EE no signal and problems

EE is a service provider of home broadband and mobile phones, which allows you to stay in contact on the move, at home or in the office. But Everything Everywhere does have signal and service problems now and then, which could be to do with the Internet, tablets or mobile phones.

Many complaints come in surrounding no EE signal on mobile devices, network outages are something you cannot control and this is solely down to the providers and not yourself unlike signal.

Signal problems can be down EE or simply because you are in an area with poor signal. You can get all the official EE contact details on this page, if you have any signal or outage problems please do share them below with your current location.

EE status reports for Friday 7th of August 2020

To find out if EE is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EE? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • disqus_dYGVObxaE5

    no signal vodafone nottingham

  • Dave

    Bridlington east yorkshire . No phone signal at all.

  • louise

    No signal/service for over 3 days now in the Askam/Ireleth area in Cumbria. Cant phone EE on 150 as we have no signal!!!

  • sarah

    There has been no signal at all the last three days in my area of Hastings, East Sussex. The first day I spent all morning on the phone to EE trying to book a repair, only to recieve a text in the afternoon saying EE are updating the network all over Hastings, but would be finished by the end of the day. The customer service reps I spoke to didnt mention this at all!

    Next day, still no signal, so I call in again, waiting 1 hour once more, before anyone answers, to be told, the update in my area would be finished by last night.
    Today ( sat) still no signal, so log in to the EE network checker to see that actually they are saying 5-12 days before the network is back on.
    Customer service told me that they are updating the whole network in Hastings between 1st Dec and 15th Jan!!!

    Someone needs to tell the truth about what is going on here. I for one will be wanting compensation for this! What a time to choose to update the whole network, Christmas Time when everyone wants to Skype loved ones and stream movies during the holidays, over the devices and metworks that we pay a fortune for!!
    This is the very worst timing and was clearly planned and not accidental, as you are giving the dates that you will doing it out.
    What are you thinking of EE, clearly not your customers!

  • Lyn ducker

    Rubbish signal for past 3 months in CR5 can’t get any calls or make calls without driving 1 mile up road about to change networks not that I think it will help but can’t carry on as is

  • Rachel.

    I have not been getting any phone signal for the last 3 days in the Beaminster area DT8

  • Graham

    Is EE down in south Norfolk as the signal is not good

  • mandy

    what the point of having mobile phone that don’t work in glyncorrwg area it getting to be joke now what wase of time and money just wish the phone company get out of the office and fix the problems that happening all the time it getting every day people trying to phone me they cant do that call the phone is down all the time got no service what so ever why should I have to go out all time looking for place where the phone works am not going to swear on here think you know what I mean mandyboulton

  • jomar_uk

    Rm16 4qr Essex.
    10:00 am signal went from 5 bars to zero occasionally 1 bar.
    Phone virgin told I was in a bad signal area. I said well ever since we have been with you our signal has been great apart from today.
    They checked again and their is a fault and to restart our phones in 2 hours and it will be fixed.
    3 hours later, no or little signal, any answers please!
    EE direct looking more & more attractive as a mobile provider and it will be 4 G not 3G

  • mandy

    it getting on to be joke with the mobile phone cant get to phone out what the point mandy

  • sylwia

    no signal for the last 2 days. Sheffield

  • steve

    No 3/4g signal Hempstead/Wigmore area. Possibly changing Mast? Been out most of the day. Believe shared with 3 network

  • client

    LL139UZ Wrexham network intermittent

  • Raihan

    No broadband connection today! Took the call handler 20 min to finally claim there was an outage…

  • Kyle

    No signal for the past few days. Nottingham.

  • Polly

    No signal on and off all day. Leominster, Herefordshire.

  • Kristy Maclean

    No fibre signal West lothian area Scotland

  • akennedy361

    Home broadband is rubbish been like it for 2 days wtf is going on and they are gonna expect me to pay my bill

  • Tony

    Variable or no service in Wells (Somerset) since 2015 – you can get 4G in a cow field by the sewage works though.

  • stozy

    Can not connect to calls or receiving calls just cut off ! Peed off with it

  • Michael Tucker

    Plymouth UK no mobile signal

  • darren

    No signal in Stubbington Hampshire !!! Pants

  • Blinne

    No EE broadband in Portadown

  • Steve

    I’ve no signal on my phone Sandbach Cheshire

  • Bill

    Can someone just tell us what the problem is?
    Eight days with no signal? It has to be really bad but no one seems to want to talk about it.
    Cannot even get through to cancel my contract on the basis of not deemed to satisfy.

  • Sailesh Morjaria

    Mobile network not working since Tuesday 18.30

  • melvyn

    Can’t get signal /network in ct93jq today what a pain

  • Gary Ge Parr

    intermittent signal, cant get 4g here even though my partner is on virgin and can, funny that seeing as virgin use ee masts

  • Neil

    I have no signal or service in Devon, Even though when i phoned EE services they say there are no problems in that area. Wish my phone said the same thing.

  • Jemma

    I am in RH10 area and got no service.

  • I have had no signal in Harrogate all day either – still nothing!! agh

  • Linda

    No service on phone all day – live in Harrogate area? Whats happening – any ideas??

  • Tamara Zimber

    can’t connect to data for the last week have tried rebooting phone in Portsmouth (Hampshire)

  • maggie

    no internet today so phoned EE they said no problems with internet WHAT lies as still NO internet

  • Pete Wilson

    Last week i had full signed any where i went but for the last 4 days nothing i have rebooted my phone 5 time’s 3 phone’s in are house all on ee no signal on any of them any one no what’s going on

  • Richy Cushing

    Did you know that any phone company in your contract doesn’t guarantee phone signal in your home it only says it will do its best to provide signal so not much you can do unfortunately

  • Paul

    Hi,im sick of having a good signal outside, but when i go indoors i mostly loose signal completely,then if i go back outside whear i know I’ve got a good signal, nothing happens ie my signal dosnt retern again, im sick of having to reboot the phone

  • Pete Wilson

    No signal in Youlgrave for 2 days what are we paying for I’m with ee till August any one now if i can cancel and go with O2 ee aren’t providing a good service

  • Ed P W Bridges

    I Do Not Normally have problems with Orange or EE but woke up this morning No Signal and still at 22:13 NO SIGNAL wtf is going on EE

  • Hayley

    I keep losing signal, it says no service especially when I need it the most, I’m considering changing providers because I’m not happy it happens to often, like now as in typing this comment. Near bakewell

  • Lauren Victorious Harvey

    I’m on payg EE and for the past 2 days I’ve had no signal at all for most of the day but at brief points I’ve had signal but it keeps dropping out as soon as I try to ring somebody what the hell is going on it is driving me mad !!!!!!! From Yeovil my partner is on the network 3 and has had the exact same problem also

  • annabelle

    I’m from derby

  • annabelle

    I’m from ive had bad service with ee since Saturday ive not bean able to watch telly and internet drops ive had enough now

  • Nilesh Parmar

    fuzzy lines and i can call some people and not others. terrible reception.

  • Gemma

    Network keeps cutting out and signal is very bad during phone calls today! Can’t hear anyone.

  • steven vogan

    me and my hubby both have payg ee mobiles, but his shows no signal permanently. does anyone know what i can do? mine works fine

  • Meg

    I am so annoyed it is unreal, continuous issues with EE network. Every month there are issues yet every month i have to pay my contract fee. That’s like them giving me £45 per month for the use of my car. It is here but you cannot use because i am sorry EE.

  • Laura Williams

    Another day of bag signal. I had no problem when I was with orange until it became EE about 1 year ago? Phone is showing signal but I can’t send texts and when I phone the line keeps being dropped for no reason? Cymmer, SA13 3NT. This happens quite often, will be looking for another provider if it doesn’t change by the end of my contract, people think I’m being ignorant!

  • Caril nicholson

    Had no network since sat and now i cant phone out on my mobile phone

  • Gill

    No coverage today or yesterday apart from a very brief period last night. Can’t call, text or receive either. Livid, paying for a service that doesn’t exist. Had same problem on and off last week. I live in Hull.

  • Stephen Simmons

    Voice signal problems for past week in OX17, now dropped out completely since 9am – calls impossible but mobile data trickling through. Tried changing network selection settings but it’s not helped. Vodafone are traditionally terrible with no service in this area but it now appears to be happening to EE too. Considering going to 3 soon.

  • Lynn

    Signal down AB23 8RD Aberdeen Been down most of the day get it sorted EE please

  • Deeva

    Signal been dropping in and out for the past month. Brung back orange. If I lose signal altogether for more than a day, I will cancel direst debit until I get what I’m paying for. Hope you’re reading this EE. No service? No money. It’s only fair!

  • Tony Ward

    no signal in Cannock Staffs today, can’t send text or phone!

  • Karen

    No service for 2 weeks at home, in Derbyshire. Thought I would phone the help line from my landline, after 10minutes of being on hold, the person who spoke to me accidently disconnected the call within a minute. I still have no service.

  • charlene

    No home broadband or phone line since yesterday evening! Norwich

  • Catherine Batey

    Nothing in Newcastle upon Tyne since 4.00am 🙁

  • sienna

    No service at all Nottinghamshire

  • brucebonus


  • Cher

    No service all day (Aberdeen)

  • peed off

    no connection, no reply from the so called customer services!! Absolutely the worst telephone provider!! Typical German company!!

  • George Taylor

    No signal 1st or 2nd October in Glyncorrwg, SA13 3DG. 900 people cannot use their ONLY mobile phone service. The joy of private enterprise – this phone does not work in the next valley. You need three or four phones and phone contracts in Wales if you want to make use of all the phone masts that exist.

    The mobile phone industry needs to be nationalised so that it actually works – as a MOBILE phone service – one that one can actually use when moving around . The current situation in Wales is absolutely ludicrous. No wonder small businesses find it very difficult to operate in Wales. It is very hard to get in touch with tradesmen or delivery people or mobile national health workers or utility service workers when their phones do not work.

    It is really pathetic – and the people who organise everything in London do not care a jot. Why should they? It is outrageous.

  • Chantelle

    No service since Saturday 9pm

  • Riley Elf

    Broadband has been dead for 13 hours. Now even the automated support number is just hanging up immediately, rather than after stringing me along, and doing it after holding for a few minutes.
    Would it really be so difficult to have a recorded message to inform customers about when they might be able to expect to get it service that they have paid for?

  • Bea

    6th day now without Broadband / land line (South London). Will EE be reimbursing customers? We pay upfront don’t we?

  • andrew meletiou

    No moble service since am today-north london n19

  • jim

    No signal since early am in Redditch.worcs B976RL

  • Moghedia

    Sigall is down in Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales. ( SA48 ) and has been since 10am 23/9/2015

  • Margaret Heaton

    Little or no signal in Newcastle. Calls keep dropping out….such a nuisance as very important calls are being lost! EE say just be patient!

  • CJ Crennell

    I’ve lost we signal for phone, strangely I’ve also lost the signal on my cordless landline at the same time. Luckily my cable wifi signal is still working so I still have Internet access. Any ideas on what would knock out both at the same time?

  • Jo Jackson

    No service for 5 days, louth lincolnshire

  • Anna

    Hi, me neither. Have you heard from EE?

  • Nic

    Hi, we’ve not had any signal in Aberford since the beginning of August!!

  • rachmillar92

    Had no service for three days in Grimsby !! How much longer will this be

  • Trot

    EE lost signal lunchtime today.Still not restored. WV11 .

  • adiec

    No phone signal at all in warsop vale for the last 90 minutes

  • Miles Atkinson

    St4. No broadband since yesterday afternoon. This is now beyond a joke. My Job relies on my having working internet at home. EE are not communicating with customers. Their offshore tech department are clueless unless your problem crops up on their prepared script. Now going to CAB to see what my legal rights are. Utterly fed up.

  • Maggie Doll Maker

    No signal in Bradford since this afternoon well peed off

  • Daz

    No ee service south of lincoln

  • Heather Drummond

    I’ve got signal and I can get on the Internet but I can’t phone anyone and no one can ring me!!

  • Christine

    Problem with ee in Gloucester since Saturday

  • Jean

    No service since midday in Diss Norfolk and can’t receive or send texts.What’s the problem EE?

  • Shakeel

    I have signal but internet is not working pdp information box is being displayed. When will this be fixed

  • Mary-elizabeth Robinson

    i have no ee signal since wednesday .it keeps saying no service– tq2 7qt

  • Lynn

    I have had no ee signal all day can you please advise when this will be up and running again?

  • Jessica Magill

    In watchet Somerset is EE down i havent had a signal for 2 weeks now and am getting really annoyed i cant send or receive texts or phone calls whats going on??

  • Liz

    In Ascot, Berkshire and I Can’t send or receive any text messages and told I had used all my data …first time ever since being with EE which is many many years… So not sure what us going on with them.. Extremely annoying and frustrating..

  • Karl

    In Basingstoke and got no data, no voice and no signal. When will i be able to retrieve my messages?

  • Jason

    I live in Witney and have no service at all, EE is very bad lately.

  • Torquay

    I have been a EE Customer for the past year and a half and also have been experiencing network signal problems and will never be a EE customer again after the numerous problems that has been experienced. EE please sort out your network.

  • Tina Herbert

    I’ve traveled around a 100 mile area over the weekend. There is still no GPS, there is no EE wifi unless you can get some free McDonald wifi on the go. EE explained some towers are down in some areas with a 60 day fix date! These towers must cover most of the UK. Unbelievable and no official announcement for EE customers. So, we just wait…………… 60 days? Hell no………….. I am leaving EE for good.

  • Gillian Wright

    Not had any EE internet connection all day and has been very intermittent for last 5weeks.never had such bad internet problems in all the years I’ve been with EE/orange/freeserve, loyal customer for 15 years but will be changing my provider now. B38 area

  • James Kiren Bryant

    I have no.signal at all

  • Missy

    No service in bournemouth

  • Macca

    No mobile service in Dartford.

    Poor form.

  • Gordon

    Currently No Service post code area YO25 4ST

  • andy halsey

    No mobile service in muswell hill all night I hope there’s going to be some compo being payed out .

  • donna

    cant make calls or send txts all day today in peterlee

  • Adam Mead

    I have no service in Lewisham area. Went down approx. 11am and haven’t had anything since. Are you able to use text/calls/internet? I can’t use any.

  • M

    Anyone experiencing no mobile phone service in Lee area? This is day 2 for me now, EE sort it out!

  • Laura Hackett

    Ee signal lost again in Midlands can’t wait for my contract to finish I’m going to a reliable provider

  • Jones

    EE signal loss yet again in Cardiff, this is a typically bad company to be with it seems. Customer service are brilliant but the signal is not.

  • Richard

    I’m having the same trouble do u no what’s the matter

  • Fiona

    Download speeds are very very slow at the moment, and as for phone signal well there isn’t any.

  • Trisha Middleton

    I had a brilliant signal in Borth, Wales .i could access anything and streamline so i could play the games on my FB but for about 6 weeks now the signal has been terrible i am lucky to get 1 section light up on my signal and though i can get on FB i can not get on the games , as i am disabled the games are important to me , i will be changing to something else EE has let a lot of people down

  • Trisha Middleton

    I am in Borth and signal is very weak i can get on Facebook but signal to weak to streamline so can not play my games

  • Trisha Middleton

    I am in Borth at the moment signal was good for a couple of days, still have a signal but it is very week i can access my FB but not load my games and have only just bought a new package, i am not impressed i had none of these problems when it was just T. Mobile

  • Bethaney

    i had signal this morning but when i was on the phone to my boyfriend it all of a sudden went and i aint had it back since it is starting to annoy me because i always have signal where i go tho and he is n the same network as me as well

  • Carl

    EE in Manchester/Oldman is down

  • Dave

    EE in Falmouth and Truro down?

  • Shahba

    MK18 2FS – No internet – No phone service for 2 days
    Our business is suffering BIG TIME 🙁

  • Lenny

    Yes, finally my contract ends tomorrow and EE already know i am not staying with them. They offered me all sorts of deals to stay with them and was bending over backwards for me to stay. In my eyes a little too late now EE, you always look after new customers with deals and forget us loyal customers by offering us nothing, but as soon as we leave you go crazy with the deals. Your useless and that’s that.

  • Linda

    I’ve had no signal for 3 days in Darlington. Was also out in East Yorkshire when I was there 2 days ago.

  • Siar Nadiri

    The network is down almost 5 days no signal but homel line is working … Only internet is down . East Sussex Hastings

  • Kate

    Signal this morning is wonderful, since having my phone for like a year this is the first time i have not had any issues at all. Maybe this is the good coming out in EE rather than the bad signal and service.

  • Yvette

    I have incredibly poor signal with EE in Broadstairs Kent. I am paying a fair bit a month for a service I cannot use!! It’s disgraceful!!!

  • Nadia Fokeerchand

    The EE Signal has been ridiculous for the past 4 weeks. Fix it.

  • Ricky

    I am in Brixton South London and cannot get signal on my phone. EE4G yeah right, cannot even get 3G, nor can i send texts or make calls.

  • Bob

    I have what they call a super fast network service, but EE is far from being super fast. Most of the time i have no signal, when i do texts do not send and opening Facebook does not work live because can never get 3G let alone there super fast 4G.

  • Sean

    Can not seem to connect to wats app or send a text or get on to the internet, but i can phone? Any idea’s?

  • John

    I got no signal in Glasgow, well actually I am in Cumbernauld.

  • Kerry

    No service in Milton Keynes, this is becoming to often now and not happy. Maybe its about time i ditched EE for O2.

  • Eleanor

    Signal has been bouncing from nil to full for at least 45 minutes in Cambridge.

  • Edith

    is anyone having issues with EE network in Chesterfield area? My services seems to be down.

  • Sue

    No receptions in our part of West Dorset for three days getting really fed up now. Will it ever get back to Normal service?.

  • Simon

    Not had signal in london for about three days now. EE customer service is nothing to write home about either always fobbing problems off.

  • Gemma Broster

    Single in woodville derbyshire goes from 1 bar to no bars. Only had my phone for 3 days and I am sending it back. O2 signal is full so I am going back to them.

  • THR

    Peteborough EE is
    signal down … Right now

  • Fatty Guest

    Hi guys, I have had no phone line for a week and 3 days now, just been told 28.000 EE customers are having an issue with lines and signals, they doing an update this morning 29th july, so let’s hope it’s sorted real soon

  • Fatty Guest

    Hi guys, I have had no phone line for a week and 3 days now, just been told 28.000 EE customers are having an issue with lines and signals, they doing an update this morning 29th july

  • Tina

    EE is normally great for me, but today I have decided to visit friends in Margate, Kent. I have no signal bars at all and cannot call or receive.

  • K

    I am in Central London at the moment and cannot get any mobile internet to work. Any one else experiencing same issue?

  • Josh

    I am in Wales near Chepstow and cannot get signal today. I have never had problems with EE before in this area, but it seems a little rain can affect signal, how pathetic. people who work for EE should say they cannot come into work today because they are affected by the rain. Useless waste of time service.

  • Julie peacock

    I’m in WF7 ackworth pontefract and got no EE signal at all this morning – usually connects to the new Eewifi system which has been great. But nothing this morning! Internet thru BT & no probs there so def EE fault.

  • Melvyn Garland

    Think you will find ee and orange are 5he same company

  • Barry

    EE is Yorkshire is really bad, I am in Staithes and I think I am going back to Orange seeing as that is the only network that works here. I only change to EE because I got a better deal, but now Orange are offering me better so i will pay the cancellation fee and job done.

  • Gary

    I am in EX15 area and had no signal for like two days, this is a very bad area I’m guessing even though i was told EE service is great here.

  • Melvyn Garland

    Not heard that but at the end of the day after all this time EE could have installed an emergency mast to sort the problem out.

  • Chrisytina

    Can anyone help please..
    Is EE down at the moment.. I’m in North Kent and I don’t have a mobile signal whatsoever…
    please help, I need to go out.. I’m disabled and my phone is my lifeline!!!

    Many thanks in advance…

  • Melvyn Garland

    Tiverton ex16, well into week 4 and still the phones are f…..ked. been reported time and time again with the same answer we are working on it. Sorry in this is any other business then they would be in trouble but being the size EE are they couldn’t give a dam. I for one will be switching suppliers at the end of my contract and advice other users to do the same.

  • Paula Steenbergen

    EE is down for two days now at RH12 West-Sussex. I reported the problem yesterday with customer service but 24 hours later still no mobile phone signal?? Asked my neighbours but their phones are with O2 or Vodafone and have no signal problems at all…….. Very annoyed EE customer at the moment…..!

  • Paul Barrett

    Tiverton (EX16) still experiencing issues after 3 weeks. Rumour has is that the mast issue is not being fixed due to access restrictions being placed by the landowner. How true this is I don’t know but I’ve heard it from several sources.

  • Gillian

    No signal again, it always suffers when i am near the coastline. Pathetic and not everything is it.

  • Melvyn Garland

    A conspiracy theory. If BT buys EE and EE haves problem then you use BT to phone the help desk on a premium line then it is a win win for BT. Either way BT is on a win win.
    just for info Tiverton Ex16 is still down going on 3 weeks now.

  • John Powell

    I’m the same as Mike Jackson. Same problem and I’m in Tiverton too. My landline bill is taking a pounding as I’m working from home!!!…..
    How much longer???????

  • S123

    I am currently in rainhill and have had no signal for over 2 hours, I have switched my phone o and off and also reset network settings but still no service?

  • Mike Jackson

    Tiverton, Devon. My mobile has stopped working now for 10 days. Callers can hear me but I can’t hear them. I phoned 4 times to the helpline and they told me to go into the Exeter shop which were useless. Now I find that calling the helpline on my landline has cost me £9.37 Terrible service. How much longer will it be out of order? I want full compensation.

  • rappajay

    Ours was down for five days in Suffolk got told four masts were being serviced,not good when my missus is dying and we rely on your network. Sorry to say this but had to buy a Voda 4g to get a signal.more expense.but one of my concerns are that I have a month bundle but it will only been have used for three weeks so will you be giving me compensation. Thank you.

  • SJR

    No wifi calling in South Devon for 2 days now

  • Melvyn Garland

    Tiverton Ex16, 15 days now without being able to use mobile for calls. After looking around the Web it seems EE are having major problems with their service. I would suggest everyone who is having problems to ring 150 and ask for credit for the time their service has been down. If everyone done this then it will start hitting their profit margins. But there again they wouldn’t be worried because they are unloading this shite service to BT.

  • Stu48

    no signal in Tregaron ,West Wales , since yesterday evening 🙁

  • Lisa

    And no EE network once again, becoming a common occurrence isn’t it?

  • Tezza

    2nd week now, no 3G in IV7 area of Ross-shire. Also mobile telephone line won’t hold a call. Been promised an update from EE but nothing. Some of their staff are even unaware there’s an issue.

  • tracey

    EE on and off for days now. when trying to ring some one ir says nor regestered on network. please sort it out

  • Albert John Arrowsmith

    No signal in Borth, Ceredigion for nearly 24 hours

  • Jennifer

    No Internet in cropthorn nr evesham again needs sorting ee 4g meant to b so good yet to find out

  • Melvyn Garland

    Tiverton ex16, after 8 days still can’t make or recieve calls. Can’t hear person calling me but they can hear me. Come on EE what the he’ll is happening. No wonder you want to sell this shite service to BT.

  • Melvyn Garland

    Why has my messages been deleted?

  • Saffi

    No EE mobile network for nearly a week in eltham, London SE9 this is just ridiculous, wish I never moved on to EE, when is this going to be resolved? I’m furious as I cannot make or receive any calls and all it says is no service…EE pull your finger out and get this fixed ASAP

  • Ben Sims

    EE Issues in Yeovil currently, signal comes and goes. Most likely work being done for 4G signal that was recently installed in this area

  • Larry

    No signal at all, this is really getting beyond a joke. Data is down, network is weak, calls cannot be madeand texts cannot be sent. Mobile network my backside.

  • Mike

    No mobile 3G or 4G in EXMOUTH ?

  • Praveen

    No Internet from 11PM today, i can see its says 4G or 3G connected but no internet.

  • Chas

    Have had no 3g in North Yorkshire since Friday

  • Maria

    Anyone in Redditch worcestershire having no signal tonight with EE ?

  • Amy May Collier

    Any luck on fixes? My brother said that sometimes networks have to cut off sims as some sort of cycle to allow them to have more users, cutting off numbers in the process, but I have no idea if that’s bs, anybody heard of this or have ideas?

  • Rmaclachlan

    I have the same problem!

  • Steve

    Constant home broadband disconnects in the watford area. As always not one single notification made by EE anywhere. Awful customer service, I’ll be leaving as soon as possible!

  • Amy May Collier

    Saying no service for a full 24hrs now, but I’m connected to wifi, anybody else had this issue? Tried rebooting, taking out sim, resetting network settings, plane mode on and off, any help?

  • Simon

    Constant call failures and text messages saying missed call even though phone has signal and hasn’t rung BL6 area

  • Pierre Inventories

    My email is down…it states it has not been updated since Thursday. I switched to 4g to see if it would update, it hasn’t.

  • Martha

    Nearly a week of this now no network, EE say nothings wrong!!!! EE need to admit their having problems and sort it out!!!

  • Craig

    Look slike there are major EE signal network problems in Ireland mainly northern Ireland.

  • Lee

    EE outage yet again.

  • Lenny

    No EE signal at all in Ards, this is crazy now.

  • David

    EE is down in Derry, is this a problem in certain areas or is it the whole of the uk the service is down?

  • Maikey

    Got no signal at all in belfast, so whats wrong?

  • James

    Got no network in Newtownabbey.

  • tony

    Been having problems for the past few weeks with the signal one min it will let me make calls and send text and the next it wont

  • McLean

    Not had access to any 3G/4G data usage since the 20th May! Located North Ayrshire and Glasgow everyday. Signal itself is very poor, texts are delayed and calls never fully come through, usually a text saying ive missed a call!

  • sheeleee

    No ee connection in Newton Ferrers Devon

  • D2Kvirus

    I’m in CR5, and my phone’s not connected to any network this morning.

  • Andy

    I joined EE and at first for like 6 months i got the best service i could ask for. But now it has to be the worst i could ask for. signal is weak, data is never there and my calmness is about to explode.

  • Fanny

    I am located in Hertfordshire and had no signal for like two days now, why am i actually paying money each month for a service i no longer get. How about I decide my money is not working. If I do not pay them they get all shirty and no doubt demand money, well I am not getting a service and my demands are getting nowhere, so shall i send the frigging bailiffs to their door.

  • Jilly

    I am in Cardiff and got no signal, Is EE like this all the time? I only got my new contract a few days ago and really starting to regret it now.

  • Rebecca Bridgeman

    No mobile network since Monday, in Tenby Pembrokeshire…

  • Ben

    No service in Tenby, Pembrokeshire since Monday. 4 different CS reps have told me different reasons but ALL say there is no remedy in sight!! EE are shockingly bad 🙁

  • Penny

    EE signal is still weak, getting any kind of service in Wales is rather bad even though i was today you can get 4G where i am located, i cannot even get 3G.

  • Darrell

    Tenby Pembrokeshire, no service whatsoever absolute crap every time we have any strong winds or heavy rain we lose the service at least 5 times in the last 3 years. All my Vodaphone friends/relatives have excellent service. The EE website only wants to sell you new products with no e-mail link to report a fault. Whole company is geared to sales not service. I recommend you go elsewhere.

  • Ben

    No signal in hoole chester for 6 days now absolute joke

  • Paul

    Really bad issues with EE at the moment, when i first joined them like a year ago they were great, but signal is so much worse now.

  • Jb1


  • WTH

    I pay for unlimited texts calls & internet. At this point i can only access internet via wifi at my router. I WILL NOT pay for something i have not got or getting. Anyone else notice this happening after a software update. My S4 has not been the same since and 4G Rammed down my throat. When i want it i,ll ask for it!

  • Andrew

    No signal for network in swansea all day

  • Tams

    I am in Broadstairs, Kent and my 4GEE WiFi bos thing I pay £20 a month for is not getting me online, but yet when i got to my parents in Birchington it works fine, guess EE signal in Broadstairs is not working.

  • Allan

    EE signal and data not working for me in Devon, i would very much like my money back and head on over to another provider.

  • Buck

    No EE signal in East Coventry. Keeps dropping out all the time I’m not a happy Customer it’s costing me money to use the landline when it’s Free on my MOBILE.

  • Marge

    No EE signal or data in Angel area London.

  • Crayson

    Got NO SIGNAL in Hammersmith.

  • Victor

    No signal in EN4. All 3 EE phones in my house not working.

  • Mark

    I use the EE wifi 4GEE box thing for when my internet is down, and so far it has never let me down. Shame my EE phone signal wasn’t as good.

  • ⚒ David ⚒


  • Kelly

    Since this morning from 7am i have had no EE service, not a good start to the morning.

  • Sue

    Got no signal or EE Internet in NW6.

  • Scott

    I have not been able to send or receive texts or make or receive calls on my EE mobile @ my Freshwater home over the last 7 days with the exception of a few short periods that reception returned, spoke to member of staff @ EE to be told Freshwater mast is down and head office are aware and hoped it would be resolved very soon,

  • Deric

    No signal, no internet, no data, not calls, might as well be called EnoE.

  • changetogiffgaff

    If your on we change to giffgaff! Its brilltant

  • Hampshire

    no signal since early morning that’s just ridiculous Won’t stay with ee. can’t wait to change this network

  • Jordan

    Keeps saying i have no signal, it is so poor my phone is basically a camera only. I am in Freshwater and not able to send texts or receive them as well as not able to make or receive calls. EE are not really good are they, think i have made the wrong choice.

  • kasia

    Still no signal in BB12 area

  • Lawrence

    Even though i have two bars signal and 3G is showing up i am unable to make calls, send text messages or open my Facebook app.

  • Garrs

    Apps not opening over WiFi or 3G because EE Internet seems to be down.

  • ian

    no signal still in Guildford surrey/useless

  • Michael

    My EE is down in central London! CENTRAL LONDON PEOPLE!!! If you cant get signal there whats the point!

  • Sophie

    EE is up and down like a yo-yo, the only difference is a yo-yo works and EE doesnt, always blooming down. No signal, no data yet again.

  • Gates

    Down in New Zealand.

  • kasia

    Can’ t make and receive phone call all day today BB12 area

  • kasia rozanska

    Not been able to make phone calls all day in BB12

  • Andy

    Not been able to make a call in Bournemouth all day!

  • daryl

    No EE service for nearly 3 days, not funny anymore

  • Harriett

    No service with EE in Swindon.

  • Juliet

    In Aberdeen and getting no coverage at all, in that I mean data coverage.

  • sue haigh


  • Michelle

    Not getting any incoming calls, cannot send text messages or photos etc. This is getting really frustrating now. EE should just help or allow us to leave mid contract.

  • Evan

    I live in Bedfordshire and getting no signal or data. My signal bar is say no service and 3G is not showing, in its place is just and E.

  • Rose

    My EE Internet is down in Wales, called my friend who lives in Hull as they are on EE and she said she has not Internet or calls.

  • Sandra

    I am in reading and got no EE service. Been of for a few days now with call just dropping when they feel like it and not being able to send text messages.

  • Karl

    My Internet is down on my phone, is EE fixing this issue?

  • Bishop

    EE Internet is down in Peterborough, one hour and counting.

  • Norrid

    I have no 4G in Liverpool, which is strange because i did previously.

  • P keys

    No service on and off since yesterday welford, Northamptonshire not happy!!

  • Christo

    Is losing work and many customers a good thing, well let me tell you EE “IT IS NOT.” I am a window cleaner and need my mobile phone for business and my customers. If they cannot contact me because they want me to clean their windows how the hell can i earn a living.

  • Neil

    In Dorset near Christchurch and EE signal is like a bucking bull, you get on but soon get thrown off.

  • Eve

    EE signal down in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

  • Beccie

    So how does this work, EE will blame say Apple for loss of signal, but yet my friends have a Nokia, Sony and Samsung phones and have the same issue with EE. So does this mean all manufactures are wrong?

  • Kappie

    I am in Cambridge today on business and got no EE service at all, which is not good for me.

  • Abdula

    Service is down in Atherstone.

  • Pippa

    In Cambridgeshire and got no EE signal service, data, nothing.

  • Cathy

    EE service in Swindon is not what you really call a service if you do not have any signal.

  • Ashley

    My messages are not working at all this morning.

  • Dion

    My iPhone on EE keeps saying ‘No Service’, I would at least prefer one bar so I can send a text.

  • Helen

    In Nottingham and still got no signal service, this is on day three now. Maybe I should cut my losses pay the out of contract fee and move on.

  • Harrison

    EE is down in Cromford, Derbyshire.

  • Mark

    What is very weird indeed is that I have both my smartphone and 4GEE portable box to get me on the Internet, yet my 4GEE box gives me three bars of signal yet my phone gives me nothing this morning. How does that work when its both 3G/4G and yet one is different to the other.

  • Sonia

    In Cornwall Truro and no signal yet again. This is a joke.

  • Mary

    I need my phone for both work and personal use, so you can just imagine how much i use and need it. But this is getting really silly now not being able to send a text message or make a single blooming phone call.

  • Hazel

    Does EE actually stand for Errors Everywhere, have you got any other good EE names?

  • Dave

    Torquay TQ1 is having signal issues, this is the first time i have ever had problems with EE.

  • Bird

    No EE signal for the third day now, hurry up contract and end because I need to move on.

  • Rick

    All I want to do is make a simple phone call, and it seems EE doesn’t want me to because of lack of signal.

  • Lee

    I decided to by a new HTC One smartphoen from EE with a new contract giving me unlimited minutes and texts and since i got it all up and running i have had very little signal, not a good start to my two year contract.

  • Peterson

    I am in Derby and no EE signal, but hey whats new!

  • Janet

    I am near Epping Forest and I have not had any EE mobile service for over 26 hours now.

  • Katy

    4G network with EE has been down a few days now, i am using 3G only. To be fair 3G is still rather good i just hope im not paying for a service i am not getting. Whatever way you look at it, EE will not reduce the bill if you only want 3G anyway so no point monaing, either stay or leave its that simple.

  • Bennett

    No EE signal in SW9 London.

  • Ashe

    No EE data or signal, rather pointless service if you cannot use it.

  • Melissa

    Had no Internet for 2 days now, EE needs a server update or something.

  • Higgins

    No messages and no calls, surely it is about time we made a stand as we are not getting the service we are paying for.

  • Hannah

    4G coverage is down for me in Manchester, only getting 3G and I know I am in a 4G area.

  • Paignton

    If you have a problem with EE Broadband it is best to contact the official support team, probs best visiting its official Twitter page @EE.

  • Julie

    I’m sending text the same as Alexie on EE . Sent on Saturday afternoon . Been waiting for reply got it at 5am this Monday morning a bit to late . Good alarm . Lol . Turning phone of tonight to early to get up again.

  • Alexie

    I am sending texts from my phone on EE but yet not getting any replies back. I have called my friends ranting and raving down the phone calling them ignorant only to find they have not been getting my messages even though i have sent them. Sorry friends opps.

  • Derick

    Not receiving any text messages.

  • Terri

    EE mobile coverage is very poor in Cardiff, and even when I visited Birmingham over the weekend I could not get great signal.

  • Carole

    Ask EE if they are having an Internet connection issue in London, but apparently EE do not have access to this information. But you can look at a status page.

  • Kathleen

    4G disappeared and then like ten mins later so did 3G.

  • Hodges

    Not get any text messages, cannot even make calls either in Newcastle.

  • Mark

    Actually there is an easier way Beatie: Just go into settings on your iPhone and then Cellular, just turn Data Roaming on for like 5 seconds until 3G pops up and then turn Data Roaming off as soon as 3G icon shows. This is what to do when getting no data, it basically forces the system to give you mobile network.

  • Beatie

    Has anyone got problems with EE, I phone customer services and they sorted out my issue i was having with the network on my iPhone. They told me how change to 3G, when no servive put into flight mode for 10 mins then turn flight mode off then restart the phone.

  • John

    EE is down in London today, April 24, evening.

  • Dan

    cant send text messages with EE on an iPhone 5S, no service for an hour.

  • Tony

    Loads of problems with ee for an hour now, no signal at all.

  • Stubbs

    I am in Darlington and trying to send text messages is not going to happen is it, no blooming signal yet again.

  • Dave

    I am in Torquay, Devon and getting no signal or data.

  • Usain

    In Plymouth and no EE signal.

  • Simon

    In Guildford Surrey and not mobile Internet. Please EE sort this as I want to stay with you not leave after contracts ended.

  • Ashley

    I cannot make any calls in Kingston upon Hull, I called my friend fon landline who also has an EE contract in Nottingham and he is having issues as well, so it cannot be location related.

  • Roxanne

    I have no EE broadband, for two nights now this has been bad in Nottingham. Even my 4G on my phone is on and off all the time even when i am in a 4G area.

  • Matice

    When i send a text from my iPhone to another iPhone they send ok, but if I sent to any other brand of phone they do not go.

  • Katrina

    No outgoing calls yet again, seems like this service is getting worse each day.

  • Kane

    My signal is also down in Stoke on Trent Hanson, so you are not on your own mate.

  • Hanson

    Stoke on Trent EE signal is dire, paying all this money per month for what, weak signal.

  • Parry

    Seems like there are EE customers are having problems in Norfolk with signal.

  • Kane

    Can’t send texts, I can receive them but cannot send. Stupid EE.

  • Arthur

    making or receiving calls with EE is like the norm now. Come on EE sort it out or I am gone. Not even able to access the net on my phone.

  • Jean

    In Dorset and not getting EE signal, is there major changes going on we do not know about because this has been going on now for a fair few days.

  • Rob

    Nottingham EE customers seem to be having phone signal issues today, well at least that includes me and two of my friends.

  • Kelly

    I’m in Broadstairs, also have no ee signal so you’re not alone with problems today. April 17.

  • Billy

    very low signal in ramsgate, kent. Cant make calls or send text messages.

  • James

    Really mad, I reside in London and not getting any signal, day three and time to change contracts when it ends. Never can you get out of a contract, but yet they can not get us a service we pay for, where the logic.

  • Sybil

    Paying around £40 per month for EE service and for two days I have had nothing. So EE owes me £2.66p thats like a coffee.

  • Zara

    Text messages not sending and no EE Internet this morning.

  • Rena

    I have no internet or signal in leeds. Come on EE sort it out.

  • Jase

    I got no EE signal and unable to top up at the moment, what the hell is going on here?

  • Malc

    Not getting any Internet or texting service with EE, rather annoying to say the least.

  • Ray

    Not able to send any text messages. Has EE got an outage issue or something?

  • Harry

    Mobile internet service with EE is limited in Bath.

  • Timmy

    In Scarborough and no EE signal, which means I am not getting any calls or text messages.

  • Ian

    Gloucester – no signal at all today at home in the suburbs or in town centre.

  • Kirk

    The largest UK network with apparently the best 4G service and I cannot get 3G in a 4G area, makes sense that right. Useless, just one one word USELESS.

  • Melsie

    How about – Evidently Exasperating.

  • Cazz

    What does EE actually stand for? forget the real reason make up your own seeing as the service is down for me yet again, no signal, no calls, no texts, no internet no nothing.

  • Grayson

    We should all sign some sort of petition to get outr money back or some sort of compensation for poor lack of service.

  • Latoya

    County Durham no service, cannot use phone for calls or texting.

  • Edwin

    Yesterday I had no EE signal at all, but this morning i woke up is sunny Bristol and have full signall, wahey at last.

  • Lana

    I am in Llangollen, North Wales and got nothing. signal is just pathetic.

  • Hugh

    I have no network in Stafford, so annoying you wouldn’t believe.

  • Del

    I am in South Wales and do not have any Internet through EE.

  • Daisy

    All i get is one bar no signal, one bar no signal, keeps changing all day long. Signal is so weak i can hardly hear the person on the other end of the phone because it keeps breaking up. EE is totaly useless. Im going back to O2.

  • Emry

    Brighton got no EE signal, network is just dire.

  • Kim

    My calls keep failing, I am in Southampton. Whats is happening to EE, they used to be good once.

  • Stu

    Got full EE signal as well as 3G but yet still cannot use my phone to call out or send text messages.

  • Rochelle

    I am in Sheerness and getting no service. Why should I pay at the end of thins month for my service, its pre daylight robbery.

  • Terrie

    South East London and got no service at all.

  • Claire

    In Cambridgeshire and got no phone signal, I am on call and mobile basically just a brick.

  • craig

    No EE signal at all in the New Forest, this is silly now.

  • Andrew

    My internet has been up and down for weeks now, more down than up. I am really seriously thinking of changing over now.

  • Larry

    I have no signal, all i get is searching at the top of my phone, i am in london. Bye EE when contract ends.

  • Irene

    Newcastle signal is down again.

  • Becky

    In Glasgow and now I am on to my third day without nothing EE, come now this is silly.

  • Del

    No signal or 3G in Liverpool.

  • Pauline

    EE should have never taken over Orange, since they have done so this is when the problems happened, they have more customers and I do not think they can handle the amount of usage.

  • Debby

    I cannot make any calls or recieve and send text messages. EE really needs to sort something out. Whats the point of having data and paying for a service when i cannot evn use any of it.

  • Sybil

    Text messages are not being sent to me in Wakefield area, even though i know friends are sending me texts.

  • Marianne

    I have huge problems in Rochdale at the mo, when i ring customer services all i get is a stupid automated service that keeps getting disconnected.

  • Amanda

    Life is pretty silent at the moment seeing as NO ONE can call me. No EE for me in Cornwall.

  • Chad

    Is it still Friday the 13th or something because i still have no EE signal.

  • Tara

    Signal is totally unacceptable. EE is a tidal wave of problems.

  • Wayne

    I have a mobile booster and yet still no EE signal. Great service, NOT.

  • DJM


  • Jes

    I got no signal in london again, tell a lie i have signal but 1 bar.

  • Tommi

    Is anyone having issues with EE in Glasgow?

  • Karri

    Signal is low, internet is crap EE stands for im outta here.

  • Shaz

    Oh my god that was brilliant, i haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

  • Molly

    EE soorry we have had a lovely two years together, but it is this year in 2015 you decided to change. What is it that i have dine for you to change if we are to work together or not. You decide to leave me without any signal, even our network love ended. I have decide to leave you for another provider, O2 I am on my way to you baby, i have dumped EE. I cannot even get out of a contract even though I have kept up to my end of the deal and never been late with my payments, but yet their end is crap, they do not over the service like they say they do. Anyways they can have my settlement figure just to get rid.

  • Paul

    I have no signal in hastings.

  • Lennie

    Looks like EE has woken up and sorted out a few issues, both yesterday and today its all been superb.

  • Markie

    My signal is strong in London at the moment, and network service is superb.

  • Lee

    I cannot get any network in Margate at the moment.

  • Carlton

    No signal in Canterbury

  • Urika

    Got no network or signal in Manchester at the moment. This is super crazy.

  • Ericca

    I got no signal in Birmingham.

  • Nobby

    SMS is clearly having issues at the moment, how can we not get out of a contract with a company that is not supplying us a service, surely they are breaching the contract by false advertising.

  • Justine

    I haven’t had any text messages since yesterday, my friends
    and work colleagues called my phone to ask why I haven’t been replying back to

  • Martin

    Im in wales and having no probs. must be just one of those things. Hope your signal comes back Lannia.

  • Lannia

    No signal in Wales today, why?

  • Trevlyn

    No mobile coverage in RG7 area, how come when I look on Twitter EE is not keeping us updated.

  • Eve

    How can I not have a priblem EE if I have no Internet, on and of for over 30 hours now and counting. And EE say’s there are no problems.

  • Tommy

    I have just about had enough of EE, I was one of their biggest fans last year, but so far 2015 has not been in their favour. No 4G or network. #TimeToLeaveEE

  • Joseph

    Still no Internet and now 4G is not working in London.

  • Leah

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and do not have any signal, network no 3G on LTE band. Is this because I am in Finsbury Park area in London. Sometimes i get full signal but no data, its madness.

  • Olly

    Yet again service is unavailable and cannot send texts, it is actually turing out that mobile devices are no longer mobile because whats the point of having it when it never gets signal or network.

  • Jonathan

    Network and signal with EE is on and off at the moment in Wiltshire, mind of its home today. Maybe the office staff are bored and switching something on and off for fun or something.

  • Thomas

    I do not have any signal or network, I am in Glasgow. My friends who live in Cumbernauld have told me they do not have any network or signal either. Surely a EE down problem in Scotland then ah.

  • Hayleigh

    I have no network in Birmingham

  • Marriott

    I live in Wales and getting no signal at all with EE, and before anyone says “Well its Wales thats why there is no signal”, that is rubbish, my husbands vodafone works, my friends O2 works but a few of my friends who have EE have had problems. Granted its not all the time, but this week alone its been down for about 10 hours.

  • Kerin

    I hope EE lower my bill next month, most of February has been a nightmare for network signal. If you cannot provide a service that runs 24/7 365 days of the year then why should i pay 24/7 365 days of the year.

  • Marionette

    I have had no signal for about 5 hours now, I am in Lincolnshire, is anyone else having issues in this area?

  • Jacky

    EE is down in Bristol – Near Hotwells like not far from the basin end.

  • stann

    EE network down in Norwich, why do I cintinue to punish myself with EE? Oh yeah, because they will not allow me to leave mid way through a contract.

  • Doug

    Congleton, Cheshire – I am not getting any signal here.

  • Brenda

    In South West London it seems home broadband buffering is the norm. This is not good and definately not lever from EE. Sort it out please and give me good clean fast internet or im gone.

  • Betty

    I do not like BT, but EE internet is really slow at the moment even though my speeds are supposed to be very high. If I was to choose another provider ISP who would you recommend?

  • Suzzane

    Hi Milan, I am also in Doncaster and my service as been unavailable then on then unavailable and then on for a while now something like 3 weeks and counting. Service has a mind of its intermittent own. This has got to be the most frustrating service i have ever used, THREE UK is actually better and THRRE aint really that good here in DN.

  • Milan

    No serive with EE in Doncaster.

  • Macy

    I cannot get any EE signal and when i do get it for a brief moment cannot send any text messages. I am in Gloucester.

  • Gerrad

    I have had not Internet at home for 2 days now in north west london.

  • Guy

    No Internet in Devon, hopefully it is just glitch.

  • Fran

    I live in Cornwall and getting no signal, never had issues before so not really going to start screaming just yet. But I am close.

  • Laura

    I am having no issues with my service at all, so far EE has been the best for me. Maybe that is me begin lucky.

  • Jag

    My calls keep getting diverted, i can make calls but for some reason cannot receive them.

  • Darren

    No signal in South Yorkshire, not happy at all man.

  • Stu

    Yesterday i was in Ipswich and today I am in Cardiff and so far both times i have had not newtork. If anyone else has issues in both these areas please let me know.

  • Dave

    My coverage is fine in wales today. However, i am in London today and i have very weak signal.

  • Rich

    I am in Ashton and at this given time not receiving any EE data, is anyone else having problems in this area?

  • Benn

    No network, no emails no patience. Yet again i cannot sign into my emails, and trying to get any sense out of EE is crazy long. Not happy goodbye.

  • Alison

    `I am not getting any network coverage in Wales, time to call it a day soon if i can get out of my contract.

  • Harriot

    EE is down in Liverpool no signal yet again.

  • Mike

    I cant get signal in London on Feb 16.

  • Matt

    Hey Lewis! I am wondering if it is all of Kent, because my friends said they got no signal in Hearne Bay, and my signal is very weak at the moment in Ramsgate.

  • Lewis

    No signal is Sevonoaks, Kent

  • Mick

    For some reason I cannot access any emails on my EE phone, can anyone let me know why this is please?

  • Ellie

    Cardiff and no signal, yet again.

  • Jake

    No EE signal in maidstone right now.

  • Ray

    I live in south london and no signal at all, i am near stockwell area, is anyone else having EE signal issues?

  • Linda

    My phone is not working again, ok let me rephrase that. My phone is working but the network is not, a mobile phone that cannot make calls how pathetic.

  • Gena

    I cannot send any texts.

  • Parry

    No 3G or 4G for me in London, recieving calls only works when it feels like it, but that is not often. pile of poo is what EE is, do not even let me get started in the interent.

  • Sue

    EE for me is just perfect, I am in Bristol and all working well for me.

  • Jon

    My EE network is down today in kent, is this happening to anyone else.

  • Emma

    Is it me or is it just bad the way we cannot get EE network, ee customers are not really getting treated well are they. Nothing has been posted about the network outage yesterday. Goodbye EE because i got a better deal at Tescos.

  • Keith

    EE for me in manchester is a nightmare, I am paying for 4G network and all i get is NO network connection. This is madness to be paying money for a service i cannot get. Roll on to the day my contract ends.

  • Simon

    Is anyone having EE problems today, please do share what area you are in so we can establish some kind of mapping system of where the main areas are.

  • Pat

    I have had bad signal and network loss on and off for two weeks now, more on than off but that’s beside the point. What is the point is what serivce provider should i use next because EE is about to be exterminated.

  • Craig

    I have friends in both Leicester and South Somerset and both of them are having issues with their network coverage, they both said it must be that side of the country. But I beg to differ because London EE customers are suffering rather bad at the moment.

  • Doug

    Seems like living in West London is a no no, so far my service has been down for 3 days and counting. Rather pathetic really because I need my mobile phone for personal and business use. EE! Your network coverage is pants.

  • Jade

    I cannot get any signal in Cornwall, my EE service has been down since 9 PM last night. Come on EE please sort it out or lose a customer, your choice.

  • Paula

    Hey Julia, it is not just you honey. I haven’t had any signal for about two hours today in Bacton Suffolk, so there is clearly a problem in this area.

  • Brian

    Cannot believe I am having more problems with EE, I have had no signal since 9:30 this morning in Tenby Pembrokeshire

  • Julia

    I have been having issues getting any signal on my phone in Suffolk, is this just me or is this a problem everyone is having in this area?