EE no signal and problems

EE is a service provider of home broadband and mobile phones, which allows you to stay in contact on the move, at home or in the office. But Everything Everywhere does have signal and service problems now and then, which could be to do with the Internet, tablets or mobile phones.

Many complaints come in surrounding no EE signal on mobile devices, network outages are something you cannot control and this is solely down to the providers and not yourself unlike signal.

Signal problems can be down EE or simply because you are in an area with poor signal. You can get all the official EE contact details on this page, if you have any signal or outage problems please do share them below with your current location.

EE status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if EE is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EE? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Bobby

    I have no service at all in Brighton.

  • Joyce

    I live in Clacton and the internet is as bad as ever, I will not even get started on my phone signal itself. When I first got my phone on EE everything was great o I decided to get internet as well and now both signal and net are rubbish.

  • Tan

    I live in Hemel Hempstead and EE is just poor at the moment. 4G and Wifi at home have been down and when it is up its like for 5 minutes tops.

  • Alice

    EE network is down so I called them from my landline to see what’s going on and they checked the signal checker and my area seems to be fine but yet I have no signal bars and all. Have to admit though, customer services were very good in trying to help me.

  • Jennifer Morrison

    Still have on 1 or 2 bars mobile reception in my house in Glasgow. Very frustrating

  • Jackie Macpherson

    Hi any update when ee signal will be back up

  • Ross

    For like 2 weeks now i have had issue after issue with EE broadband, the network signal is just bad very BAD… We ALL pay a lot of money a month for internet and phone contracts yet they take their time fixing issues… Employ more staff simples…

  • Mark

    I am very happy this morning here in Bristol, I have just changed my EE to an O2 contract for 2 years with a new iPhone 8 and tariff. The reason for doing so is simple – EE signal is terrible for me, broadband was even worse.

  • MissDeanniemite

    Since BT purchased EE, the signal has been virtually zero. I am in East Grinstead.
    Always a good signal until BT.

    BT has a habit of buying out mobile operators; it detests competition and so buys them like toys and eventually gets bored and then buys another operator.

    I have had no phone signal for weeks and my internet connection is rubbish. It used to be ace prior to BT.

  • Robert

    EE broadband is bad, I cannot even get 4G on my 4GEE box I pay £18 a month for.

  • Shelagh Powell

    I and others have had no signal in Hastings for days; my partner is in hospital and we cannot contact each other. What’s happening?

  • Jeremy

    Not letting me login to my EE account, I want to see my bills to see what I have been paying and how much more i am now paying.

  • Gray

    EE signal is not working at all in my office or house, event the website will not let me login to my account. I have to go outside into the open so out of the buildings to get signal.

  • Kit

    No phone signal in Crystal Palace.

  • Brian

    I live is Derby and have no EE internet.

  • Sandra

    Bad reception
    Or no service
    Says call failing all the time

  • Dennis O’Gara


  • Diane

    Shropshire is where I reside and had no data or signal with EE for like 3 days now. I think its about time i made a change to someone who actually cares.

  • Alex

    In Wokingham the EE network is still down. Coverage is very bad at the moment.

  • Alec

    Becoming a bad habit for EE network, NO Internet in Croydon.

  • Pete

    No network in East Grinstead, ee sucks.

  • Ellie

    I am in Doncaster and have full bars showing on 4G, i cannot even open my emails.

  • Katie

    I have 4G signal yet I do not have any internet. I cannot access anything online from my mobile phone.

  • paul yllek

    Corsham, areas of Chippenham and Trowbridge all effected

  • paul yllek

    No mobile signal since Good friday. Now almost a week and still no signal and no update on when will be repaired on the website. Not a happy easter bunny.

  • Ethan

    EE Broadband is down and even when i try to use my 4GEE portable WiFi box to get internet it still doesn’t work because i have no 3g or 4g showing up on it.

  • Dawn

    I am located in Canterbury and do not have any 4G or signal since like 2 days ago. Before this time it was all running fine. Stupid how I can only use the phone online by using WiFi only.

  • Jason

    I have tried so many times now to try and activate my SIM and still having issues. This si a brand new card from the EE store.

  • Martin Witheridge

    EE had the best coverage in the area where I live until a 5 or 6 weeks ago my family have 2 tablets 2 iPhone 6’s and 2 Samsung neo 5s spending over 200 a month we now have very very poor signal or no signal. Every time I phone them they say but you’ve used your phone yes people phone us then we have to phone back on our land line. The service is absolutely crap at best .Customer service is awful bordering on to dam right rude. I phone for help not a telling off. I wouldn’t recommend EE to my worst enemy.

  • Dean Bean

    E E 4g not working in S13 in Sheffield, having trouble on iPad and iphone

  • Paul

    No signal for 3 days now in Crowborough. Phoned two days running and only get excuses and pointless suggestions because it ‘might’ be my phone or software or the tower or aliens!

  • Patricia

    Had no signal for 17 days now in Stocksbridge S36. I’m on virgin mobile, but they use EE network. Have phoned 4 times and get no help or information from them. 4th call they didn’t even know there was a problem!

  • PaulTaylor77

    No or occasional signal for 16 days in S36. EE has said expect full signal in 16 hours. Today is 16 days since the message was put on the EE coverage checker site.

  • David V

    No Signal in Congleton, Cheshire. Maintenance work is reported in the area

  • Shiv

    I have great signal but no data and i have a gig left. What the hell is going on?

  • emily

    have had no phone signal at all since last thursday. not good as i have young children and an injured partner at home. yo17 area

  • Jackie Parkinson

    problems everyday since I moved I’m in bucks , today server down no emails, phone calls are awful sounds like under water, sick of this network .

  • george

    no signal in northeast down for hours

  • Nick

    This service sucks, all I am ever doing is trying to find wifi signal somewhere because 3G and 4G never works.

  • llandaff

    No signal at all in Redcliffe Bay North Somerset

  • Zoe

    Cant recieve any text .. been like this for hours ……

  • Lovely

    charging bills without service -NO EE signals at all lost connectivity since last month

  • Clive

    MY EE data usage is not that much really but yet i am running out like 5 days before it renews, whats the give man?

  • Nancy

    When I check the EE coverage checker online it says i am in a 4G area but cannot even get 3G.

  • Shaun

    EE broadband keeps dropping out in Nottingham speeds are half what I normally get been like this for 10 days …reported nothing done to correct problem

  • Damien

    Can someone tell me if ee is down and are they trying to sort out the issues

  • Damien

    Come on ee sort it out ive had no network for a few hours now

  • jon

    Broadband down Bridlington East Yorkshire 26/11

  • Trish Owen

    New contract with EE yesterday – swapped from Voda.. today no service HP4

  • Barbara Langley

    I have iPhone 6+ PAYG I have no EE connection this week in N Wales. I normally have excellent 4G coverage

  • M robinson

    Wi fi been down in glasgow since 11/11/16.still down.have switched box off and on again several times..still nothing??

  • Difar

    Landline down on Friday 11th November in Upwell, Norfolk, following work carried out in the vicinity by Openreach. Rudimentary broadband only. Very little mobile signal as my EE signal booster keeps dropping out.

  • Alison

    No signal in North Ayrshire for the past 24 hours

  • Kemal

    no signal since morning in Mortimer.

  • tasha

    No signal in Ebbw Vale for me

  • Melissa

    Since yesterday 8/11/16 and still this morning my phone keeps losing signal for hours on end. Droitwich /Worcestershire area

  • beau patrol

    no service in Deal, Kent

  • Darren Wade

    Out in Bradford, mobile service working but land-broadband has been rubbish for days.

  • Andy Feenix

    Down in West Sussex

  • inkmeup1980

    EE signal down in The Wirral for 4 days now as is my WIFI. Had problems with WIFI for over 2 years. Worst company in the history of man. If any1 is thinking of going to ee DON’T. Go with Vodaphone and Virgin for your WIFI.

  • Michele Samek

    ware no EE at all as usual worst provider ever spend more on your service instead of Britney !!!!!!

  • Kathleen Snelgrove

    Hythe Southampton ee Wi-Fi poor no tv and only 35% Wi-Fi anybody with same problem?

  • Cat lady

    Intermittent signal in Ribchester near Preston. Won’t connect to voicemail or make out going calls. Son with O2; his phone working fine!

  • Chris

    Down in Kent

  • scruffy kid

    Sorry, forgot to mention, I’m in Aberdeenshire.

  • scruffy kid

    Both my wife as myself were on Orange with excellent full bars signals, the wife decided to buy herself a new Samsung J3 mobile on Saturday with an EE Sim included, her signal on EE is rubbish, a maximum of two bars and sometimes no signal at all, while at the same time, I’m sitting 2 feet from her in our home still getting a full bars signal from Orange. She says she’s glad she’s on payg and has still two options, either change her network provider or go into the drawer and use to her old mobile again. She’s really annoyed she paid £120.00 only to be let down by EEs poor service.

  • Christopher Heppenstall

    Poor signal in East Hull today and yesterday. Very annoying.

  • Jay

    No signal in Swindon at all today

  • MarkW

    Signal on and off all day in Lowton, Warrington and been happening far to often lately

  • Les Rowe

    No signal for nearly a week in South Cave, Brough, East Yorkshire. I am sure they will still anticipate me paying all my bill though.

  • Rhiannon Eyres

    No signal all day in Helston, Cornwall

  • Jenna

    I find EE downright crap. Been with them two weeks. Moved from Tesco mobile because they were Crap too (no where near as bad as EE though!!! ) as they claim to have the best network. Pffffft. I never have good signal. It constantly says no service. Or one bar. No service. I’ve changed the handset and it still does it. Absolutely rubbish.

  • gemma

    no signal in birmingham had no service all day

  • Rachael

    Not receiving calls or texts, anyone else having this problem or have information on when it maybe aortes

  • Victoria Turner

    No 4g network from corsham ,Wiltshire

  • Chrisd

    Cant make any calls unless i turn on wifi calling??

  • Emma With

    I am having signal problems and data issues this morning. I cant even connect to wifi

  • jeni

    EE seems to be down in west Kilbride just now – anyone else got issues?

  • PB

    EE mast in Cottingham down since Friday. Spoke to EE they say it may take up to a week to fix. If you look on their website they deny they have any problems in East Yorkshire. Are they covering up how bad they are?

  • Ronjo

    Ee broadband wank last 24 hours keeps dropping, Uttoxeter

  • Colin

    And the connection on my iPhone O2 iPhone is amazing here
    So come on EE – what is wrong ?????

  • Colin

    Just joined EE from O 2 and cannot get a connection on my new iPad air 4G from Newbury to Salisbury area
    It is crap
    Going back to O2 ASAP !!!!!

  • Lance windsor

    I have been with three network now for past 2 years on contract,i get unlimited calls texts & data & 3 & 4g signal,i never have to ring them about anything,never have any problems what so ever with them,so i will def stick with them,very excellent service indeed

  • Omnipitus

    14.09.2016…Im in east kilbride outside glasgow bewn down nearly 2 days no calls or texts or data.

  • Sarah

    No Internet signal for 2 days now unless on wi fi. I am not paying for a monthly phone bill when I cannot get my Internet worth. Are EE aware of this issue?

  • Thomas Oliver Ham

    have you tried WIFI calling it dose calling and text to

  • John Miller

    EE down in Blackburn area since Friday ! WTF is wrong with EE ? also lying to customers, I for one will be switching providers !! that is the only way to make them listen

  • lukejohnson

    Day 7 of NO SERVICE WITH EE… and I even stood under the local mast today.. still had no data or 3g… lol

  • lukejohnson

    Yes they fed me that story too.. I needed a refresh of my settings on my phone and it would take 24hrs to complete then monitor for a further 24hrs. I told them my best friend is a mast engineer and if they didn’t admit there was a fault I was going to photo his lap top diagnostic of the masts and put it on social media sites. That got me a 20pound refund lol.. they asked how I was able to make a call if I had no service. I told them I’d deactivated 3g n let on my settings and set it to 2g and that was only way I could get one bar and a voice call. I’ve had no data or calls for over 5 days… 🙁

  • H19

    I am so tired of EE slowing down broadband and now it keeps turning on and off so many times it may as well be down. Every time I contact customer service I get fed bull. Now I’ve been told I must wait 48 hours as it will take that long to sort out my problems. Seemingly some update has not been done to my line. Is this more bull? Smells like it. Since EE took over Orange I have had a crap connection and customer service feeds me so much bull I could feed the whole of the U.K. Crops for a decade. As a disabled person I rely on broadband. Without it I am cut off and isolated. Shame on them. I think I have been really patient with EE. If they don’t fix my problems this time, I am leaving and want an explanation for the lousy service. I’m paying for no service and have been for years. Come on EE get your act together

  • lukejohnson

    Day 6 of NO service… and no data. . In S63 of South Yorkshire

  • lukejohnson

    Now 5 days with no network or data.. one mast would not cause a nationwide fault. Who they think we are lemmings… lol still no mention on social media of EE admiring fault. . Just another reason to leave

  • lukejohnson

    Ee network been intermittent for about a month though now had no signal for 4 days. Been utter rubbish for a while on S63 area for a while they have been turning antennas off overnight I think for maintenance. .go into your phone setting and check network status if it shows disconnected it means the antenna or network is down.

  • Jane Massey

    Been rubbish EE internet h+ wales ll197eu for a week now, they say a mast is down when i phoned them, and don’t know when it will be fixed? Fed up paying for summat cant use not happy affecting all the family.

  • phil_liverpool

    No Mobile internet, fuming!

  • John

    Intermittent signal at best, 1 or 2 bars, wont call or receive calls, Fellow West Drayton sufferer, been going on for the past week now, what’s happening EE



  • Leo

    No 3G in Horsforth, Cookridge and Leeds City Centre

  • Stuart Harris

    Yep my wife is in Elm in Cambridgeshire and down there too

  • Karen

    Is the EE Network down as I have two phones one for work and personnal and both have no service at all cannot call or SMS

  • Mazc

    No mobile data in Leeds

  • Kay

    No 3G in South yorkshire area

  • Kar

    No signal in Sion mills for past few days. Any idea of problem

  • Ori

    coleshill area no 3G

  • Emma

    West Drayton signal completely dropped in the last week. Not even enough signal to send an SMS. Any issues which are going to be sorted??

  • Baron Shagnasty

    No signal since last Friday, Monks Eleigh in Suffolk. No sign of any engineers! Not at all impressed.

  • Dawn Kelly

    No EE phone signal at all today in Bovey Tracey. Not impressed.

  • paul batten

    ee no signal Finedon nn5 been like it for over 2 months have to drive to 3 miles to wellingborough to get signal

  • Fiona

    EE still not working 5 days in know a joke cant call use my phone at all .I dont have a house phone this isnt good enough west drayton

  • Nigel

    No signal again today Saturday.Been like this all week.
    Staplehurst area Kent.

  • Alex Jeyes

    EE down in Oxford right now

  • Rachel H

    No signal for 2 days NE UK

  • Caroline Guijarro

    I have had no signal for last two days. Sg14 3nd

  • Mungo Mini

    No service or very limited in south Aberdeenshire since Friday. How am I supposed to run my business … Muppets!!

  • Steve

    Is anyone having network problems today, in Manchester
    I am again

  • isa

    signal only appeared in major town of Carcassonne this afternoon, once outside no signal again..please fix it..this is not goo enough

  • Girlongirl Toys

    Yay…back on in Tenerife in Spain! thank you!!

  • Krzysztof

    No network i Poland on my two numbers Once in poznan second in lodz !!! Thats my buisness number f…k !

  • Girlongirl Toys

    Hi. No network in Tenerife, Spain since Sunday.

  • Robert Armstrong

    No signal on both phones since yesterday evening in Ostroda Poland. Had so many problems with home wifi in uk too! When you call you get put through to India!! Says it all.. Cut costs and crap service.

  • Cathryn

    Here in Florida USA had no 4G for 24 hours despite trying all ways to fix up. Have purchased ANOTHER roaming bundle for 3 phones (all family) and still “No Service”. This is a nightmare as we are visiting parks and need to keep in touch! When will this be resolved please?

  • isa

    no signal in France, did not realize it was this bad until I checked here, appalling business practice..

  • Oleg

    No signal in Greece. No apology, no text with explanation, just great service. Will change provider on return.

  • Alice Herrington

    Hi I have no signal in Pineda De Mar, Spain. It has been working for the past 4 days but for the last 5 hours it has stopped. Please let me know how I can solve this, I have tried resetting the phone and switching off the data etc.

  • Will

    I have the same problem in Jersey. It has been working fine all day and then just stopped this afternoon.

  • Herschell Bennett

    I have no signal in Rue Mignot, Guernsey, for the past hour. I am waiting patiently but can’t see any changes. I have tried all the usuals: airplane mode on/off, switch iphone 6+ on/off, for nothiing to happen. They are charging me the earth to use data packages here so the least they can do is give me calls.

  • Kath Thompson

    Had no signal in Silloth Cumbria since Monday. Was working fine everywhere till then. Now I have to travel miles for a signal.
    How can they keep fobbing people off when they’re in with BT surely any signal problems wouldn’t exist anymore?
    Terrible service and terrible customer service.

  • Sue Freestone

    The signal keeps disappearing even though we are 100 yards from the mast. Has been doing it for days. TA24 7BD

  • Mark Carter

    No signal 3 days now barnard castle county durham

  • Adam James

    Been without signal for a while taken SIM out and turned phone off and still nothing the network is a joke

  • Melissa Ryan

    No service for about 2 hours. Calls keep saying call failed and no one can ring me

  • Julierose Nichols

    Brighton BN21JF
    Broadband coming and going used to have good speed. Broadband currently unusable to stream digital subscriptions.

  • Andrew

    “EE” SE9 broadband is very slow and no constant speed as jumping from 12mb/s to 1.2mb/s and download anything takes ages but used to hsve strong 14mb/s speed. What’s going on???

  • lesley dring

    I live in Salisbury area and there has not been any coverage since Thursday morning. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Farah Lewis

    No service and no 4G – been down since last night. Muchalls, Stonehaven.

  • Charley Strevens

    Signal is showing but unable to use apart from random moments of signal for 2 seconds!! CT5

  • Ana-Maria Moore

    LE4 – No Service and No 4g

  • Hester Stolly Cox

    No service at BD24, there wasn’t any for most of the day yesterday either

  • Barrie Clapp

    IP20 No service (apparently engineer booked to sort out mast !!!)

  • Nichola Kirk

    No service in Gateshead area yet AGAIN this has been going on for weeks DISGRACE!!

  • Emilytalx

    DH9 area has shocking service. I have been going a full day with no service so im waiting till I have wifi everywhere I go? This should not be happening! Very disappointed

  • Evgeniy

    Very week and unstable signal at YO23 1DX, at least since Sunday morning and up to now (Monday night). The internet breaks down all the time, in short periods when I make it work after multiple tries the speed is very slow. Whatever I try, indoor I have 3G with 1 point (out of 5), very rarely going to 2 points for a minute (than a break again). Outdoors I managed to get 4G 2 points (out of 5), however all this staying in front of my house under the clear sky.

    All this is very different with EE mobile internet checker promising “Good indoor coverage, outstanding outdoor coverage”. I would not call even “good” the best outdoor coverage I managed to get after many experiments, the best I can get is rather “more or less ok”. And all this outdoor, the indoor signal is simply terrible (and I live not in bunker, this is a normal house).

    Actually a few weeks ago the signal was ok. I do not understand what has happened.

  • dave

    no signal at all in Wetherby West Yorkshire

  • John

    Problem all day in getting a signal in stoud,Gloucestershire

  • Marie

    Have had problems for over a week now, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

  • Angela Hanson

    still not right must be 2 weeks now ….when will ee comment?

  • Angela Hanson

    we are still having problems in East Manchester…. whats happening????

  • melem

    No 3g or phone in Helston, Cornwall since 11.30 22/6…again….

  • Steve Burras

    No 3g what so ever at yo17 6ux completely no 3g or g

  • mavitova

    no signal for 3 hours here in nottingham

  • Phil

    No network service for at least 7 hours from EE. Online chat was useless – in denial as usual. DE56 area (Derbyshire)

  • Victor

    No EE signal, which means i am now using my wifi to make calls and texts via iMessage and Facetime. So only getting half a service for full price, what a bargain NOTTTTTTTTT.

  • Nicola

    No Internet or phone service, this really needs to get sorted out now EE. Its pathetic how much I pay you per month to get hardly anything back in return.

  • Beverley Riley

    No mobile signal at home for 2 weeks. 3 mobiles on EE. None work. All fine before then.

  • R P

    No Signal at LL54 since 10am

  • Lilly

    Edmonton – London, N18 Post Code, practically no signal in a 4G mobile phone, sometimes my Internet stopped… ridiculous!!

  • mary Braniff

    No signal all day is anyone else having the same problem

  • Nathalie Saywell

    Fibre broadband down from 38mb to 2mb 🙁

  • Peter

    YO51 post code, had no service all day but coverage checker states no current issues. How does that work??

  • Fiona

    no service (mobile phone) since 18th May, prior to this have had 3 years of very good signal in my home. There is a problem with the mast that provides my signal and they have been working on this now 13 days with no estimate. I also understand that when you send an email to the mast address (see website for contact of Mobile phone masts) they are supposed to reply within 10 days otherwise you can report to OFCOM/OFGEN? Will be following this up I think this is poor service

  • Denise Raw

    No service for 2 days in guisborough Cleveland

  • Hannah

    Also got 3G but cannot connect to the internet, emails, facetime etc. Been having this issue all morning!
    Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

  • Aaron

    Got 3g signal but not connecting to internet cant txt FaceTime play online gaming, its ridiculous

  • Diana Ortilos

    no EE network in Albury – Surrey!!! we are in two with the same problem….

  • Matt

    Still Struggling with EE in the south west!

  • Linda

    Struggling with EE signal in Wrexham

  • Matt

    Losing internet constantly the last 2-3 days in the south west!

  • Mrs Joanne Cozens

    Caerphilly and Cardiff little or no Signal for the last week

  • John

    In Finsbury London and no signal or data.

  • Steve

    No service yet gain in St Agnes, Cornwall.

  • Chris

    Birmingham based

  • Chris

    No service past 24 hours real issue for me when expecting business calls

  • rhyno

    no network (harrow) for the past 6 days meaning cant even make calls or use 4g when out. utterly rubbish

  • Patricia Gildert

    Westgate on Sea…signal ok. But have found that I can’t get any service when I’m down near the coast. As I am retired and have a beach hut down there,weather permitting I’m there most days. MY daughter has O2 perfect signal there. ME nothing …not happy.

  • Anne Cook

    Intermittent signal at present in Richmond North Yorkshire…..

  • Jo

    No signal for 2 weeks now near Canfield. Works supposed to have finished yesterday and still have no service. Paying for a service I can’t even get!!!!!

  • Jo

    No signal for 2 weeks now near Canfield. Works supposed to have finished yesterday and still have no service. Paying for a service I can’t even get!!!

  • Daniel

    Around Cranfield I had full 4G coverage up to a couple of weeks ago. Now I can’t barely use EE. My phone is a dual sim one… EE sim fails to get good coverage. Other operator still keeps good signal! Please fix this!!

  • quinntype

    I’ve been working away from home for last x2 days. Had full signal / network coverage upto arriving in Sheffield at 22:00 on 6/4. Since then:
    Cannot make/ receive calls, send/receive txts, or access Internet UNLESS connected via WiFi. Disappointed with EE service, no longer prepared to pay a ‘mobile’ service provider for their non delivery of services. Will be switching service provider asa return home.

  • John

    No calls? No texts.. I have to put my network into 3g and it only works with the Internet why won’t my 4g work please?

  • Michael Tam

    Broadband speed is very, very slow at MK7 6JD today. The download speed is 512K and not fast enough to open the HD photos from facebook. please check and fix it.

  • Michèle Francis

    no ee signal in north-east suffolk when out & about yesterday and now also no signal today (nr southwold-Halesworth)

  • Karen Munns

    Well….I have a Samsung phone I’ve used for ages,then last week it simply refused to send texts,always coming up with “error” no matter how many attempts to different contacts; I noticed that the once very strong signal was now non-existent so decided the phone must’ve had it’s day……..bought a new one today,got all set up with a whole new number and everything…guess what?!…no signal on a brand new phone on EE.
    I live on the Isle of Wight so I hope this will be resolved very soon because not only is it all very inconvenient and frustrating but it seems I’ve gone to the expense of buying a new phone with required set-up £10 etc…..all to end up in the same situation.
    Does anyone know if steps are being taken to rectify this problem sooner rather than later,please?

  • Tony O’Dee

    Just switched to EE after being with O2 for years and never having had a network issue, so shocked to find I can’t make calls. This could be the shortest contract ever!!!

  • Sunny

    What are the rights as a customer if u don’t get any signal at your home and work place but still ee is charging £60 a month.

  • Abb

    no signal in Essex, I don’t pay £40+ a month for this.. fix it


    No cover for 6 days in walderslade area, come on EE sort out the problem

  • martin

    No data near Coventry area

  • Barry

    Middle of River Ouse between Bedford and St Neots

  • Barry

    Very week signal all day mobile data is almost unusable, even in places I normally get a great reception, first time I have had issues with ee in 3yrs. Hope its better in the morning

  • lol

    Bad signal in Yorkshire for weeks now..No 4G at all..think its time to change networks

  • Rosie Mallinson

    I have had no signal for 2 weeks, meaning my phone only works in wifi. Does anyone know why ??

  • man

    No 4gggg in chester??
    What’s the problem.?

  • Edwards

    Chew valley Somerset ….sorry!

  • Edwards

    No signal…..aargh….again!

  • Rachel

    Still none in the borders it’s getting rediculous

  • Paul Wilkinson

    No signal /emergency call only – not registered on network. Peterborough.

  • Richie J Radford

    I haven’t had a signal for over a week, I now have a new phone and switched to Vodafone.

  • Richie J Radford

    I haven’t had an EE signal for over a week! I now have a new handset and moved over to Vodafone..

  • Richie J Radford

    I haven’t had an EE signal for over a week! I now have a new handset and moved over to Vodafone.

  • Magdalena

    Is it normal that in area sm3 EE got weaker signal than Vodafone ..??
    We losing signals in a few places across 1.5 mile.

  • Deeegee

    Wifi data not working in merseyside, went down sometime between 12 and 3 seems like a dns server issue (?), initially thought my hotspot was bricked. Disgusting such a large company dont have access to a working backup, 4g working though.

  • Peter

    Both data and PDP failure is happening, EE say they know about it and fixing now.

  • Syed Aftab Ahmad

    No signal in Borders district of scotland since yesterday(22 Feb 2016)

  • Tristan Cooper

    Caterham Surrey – emergency calls only. OK EE, is it me or you – AGAIN ?

  • James

    EE broardband has been terrible

  • Amanda

    No mobile service for the last 13 days in Livingston, West Lothian – seriously fed up with EE not giving any straight answers as to when this will be running again. Cheeky B’s still take my Direct Debit though.

  • Ian

    I’m in Redruth Cornwall, signals been lost since yesterday, get a few bars of strength for a few seconds occasionally but soon disappears on the 3G, fingers crossed it will be back soon but not much fun after the last 2 days with the land line internet getting cut off quite frequently as well.

  • mark

    i am just outside tadcaster north yorkshire and have no signal

  • Alex

    My friend is from Huddersfield and I am in Oxfordshire and we both have no network signal.

  • Joan

    I am in Huddersfield and got no EE signal at all, this is crap.

  • kenneth southwell

    I am in Maryport Cumbria no service since Monday get your *** king act together ee I been wigh you 14 years now my last one

  • Bex

    No signal (even though showing signal on phone) in Church Stretton, Shropshire

  • Denis

    No signal with EE CA15 7AE been down all weekend.

  • Sandra

    Im from midlands.and the service is appauling.why should i have to pay the phone bill when i cant use my phone!!been with orange 12 years.wheres their loyalty to good paying customers.never missed a payment yet.disgusting service

  • mgtlow1

    No or very weak signal in DD2 5. For more than a week. Can’t send or receive texts. Very annoying

  • dazza london

    Shocking the amount of fobbing off i have received from EE customer service. Third time this week wifi signal has just gone pooff, data charges are gonna be big this month…
    Called out an engineer mother had to take half day off work, turned up checked the hardware router and connections, changed the telephone box but couldn’t find a problem. Checked to see if there were any reports of loss of signal, didn’t see any, But i did see lots and lots of complaints about signal strength and loss of signal, not just in the London area, with explanation behind the signal drops or loss of service.
    No reports, no updates nothing. Came home today logged on to play so on-line gaming,, got kicked out. The server has lost connection.. Got on to customer service.
    “Do you have any issues with your network at the moment”
    Call centre: “No there have not been any reported issues with the network.” at this point I flipped out. Please EE just send out a general notification stating that you are having problems. its not hard this has been going on for weeks and i live in the London area. Your just wasting peoples time by booking service appointments for engineers who have no clue what the fault is…

  • William Alvin Toms

    Been having signal issues as day in colchester.
    Heard rumours that the network is down.
    Can anyone confirm?

  • James Park

    Since I returned from nz on the 13th of Jan I keep getting a no service notification on my phone every time I try to use it. I tried phoning EE but keep getting recorded messages to direct me to different services they provide but no direct way of contacting the tech department to find out reason for no service on my phone.

    Why can’t mobile phone companies make it simpler for retired persons to contact them to report service problems.

  • Laura Potter

    OX16 2SB – Been abolutely fine for months. Last week all signal dropped out and now there is no signal at this location unless I go and stand out in the carpark. Samsung S5 Neo. The phone is not the problem.
    Cant get intouch with anyone who can actually help. And EE had my hope so high……

  • Katy Bristow

    Im in hythe kent, trying to text but is taking so long to send and even to recive them to and sometimes I recive texts twice, don’t know if its the network still have problems or just the phone playing up

  • Paul Millers

    Raunds NN9 out for 2 days (mobile) now and problems seem to be spreading.

  • Andy

    Cannot make or receive calls for last few hours Leeds area

  • Rob Wood

    Cannot make or receive calls, BN14 area. Data/SMS ok.

  • MJ

    Cannot make or receive calls, what is going on? I was in time critical situation and could not reach anyone

  • Donna

    No signal or limited in Felixstowe Suffolk since this morning.

  • Tia

    In Cardiff no mobile phone signal for 4 days when is this going to end this is the 3rd time in as many months


    Hello. I live in Norwich, Costessey, Norfolk. I haven’t had signal and network connection for 4 days. Sometimes in early mornings and late evenings I have got very weak signal for minutes but it goes away again. It’s horrible cos I’ve never had any problems on EE like this. They should let costumers know what happened.

  • Ash

    No Internet cant get my xbox to work sad times. 4 days now!!!!!!!!!! Not good enough!!!

  • Chris

    EE – no signal at all in area Milverton, Somerset for 3 days now

  • wiganer

    Since the 26th

  • wiganer

    Had no broadband (0.02)mb/s got xbox 1 for crimbo guess what i need to download the games i get with it #xboxwithnogames

  • Heather

    No phone signal in Dalbeatie for the past 3 days, absolutely disgusting when we need our mobile devices to keep in touch with elderly family and friends at this time of the year. EE need to rectify this problem today without fail!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    No mobile Internet (normal phone reception is erratic/irregular) in Congleton, Cheshire again today!