Evolve server status

Evolve was released in February 2015 on the Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows by 2K Games, developed by Turtle Rock Studios. It started off as a big Alpha test on Xbox One and of course there were teething problems. But now Evolve has been publicly released gamers will want to share if they have any issues, and this is why Is Down Right Now UK is here.

Evolve comes with four different game modes including Hunt, Nest, Rescue and Defend, which one do you prefer? The co-op shooter is very popular indeed and gamers have already come forward and mentioned troubles with 3rd characters being locked.

Main Evolve problems gamers encounter include Evolve connection, login even though this could server related. The game lags, black screens were around in the beta stages, but are you getting them now? A few gamers had problems with Cabot being locked; whatever your Evolve problem is please do share in the comments.

Evolve status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Evolve is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Evolve? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Minty

    The last Evolve maintenance was on April 4th, to be fair and as polite as I can be this is a crap game and still feels like its under the maintenance stage.

  • Chris

    It must be just one of those weeks where I cannot play anything, I have tried FIFA, the Battlefield 1 and now Evolve is down.

  • Brent

    Would love to know more about stage 2 for consoles, updated version is a must have.

  • Charles

    Is it me or is anyone else having Evolve server issues, I keep getting kicked from my game.

  • Lisa

    Just be patient my friend, always best to get a complete game rather than a buggy one.

  • Clarke

    It would be great to have stage 2 on our consoles, when will this be releasing.

  • Greggy

    Evolve seems to be offline, I have checked my router and DNS settings etc and all seems to be working fine. So it must either be an Evolve or PSN server issue.

  • Hans

    PSN went down yesterday for many hours and left me without Evolve, but I am still having issues accessing this game and PSN is all back up and running again.

  • Mike

    Not able to get in Evolve, is there an outage at the moment or am i having a little glitch somewhere?

  • Kai

    Nope, I’m having the same issue D=

  • Kai

    Yes, I am. When I go to click the party button on minecraft, nothing happened, also, now I can’t even log in!

  • Jamie

    I am having issues with the party service, basically getting outage issues. is anyone else getting the partial outage for party service with Evolve at the moment.

  • Larkin

    What is happening with leaderboards at the moment. I know this is all new and all but seriously getting peed off.

  • Charles

    Is it only me or is anyone else having problems accessing the profile server?

  • Alanis

    I lost all my Evolve progress and wondered if they were going to give some sort of level reimbursement. I think Evolve said on twitter they are working on it. I am not too sure, can someone let me know please.