOS app problem.

  • Jarmaine

    Facebook opens up, then crashes, i shut down and then restart iPad and then try again and nothing. So i uninstalled the app and then reinstalled and still have the same problem. But yet when i try Facebook in safari the web-version works fine.

  • Jeremy

    My Facebook keeps freezing on me.

  • Courtney

    Facebook is down for me, been like it most of the night.

  • Daniel

    My newsfeed seems really slow at loading at the moment.

  • Karne

    When trying to upload photos even a single one to my timeline it is not showing up.

  • Janet

    Facebook is down right now for me because I cannot login, I am in London.

  • Ray

    Facebook is really slow in Nottingham right now.

  • Damien

    Its been like 26 hours now in tolal and still cannot access my Facebook app on my Galaxy S4.

  • Shane

    My Facebook newsfeed is working fine on desktop but not on my android device.

  • Martina

    I can login to Facebook with no problems at all, but trying to load a photo in a status message it seems to take forever to load.

  • Kenny

    I cannot seem to login to Facebook, seems like there is a connection issue somewhere, and its not my end.

  • Julian

    Photos seem to be taking for ever loading onto my timeline. Before any asks, my net speed is 29.4 meg.

  • Trey

    Facebook not working on a computer or mobile device, what is going on?

  • Sid

    Actually I cannot get my scrabble game working.

  • Lynn

    Candy Crush is not loading on Facebook for me, is this happening to anyone else

  • lexy

    For some reason my status posts are not showing up after i have clicked post.

  • Jillian

    I cannot get the app to work on my full size app.

  • Joan

    Facebook is not loading onto my iPad mini, arrrgghhhhh. Is this happening to you on your apple tablet?

  • Brandon

    Its been 12 hours now and still no Facebook messages, my posts do not seem to work right. Basically each time i do a status message they are taking ages to show up.

  • Julie

    FB has been a pain in my butt since February 6th, I cannot open anything
    in Facebook. Can see why people prefer other social networks like
    Twitter, hey Google Plus try and entice all my friends over.

  • Nancy

    For some reason I am having problems with my Facebook newsfeed, I have had blank boxes for two days now and i am not happy, its a nightmare.